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4 C's of Diamonds Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat

4cs in diamond includes carat, color, clarity and cut.

What are the 4C's of diamonds?

The 4C's of diamonds are identified as Color, Clarity, Cut & Carat. A 4cs of diamond used to evaluate and inspect the characteristics for decides the appearance and price of the stones. The 4 cs of diamonds are works as the helpful guide to indicates the stone is purchasable or not.

GIA introduced 4cs of diamonds to check the quality and evaluate the right price according to the quality grading.

Two types of diamonds exist now: Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. They both are the same in chemical, structural, and appearance. As Natural diamonds, the lab diamonds also scale at 4cs of the diamonds.

Bonus Points to all the buyers

  • Engagement ring 4cs

The engagement ring 4cs was decided from the 4cs of diamonds such as cut, clarity, color, and carat. Therefore, engagement ring 4cs will decide whether to buy it or not. But with that consider to select better accent, bride, band, basket, and prongs settings are includes as the main part of the engagement ring 4cs. 

As a result, customers first have to look at a diamonds of 4cs which shows the engagement ring's appearance. An engagement ring includes a diamond's characteristics, which provides the ideas to buy an engagement ring.

If engagement ring 4cs can't suggest buying an engagement ring then the customer doesn't have a need to shop it in any conditions.

Let's start with the first C of diamond, a color grade.

What is the diamond color grade?

Diamond color chart part of the diamond 4cs.

In the 4cs of the diamond first part is the color grade. The diamond color grade indicates the reflecting sparkle light from the surfaces. The color grade is decided in diamonds from the D to Z scales, decided from GIA. For example, a D color diamond is clear and transparently appears without any unrequired colors.

While Z color-grade diamonds are, yellow and fancy colored appearance have. In the Z color diamonds, the reflection comes out with yellow hues. Diamond color grade is one part of 4cs and plays a key role in deciding the price.

How to identify diamond clarity grade?

Diamond 4cs clarity chart as part of the 4cs diamonds.

When a diamond surface or anatomy has noticeable inclusions or impurities, the clarity grade decides. If the diamond inclusion in more amount appears, then it's a lower clarity grade diamond. While less or none inclusion diamonds are scaled on the higher clarity grade diamond.

The grade of diamond clarity grades is as follows.

  • IF = Internally Flawless
  • FL = Flawless
  • VVS1 = Very Very Small Inclusion1
  • VVS2 = Very Very Small Inclusion2
  • VS1 = Very Small Inclusion1
  • VS2 = Very Small Inclusion2
  • SI1 = Small Inclusion1
  • SI2 = Small Inclusion2
  • I1 = Inclusion1
  • I2 = Inclusion2
  • I3 = Inclusion3

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What is a diamond cut?

Diamonds cut chart as part of the 4cs diamonds

A diamond cut refers to the girdle faceting patterns and the pavilion depth appearance. For the reflection ability of the diamonds, the cut grade is the most important fact that guarantees the best sparkle. In addition, diamond cut delivers brilliance in the flow patterns that look attractive and gorgeous.

When a diamond has more depth from the table anatomy and the girdle is thicker than usual, it's a fair or poor cut. However, while the pavilion depth and girdle faceting are properly aligned, it is called as excellent to very good cut diamond.

Five types of diamond cuts are available that indicate the reflection ability and assure the appearance in the returns.

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What is a diamond carat?

Diamond carat chart with the 4cs diamonds appearance.

A diamond carat is a sign of the anatomy's overall weight. In many countries, the diamond's carat is measured in grams. The diamond weight starts from 0.10 to 10 carats, depending on the buyer's preferences. One carat is equal to .20 grams. You may also hear the weight of diamonds referred to in points.

The diamond carat weight also affects the price and appearance because more weighted diamonds can look more dazzling.

For example, when you want to buy a 1.10-carat red radiant lab-grown diamond with VS clarity grade, then it is available at $2475. At the same time, this 4.06-carat pink radiant-shaped diamond have with VS clarity and the price is $16,236.

Final call

Thus, diamond 4c's includes carat, clarity, color, and cut defines the prices. The 4cs diamonds makes the task easy and flexibles to decides the price and helpful for taking the decisions. In the diamond certification of GIA and IGI the 4cs are described. From that buyers can take decisions about purchasing.

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