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Blue Diamonds: The Evergreen and Comprehensive Guide For Enthusiasts

Blue diamonds with the elegant light reflection

Diamonds are identified from their sparkle reflection and royal symbolism. Their sparkle reflection depends on 4cs grades and, most notably, a color. In fancy colored diamonds, the "Blue Diamonds" refer to an elegant and distinctive gem.

The hue intensity of diamonds ranges from faint to deep which delivers a different amount of radiation. For example, a pale colored diamond carries a white shade with itself that looks so shiny with the touch of sunlight. While the fancy light or vivid color reflects the different amount of luminosity. This effect spreads in the overall symmetrical balance.

In colored diamonds different shade choices available. For example, shiny orange, red, yellow, pink, olive, champagne, green, chocolate and black diamonds. But "Blue Diamonds"are elegant and distinctive among the other colored diamonds family members. They carry something special appearance and sparkling reflections.

Due to the boron element's presence, the color decides. For example, if the diamond is darker with bluish and violet hues, the boron exists in large amounts. A faint blue tint reflects when boron is present in a few counterparts of these natural precious gems.

Blue diamonds take birth beneath the earth, where the chemical process influences the rocks or crystals to transform into a blue hue from white. These diamonds are very rare to be found because of their scarce interpretation with the boron element. The boron makes the blue diamonds more unique or just a simple stone with colored crystals.

Blue natural diamonds are the 2nd most rare colored diamonds after red gems. But what are the treated blue diamonds, and how important are they? Treated blue diamonds don’t differ from natural ones. They both are on the same level by comparing their durability, color intensity, clarity, carat weights, cut grades, symmetry, and fluorescence in diamonds.

They’re not separate from each other. Many vain persons determine that treated or artificial blue diamonds aren’t real but it’s a fake. Those persons live in the illusion of artificial stones. These diamonds maintain identical attributes as the natural, even with fancy colors.

In this article, we identify what is a blue diamond and how it formed under the earth and in laboratories. Simultaneously, you will be informed with their significance in the jewelry's appearance and person's life that drives many benefits.

Blue diamonds have 9 ranges of color intensity, from faint to fancy dark which plays a vital role in the light's reflections and how much cost has to pay. In addition, the comparison between natural and lab-grown blue diamonds would be more complimentary to make a perfect, informed decision regarding your best choice.

What Is Blue Diamond?

The blue diamond is a rare fancy colored gem ranging from faint to darker hue intensity. In these colored diamonds, the boron element makes the stone's anatomy pale or darker. It influences the diamond to grab alternative shades such as purple, violet, green, and grey.

These diamonds are the carbon crystal form of the boron elements that makes them more precise and gloomy in appearance. Under the thousands of miles of earth’s crust, the blue diamonds took birth, and they’re the rarest colored diamond after the red ones.

Faint blue pear-shaped lab-grown diamond with saturation effect

There’s no probability of treating natural blue diamonds to enhance their color intensity. But it's available in the lab-grown diamonds. Mined blue diamonds form their crystal lattice in the earth’s mantle, where the heat and pressure irradiate them. This process can transform diamonds into a fancy color in the boron's presence.

Due to their ideal formation and condition, only some mines get these precious gems naturally. The list of those mines includes Argyle Mines in Australia, India’s Golconda Mines, and Cullinan Mine located in South Africa.

These colored gems are very rare, so they are expensive to get. For example, a 0.25-carat natural blue diamond cost nearly $15,700 with a fancy light color range. Seriously, how costly these blue diamonds are!

How are Blue Diamonds Formed In Earth’s Crust?

Blue diamonds are formed with extreme heat and pressure under the earth’s mantle. These colored diamonds result from trace elements, especially the boron that changes the crystal lattice by replacing some carbon atoms. The boron is amalgamated with carbon atoms, turning the white gem into a beautiful blue.

Volcanic eruptions bring the colored stone from the mantle to the crust surface of the earth. This procedure takes thousands of years to be completed and demands ethical and careful mining practices.

Fancy blue Round brilliant cut diamonds

Keep in mind, the boron presence makes the diamond affect the shade intensity of the gem. Also, the formation of blue diamonds requires a special geolocation to be grown that reflects a distinctive brilliance. This geolocation exists in India, Australia, and South Africa that brings the most beautiful and precious blue colored natural gems.

These precious diamonds are carved on luxurious jewelry like rings, necklaces, and bracelets. After wearing the blue diamonds, the wearer can experience mystical and spiritual powers in themselves. That's why it has also been selected for wedding anniversary halo pendants and tennis bracelets.

Blue Diamonds Significance In Life: Carrier Of Peace

Blue diamonds refer to inner peace, wisdom, health, calmness, maturity, elegance, and the medium to reveal love and commitment. These gems have a beautiful appearance that attracts the mind and influences them to make perfect decisions in challenging times.

A royal and luxurious appearance will be offered by the blue colored diamonds. Because there are many examples exists of these beautiful diamonds jewelry. For example, a British Crown Jewel contains natural blue gemstones that make it more adorable and captivating. While many Hollywood celebrities are wearing the blue diamonds in rings, pendants, and necklaces.

Due to versatile color ranges, it can be a perfect occasional present for various milestones. For example, fancy light blue diamonds are the perfect choice for anniversary pendants or bracelets. It represents the emotional attachment and gratitude between two individuals. For a promise ring or wedding band, the fancy vivid blue diamond in round brilliant cut is helpful to reveal the emotions and affirmative connection.

Blue diamonds significance in person's life

Also, these blue gems signify the family heirlooms and legacy passed down from one generation to another generation. It contains the stories, moments, and ancestors' memories with auspicious blessings. These blessings will help couples to tackle tough situations. In many cultural traditions, newly wedded couples are gifted with blue diamond jewelry.

To express a soul attachment with the spouse, selecting blue diamond jewelry in the customization option is a good choice. As a love journey accomplishment together, blue gems signify a long-lasting connection. It offers a beautiful appearance on the personality.

It can increase the love and peace between a couple. In addition, these precious gems are known as the hub of motivation and inspiration, which sprinkles their benefits on life. With aspiration and sharp minds, anyone can make the best decision when they have a blue diamond.

The significance of the blue diamonds depends on the personal point of view, beliefs, values, and experience. For example, blue gems are love and commitment jewelry pieces for some people. While others see these diamonds as an inner peace of soul, family heirlooms, personal accomplishments of goals, and expectations.

Which Type Of Blue Diamonds Exist?

The blue diamonds are IIb type of diamonds which grabs the 0.01% share of the worldwide diamond market. For example, if yearly 100,0000 carats of diamonds are mined, then the blue diamonds are only 10. These colored natural gems range from fancy light to darker or vivid color intensity.

You can find alternative and similar hues in the symmetrical balance with secondary shades such as purple, violet, green, and simple blue. Do you know why? The answer is just boron existence in plus to a lesser extent.

Blue diamonds with secondary hues like purple, dark blue, greenish blue, and grey blue

The purple color in blue diamonds represents the vibrant choice that offers a brilliant reflection. While a grey-bluish gem signifies a slightly gloomy appearance due to the absence of boron in the ideal quantity.

Blue diamonds are considered fancy colored diamonds because of their tint intensity and variations. These diamonds color chart includes four variations: green-blue, blue, purple-blue, and grey-blue.

This variation influences the natural gem's cost and decides how much the brilliance will bring out. Also, the 4cs of diamonds in these colored gems remain the same, but only the color grade will be changed.

Color Intensity Level and Choices Of The Blue Diamonds

Every diamond's color grade is determined by its tint existence in all counterparts, which is important for reflection. The blue diamonds' intensity ranges from faint blue to fancy dark, where the gem looks more bluish.

In the blue diamond color grading scale, 9 options are available from ascending to descending pattern: Faint Blue > Very Light Blue > Light Blue > Fancy Light > Fancy > Fancy Intense > Fancy Vivid > Fancy Dark > Fancy Deep Blue.

See the below blue diamond's color intensity chart for a better understanding.

Color intensity level chart of the blue diamond

You can opt for these fancy colored gems according to your preference and budget elevation. Because the color intensity level of the blue diamond influences the costs and appearance.

For example, a fancy light blue natural diamond is cheaper than a fancy vivid. The whitish appearance is available in faint blue color graded diamonds because of the absence of the boron elements. So, it will be a perfect choice for the halo engagement ring, hoop earrings, or solitaire anniversary pendants.

How Rare Is The Blue Diamond?

Blue diamonds are part of the fancy color family and are counted as the llb type diamond, which is extremely rare to be mined. In fact, they have only 0.01% existence worldwide. So you can understand how scarce and tough to find these valuable colored gems from the mines, even in convenient geolocations.

Also, the blue diamonds are the form of the boron element with a carbon crystal lattice format. The natural chemical process and volcanic eruptions in the earth's mantle are very usual, but blue diamonds are not come out easily as white colored diamonds.

Blue color round brilliant cut diamonds with brilliance effect

Bringing out the original blue colored diamonds demands a natural eruption with the rocks and, most importantly, the boron presence in the crystal lattice of the diamond.

This process is very long, and it’s inaccurate to say blue gems came out within a month, year, or decades; it takes more tenure to complete the procedure successfully. That's why natural blue colored diamonds are scarce to get and it directly affecting the gems' cost. These natural blue diamonds sold for $100K to $300K per carat. How overpriced the natural blue diamond is!

How Much Does Natural Blue Diamond Cost?

Blue diamonds are the llb type diamond registered with only 0.01% presence worldwide, meaning when 1 Million carats of diamonds are mined, they have only 100 in numbers. Due to rarity, the cost is moving skyrocket for natural blue diamonds. For example, for a 0.25-carat weighted blue diamond, you have to pay $15,700 to $18,100.

While for a 1-carat blue diamond, the cost reaches $80,000 to $100000 depending on the color intensity grade scale. If you need a 2 or 3-carat natural blue diamond, then be ready to pay around $200K to $400k or more.

Keep in mind the cost of the diamond is evaluated by how much they carry carat weights, which clarity grades they contain, the color intensity level, and in which cut grade they formed. All these attributes are known as the 4cs of diamonds that are recognized worldwide. Here in the case of blue diamonds, the price depends on these attributes.

Laboratory-made and treated or artificial diamonds emerged as another choice for natural blue diamonds. They have a 30 - 98% cheap cost than a mined blue diamonds even with the same shade, carat weights and clarity grades. Many diamond connoisseurs approve that treated blue diamonds have the same attributes as natural ones.

But some of them criticize these artificial gems, and they raise the question regarding their acceptance, formation, and originality. So, let’s solve their fantasies regarding treated colored gemstones, especially in a fancy blue color.

What Is Treated or Artificial Blue Diamond?

The treated or artificial blue diamond is the alternative choice for natural diamonds. These blue diamonds are made in the laboratories with the process of HPHT, Irradiation, and Annealing to alter their color and crystal lattice structure. The treatment is essential to increase the overall color intensity, brilliance appearance, and value.

The boron element is introduced in the diamond seed, where the boron atoms form in the crystal lattice structure, influencing the seed to turn a blue hue. Also, with a controlled process like HPHT and CVD, the lab-grown blue diamonds are made with Irradiation exposure.

Pear-shaped lab-grown diamond with a intense sparkle reflections

The presence of the boron impurities implements their natural characteristics to the stone's crystal. This process helps diamonds to grab a blue color in their structure with the ideal format.

Don’t assume these colored gems are similar to the simulant stones like moissanite or cubic zirconia. But they are made with the best ethical practices and carry identical attributes to natural diamonds. That’s why treated blue diamonds are used in ethical jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings. Also, for a occasional jewelry has been made with the ethical diamonds.

Why To Prefers Blue Lab-grown Diamonds?

The most important benefit of blue lab-grown diamonds is their cheap cost and identical symmetrical balance to natural diamonds. Also, it contains less rarity and the best brilliance. You can easily select your favorite clarity, color, and carat weights for engagement or wedding anniversary jewelry.

Like all lab-grown diamonds, blue diamonds are made with the best ethical practices to reduce environmental footprints. While the recognization issue of blue colored lab diamonds is solved from the GIA and IGI certifications.

Vivid blue color pear diamond with a brilliant cutting style

Moreover, with treated blue diamonds, the choices exist in brilliant and antique cut, which is the most distinctive choice. In addition, the lab-grown diamonds have the same durability score of 10/10 on the Mohs scale as the mined diamonds.

Ultimately, blue lab diamonds contains the cost-friendliness, ethical practices, certifications, versatility, and durability attributes.

What Is The Cost Of Blue Lab-grown Diamond?

Blue lab-grown diamonds are 30 - 98% cheaper than natural blue diamonds with a comparison of color, clarity, carat, and cut grades. For example, a 1.07-carat light blue pear lab diamond costs $1262.70 where the stone has VVS clarity and Excellent cut grade.

While, with same 4cs grade natural diamond cost should be $67196 to $80000. That means for it, you have to pay an extra $65933.3, which is +6235.63% more than a lab diamond.

Furthermore, the diamond symmetry and fluorescence affect the cost of the gemstone. Because these factors work as the backend operators that influence the appearance. That’s why agile buyers consider picking ideal symmetry and fluorescence affected blue colored diamonds.

As a lab-grown diamond connoisseur and dealer, Ouros Jewels brings the chart of blue diamonds. Have a look at the cost of light or intense blue diamonds with the shape and 4cs grades.

Diamond Shape





Price ($)



Light Blue






Light Blue






Fancy Light Blue






Fancy Intense Blue






Fancy Intense Blue






Fancy Vivid Blue






Fancy Vivid Blue






Fancy Vivid Blue






Fancy Dark Blue






Fancy Deep Blue




Natural V/s. Treated Blue Diamonds: The Comparison To Know

The intention behind comparing Natural V/s Treated blue diamonds is to inspect which gem will bring the best sparkle to your hands. To decide, a natural blue diamond is a perfect selection, or a treated lab-grown diamond could be a great option? Thus, you have to know the factors that set apart these stones to make an informed decision.

Comparison of Natural vs. Treated blue lab-grown diamond

These factors affect the cost of your blue diamonds and their appearance. It contains the formation, ethical practices, cost, variations, certifications, sparkle, fluorescence effects, diamond shape, and suitability.

Refer to the below mentioned chart that distinguishes the natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Natural Diamonds


Lab-grown Diamonds

Earth’s Beneath



Probably Not

Ethical Practices

Mostly Followed

$80K - $100K/Carat


$1100 - $3000/Carat

Brilliant Cuts


Brilliant and Antique Cuts




Depends On Color Intensity


More Than a Natural Diamonds


Color Intensity Range

13 - 15

Medium to Strong


None to Medium

Round, Elongated, Square


All Traditional and Modern

Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces


All Jewelry

Blue Diamonds Jewelry

Blue diamonds represents the metaphysical properties like wisdom, inner peace, tranquility, love, and commitment between the couples. Also, this colored diamond jewelry signifies the royal and luxurious appearance which distinguishes them from pink, yellow, or champagne colored diamonds.

In blue diamonds jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces includes. You can also opt for them for anniversary pendants in a halo style. Consider the best clarity, color, carat weights, and cut grades whatsoever you choose, a lab-grown or natural gem.

Also, picking a perfect metal from yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold is a choice. The best metal for blue diamonds is platinum, the purest and most hypoallergenic to wear. That signifies the luxuriousness of blue gemstone jewelry. A cheap metal is a silver which identically appears as platinum and white gold.

Let’s see the appearance of the treated blue diamond jewelry that you can gift to your spouse as a stylish and romantic present.

1. Engagement Ring: The Beautiful Choice Ever

With a treated blue colored diamond engagement ring, you can deliver a message to your spouse and reveal how much they are important for you every moment. In an engagement ring, you have to select an ideal ring style ranging from a traditional solitaire,vintage-inspired Art Deco, three-stone, or accent.

While a modern ring style includes a halo, pave, or micro pave bands and clusters. Also, there is a choice to pick a customization option for the it and add some personal touch that provides it distinction and emotional appeal.

Select the engagement ring setting properly and consider its suitability. The ring include tension and cathedral settings, where the diamonds are held from the prongs. Keep in mind the prong setting contains 7+ varieties in shape, so select it according to your preferences. Also, the ring’s band offers variations from twisted bands, split shanks, and bypass patterns.

1.40-carat fancy vivid blue emerald cut lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring in 18KT yellow gold

In engagement rings with blue lab diamonds, you can opt for an elongated shape like emerald, radiant, and cushion in a brilliant cutting style. For a fancy shape, the options are oval, marquise, heart, Asscher, and pear shape exists to offer brilliance with a blue hue. Square blue diamonds are available in princess and cushion that have most cropped to least edged corners, respectively.

Ouros Jewels's Recommendation:-

For a treated blue diamond engagement ring, you can freely spend around $750 to $2000 for atleast 1-carat weights stone in VVS clarity and fancy light color. If you need a larger sized and carat in the ring, then you have to increase the budget from $2000 to $3000 depending on the clarity and color intensity you opted for. Keep in mind a darker stone sold at a much price than a faint to light blue hue, even in lab-grown diamonds.

2. Wedding Bands: The Alliance Representative

When two individuals want to spend the remaining part of life together, then they are engaged, and after they are married and determined as the wife and husband. The blue diamond wedding bands are the ideal selection to make the love relationship deeper and more meaningful.

They represent the calmness and peace with themselves that removes unnecessary fights and competition between couples. That’s why many brides and grooms selected matching wedding bands in blue colored gems.

In wedding rings, the most famous and selected ring style is the "Eternity," where all the diamonds are placed between the band with the formation of prongs and baskets. This wedding ring style represents the eternal love and emotional connection between two individuals. That’s why eternity rings have been prioritized for wedding gifts.

Blue round cut lab diamond wedding eternity ring in 18kt white gold

Consider picking fancy light to vivid color grade blue diamonds in round or princess cut if you need an extraordinary sparkle within 3-4 CTW. While the elongated shapes are radiant, emerald, and cushion, select them for a ¾ wedding eternity band in yellow or white gold.

In antique cut lab-grown diamonds, you can opt for a hexagon, French cut, or butterfly cut, which is the most distinctive choice for your wedding ring.

A bridal wedding set features two separate bands that contain a combined wearing experience of an engagement ring. In a round or princess cut blue diamond, the bridal wedding set looks excellent and pretty on the hand of the spouse. Consider choosing 18KT yellow gold or platinum metal for a brilliant and captivating look.

Pick at least 2 to 3-CTW diamonds and VVS clarity that is free from the inclusions. Have a desire to add some unique appearance to this ring style, select colorless or fancy colored gems from orange or red as accent stones that adds more saturation.

Ouros Jewels Recommendation:-

For blue colored lab diamond wedding ring, the ideal cost ranges from $550 to $2500, where you can get 1.05 - 3.00 CTW stones in an eternity style. Also, within this price, you can select a 10KT or 18KT gold. The metal band shines and increases the overall value of the wedding band. Besides the eternity ring style, you can select a dainty, channel, bezel, or bridal set wedding ring for her.

3. Tennis Bracelets: The Hot Choice For Elegance

When you select women's tennis bracelet, consider picking blue diamonds from faint to vivid color ranges. It gives a versatile appearance on the hands of your fiancee. Bracelets are worn around the wrist, and it offers an elegant and special wearing experience that attracts wealth and honesty.

The diamonds are placed in frequent patterns on the chain, and the band reflects superb brilliance and scintillation. The tennis bracelets look so elegant with the combination of small-sized colorless or off-white stones that are secured by prongs or bezel settings.

In the tennis bracelet, you can prefers only a VS clarity with the fancy vivid blue gems because it hides diamonds inclusions or blemishes. Mostly round brilliant cut diamonds are selected for this bracelet style. In the blue color diamonds, it looks like a "Blazing Star."

VS clarity grade blue lab-grown diamond bracelet in 7.00 inch and 18kt white gold

In diamond bracelets, the length size is most important over a 4cs grade. The size ranges from 4.50 to 9.00 inches and contains more diamonds on the band, subsequently increasing the brilliance appearance. Also, pick the perfect metal for the bracelet from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum.

Consider your fiancee’s preference when selecting the diamond shape. Usually, round and emerald cut treated blue diamonds are ideal choices for bracelets. Also, oval, pear, and radiant cut diamonds are elegant options within 5 to 8-CTW ranges.

Ouros Jewels Recommendation:-

The blue lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet costs between $3000 to $5000, where the stone size is 3.80 MM, and the metal is 14KT gold in 4.50 inches. For a 7.00 inches bracelet in VS clarity round cut diamonds, the price reaches $5150. Keep in mind the bracelet price depends on the color, clarity, carat, cut, metal tone, and size that you opted for. A short-size bracelet in blue diamonds is cheaper than a more length-size.

4. Earrings: The Combination Of Fancy and Traditional Appearance

With blue colored diamonds, the earrings look so special and wonderful when it worn on the earlobe. In earrings, the wearer can experience the fancy and traditional appearance with a single piece of jewelry. Earrings represent the beauty and luminosity of the diamonds, and it makes them everyday wearing and for special occasions, too.

In diamond earrings, various ring styles and designs exist that showcase the jewelry's unique qualities and skilled craftsmanship. The most famous earrings styles contain hoop, stud, halo, drop, chandelier, cluster, and jacket earrings. The settings for the earrings includes screw back, threaded post, and push back.

Each earring design looks captivating with the blue diamonds and their clarity and color intensity. For example, hoop earrings with fancy vivid blue diamonds look excellent with a large or small circle typed band where the stones are placed in a shared surface prong settings.

Fancy vivid blue treated diamonds stud earrings with screw back style

A stud earring features a single diamond on each band, and it is placed in the bezel and prong settings for durability. For simple and elegant earrings styles, these earrings are the best choice that looks more prominent on women. Many husbands and boyfriends offer stud earrings to their love partners with white gold and rose gold as a love indicator.

Consider picking perfect-sized diamonds in these earring styles, especially MM size, the carat weights atleast 2-CTW, and the L/W ratio. While chandelier earrings in blue diamonds are the perfect selection to gift a future bride as a family heirloom.

Ouros Jewels Recommendation:-

The ideal cost range for blue lab-grown diamond earrings is $300 to 1500. With this price range, you can offer a brilliance light reflection experience to your mother, girlfriend, fiancee, or wife. Before allocating the buying budget for lab diamond earrings, consider your spouse’s preference. If she likes to wear large earrings, a chandelier and hoop style is a good choice ahead of a stud or drop design.

Where To Shop Blue Diamonds and Jewelry?

When going shopping for blue diamonds and jewelry in natural or lab-grown type, consider picking a reputable and authenticated jewelry store that offers the best pre and after-sales services to you.

We recommend you go with online or e-commerce stores ahead of an offline store visit near your location. The reason behind selecting the best jewelry store is that it will be a flexible option because many jewelers fail to give the exquisite piece of jewelry that customers want to get.

For example, the stone is fallen from the jewelry and it could be lost without any indication. You're purchasing the ornament for their love partner and you can't afford a damage of the jewelry.

Read the testimonials and reviews of the customers who purchased the product from the jewelry store before you. It’s best to read the testimonials of the product you want to purchase. That gives an idea about the jewelry specialty and if any defect was found so you can be aware of it. Also, consider insisting on the certification of the jewelry when you purchase it.

Points to consider for selection of the best jewelry store for blue diamond

Because from the certification, you can get an unbiased evaluation of 4cs grades, dimensions, fluorescence, and symmetry grades. We recommend taking a virtual or physical copy of the blue diamond jewelry certification.

If you need cost-friendly and elegant jewelry in blue gems, then prefer an online store instead of visiting offline showrooms or local jewelry stores. Moving with the online store, you can get more variations and options in jewelry. Most importantly, the cost has always been friendly and suits your budget.

Also, there are the best pre and after-sales services you want in the form of a guarantee, insurance, and warranty. You want to secure your jewelry from dust particles and all the elements that decrease the appearance of the ornament. So, you can go with that jewelry store that assures the complete protection coverage of the jewelry.

How To Care For Your Blue Diamonds and Jewelry?

Blue diamonds are known for their color intensity, so it’s best to clean them with a clean cloth after whip dawn them into mild soap water. Ensure that the water is not so warm that it affects the symmetrical balance of the stone.

Take a crystal utensil, pour mild soap in it and gently put the jewelry. Keep as it is for 15 minutes, and now take a clean brush to remove any dirt and particles from the counterparts of the diamonds and jewelry.

For securing the natural appearance of the blue diamonds and jewelry, keep in mind to store them in a soft cloth pouch that protects the jewelry setting and diamond anatomy from damage.

Tips for cleaning blue diamonds and jewelry

Remove the jewelry when you are swimming or other physical activities that might be dangerous to the precious metals. Thus, when doing household chores and hard tasks that the risk of damaging the jewelry, don’t wear it.

Don’t be over smart to clean the jewelry with hazardous chemicals and elements that decrease the appearance and brilliance of the diamond. Also, it affects the crystal lattice of the diamond and destroys the symmetrical balance. Wear the gloves to touch the diamond when clean it with your fingers. Because without gloves, your hand's touch might add tiny particles to the diamond's anatomy.

You can visit a professional jewelry cleaning service provider and leave the rest of the task to them. Understand that they’re diamond connoisseurs and experts in cleaning services that try to make your diamond jewelry newly purchased. It is not so expensive to bring jewelry for cleaning. Between every 6 to 12 months, you have to send your jewelry for cleaning, even blue diamond jewelry.


Among the fancy color diamonds family, blue diamonds are second ranked most rare gems behind red precious stones. They’re llb typed diamonds that contribute 0.001% share in the market. So, you can think how rare they’re and why their cost will be skyrocketed every time.

The earth's beneath features intense temperature and heat pressure influencing the carbon crystal. While the diamond absorbs the high temperature with the trace elements like boron, it turns into a blue shade. This process is very rare and uncommon to occur.

As a result, blue natural gems are counted as rare diamonds. Still, these fancy colored diamonds are selected for wedding jewelry, anniversary pendants, or bracelets for paying thousands of dollars.

With blue diamonds, there are 9 color intensity levels or ranges that exist, starting from faint to fancy dark stone. In these ranges, faint blue diamonds have a combination of slight blue shade and white hue combination. While in the fancy vivid blue gems, the intensity is ideal, releasing the best vibrant light reflection. The fancy dark blue color carry more intensity, appearing as grey-bluish stones.

The best option for natural blue diamonds is the treated diamonds with the same attributes in appearance, durability, and symmetrical balance. There is an option to pick identical colors, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades. Treated diamonds are made with the best ethical practices and offer a cheap price.

In natural or treated diamonds, you can opt for blue diamonds for rings, bands, bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and necklaces. However, consider the cost factor when selecting the diamond type with prioritizing your choice. Select a reputable jewelry store, and don't forget to get a jewelry certification.

Want to purchase treated blue diamonds and jewelry that fit your budget and preference then we have that choice. Contact us and let us know what you want, for the rest of the part we will manage to make your jewelry not a stunning one, but an exquisite piece of love that sprinkles the emotions and affirmative drops.

Meet us at our chat, e-mail, or Whatsapp communications options that are convenient to you.

"Offering jewelry is not a task to perform well for getting the incentive, but it represents the love relationship signature. That's why couples started their holy love journey by exchanging jewelry like rings and other ornaments. That brings commitment and motivation between them."

- Ouros Jewels

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