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Lab-Grown v/s Natural Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds

Difference Between Lab Grown Diamond Vs Natural Diamond

Are Lab Created Diamonds Real?

Lab Grown Diamonds are real and true same as Natural Diamonds. Instead of growing in a laboratory, lab-grown diamonds are succeeded in sustaining brilliance, scintillation, and fire as Real (Natural) Diamonds. “Lab Grown Diamonds Are Real Diamonds or Part of Real Diamonds” is the Official Statement Of GIA. Thus, Lab Made Diamonds Have the Same Reflection Ability, Hardness, Anatomy, and Appearance as Natural Diamonds. There’s No Space to Do Partition Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds Made from Diamond Seed or Crystal. On the Seed Carbon Gas Pressurized With 1500-3000 Celsius Degree Temperature.


Properties Grown Mined
Conflict-Free Yes No
Hardness (MOHS) 10 10
SP3 Carbon Bonds 100% 100%
Price $$$ $$$$
Resale Value $$$ $$$$

After bearing a huge amount of pressure, the diamond seed started to take a rectangular or another shape. Then the polishing and cutting process of the lab created diamonds remain the same as Natural Diamond Making. Lab grown diamonds have the nickname “eco-friendly diamonds” because they are not involved in the mining process. Lab diamonds are a sign of auspiciousness from God because nature is not harmed from lab grown diamonds.

Lab created diamonds are made in a fully controlled man environment that is nature friendly. As a result, lab grown diamonds are available at a lower price than natural diamonds because indirect expenses are reduced and saved in lab diamonds. So, the customer will get the benefits of a lower price of lab grown diamonds, and excessive amounts will be invested in other securities or bank deposits. (Whatever they want to do)

Mined Diamonds

Mined diamonds usually found in mines which are located in south africa, russia, canada, the republic of congo, and australia. Mined diamonds are known as real or natural diamonds because they are found in their natural form. Natural diamonds are not made as lab grown diamonds, and it’s impossible to implement in practical life. Mined diamonds are a natural form of carbon and other gases found in the land’s crust.

Natural diamonds are the first type of diamond that was found 3 billion years ago. But, it still gets demands from customers because they love the luxuriousness. In mined Diamond, from originated process to the polishing process, the price is hiked by a 150-200%+ ratio as a result, Mined Diamonds have more costly prices than Lab Created Diamonds.

How Lab Grown Diamonds are Made?

Lab grown diamonds are made from the diamond seed. But lab created diamonds making process is not harmful as a natural diamond-originated procedure. Lab grown diamonds are made with CVD or HPHT process in the laboratory. Lab made diamond making process is a combination of sharp mind and technology usage.

How Lab Grown Diamonds are Manufactured by The HPHT Process?

HPHT process refers to High Pressure and High Temperature. As you understand, a diamond seed has to bear 3000-4000 celsius degree temperature. In this process, carbon gases are used in large amounts. As a result, sometimes HPHT Process lab diamonds are grown with inclusions. 80% of lab diamond mfg units are used CVD diamond process ahead of the risky HPHT process.

How Lab Diamonds are Grown by The CVD Process?

In the CVD process, the diamond seed is placed under the chamber of carbon gas where already the temperature amount balanced between 1500-2800 celsius degree. CVD process lab created diamonds have less chance of growing with impurities. That’s why CVD lab grown diamonds are used in engagement rings or wedding jewellery accessories.

Is a Lab Grown Diamond for Me?

Yes, lab grown diamond is for you. Because in lab diamonds you can save extra money to be spent and get a brilliant sparkling substance. Ultimately, the decision to buy a lab grown diamond is a personal one. If you love the look of diamonds but are hesitant because mined diamonds don’t align with your personal values, a lab grown diamond may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. These real diamonds are becoming an accessible luxury that can give satisfaction to your heart; you get the right diamonds at less price.