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December Birthstone All Details

December Birthstone All Details will be provide necessary and important information about it's histories and benefits. In December Birthstone 5 types of stones includes known as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Topaz, and Zircon. Read the full article about the history and benefits of Birthstone For December. Also, I included the buying steps and procedure about December Birthstone which can be helpful for you.

From December birthstone, buyers can get some invisible powers to solve their love life problems, mental health issues, and work-related situations and increase the personality appearance. These are the power and effects of the December birthstones.

December Birthstone has the benefits for wearer to get success in the life with achievement

  • What is the December Birthstone meaning?

December Birthstone meaning is the calendar's last month stone that protects the wearer's life in any severe conditions. When a Birthstone has blue and clear appearance founded from the mines and having same appearance as diamond symmetry then it called as December Birthstone.

In December Birthstones, Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite, Lapis Lazuli, and Topaz included. December Birthstone meaning says, it's a carrier of prosperity, calmness, kindness, supportive nature, and provide motivation in human beings' life.

In December Month Traditional Birthstone, three types of stones include, which are as follows: Blue London or Swiss Topaz Stones, Tanzanite, and Zircon.

While the Modern Birthstone of December is Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli, they are known for their rare foundation in original forms. Comprehensively mostly engaging couple selects December's birthstones for an engagement ring or wedding band.

  • Traditional December Birthstone 

In the December traditional birthstones, three types of stones are included: Zircon, Topaz, and Tanzanite. For saying Traditional December Birthstone to Zircon, Topaz, and Tanzanite, people wore it in ancient times to take the benefits. Traditional December Birthstones provide healthiness, wealth, and stress-free life, carrying positive environments surrounding them.

Blue Zircon Birthstone has step cutting on the crown and girdle. The rest of the Birthstone Of December which is Blue Topaz, and Blue Tanzanite has a step and parallel faceting patterns on the crown and table surfaces.

A Fluorescence of the December Birthstones is tremendous because the step-cutting faceting encourages the lights to reflect with 20x more speed.

  • How December Birthstone created in mines?

December birthstone was made in 5-10 billion years ago on the earth's internal surface, where only volcanoes or lava were available. Thus, the chemical interaction was done with the earth's rocks and cooled lava. The chemical process made precious rocks which are known as December Birthstones, which are very rare to be found easily. From this way December Birthstone are made in mines.

Birthstones are found in commonly considered rocks, but they're precious and acknowledged for their value. 

Here are the three traditional birthstones for December, which are found in particular mines. These Birthstones are the natural form of ancient rocks which pressurized by thousands celsius heat.

1. Blue Zircon
2. Blue Topaz(Known as London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz Birthstone)
3. Blue Tanzanite

December Traditional Birthstones are known for their beneficial factors, which came in this century as a legacy. Still from the foundation, December Birthstones are famous.

Read the Zircon Birthstone history.

A. Zircon Birthstone Of December

    • Zircon Birthstone history

    History says that a Blue Zircon Birthstone was found 4.4 billion years ago when livelihood couldn't be easier than now. In kingdom times, when no democracy not available, then war is very common in the two regions. As a result, many lives lost their breath due to the brutal war.

    So, in those times, people started to wear blue zircon birthstones to protect themselves from enemy attacks. In Kingdom times when no democracy available then the Zircon December Birthstone is used as an exchange of things such as Currency works now.

    This Zircon Birthstone provides powers and abilities to the wearer for tackling the enemy's attacks. Thus, the December Birthstone provided good fortune and health, provide protection from negative energies. In those times, no specialized equipment was available for the mining process, but thanks to those times skill and sharp-minded craftsmanship crafted and made a special Blue Zircon birthstone.

    • Zircon Birthstone benefits

      A Blue Zircon Birthstone wearing benefits includes healthiness, the best romantic moment carrier, motivation provider, generating creation in minds, and success maker. Also, Zircon Birthstone provides invisible powers to wearers to take the right decision in life, carries good health and mental stability, which hand over to the wearer's life. Thus, these are the advantge of Wearing Zircon Birthstone.

      Zircon December Birtstone

      • How to buy Zircon birthstone?

      A Zircon Birthstone is representing the December. For buying a zircon birthstone, see its crown and table surface because the it's table surface has parallel cutting. It is the indication of buying the Zircon birthstone. At the same time, crown anatomies of blue zircon has step and triangle-shaped facets. If all faceting is placed exactly on the Zircon Birthstone, then buy this December Birthstone.

      So, if you can’t find step and triangle facets on the zircon birthstone, don’t buy it. Demand replacement if you already purchased it. Next, inspect the cut grade of the zircon to see the girdle anatomy. If all lines are placed with exact proportions, then freely buy a December birthstone.

      • Is Zircon Birthstone still famous?

      Yes, the Blue Zircon Birthstone still famous because people are aware of its benefits. Suddenly, Blue Zircon caught the height of demand across the world in 2019. During Covid-19 and after, people were moved to spirituality which gets from Zircon December Birthstone. For seekers who wants to meet spritual abilities then Zircon helps them. Thus, Zircon December Birthston famous now.

      Another reason for an getting demand of Blue Zircon Birthstone is the crafting and polishing process at the grading wheel. Zircon carries the dark color which always releasing sparkles and buyers want it. As a result, Blue Zircon December Birthstone get famous and desired by people.

      B. Topaz December Birthstone 

      • Topaz history

      Topaz Birthstone was founded in the 1960s by max ostro in Brazil. The blue Topaz birthstone is known as the ostro stone. Ostro Blue Topaz stone has 9381 carats weight and is 10.5 centimeters wide and 15 centimeters long width. This is the highest and world-recorded Blue Topaz characteristics, which still holds its Trillion Value. This is the history of Blue Topaz.

      Historians say that the word topaz comes from the Egyptian Island name, Tapazios, where the December Birthstone was actually found. Tapazios Island, now known as St. John's Island. The first Topaz Birthstone was founded in yellow color. But, as time goes Topaz Birthstone changes its color and is found in blue. This is the history of Topaz Stone.

      Topaz Birthstone of December

      In the HOLY BIBLE, a Topaz Stone is described as a shield that helps to stay far away from negative energies.

      Blue Topaz Birthstone said it was founded in South Asia, INDIA, and China. Also, Blue Topaz was founded in Australia, Brazil, Egypt, and South Africa Mines. Topaz Birthstone was known as fire as tapozian.

      • Topaz Birthstone benefits

      When someone wears the Topaz Birthstone, then it helps the wearer to boost their self-confidence. Also, it gives the power to give motivation who lose their confidence and stays permanently in depression. So, the Topaz Birthstone brings out their soul and mind to tackle the depression to live a happy life. This is the benefits of Topaz Birthstone.

      When someone wears a December birthstone, then it provides a diseased-free throat and neck without any problems. When people always travel and feel insecure, they must wear Blue Topaz Birthstone in engagement rings, pendants, and necklaces. Thus, if you want to secure your loved one’s life, you can select the December birthstone pendant and earrings in gold.

      • Does topaz birthstone carries fame?

      Topaz birthstone carries fame with itself and hands it over to a person's life. Topaz has a step-cutting appearance where the negativity is stored, and the wearer takes an appreciative decision which helps him to increase fame. Topaz stone take the success in the person's lives and able to make it more stable. That's why there is no doubt to say Topaz carries fame.

      C. Tanzanite Birthstone

      • Tanzanite Birthstone history

      In the Tanzanite Birthstone History, it was a battle game between a person and the government of Tanzania. In the 1900s, Manuel D’souza saw a crystal from a mine with blue lightning colors in Tanzania(a Country In East Africa). But the government claimed the mine was the jurisdiction of the them, and they didn't allow to do mining from a personal perspective. 

      Thus, the Tanzania government decided to make separate mines for Tanzanite Birthstones. So the December Tanzanite Birthstone is found in the mine named “Tanzanite One Mining Limited.”

      Tanzanite Birthstone for December Month look

      There was a conflict held between Manuel D'souza and the Government to acquire the mines of the Traditional December Birthstone. Tanzanite Birthstone has some invisible powers which can turn the depressed person into a motivated speaker; it's reality.

      In the 19-20th century, December stone Tanzanite was used for medical experiments and elements for the cure of diseased persons.

      • Tanzanite Benefits

      Tanzanite Birthstones have dark blue colors to release more sparkle reflection with lightning. As a result, the Tanzanite wearers do not get eyes and ears problems. In ancient times, when people had soft blindness, then they wore Tanzanite, a December birthstone. Because it helped them to see this beautiful world. These are the benefits of the Tanzanite Stone.

      Also, the Tanzanite Birthstone provides calmness for minds to make better decisions in work and life. Moreover, many people believe that this December Birthstone gives the best auspicious rains showers on their heads and life.

      Therefore, when someone wants a positive atmosphere surrounding themselves, they have to wear a Tanzanite Birthstone.

      • What's the rarity level of Tanzanite Birthstone?

      The rarity level of the Tanzanite Birthstone is 99%. Only Tanzania country has the origin of this excellent December Birthstone, thus the amount of exported Tanzanite is less. Tanzanite is found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the mine for giving such a precious stone to our hands.

      • Hardness Of Tanzanite Birthstone

      The hardness of Tanzanite is 65%, which means it scored 6.5 on Mohs Scale. Tanzanite have less hardness and the reason for having that level of strength is the making chemical process. Tanzanite Birthstone carry the less neutrons and electrons from the cooled lava rocks. This chemical interactions are responsible for taking less hardness of Tanzania Birthstone.

      Tanzanite's value is very rare, but now it's easily available for between $300- $600/Carat with certifications. Tanzania Government decided to stop the In Tanzanite color scaled at AAA grades. AAA+ Color Grade Tanzanite Birthstone has more price due to has heavy dark blue hue.

      December Modern Birthstone

      In the modern birthstone of December month, two types of stones are available: The first is Turquoise and the second is Lapis Lazuli. Modern December Birthstones look like a rock or substance, but they have invisible powers to change the wearer’s life and give positive mindset.

      As a result, the December Modern Birthstone is more popular than the Traditional Birthstone such as Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, and Blue Tanzanite, respectively. In addition, Lapis lazuli and Turquoise Birthstones have interesting histories and benefits, which are mostly used in vintage jewelry making.

      A. Turquoise Birthstone

      • What does Turquoise mean?

      Turquoise has the meaning of true love and interactive nature. The Turquoise Birthstone represents love sprinkled in any situation for the wearer and their surrounding people. The Turquoise has clear sky blue color, which presents the calmness and supportive nature. This is the meaning of the Turquoise Birthstone meaning. 

      Turquioise Birthstone of December Month as Modern Stone

      The color goes well with Turquoise due to chemical involvement and it helps to grown easily. Turquoise birthstone has no more transparent appearance so all colors will suit it, but blue is the best.

      • Where is Turquoise found?

      Turquoise is found in America, Mexico, Chile, China, Brazil, and Tibet. Turquoise Birthstone wants a dry and cold atmosphere to grow. In the mines, Turquoise Stone is found in the form of rocks with the interactions of the rocks. Thus, Turquoise grown in cold weathering conditions where it made in the better conditions.

      • Turquoise Birthstone history

      A Turquoise Birthstone was found 6000BC years ago in Egypt, the Sinai peninsula. A french word Turquoise was named after Turkish. Turquoise birthstone was founded in Iran and Turkey because these two countries have many mines of this December stone.

      The history of Turquoise Birthstones tells that many peoples used December Birthstone as a bargaining element in ancient times. A Bargaining method is held between buyer and seller; when money was not invented then at that time, only the exchange of things happened. Today, this method is known as exchange of financial transaction. Turquoise Birthstones also worked as currency at that time. 

      Turquoise jewelry was more popular in the kingdom. King and queen of wore necklaces, rings, or pendants in Turquoise. On the engagement occasion, mostly people selected Turquoise Engagement Rings as their love indicator.

      Turquoise Birthstone was engraved in many emperor’s crowns because they believed Turquoise saved their kingdom from negative energies and atmosphere. In Egypt, the mummy's body covers with this Turquoise Birthstone to give the body protection from other insects.

      • What are the reasons for select Turquoise Birthstone?

      The reasons behind selection for Turquoise Birthstones their spiritual and psychological benefits works. Turquoise has a plane sky blue colored appearance, which reflects the ambitions and calmness in the wearer's mind; this is the psychological benefit.

      Talking about the Spiritual Benefits of Turquoise, it helps to provide better inner strength to know about yourself. For knowing the inner strength about the self then select Turquoise Birthstone without any doubt. As a result, the Turquoise selected for engagement rings and wedding jewelry.

      • Turquoise Birthstone benefits

      Turquoise Birthstone carries many benefits for the wearer. Turquoise has a light sky blue color, which gives calmness to the wearer and always provides positive thoughts in the wearer’s mind. In addition, the Turquoise Stone makes the wearer’s life more memorable and happy when the wearer has faith.

      When you want peace and love in life, enhance your communication and expression skills, then wear only a Turquoise December Birthstone.

      When someone suffers from mental instability, then the color of the Turquoise provides stability to the suffering person's mind. So, people can engrave Turquoise for their benefit in vintage-style jewelry. These are the benefits of December Birthstone.

      • Is Turquoise jewelry suits me?

      Turquoise Jewelry suits person's nature because it already has virtues of kindness and supportive nature. As a result, if you wore a Turquoise Engagement Ring, Turquoise Wedding Band, and Vintage Turquoise Necklace, then it also suits taste, but the decision is yours which type of Jewelry want. After all, Turquoise Birthstone has invisible powers which help you, and you can't see it.

      B. Lapis Lazuli Birthstone

      • What is Lapis Lazuli definition or meaning?

      In Lapis Lazuli's definition or meaning, it represents the workflow of universe planets like Earth, Moon, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. Lapis Lazuli has white and grey color lines, which show the positions of the planets. Thus, Lapis Lazuli is the person's helper who motivates them to take the right decisions according to the planet's walk. This is the definition of the Lapis Lazuli Birthstone.

      • History of December Lapis Lazuli

      Lapis Lazuli's birthstone was founded 7500BC years ago in Mehrgarh. Now it’s part of Pakistan. In the Mehrgarh foundation, the Lapis Lazuli Gemstone is a precious invention of mine crafting that reveals the cultural events and civilization of those times.

      A Lapis Lazuli Stone looks like an ordinary rock, but it’s not in reality. In Pakistan, lapis lazuli, a December Birthstone export, still provided more contributions to GDP.

      When kings went to battle and wanted a win, then they wore lapis lazuli pendants in gold engraving baskets. As a result, they faced fewer destructions and problems on the battlefield. The winning ratio of those kings was very high when they wore Lapis Lazuli Jewelry like rings, bracelets, and chains.

      Lapis Lazuli Birthstone fot the Month of December

      Now, some people don't like Lapis Lazuli stone jewelry due to its dull look, but it's not a proper thinking. In this December birthstone, many invisible powers are stored which are unidentified from the person.

      Egyptians wore only vintage and antique Lapis Lazuli Jewelry in those ancient times. In ancient times, mostly people wore only Lapis Lazuli Birthstones in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Historians and people of those ancient times believed Lapis Lazuli birthstone's white colored lines symbolized preventing negative energy from entering the body.

      Lapis lazuli birthstone has appearance as earth’s space view. On the earth's surface, 71% is water, and the rest is 29% land or sand, as it is the lapis lazuli birthstone surface.

      • Can Lapis Lazuli demand by worldwide customers?

      Yes, Lapis Lazuli demand by worldwide customers because it carries clear appearance. In Lapis Lazuli, the sky blue color representing the calm and composed nature. As a result, Lapis Lazuli Birthstone gain demand from worldwide customers.

      People now engrave Lapis Lazuli In Pendants for their love symbolism. Also, the Lapis Lazuli Birthstone jewelry made in engagement rings, wedding rings, necklace.

      • Lapis Lazuli benefits

      When a person wears a Lapis Lazuli Birthstone in engagement rings or pendants then they will always found positive, which takes their career path to massive achievements. Moreover, the Lapis Lazuli gives security and happiness to the wearer because the sky color represents the ALMIGHTY GOD. ALMIGHTY GOD always protects us from unexpected events.

      So, the Lapis Lazuli Birthstone makes the wearer’s life far away from severe diseases like cancer, tumor, heart blockage, lung affection, and other dangerous affections which can make a person’s life awful. It's a benefits of Lapis Lazuli Birthstone.

      Someone wants to protect themselves from unexpected incidents and wants security in all situations then Lapis Lazuli is the option. 

      • How to buy a December Birthstone?

      See the 4c’s of December month’s birthstone, which is described in the certification. Always considered purchasing December birthstones with certifications because today, many fake stones sell as the real birthstones which are available in the market easily.

      So, the seller may give you a fake December birthstone. So, for your security demand the birthstone certification.

      When you want to buy a December Birthstone, which has two types: Traditional Birthstones and Modern Birthstones. Traditional Birthstones feature Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, and Blue Tanzanite. Modern Birthstone of December has Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli.

      1. How To Buy Traditional December Birthstone?

      December Traditional Birthstone carries Zircon, Topaz, and Tanzanite. For buying this traditional birthstone see the similarities like step and swallowed facets on crown and table surfaces.

      Thus, always see the zircon, topaz, and tanzanite birthstones, anatomies, cutting, and faceting styles. Traditional Birthstones have similarities, a diamond cut from where the overall appearance would be decided.

      Don't forget to take a certification of Birthstone Jewelry.

      2. How To Buy Modern Birthstone Of December?

      If you want to purchase December's Modern Birthstone, a Turquoise, then see its from the top view because it has clear looks. In addition, no blemishes are available on this December Birthstone. 

      Turquoise stone has the same appearance as Uranus and Neptune's planet surfaces. These planets have sky-blue-colored lands and surfaces. This is the key indication for identify Modern Birthstone Of December when buying.

      In Lapis Lazuli birthstone, some black and white colored lines are available on the dark blue colored surfaces. Lapis lazuli December birthstone has no transparent appearance like diamonds, so it demands certification from authorized institutions which is trustworthy and solvent in the market.

      Generally, Lapis Lazuli stone has lines on the surface with white hue to represents the balance sheet of the life. For authentic purchase of the December Birthstone demand the certifications.

      Thus, these are the tips for buying December month birthstones in modern and traditional types. Many peoples considered this information to purchase a December Birthstone easily and accurately, now’s your turn to follow these steps.

      • Conclusion

      Hope you likes this article on December Birthstones modern and traditional types. It will helps you to take a consideration when purchase it. Found something useful then don't hesitate to share it.

      Want December birthstone jewelry in the form of earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, and bracelets, then contact us. We assure that you can get the best December birthstone jewelry in your budget.

      We specialize in making your dream birthstone jewelry in your design or pattern but our skillful and expert craftsmanship.

      We make turquoise earrings, lapis lazuli bracelets, topaz engagement rings, zircon necklaces, and tanzanite pendants. We need your requirements, and from the rest, we can make your best-crafted birthstone jewelry. 

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