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What Are Diamond Alternatives Or Substitutes? Detail Guide

Diamond Alternatives includes sapphire, amethyst, peridot, emerald, garnet, moissanite, cubic zirconia, and diamond

When you're searching for affordable and ideal jewelry for your love partner, then those options are available as alternatives. For diamonds, 8 types of alternatives exist which provide identical appearance and similar characteristics. That's called a diamond alternative.

These diamond alternatives include lab grown diamonds, cubic zirconia, moissanite, garnet stone, emerald, amethyst, peridot, and sapphire gemstones. In these alternative stones of diamonds, some kinds of characteristics match with the diamonds, such as sparkle reflection, shape, color, hardness (subject to a particular stone's structure), and symmetry.

Most importantly, the diamond substitutes are cheaper than diamonds, suggesting buyers choose them in jewelry. Ultimately, if you prefer a unique and distinctive piece of jewelry to reveal emotions and feelings, then diamond alternative stones are the ideal choice.

With these stones, you can buy jewelry at low prices and the best quality that offers an identical appearance to diamond jewelry.

Let's understand the topic of diamond alternatives in more detail, so you can decide which stone is better for your jewelry selection and preferences.

What are diamond alternatives?

Diamond alternatives are a set of eight types of stones which are the best option rather than diamonds for having a low price, similar symmetrical structures, a colorful appearance, and hardness.

When a buyer wants to offer a proud and distinctive wearing experience of fine jewelry to his girlfriend, a diamond alternative stone helps them reach their goals and intentions for beautiful appearance.

In these diamond substitutes, eight types of stones, including Lab grown diamond, cubic zirconia, moissanite, garnet, emerald, peridot, amethyst, and sapphire. These stones are made in the laboratory or found through the natural process in mines. So, when you're seeking a identical look as natural diamonds, then these alternative stones are the options.

The selection of diamond alternatives offers different kinds of varieties and benefits such as carat weights, fancy colors, spiritual powers, beneficial for the wearer, and provides a stylish wearing experience.

As a result, when you have thoughts offer an attractive piece of fine jewelry in the form of engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, then select a diamond alternative stones.

Talking about the quality of the diamond substitue stones, mainly the quality matches your expectations, such as better sparkle reflections, the best clarity, offering an excellent wearing experience, and affordable jewelry.

Thus, you can choose those stones as your love partner's preference and customize them for more pretty and beautiful looks.

After understanding the diamond alternatives defintion, now it's a time to see the list for those stones. 

List of diamond alternatives

Diamond alternatives are set of the eight types of the stones which have similar characteristics as diamonds in plus or less extents. Those stones are mentioned below.

  • Lab grown diamond
  • Cubic zirconia
  • Moissanite
  • Garnet
  • Emerald
  • Peridot
  • Amethyst
  • Sapphire

The mentioned diamond substitute stones have different benefits and strengths from each. So, it's your call which substitute stone for a diamond that will suit your engagement ring or wedding band.

This diamond alternative makes women's fine jewelry beautiful and the perfect selection. You can choose a bracelet, earrings, bangles, and necklaces in fine yellow or white gold jewelry.

Remember, lab diamonds are the best diamond alternative if you prioritize quality. While you strongly desire to complete the pure endearment intention behind offering an engagement ring, gemstones are an ideal selection.

You can find the most identical appearance and quality as diamonds by selecting a lab grown diamond. While for spiritual powers, the options are garnet, peridot, and amethyst gemstones as a diamond substitute.

Another side, if you are looking for the least affordable but pretty looking diamond alternative jewelry, the moissanite as cubic zirconia is a good selection.

Let's understand the each diamond substitue in depth and know the benefits about them which could be match with your expectations. 

1. Lab grown Diamonds

2.09 carat yellow colored emerald cut diamond

Lab grown diamonds are ideal for alternative stones because they carry the same 4cs grades, symmetry, fluorescence, and structures. By selecting a lab diamond, you can get the same color, clarity, carat, and cut grades, identifying as 4cs of diamonds.

After the natural diamonds, the lab grown diamonds are chosen for jewelry making because of their similar quality, appearance, and cheap price.

These diamonds are made from carbon crystal seed, pressurized with methane and other gases at intense temperatures to help the seed grow as a piece of the mined diamonds, especially in a rectangular shape.

The making process of the lab grown diamonds aren't involved in the conflict and mining, but they're made in the artificial environment and laboratories.

As a result, the lab diamonds cost 40-50% cheaper than mined diamonds, even having the same quality (subject to color, clarity, carat, and cut) and symmetrical balances. That's why you can prefer lab grown diamonds as an alternative to natural diamonds.

  • What are the benefits of choosing lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have identical structures as natural diamonds with cheaper prices and plenty of varities to buyers' needs. Also, the manufacturing process of the lab diamonds is not involved in the mining and conflict arising. But, these diamonds are ethically sourced and made with considering the environmental footprint.

Referring to the lab grown diamond jewelry, it offers a beautiful and stylish look to the wearer, just the same as natural diamond jewelry. For example, if you want to offer your love partner a special and statement ring as a promise ring, then lab grown diamonds are the best choice.

While looking for a wedding necklace or earrings, still lab diamond offers quality and varieties in fancy colors and the best clarity grades. A lab grown diamond hoop earring offers a flawless look to the women, especially a bride. Select hoop earrings with lab diamonds, then consider some kinds of points for experiencing better purchases.

Most importantly, the price of the lab diamond jewelry is cheaper but ideal in quality, which indicates prioritizing them. 

2. Cubic Zirconia Stone

Cubic Zirconia known as diamond alternatives

Cubic zirconia (CZ) stone has the same appearance as diamonds because of its brilliance and crystal structure. This stone is the crystalline form of zirconium dioxide and is made in the laboratory without a mining process. CZ stone is usually counted as the most affordable diamond alternative jewelry for the cheap cost.

The chemical signature of the Cubic zirconia is ZrO2 which represents zirconium dioxide, usually found in hard form. CZ stone looks like a diamond with a colorless and flawless structure, indicating a high quality alternative stone.

While the hardness rating scale for CZ is 8 to 8.5 on the Mohs scale, while the diamond earned a 10 rating, but Cubic zirconia is still a scratches resistant and durable choice.

The CZ stone's brilliance and fire reflect an ideal condition, which attracts people to choose them for jewelry. Because the scintillation reflection of the Cubic zirconia is excellent, then indicates it's a diamond alternative stone.

Cubic zirconia costs significantly cheaper than a diamond in varieties and quality. Thus, the CZ stone jewelry is the perfect choice for those purchasing diamond appearance jewelry without paying a higher price tag.

  • Why to prefer a Cubic Zirconia as diamond alternative stone?

For selecting Cubic zirconia, a synthetic stone, you can get the same appearance as real diamonds, a conflict-free making process, offers various colors options, is durable and hard (8 to 8.5 rating on Mohs scale), perfect brilliance reflection, made with the consideration of ethical conditions, and significantly lower prices.

Thus, for a person who is looking for diamond jewelry but like to pay low prices and doesn't want to compromise the quality, then Cubic zirconia is the solution. From selection, CZ stone in jewelry offers the same symmetrical structures as diamonds that point out to prioritize them.

3. Moissanite Stone

Princess moissanite stone as diamond alternative stone

Having a benefits and conflict free making process makes moissanite, a diamond alternative. Moissanite stone's brilliance and scintillation reflection is excellent because it has a silicon carbide element in the structure. As a diamond alternative stone, moissanite carries a similar appearance to natural diamonds.

The natural moissanite can't be easily found and is extremely rare, just as red colored mined diamonds. While ahead of the natural moissanite, a lab made moissanite is a good choice because it has the same optical and physical properties.

Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide stone which is rare to be found in large quantities for cutting a one carat gemstone. The chemical sign for moissanite stone is SiC which represents a compound form of silicon and carbide.

Moissanite isn't a repetitious form of the diamond, but it's an diamond alternative gemstone that has exquisite brilliance and fire appearance.

The reflection of moissanite is excellent for having the same optical properties of diamonds, which influence exhibits of brilliance and fire. Due to the high refractive index, the light reflections are distributed in different corners, which makes it the most acceptable diamond alternative stone.

You're looking a hardness and durability for a diamond alternative jewelry, and this expectation is fulfilled by selecting a moissanite stone. Moissanite has a 9.25 hardness rating scale on the Mohs scale, which indicates it saves the stone's anatomy from scratching, chipping, and cracking, making it suitable for everyday wearing.

  • Why to choose a moissanite stone for diamond alternative jewelry?

From selecting a moissanite for a diamond alternative jewelry, you have to pay 60-70% less than a diamond. Simultaneously, moissanite offers a similar appearance to natural diamonds in brilliance and scintillation, which is the most beneficial factor from a buyer's perspective.

Also, the making process for moissanite is associated with ethical considerations that reduce the environmental footprints and help the ecosystem to sustain theirs sustainability.

Talking about moissanite's clarity grade ranges from IF (Internally Flawless) to VVS (Very Very Small Included 1/2) offers constant light reflections from the symmetry. In this clarity grades stones, the inclusions or blemishes aren't appeared on the anatomy.

Mostly, moissanite stones are available from colorless (D to F) to nearly colorless (G to J), which is an ideal choice for engagement rings. At the same time, a fancy color range is available, like as orange, blue, yellow, brown, and red. Thus, moissanite is a good option for diamond alternative jewelry.

In addition, take an overview of the price distribution of moissanite and natural diamonds, which could be helpful for making a purchase decision.

  • Price of Moissanite and Natural Diamond






Price ($)


2.22 Carat


Near Colorless

Step Cut Pear



2.00 Carat



Brilliant Cut


You see the difference between moissanite and diamond cost. That shows you're paying almost 120X more for natural diamonds than moissanite. The price represents only for educational purposes; the actual price might differ.

Birthstones:- Garnet, Emerald, Peridot, Amethyst, Sapphire

In the diamond alternative list, a birthstone is not far away from it. The importance and wearing tradition of a birthstone started in ancient times to create a protective shield that prevented problems in life. These gemstones are used in jewelry, represent the wearer's birth month, and offer tremendous astrological benefits.

Birthstones are simultaneously called gemstones due to their various color and quality options, similar to fancy color diamonds. When you have a strong desire to offer an emotionally attached present for your love partner that represents your fidelity, then gemstones are the perfect choice.

Garnet, Emerald, Peridot, Amethyst, and Sapphire gemstones are included in the diamond alternative. Also, these birthstones have different colors, shapes, varieties, and benefits for the wearer.

Thus, you're not just offering an engagement ring with a birthstone. Still, it refers to how much you care for your partner and signifies fidelity, commitment, and dedicated attachment toward a love relationship.

Read More: Birthstones For Each Month

4. Garnet Birthstone

Garnet birthstones as diamond alternative stones

The garnet birthstone refers to the groups of minerals compound with calcium, aluminum, iron, and magnesium which founded in various color ranges. Some of that stones are available in orange, pinkish oranges, purple, dark red, brown, and even colorless. A similar crystal is available in garnet stone as a diamond, but the chemical properties vary.

The January month's birthstone refers to the garnet gemstone because it's offered as traditionally as a second anniversary gift in pendant, ring, and necklace. The most famous color of the garnet stone is dark red, referred to as "pyrope garnet." The hardness of the garnet stone is a 6.5 to 7.5 rating scale on the Mohs scale.

When selecting the garnet as a diamond alternative, pay attention to choosing a better quality in clarity and cut grades that align with the light reflectivity. Due to its versatile color appearance, the garnet refers to passion, vitality, regeneration, gratitude, compassion, and protection.

In the garnet gemstone, the same faceting pattern exists on the table and girdle anatomy that reflects light and brilliance. The symmetry patterns of the garnet are similar to the diamond symmetry.

You noticed a brilliant sparkling light when you wore a red garnet engagement ring. You can choose a yellow gold or white gold metal for the garnet gemstone ring that offers a excellent appearance. Moreover, a garnet is found in India, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, and Sri Lanka(Known as Tamraparni).

  • Why choose garnet birthstone as diamond alternative?

The garnet stone is connected with the attributes like passion, strength, protection, and vitality due to its intense red color. It offers different color options like yellow, brown, orange, and colorless (white) that signify a personal taste and preference which is beyond the red colored traditional stone.

When you want different sizes and quality in the garnet, then it gives access to pick your favorite quality. The garnet stone cost is cheaper than other stones such as ruby and emerald.

Talking about the hardness of the garnet is counted between 6.5 to 7.5 rating scale on the Mohs scale, which is 35 to 25% less than diamonds. Still, a garnet stone can maintain its surface from easy scratches and cracks and make your jewelry special and unique.

This birthstone gives calmness to the wearer. Many couples select garnet engagement rings to offer a special value to a love relationship. Garnet is mined from the land, while a lab made garnet gemstone is beneficial that offers cheap prices, an identical appearance, and less environmental footprint.

5. Emerald Stone

Emerald gemstone is a green colored stone carrying various minerals beryl, chromium (Cr), and vanadium (V) chemical composition. These elements provide a faint to light green hue to the emerald stone's structure.

Due to its vibrant green color and varieties, the emerald is considered the most prized and valuable gemstone of the century.

Emerald gemstones were associated with famous royal jewelry and religious artifacts and offered a most precious appearance. According to GIA, the oldest emerald stone founded 2.97 Billion years ago in 330 BC in Egypt.

A symbolic meaning of the emerald stone refers to eternal love, fertility, abundance, auspicious sign of attachment, royalty, power, and wealth. Also, for those born in May, the emerald gemstone brings good fortune and luck to their lives.

The hardness of the emerald stone is 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which shows the gemstone's durability in preventing surfaces from scratches and impurities. The structure of the emerald is similar to diamonds, so when you have to offer an extraordinary value, select an emerald stone engagement ring with better clarity and carat weight.

  • Why to choose emerald birthstone?

From selecting the emerald birthstone, it offers a vintage inspired wearing experience of different civilizations and cultures. The wonderful green color range of emerald gemstone offers faint to intense grade that reflects brilliance and increase the jewelry's appearance.

The emerald stone refers to wisdom, bringing good fortune, and helping to increase health and clarity that keep a relationship trustful and transparent. Also, whose birth month is May then, this gemstone refers to them for gaining some invisible powers.

The cost of emerald stone is cheaper than natural colored diamonds. But remember that naturally sourced emerald gemstones have high-quality grades and are extremely rare. The natural emerald reflects an appreciation and connection from the offerer to the recipient.

6. Peridot Birthstone

Peridot birthstone with faint green color

A peridot gemstone has a pale green to intense lime green color structure, associated with nature, freshness, and new starting. These stones are different from emerald stones. Also, the peridot birthstone refers to the strength and unity that offers the wearer positive energy.

In ancient times, the peridot stone was used to get protection from evil spirits and nightmares who had a bad intention to harm human beings. The pale green to intense lime green hue represents the natural beauty and dense greenery landscape. Thus, make an engagement ring in peridot birthstone as an endearment sign to your love partner.

The hardness of the peridot gemstone is 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale which is still durable and acceptable choice for engagement rings and wedding necklaces. The most important thing is to consider for peridot jewelry, securing from the other particles and impurities.

Aside from the hardness, the peridot sustains some characteristics like brilliance reflections, symmetrical structure, and a distinctive appearance to eyes that make it a diamond alternative stone. As a result, need a faint green colored stone, you can prefer a peridot stone ahead of costly colored natural diamonds.

  • Why selects peridot stone as diamond alternatives?

The peridot birthstone offers a high refractive index due to its faint to intense green color structure that releases brilliance from all corners and anatomies. On the Mohs scale, peridot gemstone has 6.5 to 7 score rating on the hardness, making it to select in diamond alternative jewelry such as rings, bands, earrings, and necklaces.

From wearing a peridot stone, it offers the most captivating appearance and brings positive energy. This diamond alternative stone increases immunity against lung, kidney, and heart disease. Peridot Birthstone is used in the making of antique and vintage necklaces.

The August month's gemstone refers to the peridot, who is born in the 8th month of the calendar, then this stone is beneficial for them for bringing fortune and helpful for the mind to be free from negative thoughts. That’s why grooms prefer peridot gemstone wedding necklaces for their brides to keep their minds free from negative thoughts and provide a positive vibe.

7. Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst stone in purple color appearance

An amethyst birthstone is purple or violet, which signifies emotions and feelings towards someone special. The color variation of this diamond alternative stone ranges from pale lavender to deep violet, and it refers to spirituality, royalty, and tranquility.

With a lavender hue structure, the amethyst stone offers clarity to the wearer for making a perfect decision about life and relationships.

In ancient times, the amethyst stone was used for sobering and helped to prevent intoxication. It removed unnatural substance addiction from the wearer's life. Due to their color ranges, this diamond alternative is used in engagement rings, wedding bands, charm pendants, tennis bracelets, and hoop earrings.

You can justify emotions and feelings by offering your love partner an amethyst stone diamond alternative jewelry. The unique and eye-catching appearance of amethyst influences makes it a priority for love signed jewelry.

  • From which reasons prefer amethyst stone as diamond alternative?

The price affordability for amethyst birthstone is cheaper compare to other stones cost. Also, the amethyst gemstone should be selected for offering propserity, calmness, clarity, peace, spiritual growth, offering a versatillity in all kinds of jewelry.

While you want to present a vintage inspired looks and styles, then a amethyst stone is a perfect choice for diamond alternative jewelry.

Amethyst birthstone has a $12/per-carat price (lab created), but you get the same brilliant lights as a diamond. Natural amethyst birthstone have more price because they found under the mines and that cost reaches to $$$$. Thus, you can prefers a lab grown amethyst stone with cheaper price and identical quality, which you expect.

8. Sapphire Stone

Blue colored sapphire birthstone

The sapphire gemstone refers to the September month stone that usually offers a deep blue colored structure that reflects attractive rays. Also, sapphire stone has yellow, purple, orange, and pink color options to prove its versatility in appearance.

Selecting a sapphire stone can offer your love partner wisdom, nobility, and a precious endearment symbol. Presenting a sapphire ring as a diamond alternative ring then it signifies calmness and peace, which helps to make a perfect decision in any conditions.

Due to the faint to intense blue color structure, you can select this September month's birthstone for making your love present jewelry beautiful and elegant. These gemstones are associated with classical and vintage jewelry to modern and trending pieces of ornaments.

Talking about sapphire gemstone's hardness, it's a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, which represents solid durability that quickly preventing the structures from scratches and blemishes. You can choose a sapphire stone to reveal your emotions and feelings towards your wife.

The structure of the sapphire matches the colored diamonds and provides the same appearance at cheap prices. So, you can move with this gemstone and make your engagement or wedding jewelry auspicious and stylish.

In ancient times, sapphire is used in many religious activities like praying to GOD and some other activities. In Hindu Mythology, the sapphire birthstone refers to the Saturn planet, one of the most essential planet out of nine planets in a person's life. Saturn rains auspicious to the wearer's life through massive success, prosperity, and wealth.

Due to the astrological benefits, the sapphire gemstone is usually worn with gold or silver rings on the right/left hand. The finger of wearing a sapphire stone ring depends on the wearer's personal preference and beliefs.

  • Why select sapphire birthstone as diamond alternative?

A sapphire birthstone is the best selection for diamond alternatives due to its similar appearance and offering brilliant reflections. Sapphire increases your thinking ability and decision power by providing positive energy. From wearing the sapphire gemstone, it offers a vintage inspired experience in rings, pendants, or necklaces.

The elegance of the sapphire stone is the most precious thing to see in the jewelry, and as a diamond alternative, this gemstone sustains its structure by scoring a 9 rating of hardness on the Mohs scale.

Preferring the sapphire gemstone, you can offer good fortune, spirituality, protection, and kindful tendency. As a result, a couple prefers a sapphire stone engagement ring for their love partner to show trustworthiness and gratitude.

The 1 carat sapphire birthstone price is $36 to $4243, depending on the quality, which is ethically sourced from the mines or maybe laboratory grown. Mined sapphire gemstone has more prices than a lab grown stones. But the quality of the mined sapphire still in the excellent condition.

Final Thoughts

The diamond alternative includes lab grown diamonds, cubic zirconia, moissanite, peridot birthstone, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and garnet gemstones. Diamond alternative jewelry is a good choice when you neither want to compromise budget nor quality.

All diamond substitutes have their benefits and criteria for the selection of jewelry. Thus, consider color, clarity, originality, authentication certification, carat weights, and traceability when selecting them.

Prefer to purchase diamond alternative jewelry from a customer-friendly store, especially an e-commerce store, to save time to wander a piece of jewelry you want.

Want to make a diamond alternative jewelry then contact us. We can make it our customization ability within the budget. We're specialized in the lab grown diamond jewelry manufacturing with the proper customization and traceability.

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