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BirthStones for Each Month: All Details

Monthwise Birthstone history, details and benefits


List Of Birthstone By Months

1. January Birthstone = Garnet
2. February Month Birthstone = Amethyst
3. March Month Birthstone = Aquamarine
4. April Month Birthstone = Diamond
5. May Month Birthstone = Emerald
6. June Month Birthstones = Pearl, Alexandrite
7. July Month Birthstone = Ruby
8. August Month Birthstones = Peridot, Spinel, Sardonyx
9. September Month Birthstone = Sapphire
10. October Month Birthstones = Tourmaline, Opal
11. November Month Birthstones = Golden Topaz, Citrine
12. December Month Birthstones = Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, Lapis Lazuli

  • Birthstone Colors

Birthstone colors feature special appearances, and the colors are naturally found in their structures. In birthstone colors, many varieties are available such as red, black, blue, yellow, golden, purple, sky blue, white, green, pink, and many more. Birthstone colors are the natural reaction of the lava's chemical. After all, they were found in the mines and lands. That's why birthstone colors are easily not available, and colors of birthstone represent different benefits, such as psychological and physical. Look at the birthstone colors and their benefits by clicking on the learn more button.

A birthstone is the stone of the month, which represents the birth month of the person. A birthstone is a great alternative to diamonds because it has the same appearance and characteristics as diamonds in more and fewer amounts. Birthstone starts from January to December to cover all the calendar months. In Birthstone, the powers and abilities are available, which all person wants in their life. A birthstone isn't made or created, but they're a natural form of rocks that turns out as hard stones with lava involvement in the land or maybe in the mines.

  • History of Birthstones

In Birthstone history, ancient cultures strongly believed that birthstones carry fortune and happiness. As a result, they engraved specific birthstones in jewelry like engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, and earrings. Birthstones have invisible powers to remove negative effects and the atmosphere around the wearer. A birthstone will give motivation to the wearer to face all problems easily and with a calm mind for better results.

In Astrological Science, An Astrologer shows our birth months trends in the world of human beings and, of course, in the astrology world. They suggested wearing a Birthstone to prevent the negative effects to come in person's lives. Because that negative effects are causing a major hit for family and self. This the belief of the Astrological world.

All human beings take birth in a specific month, like January, February, March, and December. What is the importance of our birth month? Is it related to our present and future life? And most importantly, if we take birth in a specific month, some adverse effects are taken into sadness or depression of ourselves.

A Birthstone is the type of natural diamond which is an indicator of success and happy life. Birthstones are available for months and are decided from ancient times. When diamonds are not available in the world, then people mined a stone called a birthstone. In birthstone months, varieties are available such as from January to December. 

What are the ways to save ourselves from adverse effects caused by birth month? Does our birth month play a significant role in our lifestyles? Let's find all the answers here. In forward, you can see the birthstone importance, its types, and benefits in the person's life.

  • What Are Birthstones?

A Birthstone refers to a gemstone that varies from your birth month. For example, If you were born in January, your birthstone is Garnet. In the History of Birthstones, they have come from Biblical times. Josephus and Saint Jerome were trying to merge the twelve gems with the zodiac sign.

Also, many historians believe that Aaron wore the twelve gemstones (Birthstone) on his breastplate to get some invisible, most delicate power to secure himself. These gemstones feature twelve tribes of Israel.

The trend for wearing the Birthstone increased at the end of the 16th century and started some years of the 18th century. From 1705 to 1720, people started to become aware of the Birthstone's invisible powers and abilities. As a result, from that tenure, Birthstone gained worldwide popularity.

Birthstone Colors

Birthstone colors are not added synthetically, but they're found in natural colors. That's why birthstone colors look better than fancy color diamonds. Birthstone colors increase their appearance and deliver special benefits to the wearers. Birthstone colors are the indicator of beneficial factors which all the person wants. Birthstone colors are available in all type that customer demands, but more colored birthstone is expensive to get.

1. January birthstone: garnet

    The Garnet birthstone is for January month stone. The garnet word comes from the English word garnet, which means “Dark red.” A red garnet refers to the pomegranate appearance. 

    The red garnet was used in Rome as a talisman for the warrior who is going to battle. Also, some people strongly believe that the red garnet protects the wearer from any pandemics at that time.

    Also, Egyptians used the red garnet birthstone as the “Symbol of Life” in 3100 BC. At that time, red garnet was very popular, especially in Rome. In Rome, all the people crafted their jewelry in red garnet to protect their lives from negative effects.

    The exciting fact about red garnet is that it came from the ancient roman world. Some historians are believed that in the western roman empire, the migrated people used their art of making cloisonne on gold-plated surfaces.

    This red garnet is found in Angelo Saxon(England). Also, INDIA and Sri Lanka(Before known as Tamraparni) are major exporters of the red garnet to the whole Europe Region.

    ☛ Color of January birthstone: garnet 

      A garnet birthstone refers to a black or red color. Suppose you need color varieties like green, pink, or yellow; then those colors are available in garnet birthstones. 

      The red color is a sign of attraction and good fortune, so a garnet birthstone is a selection for someone who is searching for good fortune. For color, the choice is completely yours. If you are born at the beginning of the calendar year, which means in January, then your birthstone is garnet.

      ☛ Benefits of wearing January birthstone: garnet

        When wearing the garnet birthstone, which protects you from such a negative and sudden severe incident during traveling. While in red color, garnet's birthstone is a sign of love, generating cooperative nature in yourself. So, those who take birth in January must wear the garnet birthstone as a covering shield from the dangerous disease.

        2. February birthstone: amethyst

        ☛ History of February birthstone: amethyst

          Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word “Amethustos,” which means Sober(Providing mental stability and peace). In Greek Mythology, Amethyst Gemstone provides a shield around the drunk person, those who drank many times during the day and night.

          So, he could not be able to live life with enjoyment. So, the people of those times used this amethyst birthstone to drunk less wine or whisky, harmful to body parts. 

          Also, they believed that Amethyst was protecting itself too far away from wine. People interact with this birthstone to the zodiac sign, a “Goat.” A goat is the enemy of the wine, and it is the antidote to the wine and whisky, which both are harmful to health.

          [Amethyst Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

          When warriors were going to battle, amethyst birthstones provided a shield around themselves when they wore in talismans. 

          Amethyst was also used for rubbing on the face to remove pimples from the skin and consumed as a skin protector from unrequired substances. Those born in February must wear the amethyst birthstone(2nd type of the 12th birthstone). An amethyst birthstone looks like a princess-cut diamond, but it’s not a princess-cut diamond.

           ☛ Benefits of wearing February amethyst birthstone

            Amethyst has different sizes and shapes for that reason. It is no more accurate shape than diamonds. Those who look for courage and cooperation from their life partners must wear the amethyst birthstone(Especially for those born in February). An amethyst provides mental stability and peace for those who wear it.

            Amethyst positively controls the mind and is taken far away from yourself in a hostile and evil environment. If you suffer from bad dreams and stomach problems, you must wear an amethyst birthstone to be less harmful to your body.

            Especially, amethyst birthstone has a violet color and purple. These colors are signs of spirituality, wisdom, and creativity. Amethyst is the best birthstone to deal with dangerous affection who suffers from that and born in February.

            3. March birthstone: aquamarine

             ☛ History of march aquamarine birthstone

              In ancient Rome, people believed that aquamarine birthstones could solve stomach, throat, and heart disease problems. When we look at the history of aquamarine, many parables talk about that.

              For example, in Rome, people believed that when the frog's body is engraved on aquamarine, it is protected from enemies and adverse effects.

              Saint Thomas preached salvation in the Christian epoch for “imitating pure sea and water,” they founded aquamarine birthstone. Aquamarine was very famous and popular in Europe due to its color and reflecting light.

              For those who like sky-blue colors and sea watercolor, then the aquamarine is the best choice for them, but the condition is that they would be born in March only.

              The word aquamarine comes from the Latin word. In aquamarine birthstone, blue watercolor has taken place to increase the stability of the lifestyle.

              [Aquamarine Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

              If they were born in a different month and wear this Aquamarine Birthstone, its negative impact wins over its positive and good benefits. So, remember this. A march birthstone is known as “aquamarine” it features the same appearance as diamond.

              This blue color is best for exquisite jewelry. An aquamarine birthstone is called an “unrequired substance of stones” due to the green and red colors facets. Because the aquamarine birthstone was connected with the not-forgettable incident, and that incident is hanged A Yesu Krista On Cross. This is the belief of the people of those times.

               ☛ Benefits of wearing birthstone for march: aquamarine

                If you wear the aquamarine birthstone, it allows you to tackle philosophical problems, and it creates a powerful shield in front of the heart and stomach disease.

                Aquamarine birthstone has a sea color, so it represents loyalty, calmness, and stability to the wearer's health. Thus, Aquamarine birthstone wearing benefits includes calmness, loyalty, and stomach disease.

                When somebody suffers from a mental disability to solve problems, then an aquamarine birthstone can bring out the disability to thinking. Aquamarine birthstone helps the wearer to take the right and accurate decisions regarding life. Also, this march stone provides spiritual power to the mind and body.

                Aquamarine is the best solution for eye problems because it has sea color representing cleanness. Also, if somebody suffers from depression, anxiety, and insomnia, then an aquamarine helps them to bring out the depression and stress and gives the wearer peaceful sleep experience.

                4. April Birthstone: Diamond

                ☛ History Of April Birthstone Diamond

                  Diamonds are the birthstone of April month, and they are founded 1 to 4 billion years ago in particular mines. Diamonds birthstone are features in two types as Natural Diamonds and Lab grown Diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly for not found in the mines instead of having same characteristics as Natural Diamonds. Diamonds birthstone is the hardest substance on the earth.

                  Also, Diamonds are known for their excellent sparkling lights. Particular mines are the hub for natural diamonds, and these mines are available in INDIA, Africa, and Russia. Another type of diamond is lab grown diamonds, but it gives the same benefits as natural diamonds, so April month birthstone is very cheap to buy. Natural Diamonds are very harmful to Earth's sustainability.

                  Diamond has different size and shape, but the decision is yours to choose. Diamond has a remarkable history when found. 

                  [Octagon Cut Diamonds]-[Ouros Jewels]

                  Diamond has two types:- First is Natural Diamond and the second is Lab Grown Diamonds. 
                  Lab Grown Diamonds are very famous in recent trends due to their 40% lower price than Natural Diamonds. Also, Lab diamond has been found in the laboratory, which is not harmful to the natural cycle process.

                  Lab-grown diamond is a revolutionary invention for consumers who can’t afford Natural Diamonds as the April month birthstone. But the thing is that lab diamond has the same benefits as natural diamonds.

                  ☛ April Birthstone Colors

                    If somebody takes birth in April, they must wear a diamond birthstone. Diamond is a very famous birthstone still in its invention. Also, diamonds are available in your favorite shapes and colors, like orange, blue, yellow, pink, red, and purple. In diamond, people interact with its sparkling and reflecting lights.

                    Especially diamond is an elite choice for your exquisite appearance of the jewelry. Lab Diamond hits two benefits from one arrow; the first is less price and available with a variation.

                    [Pink Radiant Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

                    ☛ Benefits of wearing April birthstones

                      The benefits of wearing the April birthstone in the form of lab-grown diamonds are as follows:- Diamonds attract wealth and provide mental health to the wearer. Also, diamonds protect a person's health from severe diseases like the stomach, heart, and neck.

                      In diamond-wearing benefits such as the April birthstone, it's taking your mindset on the right and exact path of your career. That is why all people wear diamond jewelry as April birthstone jewelry.

                      Also, diamonds increase the power of decision-making. April birthstone gives brilliant sparkling lights and the precious appearance of the wearer. Third, you can wear diamonds in Engagement rings, Wedding Bands, Necklaces, and Bangles.

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                      5. May birthstone: emerald

                      ☛ History of may birthstone emerald

                        Emerald word comes to form the Latin word “Smaragdus.” The first emerald birthstone was found in Egypt in 330 BC. Then emerald was used for royal jewelry to make it more classy. In ancient times, the emerald used to symbolize religious activities.

                        The southern American people used emeralds in jewelry 500-600 years ago. While emerald was a stranger to the world, all the people bought only gold and silver jewelry. After the world is aware of Emerald’s elegance, people are rushed to purchase Emerald's birthstone as May birthstones.

                        [Emerald Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                        A May month Birthstone is referred to as an “Emerald.” An emerald is a type of diamond. In emerald birthstones, impurities are not shown due to step cuts. Also, the emerald birthstone for May month looks brilliant in Blue color.

                        ☛ Benefits of wearing May month's emerald birthstone

                          In the benefits of wearing a may month birthstone as emerald, the list is as follows: Emerald birthstone can increase thinking power and visualization power. In addition, the Emerald birthstone increases positive intentions and gives the wearer a blessed, healthy fortune.

                          Also, Emerald's birthstone carries divine energy that connects you to Almighty God. Therefore, when you place Emerald under the tongue, you speak only the truth and reveal your feelings towards the trustworthy; this is only belief.

                          Emerald is the one type of shield that protects us from severe diseases like cholera and malaria, and also Typhoid. The unique thing about Emerald is that it features many colors and sizes. So, if you demand superior clarity and carat, Emerald stands for you.

                          These are the list of wearing benefits of emerald birthstone as May month's birthstone.

                          6. June birthstone: pearl 

                          Pearl has the badge of traditional birthstone of the month, “June.”  A Pearl is founded on seawater creatures of big oceans. Furthermore, the pearl is very rarely found in nature.

                          That is why pearl is costly to get in desired jewelry. If you are born in June month, your birthstone is the pearl. Pearl birthstone gives a calmness and cooperative nature to the wearer. Also, a Pearl birthstone gives peace of mind for making good decisions in June month birthstone.

                          ☛ History of pearl birthstone for June

                            There is no more mention of who found the pearls birthstone as June month birthstone. But, in the history of pearl birthstone, we found that some people are believed that in the 5th century, the people of Egypt and Rome were searching for food from sea creatures.

                            Then they found the precious pearl birthstone, which has a exquisite and glorious appearance. Pearl was a very demanding Birthstone in the ancient era because Pearl had some invisible powers to attract eyes. That is why in modern times, Pearl is still in demand.

                            When gold was costly, then the people only wore pearl birthstone jewelry like earrings, sets(Necklaces), bangles, and that’s reality. In ancient times, some countries suffered from a crisis of gold for making jewelry. Then Pearl's invention brought a revolution in the market of jewelry. So pearl is the better option ahead of gold jewelry.

                            ☛ Benefits of wearing June's pearl birthstone

                              When someone wears a pearl birthstone, then it carries good fortune to the wearer, reduces negative energy from entering the mind, and gives a peaceful environment around the wearer. This is the most important benefit of wearing a pearl birthstone as a June month birthstone.

                              Also, who are suffering from anxiety then, the pearl birthstone helps to bring out the anxiety disease, which affects mental stability very severely.

                              In addition, those who get more stress about work and life than June month's pearl birthstone can achieve the desired position in life and career. Also, pearl birthstone help to tackle stress. 

                              ☛ History of June alexandrite's birthstone

                                In the history of June alexandrite's birthstone, we found that it was founded in Russia and Brazil, but after the invention of the real alexandrite then, INDIA also jumped into the competition to find this birthstone. A modern type of the June Birthstone is called an “alexandrite.”

                                History says that alexandrite was founded in the 19th century(1833) in Russia near the tokovaya river in the Ural mountains. Before 1997 Russia was the primary producer of alexandrite birthstones.

                                But, after Brazil invented the mines of the alexandrite then, they ranked 1st for exporting the perfectly shaped Alexandrite. Also, India Produces the Alexandrite Birthstone and still plays a key role in the Alexandrite supply chain.

                                [Alexandrite Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                                Edwin Streeter writes about the alexandrite. He mentioned that a "perfectly shaped alexandrite looks emerald during the day and the night. It looks Amethyst." That shows the versatility of the alexandrite. Alexandrite birthstone is a modern type of birthstone for the June month, and it has a brilliant appearance in purple color.

                                Alexandrite carries the colors like yellow-green, brownish, red, and gold-yellow. However, it could be very expensive to purchase the Alexandrite Birthstone. 

                                Pearl Birthstone and Alexandrite Birthstone have the same benefits for the wearer.

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                                7. July birthstone: ruby

                                Ruby is the birthstone that represents the seventh month of the calendar, July. In ancient and medieval times, people had a belief in ruby to protects from negative aspects entering mind. Ruby birthstone is founded generally in light red color, which is very popular. Also, ruby is founded in pink, and green colors, which are very expensive.

                                ☛ History of ruby a July's birthstone

                                  Ruby has an appearance of vintage and elegance from ancient times. While talking about the invention and history of the ruby birthstone then, we noticed that 1st ruby birthstone was founded in china around 200BC. In China, people believe that the July birthstone ruby protects them from unexpected incidents.

                                  Burmese ruby birthstones are very famous due to their finest appearance since their invention. But at starting of the 20th century, Myanmar took part in the race to produce excellent Rubies.

                                  [Ruby Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                                  Then Myanmar started to heat the internal part of the ruby birthstone to get a transparent appearance on the eyes. They succeeded in that process and provided brilliant Rubies birthstones as July month's birthstones to the world. Ruby's birthstone is the symbol of the ancient times lifestyle.

                                  So, those who love ancient and valuable things, especially Birthstone, then they must collect the ruby. A black colored ruby is fixed on the crown of Britain.

                                  ☛ Benefits Of Wearing July Ruby Birthstone

                                    July month's ruby birthstone carries wearing benefits as follows: If a person wears the ruby birthstone, it brings them to fame. Also, ruby birthstone has the power to protect from negative effects. When somebody is wearing a ruby birthstone in an engagement ring, it's a sign of a healthy marriage life because this birthstone has rained its auspiciousness on the bride and groom.

                                    Ruby's birthstone also carries the benefits of positive mindsets, the symbol of integrity and healthiness. Also, ruby July's birthstone creates a spiritual and peaceful environment around the person.

                                    Ruby symbolizes prosperity and wealth, so fix it in engagement rings and wedding rings, especially in “ruby pendants.” This is the wearing benefits of July birthstone.

                                    8. August birthstone: peridot

                                    Who born in August, then the birthstone is peridot in modern times. Peridot birthstone features green color. In a peridot birthstone, the facets are placed as diamond facets. This August Birthstone usually originated in the crystal form in Hawaii, USA and there the sands are green colored with faceting as symmetry of diamonds. The USA earns more revenue from exporting the August peridot birthstone to the world with the ideal price range and in the best quality.

                                    While talking about peridot's reflecting lights, it is called “Brilliance.” Peridot birthstone is very rare to be found naturally, but in the laboratory, they are easily found. 

                                    So, select a peridot engagement ring if your fiancé is born in the august month. Because you do not tell your love words but give her good fortune from the peridot birthstone ring.

                                    ☛ History Of August's peridot birthstone

                                      In the history of the peridot birthstone, we found that the peridot was founded 4000 years ago in Egypt. At the same time, Egyptians kept trying to hide the mine of Peridot.

                                      They never showed the world the elegance of the peridot birthstone, an august  stone. In addition, they maintain and secure the mine of the peridot birthstone, which has on the Volcanic Mountain. 

                                      After the Egyptian empire collapsed, the world was aware of the finest appearance of the Peridot birthstone. As a result, Peridot has been the finest choice for engagement and wedding occasions in recent times.

                                      [Peridot Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                                      Mostly, Peridot is a very sensational selection for any spiritual and religious activities. A green-colored Peridot symbolizes nature’s elements like grass, plants, and trees. Peridot provides a shield around you to mainly protect evil spirits in the night. This is the belief of the Ancient people. 

                                       ☛ Benefits Of Wearing August Peridot Birthstone

                                        When you wear the peridot birthstone, then it gives you the following benefits: Peridot Birthstone creates an invisible shield to protect against severe lung, heart, and kidney-related diseases. 

                                        Also, the Peridot birthstone has a brilliant appearance due to its facets, so the evil and harmful affection stay far from the wearer. Besides, Peridot features increasing mental and physical power to make the right decisions. These are the wearing benefits of august's peridot birthstone.

                                        History Of Spinel Birthstone: Modern Birthstone Of August Month

                                          In modern birthstone of August Month refers only to the “Pink Spinel.” Spinel birthstone was used to make the crown of emperors and kings in ancient times. Kings were eager to fix the Spinel into the crown. So they took pride to wore a spinel birthstone crown to secure their region or state. 

                                          Spinel birthstone is the cousin of ruby and sapphire birthstone. Pink-colored spinel birthstone has found in mines. Spinel has a stunning appearance due to its cutting and faction styles.

                                          ☛ Benefits of wearing spinel august birthstone

                                            When somebody wears the spinel birthstone, it reduces the illness and boosts their immunity to fight the disease. It saves money from spending on medical expenses.

                                            This is not a recent trend, but it comes from ancient times. This is the benefit of wearing a spinel august birthstone. Spinel birthstone features extra energy to increase work and thinking efficiency to reach higher positions in the workplace. Added that, Spinel carries physical power to the wearer.

                                            ☛ History Of sardonyx birthstone: the traditional birthstone of august

                                              Sardonyx birthstone was founded 4000 years ago in Egypt. In ancient Rome, women were wearing necklaces in only Sardonyx birthstones. While in old Egypt, all of the people were wearing jewelry made in Sardonyx which are known as the traditional birthstone of the august month.

                                              Usually, a sardonyx birthstone is founded in stone form with different color lines on the surfaces.

                                              While in ancient times, the august month birthstone sardonyx which was available in grey color and black color. It is also available in blue color. Blue-colored sardonyx birthstone shows elegance, satisfaction, and power. It is called a “Semi-Precious Stone.”

                                              ☛ Benefits Sardonyx birthstone of august

                                                While you are wearing the sardonyx birthstone, it enhances your thinking ability and increases decision-making power. Also, the sardonyx birthstone has invisible powers to solve severe problems and remove obstacles from the wearer's life.

                                                If somebody is suffering from depression and insomnia, then the sardonyx birthstone helps to tackle the depression and feel a positive environment(internal-external). These are the benefits of wearing the ancient birthstone of the august month, "sardonyx."

                                                Sardonyx birthstone has an excellent ability to increase the love bond of your marriage life. Also, the sardonyx birthstone helps the wearer stay far away from evil spirits and energy. 

                                                9. September birthstone: sapphire

                                                In recent times sapphire has been gaining demand from customers worldwide. Those who take birth in September month then wear only a sapphire birthstone. Sapphire birthstone features only blue color.

                                                A blue-colored sapphire is a symbol of controlling adverse effects and giving calmness to the wearer. Sapphire gemstone represents the September month birthstone, and it the beneficial for those who need calmness in mind.

                                                 ☛ History of birthstone for September: sapphire

                                                Some people who know the history of sapphire birthstones said that Kashmir was the first traditional hub of sapphire birthstones. In the history of sapphire birthstones in the 1990s, Australia became the world leader in the manufactured nation of sapphire.

                                                [Saphhire Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                                                Later, Madagascar takes Australia's badge as the world leader in producing Sapphire. Some history books say that in ancient times, the Sapphire birthstone was used for getting answers from God. While in Hindu Mythology, Sapphire is the symbol of auspiciousness.

                                                This is the history of the September month birthstone. Usually, the sapphire birthstone has a violet color which represents the stability, royalty, and luxury of the human lifestyle.

                                                ☛ Benefits Sapphire September birthstone

                                                  When humans wear Sapphire birthstones, then they can improve their cognitive thinking ability, bring spiritual power to meet their soul, and increase their self-confidence to take accurate decisions regarding business and life. These are the benefits of wearing a September birthstone in the form of a sapphire birthstone.

                                                  A Sapphire birthstone is very important to protect your loved one's life. Also, it creates a shield around you and your loved ones to give positive energy. Also, sapphire has many colors for your choice, but the blue-colored sapphire birthstone gives calmness to the wearer as water waves to meet the inner person.

                                                  That is why customers preferred sapphire birthstones for engagement rings in the form of September month's birthstones engagement ring.

                                                  10. October birthstone: tourmaline

                                                  If somebody is born in October months, they have to wear a modern birthstone of October called “Tourmaline.” Usually, Tourmaline Birthstone features only purple color, which looks exemplary.

                                                  However, if you want Tourmaline in various colors, it's also available. Tourmaline birthstone has benefits for the wearer, like calmness, happiness, and motivation. So, select a tourmaline birthstone ring for engagement with the gold combination.

                                                  ☛ History of tourmaline A October birthstone 

                                                    In the history of the tourmaline birthstone, we show that tourmaline was founded in America and China, and Brazil. A tourmaline birthstone was discovered on the west coast of Italy in the late 15th century.

                                                    When the tourmaline birthstone was founded, all the people understood it was an emerald birthstone. In addition, Tourmaline has the same frameworks as emerald birthstones.

                                                    Brazil's tourmaline birthstone features exquisite craftsmanship and a sensational framework(Internal & External). Tourmaline birthstone has step faceting, and it has oval shape diamonds, so it is the best option to select for engagement rings.

                                                    Tourmaline birthstone is very useful for those borns in October because it gives auspicious to the wearer. 

                                                    ☛ Benefits of wearing October's Tourmaline Birthstone

                                                      When you wear a tourmaline birthstone, you will get yourself too far away from negative factors and environments. In addition, a tourmaline birthstone can enhance positive thinking and creativity. Also, tourmaline birthstone reduces geopathic stress from the wearer's life.

                                                      These are the benefits of wearing a tourmaline birthstone. In addition, tourmaline can improve psychological powers, increase fight spirit to compete with depression, and make stress-free life for the wearer.

                                                      Some scientific researchers strongly believe that Tourmaline birthstones can enhance the blood circulation in our body to stay far away from blood-related diseases. So, wearing a tourmaline birthstone has more benefits for the person.

                                                      ☛ History of birthstone for October: Opal 

                                                        In ancient times Opal has an exciting history. In Europe, people believed that the opal birthstone was the symbol of love and prosperity. On the other side, in ancient Greek, some people had a strong belief that opal protected them from several diseases. 

                                                        In the ancient Rome region, the opal birthstone knows as “Opalus,” which means “precious stone of the world.” This is the history of the opal birthstone that represents the October month birthstone.

                                                        [Opal Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                                                        The traditional birthstone of October month called "Opal.” When we are talking about the difference between opal and pearl birthstone then, opal birthstone is available in different sizes. On the other side, a pearl birthstone features the size in the proper shape and proportions.

                                                        When we talk about the opal birthstone benefits as a tourmaline, then it gives peaceful sleep, reduces stomach disease, and keeps the eyes healthy of the wearer. Select opal birthstone for engagement rings because it's the stone of the October months and this month is best for engagement.

                                                        11. November birthstone: golden topaz

                                                        In modern times, the golden topaz is the birthstone of November month. In the starting part of the 20th century, some gemologists found yellow color topaz, which has step faceting on the table and crown surface of birthstone. While modern technologies are used to increase the whole appearance of the topaz then, they found different versions of Topaz birthstones.

                                                        ☛ History of birthstone for November: golden topaz 

                                                        History tells us that the name topaz came from the 19th century in Russia. At that time, the Ural mountains were the hub for giving the topaz birthstone to the world. But, it is restricted by the superior family of Russia.

                                                        After world war II, when people were going through the stage of resurrection of life, the golden topaz gained its highest demands from across the world. Russian Ural mountains started to export golden topaz to the world because all the world demanded it to attract fortune and calmness.

                                                        [Golden Topaz Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                                                        Golden Topaz birthstone refers to a “fiery appearance” to the wearer; that is why topaz has the meaning of scintillation. In topaz birthstone dazzling and sparkling lights are reflected due to step-faceting structures from all sides.

                                                        ☛ Benefits of wearing golden topaz, a november birthstone

                                                          Golden topaz is the modern version of topaz. While you wear the golden topaz birthstone, then it attracts prosperity and wealth. Also, the golden topaz birthstone has given the ability to tackle depression, regrets, and negative past experiences to the wearer.

                                                          These are the benefits of wearing a golden topaz birthstone, a November month birthstone. Golden topaz birthstone features yellow color, which presents warmth and happiness.

                                                          Golden topaz birthstone can make life healthy and long. This is the most beneficial moment for the golden topaz. That is why worldwide customers are now attracted to the golden topaz birthstone's elegance. 

                                                          ☛ History of citrine November birthstone

                                                            In the History of the citrine birthstone, we found that Ancient Roman people had a strong belief that citrine was used to protected from the evil environment.

                                                            That’s why people use citrine birthstones in all types of jewelry. A citrine birthstone is very tough to be found in the natural type, so now people are rushing for the lab-grown citrine birthstone, which is more affordable than natural citrine.

                                                            But, this natural citrine birthstone is different from lab-grown citrine birthstone.

                                                            [Citrine Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                                                            Natural citrine birthstone has a brilliant appearance in the bright orange color. Orange color is the sign of success, warmth, enthusiasm, encouragement, and fascination; all of the signs of good nature includes in November month's birthstone. 

                                                            When you look at the citrine birthstone's framework, it has step-cut facets that release sensational reflecting lights in return.

                                                            Also the second type of modern birthstone of November month called “citrine,” which comes in light yellow color. 

                                                            Citrine birthstone has the benefits as calmness of mind, decision-making power, increased intelligence quence of the mind, attracts good health, and many more benefits from wearing engagement rings.

                                                            12. December birthstone: zircon, topaz, tanzanite

                                                            Those who take birth in the last month of the calendar then they must wear the zircon, topaz, and tanzanite birthstone. A modern December birthstone called "blue zircon, blue topaz, tanzanite." While the traditional birthstone for December month is turquoise and lapis lazuli.

                                                            Tanzanite Birthstone stands for the December Month traditional stone. Tanzanite is included in the calendar year's last month, which is known as December. So for, including Tanzanite in the December Birthstone, it's abilities responsible.

                                                            A modern times birthstone of December month features many colors like yellow, blue, orange, and pink. But the Blue color is an excellent choice for stylish jewelry from December month's traditional birthstone jewelry.

                                                            ☛ History of the December month's zircon birthstone

                                                              When talking about the history of the Blue Zircon age, which came 4.4 Billion years ago on the earth. The Blue zircon birthstone was founded in the earth’s crust during the digging process.

                                                              Also, December birthstone is a featuring light blue color that represents the healthiness, power to think, and tranquility of the mind. Blue zircon birthstone is used for protecting self on the battlefield, as some historians said about topaz, a December birthstone. 

                                                              In ancient times, war was common between two different countries and regions. On that battlefield, we could show the cruelty of fighting. Due to those battles, families lose their respective fathers, brothers, husbands, and cousins. Thus, the zircon birthstone was used to make their lives securable and protective.

                                                              So, the Blue zircon birthstone was helpful in solving the battle without any type of equipment. The zircon was very famous during victorian times. Because Blue zircon birthstone has a transparent appearance due to making styles. Zircon birthstone features different shapes which trending now.

                                                              Topaz and tanzanite of December birthstone's history

                                                                When we check the topaz birthstone history, we find that the Blue Topaz birthstone is still very famous now from ancient times. In the 1960s, Ostro Stones was founded by Max Ostro in Brazil.

                                                                This Blue Topaz weighs 9381 carats, and it has 10.5 centimeters long while the wideness is 10.5 centimeters. London Blue Topaz is very dark. On the other hand, Swiss Blue Topaz has a light Blue Color. 

                                                                In addition, Blue Topaz is typically made for London and swiss people. There’s a difference between both of those.

                                                                In Tanzanite History, we found a person named “Manuel D'Souza,” who tried to find crystals in Tanzania mines, but the government denied its application without proper reasons. In the 1800s, Dsouza decided to dig the mines to find blue crystals. 

                                                                But he found “Blue Zoisite” means blue-colored stones, which were very rare. So, then after four years, the Tanzanian Government has to decide to make a separation of all the Tanzanite mines into four sections.

                                                                In recent trends, Tanzanite One Mining Limited is the world leader in producing the Tanzanite Stone. (Per Year Production= 3.0 Million)

                                                                Note:- Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, And Tanzanite have the same benefits for the wearer.

                                                                ☛ Benefits Of Wearing December Birthstones

                                                                  Blue Zircon boosts your self-confidence and shows you the right way. Also, Blue Zircon has increased the Mental and Working Health of the wearer. In addition,  Zircon can give calmness to the wearer.

                                                                  Topaz Gemstone the benefits like disease-free throat and neck, always providing covered protection during travel, and connecting ourselves to our soul, which means it improves our spiritual powers. Also, Topaz provides benefits of inner peace to the wearer.

                                                                  Tanzanite increases the healing ability of the wearer. For those who suffer from eye and ear problems, Tanzanite is very useful for them. Also, Tanzanite is the curing solution for heart and lung problems.

                                                                  Some customers choose Blue Topaz And Tanzanite Birthstones in Engagement Rings in modern times. These Birthstones feature calming situations to your mindset and the healthiness of the people and carry positive intentions into your mind.

                                                                  ☛ History of turquoise and lapis lazuli birthstone

                                                                  Turquoise is founded 6000BC ago in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The name Turquoise came from the french word Turquoise, which means Turkish. So, turquoise originated in Iran. But it came to Europe from Turkey.

                                                                  [Turquoise Gemstone]-[Ouros Jewels]

                                                                  While talking about Turquoise mining incidents, some historians said ancient Egyptians mined the land to find Turquoise.

                                                                  Also, this precious turquoise birthstone was buried with the mummies(In Egypt). People now love this masterpiece “Turquoise” and fix it in engagement rings, wedding bands, and earrings.

                                                                  While Talking about the History of the lapis lazuli birthstone, it was founded in Mehrgarh(Modern Baluchistan, Pakistan) in 7570 BC. Lapis lazuli birthstone features dark blue color, and some black colored lines are placed there for bifurcation. Egyptians wore only lapis lazuli birthstones ahead of any birthstone at that time.

                                                                  ☛ Benefits of wearing turquoise and lapis lazuli birthstone

                                                                    When a person wears turquoise and lapis lazuli birthstones, it removes bad luck from the wearer's life. Also, turquoise and lapis lazuli birthstones have enhanced the immunity of the wearer to fight several diseases.

                                                                    In addition, if you wear a turquoise and lapis lazuli birthstone, it keeps you far away from alcoholism, depression, mental stress, and high blood pressure. These are the benefits of wearing a December month birthstone.

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