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Paris Hilton Engagement Rings Collection That Looks Captivated

Paris hilton engagement rings collection

Most love relationships refer to the romantic relationship and journey between two individuals. Also, a love relationship presents a deep, unbreakable emotional attachment and connection with a spouse. Couples want to reveal their feelings towards a love partner, so they choose a sign that helps.

Jewelry is the preferable sign to tell feelings, commitment, and a statement to a love partner. Many couples prefer rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets as a love sign. But rings are the ideal choice for showing dedication. It's available from vintage-inspired Art Deco style to modern pave sets.

Paris Hilton's engagement rings collection is one of them because of the brilliant appearance and stylish look that it releases. Her engagement rings are counted as the most expensive rings in the world. Hilton's most famous engagement ring is a canary diamond ring that cost $4.7 Million.

A Carter Reum presented a 20-carat weighted elongated rectangular emerald cut three-stone ring to Paris Hilton with pop up the question of a marriage proposal. She accepted the proposal of Carter Reum, and they married on 21st November 2021.

Paris Hilton is an American actress, model, singer, and DJ. She is always covered by media attention and tabloid. Hilton's engagement rings are very famous because the rings are made from natural diamonds and gold/platinum metal.

Paris engaged with Carter Reum in December 2019. So, Carter Reum proposed to her with a natural emerald three-stone diamond ring in white/platinum metal.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum officially engaged on February 13, 2021. They have dated for two years since their first meeting. After two years of dating, the couple married in Los Angeles on November 11, 2021.

Paris Hilton Engagement Rings

In the collection of Paris Hilton engagement rings, there are expensive ring styles included. For example, Jason Shaw presented a $1 Million valued pear-shaped ring to Hilton with atleast 10-carat weight. Paris Latsis proposed to Hilton with a $4.7 Million engagement ring in a 24-carat emerald cut natural diamond.

While Chris Zylka gave a 20-carat weighted pear teardrop-shaped halo-style engagement ring to Paris Hilton. In 2019, Carter Reum popped the question for engagement and wedding to Female Actress Paris Hilton with a 20-carat weighted emerald three-stone ring with a $2 Million price.

Paris Hilton Engagement Ring’s Details




Ring Style



Jason Shaw

5 - 10



18KT Yellow

$1 Million (Approx.)

Paris Latsis



Five Stone


$5 Million (Approx.)

Chris Zylka


Pear Teardrop



$2 Million (Approx.)

Carter Reum





$2 Million

1. Jason Shaw Engagement Ring To Paris Hilton

When Paris was 21 years old, then her boyfriend Jason Shaw presented a atleast 10-carat weighted pear-shaped solitaire style ring. In this solitaire ring, 18KT yellow gold metal has been added to make the overall appearance captivating. The cost of the ring is nearly $1 Million, offered by Jason to Paris Hilton as a sign of endearment.

3.01 carat weighted pear shaped lab-grown diamond engagement ring with VS2 clarity and F color grade in 18KT white gold

We assumed this engagement ring was made with the Excellent diamond symmetry grade that aligns proper facets to the anatomies. Also, the diamond clarity of Paris Hilton's first engagement ring may be between IF (Internally Flawless) to VVS (Very Very Small Included 1/2). That's why it has a $1 Million cost and brilliant appearance on Hilton's hands.

2. Paris Latsis's $4.7 Million Ring For Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton received a $4.7 Million valued canary natural diamond ring from a Paris Latsis. He proposed to Hilton for marriage with a platinum/white gold band yellow colored canary diamond ring that has an attractive appearance. The duo engaged in July 2004 when Mr. Latsis offered a 24-carat weighted light yellow diamond ring.

As we estimated in a 24-carat diamond ring, surely elongated and least cropped corner emerald cut diamonds are used. The concentric facets pattern on the table surfaces and large step-cut make the emerald-cut diamond distinctive, releasing beautiful light reflections. Paris Latsis offered one of the most valued and expensive engagement rings to Mrs. Hilton.

4.05 CTW yellow colored radiant cut lab-grown diamond five stone engagement ring with VS clarity and 18KT yellow gold

Due to 24-carat emerald cuts, the symmetry should be in the Excellent grade. In the Paris Hilton engagement ring, the diamond symmetry remains an Ideal grade that offers distinctive light reflections and a royal wearing experience. There is a probability, an Excellent symmetry grade exists in this $4.7 Million valued yellow canary diamond ring.

3. Chris Zylka's 20-Carat Ring To Paris Hilton

After separation from Paris Latsis, Hilton started to date Chris Zylka, who proposed to her with a 20-carat teardrop-shaped diamond ring. Mr. Zylka preferred brilliant round-cut diamonds in this halo engagement ring to increase the overall appearance. The cost of this Paris Hilton'r ring is $2 Million.

Due to the teardrop-shaped 20-carat weighted diamond, the ring is counted as a wonder because it successfully releases attractive light reflections. We estimated that 18KT White Gold metal had been used on the band that combines with the colorless pear-shaped diamonds in this ring.

3.38 CTW fancy vivid blue colored pear teardrop shape and colorless lab-grown diamond halo ring in VS clarity and 18KT white gold

In this Paris Hilton engagement ring, the light reflections are totally natural because a diamond fluorescence counted as a none grade. In none fluorescence-graded diamonds, the UV rays are absent, affecting the real brilliance and scintillation of the stones. Thus, Mr. Chris selected a stylish and modern pear-shaped diamond ring for her fiancee Paris Hilton at $2 Million cost.

4. Carter Reum Engagement Ring To Mrs. Paris

Mr. Carter Reum popped up the question to Paris Hilton on her 40th birthday when they were enjoying the vacation on Private Island. He proposed to Hilton with a 20-carat weighted excellent cut natural emerald diamond ring in a three-stone ring style. In this three-stone ring, modern Baguette cut and Trapezoid cut diamonds are used as accent stones with platinum band, as we assume.

The cost of the final engagement ring of Paris Hilton is $2000000 because there is an absence of diamond inclusion which is rare in the 20-carat natural emerald diamonds. Also, the modern Baguette and Trapezoid cut diamond has better reflections from the anatomies.

2.35 CTW elongated emerald cut and trapezoid lab-grown diamond three-stone engagement ring with VVS clarity and 18KT yellow gold

The three-stone engagement ring style represents "Love, Romance and Promise" in the love relationship. That's why a boyfriend purchased this ring style as a promise ring to engage in a serious love relationship. In three-stone rings, elongated emerald-cut diamonds should look proper and exquisite.

Final Thoughts

The overview of Paris Hilton's engagement rings collection it refers that she likes to wear teardrop pear-shaped and elongated emerald-cut diamond rings. Her boyfriend proposed with natural and rare diamonds representing real emotional attachment and connection.

Her first engagement ring, valued at $1 Million, where a atleast 10-carat weighted teardrop pear-shaped diamonds placed. While her most expensive engagement ring has a 24-carat weighted emerald cut diamond valued at $4.7 Million because of the canary yellow colored diamonds.

Paris Hilton's other engagement ring was offered from Chris Zylka, who offered a 20-carat weighted emerald cut diamond halo style ring to a Female Actress at worth $2 Million and an 18KT White Gold Band.

At last, her Husband, Mr. Carter Reum, proposed to her lady luck, Paris Hilton, with a $2 Million worth elongated and concentric-shaped pattern ring. This ring is made with a three-stone style representing "Love, Romance, and Promise."

If you want To Shop a beautiful engagement ring such as Paris Hliton's with proper customization and quality without breaking the budget provision, then contact us. We offer a personalized and international certification to diamonds and jewelry and ship securely with our authorized partner to your hand.

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