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Oval Engagement Rings The Best Guide To Follow For Buying

Yellow gold oval cut solitaire ring for women

For the exquisite choice in engagement occasion is the sign, and the sign comes from the ring that tied a knot between couples. In today’s world, people want to make their love relationship more trustable and the finest, so they rush to buy engagement rings.

In engagement rings, an oval shaped diamond is fancy shaped selections. Oval engagement rings are available in solitaire, halo, hidden halo, and vintage settings with yellow, rose, and white gold metal tones.

The oval diamond engagement ring represents the total dedication and commitment in a loyal love relationship.

But, before shopping for an oval engagement ring, buyers have explicit knowledge of 4cs, ideal proportions, and ring styles. For having the knowledge about these factors buyers can select oval diamond rings with more precisely.

In this article, I covered everything and facts a buyer must consider. However, I wish they do more focus on these points. Because it’s most important to know which diamond rings they buy? Here’s, in this case, an Oval engagement rings.

First, I clarify the oval cut diamond definition and why it’s essential to select as engagement ring. 

What Is An Oval Cut Diamond?

Oval cut diamond appearance from top and girdle view

An oval diamond cut has a triangle, star, bezel, and kite-shaped facet patterns on the table anatomy with the 60° degree angle soft curving edges. Also, the oval cut diamond’s middle girdle facets are swallowed from the left to the right side, but the north-to-south surfaces are narrower.

This makes the oval shaped engagement rings ideal selection in all ring styles.

The oval diamond is egg-shaped because its faceting patterns aren’t matched in another shape of structures like square or rectangular. Oval shaped diamond has 57 on the crown, girdle, and pavilion anatomy.

Why Select An Oval Cut Diamond For An Engagement Rings?

There are three reasons to choose an oval cut diamond for an engagement rings: the attractive faceting patterns, more length, and best alternative to round-cut diamonds. The factors mentioned above play a vital role in oval-cut diamond engagement rings. Let’s understand them in depth.

57 Fancy Shaped Facets On The Anatomy

An oval diamond has four numbers of shaped facets in the triangle, bezel, star, and kite. These shaped facets help the diamond anatomy to receive and issue a most precious lightning resonations in proper way. The brilliance reflection in oval diamond cut depends on the faceting patterns. That’s all.

The fancy-shaped faceting patterns make the oval shaped rings preferable for engagement. In all engagement ring settings oval diamond shape sustain and preserves the brilliant reflections, that’s eye attractive for anyone.

Same Length As Emerald Diamond Cut

Oval and Emerald cut diamond length are same

Oval and emerald diamond cuts have the same length because they have been used as the alternative option. The reason for the oval diamond's length is that it has soft banding edges that comply with the girdle and crown anatomy.

A length of the oval cut diamond is acceptable for solitaire to halo settings in all gold variations.

While talking about an emerald cut diamond’s length, a parallel faceting is responsible for the that. Due to the parallel faceting patterns, it needs more space to decide its flow of light reflections.

The fact says that 90° angled faceting styles are found in the emerald diamond cut. Therefore, the emerald diamond cut has a more length.

Best Alternative To The Round Cut Diamond

Round and Oval diamond appearance

The oval diamond cut is the alternative to the round cut diamond because they have carried the same facets in anatomy. But, oval shape diamond has one more benefit than a round cut. The oval diamond has a length that covers the size of the finger in the engagement ring.

For this reason, an oval diamond is used as an alternative to a round diamond. The price for a round cut and oval diamond shape isn't the same. The oval diamond shape is cheaper than the round-cut diamond.

Moreover, the oval diamond is suitable for all kinds of ring styles: halo, vintage, accent, unique, solitaire, dainty, or Toi et Moi.

Best 4cs Of Diamonds For Oval Engagement Rings

In selection of the oval engagement rings consider to select best 4cs of diamonds. A 4cs of diamonds works as the factor that gives a idea how the oval rings looks on the hands with all kinds of styles. A 4cs of diamonds contains the color, clarity, carat and cut. All buyers have to consider ideal quality 4cs in oval cut diamonds.

The best 4cs of diamonds for oval diamond rings mentioned below, ensure that you select it in the purchase of oval ring.

1. Carat = 1 to 4 Carat Weights

2. Clarity = VVS1 to SI1 Clarity Grade

3. Color = E to J Color Grade

4. Cut = Excellent To Good Cut

Let’s figure it out more informatively.

Select 1 to 4 Carat Weights For Oval Engagement Rings

Carat weight chart for oval cut diamond

Oval diamond engagement rings provide an elegant appearance with 1 to 4 carat weights because it comes with balance anatomy. Insist to selecting 1 to 4 carat weight oval diamonds, so buyers can get more proper depth, wider table, and extensive crown anatomy.

Consider to select a prominent carat weights diamonds in oval diamond engagement rings.

A 2 carat oval diamond is better choice because it has more width and length that makes the lights reflections ability more excellent from all corners. Aside, from 1 carat oval cut diamond a 2 carat should be optimum selection in all ring settings like halo, vintage, and accent.

Select VVS1 to SI1 Clarity In Oval Diamond Rings

Clarity chart in oval diamond cut

In oval diamond engagement ring, the clarity grade should be in the VVS1 to SI1 clarity grade. The oval diamond is wider from the middle space, so VVS1 (very very small inclusion1) clarity should look more dazzling and gorgeous for the engagement rings.

Also, there are options for the VVS2, VS1, VS2, or SI1 clarity grade are ready to select in the oval-shaped rings.

A diamond clarity represents how much the inclusions are appeared on the anatomy. A diamond inclusions effect the sparkle reflections. Select the mentioned diamond clarity in the oval cut engagement rings.

Choose E to J Grades In The Oval Shaped Diamond Ring

Color chart for oval diamond cut to know

A diamond color grade decides from D to Z color grade as colorless to fancy colored grade. An Oval diamond carries 57 facets, so the color grade also has been in the superior grades to deliver a gorgeous appearance. An E to J color grade is the best selection for all ring styles in an oval shaped diamond ring.

If buyers want a white and rainbow color sparkle in return, then E to F color grade is the option.

Otherwise, if they wish to experience faint yellow and rainbow color reflections, then G to J color grade would be their preference. The color grade also affects the price. So, select oval cut engagement ring, E to J color grade for fantastic appearance.

Select Excellent to Good Cut For Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval diamond cut chart to refer before selection in rings

An oval diamond engagement rings, the excellent to good cut grade is a stable and secure choice because there’s logic and common sense. The excellent cut oval diamond comes with the proper and required depth-to-length ratio; that’s why it’s 1st choice to get from a buyer’s perspective.

Another side, the very good to good cut oval diamond has a deeper pavilion and thick girdle, but it’s still a choice for halo or vintage setting rings. Diamond cuts should be selected wisely and precisely.

Ideal Proportions For Oval Diamond Rings

Oval diamond cut ideal proportions to choose in engagement rings

Oval diamond engagement rings should be in the ideal proportions for ritzy and optimum looks in all kinds of styles.

In the oval diamond ring, proportions are known as table, depth, crown angle, symmetry, girdle thickness, and polish scales includes. After the 4cs, these proportions decide the appearance of oval shaped diamond rings.

The below mentioned proportions are in the ideal ranges that can’t be exceeded when buying the oval engagement rings. In other words, the mentioned dimensions are proper, and buyers must select the oval cut diamond.


Table (%)

Depth (%)

Crown angle (°)



50 - 60%

58 - 64%

15°- 20°


Very Good

52 - 58%

58 - 65%

17 - 19°



50 - 54%

60 - 68%

18 - 21°

Very Good


45 - 50%

70 - 75%

22 - 25°



44 - 48%


25 - 30°


Other Ideal Dimensions For The Oval Diamond Cut

Oval diamond cut dimensions to consider for buying engagement rings

This part of ideal proportions for oval diamond cut includes polish, L/W ratio, bow-tie effect, and girdle thickness. These grades also should be considered before buying an oval diamond ring.

The principal is to read the chart below to visualize the brilliant oval diamond cut and doesn’t cross the range mentioned when going for the purchase. It can be more costly to buyers and provide strange looks on the ring styles.



L/W Ratio

Bow-tie Effect

Girdle Thickness



1.00:1 - 1.05:1


Extreme Thin - Thin

Very Good


1.02:1 - 1.05:1.01


Slight Thin - Extreme Thick


Very Good

1.03:1 - 1.06:1


Thin - Slight Thick



1.05:1 - 1.08:1.04


Thick - Slight Thick





Thick - Extreme Thick

Now, it’s a time to see the oval rings designs or settings, whatever buyers want to call them.

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings are available in the 10+ ring styles that buyers want to select for telling their feelings. Buyers can customize their ring styles in oval rings for engagement and engrave the sign of love. Let's see which type of oval engagement rings are available.

  • Halo Ring
  • Accent Ring
  • Pave Set Bridal Ring
  • Solitaire Ring
  • Three-stone Ring
  • Dainty Ring
  • Toi et Moi Ring
  • Channel Set Ring
  • Bezel Set Ring
  • Solitaire Accent Ring
  • Fancy Color Diamond Ring

Now, let's see the metal tones availability in the oval diamond rings. There are three major type of the metal types available to select in oval rings as gold, silver and platinum.

1. Gold

  • Tone = Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold
  • Purity = 10KT, 14KT, 18KT

2. Silver

  • Tone = Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver
  • Purity = 925, 935

3. Platinum

  • Tone = White and Silver
  • Purity = 950

After seeing the gold metal tone availability now let's see the diamond rings styles for oval cut.

1 Carat Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Oval cut diamond engagement ring

A 1 carat oval diamond engagement ring in halo style is a good selection for expressing gratitude and sympathy to loving one. A halo diamond ring is counted as a fancy, stylish, and precious ring design for having attractive structure. With 1 carat oval cut diamond it looks more optimistic and gorgeous on the hands. A 1 carat oval diamond ring prices starts from $1500 to $2000. Consider to choose lab grown diamonds having a less budget.

In the 1 carat oval halo engagement ring, buyers can customize the shank styles according to their appearance and preferences. A 2 or 3 carat diamond oval cut halo ring is lovely and the finest selection of the love relationship. You can choose yellow or rose gold metal in the oval halo diamond ring that fits your budget.

2 Carat Oval Diamond Cut Ring

White gold oval cut engagement ring with pave design

A 2 carat oval cut diamond ring with pave designs is attractive on the hands. If your love partner prefers an engagement ring in the form of a wedding ring, then this oval cut ring is made for her. Here, in this oval diamond ring, a combination of solitaire and pave design is created with 18KT white gold.

If your allocates $6000 to $8000 for your engagement ring then you can choose this 2 carat ring for your love. You can choose a platinum or white gold metal for this diamond ring. Seeking a best engagement ring for women, then this 2 carat diamond ring in oval shape diamond is perfect choice for you. Select this stylish and beautiful engagement ring for her and express the feelings.

3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

Oval diamond solitaire engagement ring for women

Seeking a beautiful and elegant engagement ring with 3 carat oval diamond then a solitaire ring design is optimistic choice. In 3 carat oval solitaire ring style you can get a natural lights reflections, but the condition is to select better 4cs of diamonds. There is a choice to pick a prong settings from claw, petite, button, tab or other types. 

The 3 carat oval solitaire ring price starts between $7000 to $9999. If you're flexible with the price range for buying solitaire engagement ring then select 3 carat oval diamond. A solitaire ring style fills the gap for a promise or steadfast commitment in a trustful relationship that's why it selected as the promise rings.

Three-stone Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Three-stone diamond engagement ring for women

Three-stone oval engagement ring represents the factors of romance, dedication, and commitment in a love relationship. Oval cut diamond with three-stone ring design makes a proposal moment memorable from it's reflective appearance on the hands. Allocate a $2000 to $3000 budget for buying oval cut ring in three-stone engagement ring.

If you want customized antique cut diamonds as accent stones, it's available in a baguette, hexagon, bullet, trillion, emerald, round, or asscher cut. Then select a metal tone according to your personal preferences and budget provision.

For example, an oval diamond three-stone ring is available for $2500 to $3500 in 18KT gold. While a 14KT gold ring price is decreased from $1500 to $2200 for the same oval cut diamond ring. Thus, choose the metal tone according to the ring design.

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An engagement ring in oval diamond is quite the best selection for making the loving moments and mesmerized. Buyers can reveal love feelings with the oval engagement rings, but they have a essential points that mentioned to be considered when buying.

Here, all the details are relates to the oval cut diamond rings that includes the 4cs grades to choose, reasons to consider, proportions, dimensions, metal selection and ring designs. Want to make an oval engagement rings in the lab grown diamonds with the better prices, then contact us. We're have specialized crafting ability for oval diamond rings.

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