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7+ Prong Settings To Know For All Kinds Rings

Prongs Settings In Rings

A prong settings in the rings plays the more important role in holding the diamonds or stones with the best durability. A prong styles are available in +8 varieties to select in engagement rings or wedding bands. In the jewelry manufacturing process, the prong setting is the most challenging work to do.

Choosing an engagement rings with the considerations of the 4cs of diamonds and other factors. Now, it's time to choose the most suitable prong setting resembling a love emblem. In prong pattern selection, buyers have to spend more time thinking because it decides the ring’s appearance on the hands.

What is prong setting?

A prong setting is one type of structure that is produced and connected with the ring’s bands in the gold metal for holding the diamonds or stones. The prongs support the diamonds to get their stability in the ring settings. Without a prong, the ring could be never looks brilliant and precious.

Prong-setting rings are available for the solitaire rings, halo rings, accent rings, bridal sets, and unique styles engagements, weddings, or whatever occasion. In the promise rings, the prong settings provide more security to the stones and give tangible sustainability to the overall structure.

How are prong settings made in the rings?

Prongs Settings Making Steps

There are three steps for making the prong settings in the rings and jewelry. First, people choose the prongs in the rings and jewelry to secure the diamond's anatomy and appearance.

The prong should be in the framework for extra durability ahead of the diamond’s hardness.

In the first step, the craftsman or jewelry worker takes the diamond or stone under the structure where all prongs are open and not curved.

In the second step, the worker manually curved the prongs settings to grip the diamond or stone to ensure it was not scratched. In this step, the prongs define their types as a V shape, claw, round, tab, or petite claw.

After successfully placing the prong in shape, it’s time to give a final polish to endure the hardness, not to release the stone or diamond.

Is prongs suitable for my engagement ring?

A prong is ideal for any of your engagement rings to choose from because it guarantees to grip the diamond precisely and firmly. However, if you want an exact sparkle reflection and a special appearance from the diamond ring, then it's better to select prongs in the settings.

Conversely, a prong-setting diamond ring will tell the lover that you desire the extra layer of a safe future from this love emblem connects hearts. Pick various prongs in any ring setting that suits your relationship.

The benefits of the prong to choose in the ring and jewelry.

Select a prong in the ring and jewelry with benefits that buyers want and desire. A prong setting in the jewelry makes the appearance vintage and superb. The prongs create the dome of the trustable sign in the relationship.

The benefits are as follows of the prongs.

  1. Prongs deliver safety to the diamond symmetry and structure, causing you to select it in any type of jewelry.
  1. From the prong settings in the jewelry, the appearance still looks attractive and fabulous on the hands.
  1. For doesn’t like to have a bezel set to hide the light reflection of the diamond ring, then prong is a far better option than that.
  1. The prong settings are connected to the ring’s framework, which delivers a shining appearance on the hands.
  1. There are variations to get four or six numbers prongs available to engrave in the ring settings.

Types of prong settings that select in rings.

Eight variations are available to select in the rings in the prong settings types, and buyers can choose their favorite prong settings. The following types of prong settings are described below.

  • Round prongs.
  • Claw prongs.
  • Tab prongs.
  • Petite prongs.
  • V-shaped or cornered prongs.
  • Double prongs.
  • High prongs.
  • Shared prongs.

    Let’s understand the prong's settings types clearly to get a better idea.

    Round prongs.

    Round Prongs In Ring Appearance

    Round prongs feature the circle's typed circumference; the sharpened edge isn’t available in this prong type. This prong doesn’t have sharpened edges which is the first benefit of selecting it for engagement rings.

    Claw prongs type.

    Claw Prongs Setting Ring

    A claw prong types carry the sharpened edges curve from its end side, usually generated in the solitaire rings. For added security in the ring settings, people adjourned to take round shape prongs and select clay prongs types.

    Sharpened-edged prongs might be caused injury to the child and clothes to burst. But it is still acceptable for wedding bands or anniversary rings.

    Tab prongs.

    Tab Prongs In Ring Setting

    Tab prongs have curved edges like a dam wall in the ending part, making it select instead of claw prongs. Moreover, in tab prongs, the thickness can be customized regarding the ring settings. This prongs settings are good selections for the bridal sets.

    Petite claw prongs.

    Petite Claw Prong Setting Ring

    A petite claw prong is shorter in length compared to claw prongs. If you want to take a diamond’s glorious appearance in return, then select petite claw prongs. The diamond's crown surfaces are partially covered in petite claw setting prongs that makes it preferable for accent rings.

    V-shaped and cornered prongs.

    Cornered Prongs Settings Ring

    In this type of prong, the structure defines in the V shape and cornered appearance because it can hold diamonds or stones. For fancy shaped prong settings in the ring, the V shaped cornered is the option because they are curved from the 90° degree angle.For princess cut diamonds rings this prong setting is ideal selection.

    Double prongs.

    Double Prongs Setting Ring

    The double prongs parallelly connect with each other and hold the diamonds or stones with more protection. In the double prongs, there are options to choose a V shaped pattern or round to suit the ring settings and get better looks on the hands.

    When selecting VS or SI diamond clarity then, double prongs are appreciated. In this clarity, the diamond inclusions quickly appear. Thus, want to hide them, then select double prongs settings for the rings. 

    A diamond clarity has 11 types of grades that decide the inclusion's appearance and placement on the anatomies. Thus, if you want to experience better light resonations in return, select ideal clarity in diamonds (Such as IF or Internally Flawless and FL or Flawless grades).

    High prongs.

    High Prongs Setting Ring

    High prong settings are openly formed and not curved from any angle. So when a buyer wants an amazing amount of brilliance reflection of the diamond, then high prongs are the choice. They are vertically placed on the ring’s bands.

    These prong settings are also available in the cornered shape and round appearance that suits the ring settings.

    Shared prongs.

    Shared Prongs Setting Ring

    Shared prongs are primarily used in the eternity bands because this setting holds the diamonds and stones to gain stability from all sides. In wedding rings, the shared prong settings are used to better protect diamonds from falling from the structure.

    Basket Vs Prong Settings.

    Basket Vs Prongs Settings To Select For Rings.

    The prong settings might be the best option in the basket vs. prong settings. In basket settings, the diamonds or stones don’t give a girdle anatomy lights reflections because it covers whole the girdle surface.

    At the same time, the prong setting comes with a basket where the diamond is placed, which can give better sustainability. In prong setting the diamond's girdle anatomy is open for collecting and releasing the best amounts of light reflections.

    4 prongs vs 6 prongs settings engagement ring.

    4 and 6 Prongs Settings Rings

    A 4 prongs setting comes with the formation of the prongs in south, west, north, and east directions. In the 4 prong rings, the diamond or stones are free from the middle sides and able to spark with that surfaces and places.

    At the same time, the six prongs setting engagement rings carry the appearance of the dome creation around the diamond or stones. In this prong setting ring, the diamonds have additional security for having more 2 numbers of prongs than 4 prong rings.

    Shop favorite prong settings rings


    The diamond rings are available in the prong settings to look better on the hands and provide the hardness to secure the diamond from falling. This article covers the definition of prongs and their types to know as an agile buyer. The benefits for selecting prongs in the rings and jewelry will allow for better permanence.

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