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4CS of Fancy Color Diamonds The Complete Guide

[4CS of Fancy Color Diamonds The Complete Guide]-[ouros jewels]

The fancy color diamonds are graded with the 4cs, which can help evaluate their prices and appearance. The 4cs of diamonds include color, carat, clarity, and cut. With the evaluation form the 4cs grades, you can identify the fundamental characteristics of the diamonds.

When selecting a diamond jewelry then your only focus is to get a high quality jewelry in diamonds, right? The diamond quality refers to the 4cs (known as color, clarity, carat and cut), symmetry, fluorescence and polish grades. But, 4cs of diamonds are stand out and most important than others.

There are two kinds of diamonds available as colorless and fancy colored. These both diamonds have same 4cs grading except the color grades. For example, a colored diamonds graded with Z+ color grade. While a colorless diamonds grading with D to J grade.

In this article, you can see the 4cs of fancy color diamonds which can be helpful for better understanding. Remember that a lab grown fancy color diamonds are the identical to the natural diamonds.

First, let's understand the mechanism and the elements that available in the fancy color lab grown diamonds

How Fancy Color Lab grown Diamond Are Made?

In the making of fancy colored lab grown diamonds, the seed is pressurized with the heat of nitrogen (for yellow color diamonds), carbon and nitrogen (for chocolate and olive color diamond), and boron and carbon (blue color diamonds).

When all the characteristics of nitrogen and carbon are involved in the seed's structure, then it transforms from a colorless to a beautiful fancy color diamond.

Refer below to know which element used in the fancy color lab grown diamonds.

A yellow colored lab grown diamond created from the nitrogen elements. The electron and neutron weightage of nitrogen gives a sunlight hues to the seed's structure.

While chocolate and champagne diamonds are made from nitrogen and carbon elements combination with more heat and pressure.

Olive color diamond usually transforms its structure from white color from help of the carbon and nitrogen. The pressure of the carbon and nitrogen gives an grey colored structure to the anatomy of diamond.

Blue diamond results from the compound properties of the boron and carbon with the defined proportions to fill the colors in the seed’s structure.

A red colored lab diamond made from iron, nitrogen, and boron with the CVD process. The iron was implemented into diamonds seed that fills the basic hue in the structure, while the nitrogen and boron increase the density of color. With this way, the red diamonds are made in the laboratory.

Why 4Cs are Important in Fancy Color Diamonds?

The 4cs (known as color, clarity, carat, and cut) help in the price evaluation process and acknowledge the final sparkle appearance. From the 4cs, the diamond's characteristics are easily identified, saving time for understanding the price deciding fundaments.

With the 4cs grades, the manufacturers quickly allocate a particular grade to the diamonds. For example, 1 carat lab grown diamond in VVS clarity, fancy vivid blue, and excellent cut. The price of this colored diamond is $1500, which saves time for technical inspection of anatomy.

Thus, from the 4cs evaluation, the price quickly determines and makes knowing the diamond's characteristics more flexible.

The 4Cs of Fancy Color Diamonds

In the 4cs of fancy color diamonds it contains clarity, cut, carat, and color. These elements of 4cs fancy color diamonds affects the price, and lights reflections. Thus, consider to select an ideal grades in the colored diamonds 4cs. 

From selecting perfect 4cs grades selection in colored diamond jewelry you can select stylish and beautiful appearance to love partner.

Let's have a look on the color diamonds 4cs which can be helpful to understand. First we see the diamond clarity grade in the fancy color diamonds.

  • The Clarity Grade Of Fancy Color Diamonds

[Clarity chart in fancy color diamond]-[ouros jewels]

The clarity grade in the color diamonds is scaled from IF (Internally Flawless) to SI (Small Inclusions), and it decides with the inclusions amounts that appear on the anatomy.

As colorless diamonds, fancy color diamonds also carrying all types of the clarity grades to provide wide range for selection. The selection for fancy colored diamonds depends on the chosen colored diamonds.

For example, in cholocate colored diamond, VS1 or VS2 (Very Small Included) clarity is preferable. While in vivid blue colored diamond prefers VVS1 or VVS2 (Very Very Small Included) clarity for experience a constant lights reflections.

The diamond clarity is the key factor for the brilliance reflection. Here, in the color diamonds still the inclusions affects the lights resonation ability. Thus, wisely select the ideal clarity grade in the color diamonds if desire to fix them in engagement rings or wedding earrings.

In the fancy color diamonds, the clarity has 11 grades, and it’s decided from the inclusions. The names of the fancy color diamond clarity grades are as follows:

  • IF = Internally Flawless
  • FL = Flawless
  • VVS1 = Very Very Small Included1
  • VVS2 = Very Very Small Included2
  • VS1 = Very Small Included1
  • VS2 = Very Small Included2
  • SI1 = Small Included1
  • SI2 = Small Included2
  • I1 = Included1
  • I2 = Included2
  • I3 = Included3

In the fancy color diamonds, the clarity grade has to be chosen with the matching color, such as for orange color diamond VS clarity is the best.

If buyers are confused to select the suitable clarity grades in the fancy color diamonds then refers to below mentioned categories. That shows which clarity grades are suitable for the fancy color diamonds.

  • Fancy Color Diamonds Cut Grade To Select

[Cut chart in colored diamonds]-[ouros jewels]

A color diamonds have cut grades such as excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. In any colored diamonds shapes, the cut grade is the second most important part to consider because it decides the shine reflection path decides.

The fancy color diamond cut grades determine by the girdle anatomy thickness and pavilion depth. Therefore, for more appealing lights reflections select only excellent, very good and good cut.

For fancy color diamonds, cut grade is the essential part of the 4cs to select in better quality because it's regulates the brilliance reflection. Thus, select the best diamond cut for the colored engagement rings and jewelry. 

  • Color Grade In The Fancy Color Diamonds

[Color diamonds chart]-[ouros jewels]

In fancy color diamonds, the color grade tells the reflective hue. Thus, the color grade approves in which type of light reflections come out from the diamonds anatomies.

The color grade in the fancy color diamonds usually scales on the Z+ category because they have distinctive appearance than colorless diamonds. For that reason, all the fancy color diamonds scales on the Z+ category grade decided by GIA.

The orange, pink, yellow, blue, and red colored diamonds are graded with Z+ category.

Otherwise, the color diamonds now scale as fancy vivid pink, intense blue, light yellow, vivid blue, fancy intense pink, intense red, and light blue. Thus, the fancy color diamonds scales also on their color density and reflections.

  • Carat Weight For Fancy Color Diamonds

[Carat weight chart for fancy color diamonds]-[ouros jewels]

Carat weight is the scale of the diamond to decide the actual heft. The carat weight is the ⅕ part of the gram that means a 1-carat diamond is equal to 0.20 grams. There's a no difference for carat weights between colored and colorless diamonds.

As colorless diamonds, the fancy color diamonds have various options for carat weights like 1 to 5 carats. The best carat weight for fancy color diamonds is between 1 carat to 3 carats because, in these slabs, all the colored diamond shapes look better and optimum.

The 1 carat to 3 carat fancy color diamonds carry the brilliance appearance of having more width and length that makes to prefer for the promise rings.

For example, if a buyer selects a 1 carat yellow diamond ring, it's appreciative for a instant commitment. While a 2 carat blue color diamond ring looks more optimistic and dazzling on the hands.

Understand the appearance of the engagement rings or any kinds of jewelry the fancy color diamonds carat weights should be selected in the ideal ranges. To selecting the ideal carat weights for fancy color diamonds jewelry then it creates the ritzy appearance.

Colorwise Diamond Clarity Selection

All buyers have to select the clarity grades according to the fancy color diamonds. The ideal clarity in colored diamonds offers a glittering and optimistic lights resonations in jewelry like engagement rings, wedding bands or necklaces.

Moreover, refer to the below to know which clarity suits the color diamonds like orange, blue, pink, yellow, or red.

  • Orange color diamond = Prefers VS clarity because the orange color can provide better scintillations even in a dark atmosphere. A orange color diamond engagement ring looks excellent with 14KT yellow gold.

  • Blue color diamond = Choose VVS/VS clarity is the best selection for having less amount of inclusions in diamonds, and it helps to release more light reflections. A 2 carat weight blue colored diamond solitaire ring is the best choice for a commitment ring. 

  • Pink color diamond = The VVS/VS clarity should be selected for an engagement ring or any other jewelry to increase the shine appearance. In 3 carat weight pink diamond engagement ring the 18KT rose gold looks more precious and stylish.

  • Yellow color diamond = VS clarity grades match with the appearance and brilliance rays of the yellow color diamonds. That’s why buyers can select VS clarity yellow color diamond. A yellow diamond halo engagement ring design is an ideal choice for offering gorgeous appearance.

  • Red color diamond = VVS and VS clarity looks better in fancy red color diamonds because they have a dark hue reflections. The white and rainbow light is reflected for selecting VVS and VS clarity for the red color diamond engagement rings or jewelry.

In Which Jewelry Fancy Color Diamonds Are Used?

[Fancy color lab diamond engagement ring]-[ouros jewels]

The fancy color diamonds used in all kinds of jewelry like engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, necklace, earrings, or bangles. In colored diamond jewelry the distinctive look is available which buyers wants to offer their loving one. Thus, you can select a fancy color diamond jewelry for all occasion.

  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding bands
  • Earrings
  • Bangles
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces

You can select colored diamonds (lab grown diamonds) to your love partner's preference and style. But, when choosing colored diamond jewelry then, consider picking suitable metal (from gold, silver, and platinum), carat weight, design of jewelry, and price allocation.

Refer below to see the price distribution and perfect metal selection for fancy color diamond jewelry. It could be helpful to you from bring out to the confusion.

Fancy Colored Diamond Jewelry

Carat Weights

Design and Style



Engagement Rings

1 - 5

Halo, Solitaire, Three-stone, Pave Engraved

14KT and 18KT White or Yellow Gold

$1000 - $5000

Wedding Bands

1 - 8

Eternity, Channel, Five Stone, Bridal Halo Set

18KT Rose Gold or 950 Platinum

$800 - $8000


10 - 25

Tennis and Choker

18KT Yellow Gold or 950 Platinum

$2500 - $25000


4 - 10

Tennis and Charm

14KT Rose Gold or Yellow Gold

$2000 - $8500


1 - 4

Stud, Hoop, Drop, and Dangle

18KT Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

$500 - $7000


10 - 18

Shared Surface, Flust Set

18KT White Gold

$3000 - $15000

The mentioned price is for fancy colored lab grown diamond jewelry. The final price depends on the 4cs grades, metal selection,  jewelry design, and real-time situation. These prices are described only for the represented intention. Contact us for the final price for fancy color diamond jewelry.


This is the guide for 4cs of the fancy color diamonds that makes the precious appearance of the jewelry. Thus, when buying the fancy color diamond rings or necklaces, maybe the bangles then consider to know the 4cs. It will help to everyone to determines the best grades.

Contact us for buying the customized fancy color diamond jewelry with the authenticated certification. We will surely help you to reach out from that whirlpool.


Q1. Which color suits fancy diamonds the best?

    Ans. Depending on your choices, fancy diamonds can have any color. Popular options include Green, bright blues, rich pinks, and vivid yellows, all of which are renowned for their beauty and individuality.

    Q2. What are the 4 Cs of a diamond?

      Ans. A diamond's color, clarity, carat weight, and cut are referred to as its 4Cs. The following are the main elements that impact a diamond's quality and value: Color represents the color, Clarity reveals the existence of flaws, Carat indicates the weight, and Cut assesses the gem's proportions and finish.

      Q3.What are the grades of fancy diamonds?

        Ans. A fancy diamond can be classified as faint to very light, light, fancy, fancy dark, fancy intense, fancy deep, or fancy vivid depending on how deep its color is. The better the quality and usually the greater the value of the diamond, the deeper and more brilliant the color.

        Q4. What is the rarest fancy diamond color?

          Ans. Red is the most rare color in fancy diamonds. These diamonds are exceptionally rare and valued by collectors and jewelry lovers worldwide.

          Q5. What is the most attractive diamond color?

            Ans. While beauty is personal, colorless diamonds have long been revered for their bright shine. Pinks and blues are very popular in terms of fancy colors due to their colorful and enticing loo

            Q6. Do fancy colored diamonds make a good investment?

              Ans. Fancy colored diamonds may be excellent investments given their scarcity and high demand. Pink, blue, and red diamonds are extremely expensive and always increase in value. Before making a purchase, do extensive research and speak with a gemologist or financial professional, just as you would with any other investment.

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