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Halloween Meaning, History, Celebration, and Costumes


  • What Day is Halloween? (Meaning Of Halloween)

Halloween Day starts on the 31 October evening, and it celebrates all night doing vigil and attending a Halloween parade. Halloween Day means all saints and all souls day, celebrated in remembrance of martyrs and diseased souls. It’s three days celebration of the tribute-giving festival occurring in the Christian religion. The meaning of Halloween suggests respecting all types of souls which are deceased or exist. It's a great type of thinking.

Halloween is celebrated to welcome the winter season, and from Halloween, farmers stop to growing crops in farms. In the tradition of Halloween, farming is denied from Halloween Day. This thing is found in history books of Halloween.

After Halloween, 1st November, dedicated to All Saints Day when people go to church and pray to GOD for giving peace to the Saint's soul and give approval for entering heaven. Then, on the third day of Hallowtide, people fill their presence in front of loved ones in graved cemeteries and light up the candle for the soul to get salvation.

People believe Heaven’s Angel holds the hands of a dead person’s soul and pulls it to heaven on All Souls Day, which comes on 2 November.

Halloween Day 2022 is celebrated on the 31st of October when all the Christian people pay tribute to their deceased relative's souls to get salvation from the world and freedom to enter heaven. Therefore, Halloween 2022 is celebrated worldwide, and the USA greatly honors the festivities of all Saints and Martyrs.

  • Why is Halloween celebrated?

Halloween Day is celebrated to pay tribute to saints who lost their lives in conflicts. Also, Halloween is celebrated for gaining divine blessings from saints on that eve, and people light up the candles in front of JESUS. Another belief for the celebration of Halloween is all deceased souls land on the earth on Halloween to see their importance after the death.

People believed that on Halloween deceased soul has a chance to get salvation from the planet and move to another world, a Heaven. To gain salvation, People light up the candles on the grave of the deceased soul. This is the reason behind for celebration of Halloween.

In many countries like the USA, UK, Mexico, Canada, and Europe on 31 October evening Halloween is celebrated from the decades. Halloween is famous for All Hallows Eve and All Saints Eve. On Halloween Day, people doing pray to the dead soul in cemeteries and churches.

In addition, people eat soul cakes which are the traditional meal of the Christian religion, on Halloween. In western Christianity, Halloween Day is celebrated significantly with better celerations and ceremonies with the collegues and relatives.

The liturgical year of Christianity will start in the mid-eve of Halloween day, and it dedicates to martyrs who lose their life to keep faith in Jesus, All Saints, and all the lives who sacrifice their breathes in the conflict.

Usually, Halloween day is remembered as an end-of-harvesting festival where farmers take grown crops from the land, which is found in the Samhain Gaelic Festival. Especially in Scotland and Ireland, Halloween is celebrated by gathering a party with friends and colleagues.

Also, on Halloween Day, children and people wear a particular costume called as Halloween Costumes and wander from home to home, asking for treats or tricks. Children collect soul cakes and potato pancakes from people and eat them.

Otherside, many people visit churches and light candles for the dead person to give peace to their soul.

In the cemeteries, people pay their respects to beloved family members and relatives on their sepulcher(buried place of the dead person). The belief of Christian people says that Halloween Day is very holy to pay tribute to the deceased person, which helps to make the soul's journey from earth to heaven easy and comfortable.  

  • History of Halloween Day

The history of Halloween Day started in the 4th century; Roman Edessa was acquired it on the 13th of May. While after 200 years, Pope Boniface IV dedicated the church name Patheon to Sant Mary and all martyrs as a present for celebration Halloween.

In ancient Rome, known now as Italy, the festival was celebrated as Lemuria. In the Lemuria feast, people performed the holy rites to exorcise their home from the spiteful soul and pay their respects to reach heaven. This is the Roman History of Halloween, and from here, all Roman citizens performed the rites on a particular date, the last day of October.

While after 400 years, which means in the 8th century, after starting a Halloween festival in Rome, Pope Gregory III created a place where particular community members would pray to GOD. Pope Gregory III started to maintain the Saint's Body relics to worship the poor people.

At that time, people strongly believed that Halloween Day was the holy moment when they would pay full attention to their martyrs and deceased family members.

During the 8-11 centuries, there was no history for Halloween Day for how people celebrated it. But they celebrated the Allhallowtide days with traditional patterns and methods. But in the 12th century, people turned around on Halloween Day to visit the church and ring the bells to purify their souls, and it was called “purgatory.”

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Halloween history and celebration for England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland

On this day, people in northern England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland bake a soul cake and distribute it to Christian souls to pray for their deceased relatives. This feast of the pattern is found in cold regions like UK and Ireland.

In 1605 Britain faced a reformation when England Church broke the allowance from the pope and the catholic church. But the reason behind to broke allowance was that some people understood purgatory as popish. In England, people continued to pray on Halloween because they believed that their deceased relatives kept expectations to pray for the soul to exit this world.

Some catholic families gathered in the mountains and fired a stick which grips by one person. Other persons must sit at the knee and pray for the dead soul. This process constantly continued since the fire’s flame evaporated in the air; it’s called Teen’lay.

Halloween history and celebration in Italy

In Italy, the deceased person’s body was arrayed with the wax figures of an angel, and the reason behind this people believed that an angel grips the hand of the soul to heaven. On Halloween Day, Catholic people were decorated the meal on the dinner table and started a bonfire to welcome the soul. 

Spain celebration for Halloween

While in Spain country, families baked pastries or cakes and placed them in their beloved one’s cemeteries because they believed the soul would eat them from heaven. This is the celebration way of Halloween Day in the Spain.

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Halloween celebration in Rome

In Rome, priests wandered home to home and collected a meal to distribute all Halloween night celebrated on the 31st of October. On Halloween Day, priests were organizing processions, and people joined them without taking a sleep at that night.

People understand the importance of Halloween Day because this is the only day when they are mesmerized by the happy moments of their beloved one who moved to another world, which means in heaven. 

Also, the Church priest said that on Halloween, all souls come to earth to see their importance after leaving the body. So while a person has died from unnatural incidents or unexpected suicide, its soul also lands on the planet and takes revenge on its killer. This is the belief of the people.

In the History of Halloween, many ancient beliefs show that it is the day you can start holy things in life. For example, carving a pumpkin removes negative energies from entering the house and life. In Scotland, people light a candle on their beloved tomb(grave place of the dead person's body) and pray to ALMIGHTY GOD to give peace to the dead person’s soul.

We know the soul is immortal, so in many countries, people leave meals in outdoors's spaces where the soul can eat theirs's favorite meals. On Halloween Day, people wore horror costumes like witches and ghosts in the form of Skeleton because they believed that the soul of the dead person could take revenge on their enemies.  

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  • How did America start to celebrate Halloween Day?

In the 19th century, Ireland and Scotland's citizens chose to live in America, where they could start new happy life. Because religious conflicts were held every day in Scotland and Ireland, there was no political stability to control the region's conditions.

As a result, America offered land ownership and freedom of religious activities to those immigrants. So, at Halloween, Scot-Irish people gathered at one place and organized a parade to cemeteries. They all stood and prayed for their deceased soul. 

Within time, the USA absorbed the importance of Halloween Day, and all Christians started to celebrate it and pay respect to the soul. On Hallowtide, people light candles on their deceased loved ones’ graves in cemeteries.

For one year, the dead person’s soul wandered on the earth, and on Halloween, they lifted up to heaven if it was a good soul. While evil spirits didn’t leave the planet since their intention was not completed.

  • What are the ways to celebrate Halloween Day?

On Halloween Day, people wear horror costumes and participate in the parade. They visit their beloved one’s graves in cemeteries, pay their respect by lighting a candle, and leave a meal for the soul. People are doing a prayer to HOLY JESUS to allocate heaven to their loved one soul.

After visiting a church and cemeteries, it’s time to play games like Apple bobbing, Divination, and Blindfold. Next, family members visited haunted attractions like theme parks, which are known as hell houses or places to experience the atmosphere.

On Halloween Day’s eve, western Christian people shunning of from meat and accept to be a vegetarian. People eat only veggie food on Halloween, like caramel corn, pumpkin pie, barmbrack, candy, chocolate, Halloween Cake, and caramel apple.

  • Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes match each other such as ghosts, souls, vampires, and many more. Couples understand that if they wear Halloween Costumes, then it will protect themselves as well as their family. Halloween Costumes Ideas carries very horrific clothes such as vampires, ghosts, souls, dead bodies, black magicians, dirty personalities, and many more. For wearing the Halloween Costumes, people believed that they would be protected from negativity when they wore these types of costumes. 

On Halloween small children wear horror costumes of black magicians or ghosts/witches and wander from house to house, tricking or treating with dangerous looks as deceased people, and the reason for doing this is how to house people miss the dead person. Home members welcomed and then offered a soul cake and chose between trick or treat.

As a treat, the family member must give demanded things for that Halloween. While in trick, children play a prank or destroy the household things on that family member who refused to provide them with a treat. 

On Halloween Day, people wore a vampire, witch, ghost, soul, or demon to pay tribute to deceased people in the costume of hell residents. As time passes, the macabre costumes are replaced with celebrities, ninjas, and princesses.

In addition, many people buy Halloween Costumes for their lovely pets. But, this Halloween Day is the moment for saints or martyrs who lost their precious life. It’s ok because the pets are also their family members, and as family members, you can’t want to lose their lives.

In Ireland and Scotland, people used to carve a turnip which is very small than a pumpkin, because it has the same appearance. But, after they moved to America then, they selected pumpkin, which is prominent and easy to engrave. Around the church and schools, the food truck is decorated with pumpkins to celebrate Halloween Day.

People do engraving the pumpkin and light a bulb in that mouth. So the carved pumpkin looks like a speaking life, but it’s not actually. On Halloween Day, people decorate their home space with gruesome costumed waxes because they believe an evil spirit will not harm their families.

  • Playing Games on Halloween

    People play a Blindfold game on Halloween to acknowledge the future sign, where a blindfolded person chooses the items from the dish. For example, if the person selects the ring from the dish, it indicates marriage soon.

    When a person gets the clay, then it shows the deceased time is near. When they select Rosary beads, it calls for Holy Order to become a nun or priest. This game is mainly played in Ireland on Halloween Eve.

    [Divination Game Play On Halloween]

    In Britain, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, the divination played for standing in front of the mirror to know the marriage's future and see the life partner's face. In this game of Halloween, if the apple appears, it signs for the otherworld, while hazelnuts are shown wisdom and happy married life.

    It started from the Pomona celebration festival for using apples and hazelnuts in the game. (Pomona named women known as the goddess of fruits in ancient Rome).

    Apple Bobbing game is famous in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Scotland. Apple Bobbing is usually played on Halloween Day when a steel trencher has water, and an apple will be drawn. Participants tried to bring out apples from their teeth, and they couldn’t use their hands to get a red fruit. Children commonly play this Apple Bobbing game on Halloween eve.

    • What are the meals eaten by people on Halloween Eve?

    On Halloween Eve, people don’t eat meat and move on the vegetarian way. Instead, children would like to eat caramel apples and candy. Of course, the most famous Halloween Day meal is Vegetarian Hotdog, which people like. Also, roasted corn and pumpkins are the favorites of most people who want to eat them. 

    While in Ireland, Barmbrack is eaten by all the regions. Barmbrack is a sweet dish which ate in desserts after a meal. While in Britain, bonfire toffee was acquired by people on Halloween eve. The most famous feast of Halloween Eve is Caramel Apples, Halloween Cake, Soul Cakes, Chocolate, Candy Pumpkins, and all vegetables.

    • Conclusion

    Halloween Day has been celebrated for decades and many centuries ago, and this time, it represents the legacy. On this Halloween Day people visit the church to pay tribute to all saints and martyrs who lose their lives.

    After seeing a church, they join Halloween Parade, wearing macabre costumes like witches, ghosts, devils, and demons. Finally, people attended their beloved one's graves in cemeteries to pray and give peace to the deceased soul. 

    Children wander a neighboring house to demand a trick-and-treat from house owners. They played games of apple bobbing and pranks to other people to remember the deceased people.

    In Christianity, people refused to eat meat because they believed the dead person’s soul could not get a way to move to heaven or hell. So instead, the souls are wandering on the planet, and they can’t earn salvation to move to another world, the Halloween is usedul for them.

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