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Owner, Maker

I lead Ouros Jewels with a blend of strategic leadership and creative innovation. My expertise as a jewelry designer allows me to create both hand-drawn sketches and computer-aided designs (CAD) for stunning items. I assist clients in selecting top-quality, custom-made lab-grown diamonds and maintains communication with them. Additionally I select the diamonds for their dream pieces and do quality check as well. While making the jewelry, I do diamond setting process and final polishing process. My commitment to quality ensures that Ouros Jewels stands out in Custom Lab Diamond and jewelry.

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Sales Co-Ordinator

She is a digital navigator, expertly guiding customers through products and services. Answers their questions and makes shopping easy and enjoyable to encourage purchases.

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Content Listing Manager

She is the creative force behind the storefront, expertly displaying handmade and vintage items to engage shoppers. She assists in custom listing and uploading all handcrafted jewelry items on shop.

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Diamond Grader

Following Vijay's finalization and categorization of diamonds, he skillfully performs the final quality check process to ensure that each diamond is up to Vijay's exquisite standards of beauty and quality. He assembles the diamonds for the jewelry and do bagging of it before assorting them to the production team.

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Production Partner

He is Responsible for overseeing and managing RPT and casting processes. Ensures quality and compliance of cast components, optimizes production workflows, and collaborates with teams to refine prototypes. Maintains records for process improvement.

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Production Partner

He is responssible to adds intricate engravings and purity marks to our jewelry pieces.

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Photo & Editing Head

She Leads the photography and editing department, ensuring top-quality imagery for marketing and product displays. Manages photo shoots, edit images, and align visual content with brand standards.

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He ensures orders are packed carefully and sent quickly, keeping customers happy and returning for more.