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Princess Cut Engagement Rings The Clever Buying Guide

Princess cut diamond engagement ring

In the couple's minds, they want to show their desperation and commitment towards their better half. There Engagement rings are the finest choice because it's jewelry that every person likes to wear. In engagement rings, the princess cut diamonds are stylish and optimistic for having the perfect internal facets placements.

Princess cut diamonds are flowing their light resonations from interacting to the internal facets placements. Thus, princess-cut engagement rings are an excellent choice for a fashionable and beautiful appearance.

Before buying the princess-cut diamond ring, buyers must know some essential details influencing the choice, appearance, and price. Refer to the below to see those points.

  • A rule for buying the princess diamond cut ring
  • 4cs of princess cut diamonds
  • Proportions in princess diamond cut
  • Ring styles selections

Before we show those points let's clear some basics that could be helpful from knowing the what is princess diamond cut.

What Is Princess Cut Diamond?

Princess diamond cut

Princess cut diamond has a sharp-edged curving corner with a square shape that carries 57 facets. The bifurcation of the facets are as follows: 21 on the crown anatomy, 33 on the pavilion, and rest 3 on the girdle place.

In simple language, the princess cut diamond is the storage hub for the brilliance light due to triangle and star-shaped facets on the table to pavilion anatomy.

Moreover, a princess diamond has four blocks on the table anatomy that appears from the top view. Princess cut diamond has an abbreviation of a square cut diamond.

The PBFW Rule For Buying Princess Cut Diamond Rings

In princess cut diamond rings there is a rule that indicates why prefers to princess diamond for all kinds of ring styles. This rule called as PBFW which shows the princess cut significance for rings selections.

The PBFW rule stands for in the following manner.

  • P = Price
  • B = Brilliance
  • F = Fancy Shape Diamond
  • W = Width For Table Anatomy

Let's understand this princess cut diamond ring rule in more depth.

33% Less Prices For Princess Diamond Cut

Table comparison for round and Princess cut diamond

Princess diamond cut price is 33% less than a round brilliant. Because a diamond grader and cutter need fewer rough weightage to make princess diamond cut. This significantly reduce the price for princess diamonds. As a result, it has less price benefit for buyers.

While making a round brilliant cut diamond, they consume 4x more rough weightage. In addition, manufacturing the brilliant round-cut diamond needs more expertise and skill so they are only made by the experienced crafter, which increases the prices.

Princess Diamond's Brilliance Reflections

Lights reflections of round and princess cut diamond

A princess diamond cut is 2nd numbered brilliance resonations supplier behind the round diamond. The internal structure of the princess cut diamond is responsible for having strong light resonations availability. Thus, the princess is the honest and precious choice for a fancy engagement ring.

Another reason for princess cut diamond's brilliance reflections depends on the pavilion which is not so deep, then the sparkle reflections come out within 0.01 microseconds. This type of structure is found in the princess and round diamonds, known as the “brilliant lights carrier.”

The reason for the round brilliant cut diamonds lights resonation is their circle types shape with 360° degree angles. So, it’s very obvious that the flash comes with more power. While the princess diamond has 90° angle degree shape that doesn’t allows illumination to enter the surface as a round diamond welcomes.

Princess Is A Fancy Shape Diamond

Fancy diamond shape chart

Princess diamond cut is the 1st ranked fancy shape among other diamonds because having all the characteristics like the triangle and chevron-shaped faceting patterns on pavilion anatomy. This kind of the facet placements makes the princess diamond fancy shape to select in the rings.

Princess diamond is place on the top in the fancy shaped diamonds than a asscher, cushion, pear, and marquise.

Also, the princess diamond has French and bezel corner facets that flows the continuous lights resonations among the angles and corners that makes it attractive.

Princess Diamond Cut's Table Anatomy Is Wide

Cushion and princess cut diamond table surface comparison

In princess diamond's table width is 4-5x times bigger than a cushion cut diamond’s. In princess diamond cut the sloppy facets keeping the table anatomy wider. The wider table anatomy of the princess cut diamond reflects the constant lights reflections from all angles.

The clear intention for making a broader table on the princess diamond is to give a deserving place to chevron banding faceting. The chevron faceting patterns are appeared on the princess diamond’s pavilion to the table surface, which means the one-sided reflection could be seen on the other side.

Ideal 4cs For Princess Cut Diamond

4cs of princess cut diamond

4cs grades are introduced by GIA, the world’s leading diamond certification institution. Everyone can read and understand about the diamond's characteristics from the 4cs.

Thus, when selecting a princess-cut diamonds for engagement or wedding rings or all kinds of jewelry, then 4cs of diamonds should have in the better grades. In 4cs, the factors are included as carat, clarity, color, and cut.

First, we see about the carat weight for the princess diamond rings.

Select 1 to 3 Carat Weights Princess Cut Diamonds

Carat weight chart for princess cut diamond

In the princess cut rings, the 1 carat to 3 carat weight is enough to give a brilliant appearance on the hands. For selecting the 1 carat princess cut diamond for engagement ring it suitable for the halo, three-stone or dainty style rings.

While 2 or 3 carat weights princess cut diamonds are excellent choice for solitaire, Toi et Moi, solitaire accent, or customized unique style. 

Moreover, a 2-carat princess cut ring is quite a dazzling selection for the halo or solitaire style with the attachments of 18kt yellow gold.

The final decision for selecting the ideal carat weights for princess cut diamond rings depends on buyer's preference (According to budget), and ring styles.

Prefers VVS1 to SI1 Clarity Grades In Princess Diamonds

Clarity chart for princess diamond cut

A preferable diamond clarity means that it is suitable for princess diamonds rings. In princess cut diamonds VVS1 to SI1 clarity is acceptable in all carat weights. In these clarity grades the princess cut diamonds have fewer inclusions that work as exception and not affects the lights reflections. It's price affordable choice for princess cut engagement ring.

For selecting the VVS1 to SI1 clarity in the princess rings because of the chevron facets on the pavilion. Conversely, crown anatomy has star and kite-shaped elements or lines. Thus, it’s a clear indication to select neither SI2 nor I1 clarity.

The reason to selects a VVS to SI clarity in princess diamond rings because of their lights resonations ability even having the inclusions on anatomy. 

A VVS1 to VVS2 diamond clarity has fewer inclusions on the table or crown that don’t appear to the naked eye. While an SI1 clarity scale means the diamonds have more inclusions that are nearly identified by the naked eye.

For Princess Cut Diamonds Rings Choose E to J Color Grade

Color chart for princess diamond cut

For buying the princess cut diamond for rings then buyers do not attract toward the D color grade because it's a higher scale of color. Most importantly, D color princess diamonds are +10-20% costlier than the E or F grade. But, princess diamond still releases a ray of brilliance in E to J color scales, whichever the ring setting is.

The diamond color grade indicates the reflection of the colorless (white) or colored lights. GIA defines the color grade of the diamond from D to Z scales as colorless to fancy color, respectively.

A diamond with a white colored reflection scaled at D to E color graded(most preferable). At the same time, a diamond reflects fancy lights, such as in the yellow, which is the Z color graded diamond.

Select Excellent To Good Cut In Princess Diamond

Cut chart for princess diamond

A princess diamond features a deeper pavilion anatomy to justify its structure and placement of facets on the girdle anatomy. The princess diamond should be selected in the excellent to good cut grade rather than the other rest of the cut grades.

The reasons is to select excellent to good cut in princess diamond mentioned below with the example. 

If the buyer decides to get a fair cut in princess diamond, it might have a deeper pavilion part, and the girdle thickness looks ugly or wide.

While in the poor cut princess diamond, the pavilion looks like a big stomach, and the girdle seems thicker. This makes the lights resonations weak and unstable. The in princess diamond rings, diamond cut should be selected in mentioned range.

The Ideal Proportions For Princess Diamond Rings

Princess cut diamond proportions to select for rings

The ideal proportions in the princess diamond rings should be considered when purchasing that contains Table (%), Depth (%), L/W Ratio, Symmetry, Polish and Girdle Thickness.

Below is the ideal range for the princess cut diamond that should be selected. Choose between these mentioned ranges for selecting a princess cut diamond engagement rings.

Cut scales


Very Good




Table (%) 

62 - 70

59 - 66

70 - 73

83 - 85


Depth (%)

64 - 74

64 - 73

70 - 75

79 - 87


L/W ratio

1.00:1 - 1.04:1

1.00:1 - 1.05:1

1.01:1 - 1.05:1

1.08:1 - 1.10:1

1.10:1 - 1.15:1



Very Good

Very Good




Very Good





Girdle thickness

Very thin - slight thick

Very thin - slight thick

Slight thick - very thick

Very thick - extreme thick

Extreme thick

After showing the princess cut diamond's ideal proportions to choose for rings. Then, it's time to see the princess cut engagement rings prices for better understanding. This section will help buyers to make a decision to buy a princess diamond ring.

Which Price Is Ideal To Spend For Princess Cut Engagement Rings?

The $1800 to $4000 is ideal for princess cut engagement rings in all kinds of ring styles. This mentioned price is the princess cut lab grown diamond ring price. From $1800 to $4000, purchasing budget buyers can buy fancy and beautiful princess-cut engagement rings.

Understand the princess diamond ring's prices depend on the 4cs of diamonds, proportions that select, metal tone and purity, and ring styles. For example, a 1 carat princess cut solitaire ring usually available at $500 to $1000 in white gold. At the same time, a 2 carat princess halo ring cost counted as $2000 to $2700.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut engagement rings are available in various styles and portions; it depends on the buyer's preference and their loving one's wearing taste. In princess diamond rings, there is a choice to customize the magic love moments.

From the fancy princess diamond ring, buyers can accept and express their gratitude and dedication to the relationship. This kind of attribute makes the love life trustworthy and transparent.

Mostly, couples selects the princess cut engagement rings from the following +11 ring styles.

  • Halo Ring
  • Accent Ring
  • Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (Bridal Set)
  • Solitaire Ring
  • Three-stone Ring
  • Dainty Ring
  • Toi et Moi Ring
  • Channel Set Ring
  • Fancy Color Diamond Ring
  • Unique Ring
  • Customized Ring

Talking to metal tones for the selections of princess engagement rings then it has three options, totally depends on the buyer's preference.

1. Gold 

  • Gold Purity = 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT
  • Gold Tone = Yellow, Rose, and White

2. Silver

  • Silver Tone = Sterling and Argentium
  • Silver Purity = 925 and 935

3. Platinum

  • Platinum Tone = Silver or White 
  • Platinum Purity = 950

After the metal tone, now it's time to know in which carat weights the princess cut diamond rings available. So, from 1 carat to 5 carat weights, the princess diamond rings are available in all kinds of ring styles. That contains 2 carats, 3 carats, 4 carat, and 5 carat weights princess diamond shapes. So, choose carat weight according to ring style in princess rings.

1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Princess cut diamond ring in 1 carat weight with white gold

Shop this Princess Diamond Ring

For a 1 carat princess cut diamond ring, the first thought that comes to every buyer’s mind to fix in the solitaire settings isn’t wrong in it. After all, buyers want to manifest their loving moments in diamond rings, and they deliver more value with 1 carat princess cut diamonds.

In 1 carat princess diamond, halo or solitaire accent styles ring is a good choice ahead of solitaire. If you want to acquire more brilliant lights on hands, select princess diamond rings in white gold and halo styles without any doubts.

2-carat Princess Diamond Ring

Princess diamond ring in 2 carat halo style

Purchase this Princess Cut Ring

For a more precious appearance on the hands and to make the moments memorable, a 2 carat princess cut is a far good choice. Three benefits include for selecting a 2 CT weighted princess diamond cut ring as the most brilliant appearance, wider table surfaces, and more chevron facets on the pavilion (in 3-4 numbers).

In the 2-carat square diamond ring, all ring styles available for the selections and it depends on the buyer's choice which they want to like for wearing. In 2-carat diamond rings, white or rose gold looks excellent due to its similar-colored appearance.

3 Carat Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Stylish 3 carat princess cut diamond ring

Buy this Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Selecting a 3 carat princess cut engagement ring means more wide table, deeper pavilion length, and a slightly thin girdle which essential for the attractive reflections. In 3 carat square cut diamond rings, the buyer should choose a solitaire or accent style ahead of the halo because a princess cut diamond solely sprinkles the sparkles.

A 3 carat halo princess ring is a good option for the wedding ring ahead of an eternity band. But, it should only be for wedding occasions, not for an engagement sign. Buyers can select either solitaire or unique styles in 3-carat rings with the 18kt rose gold tone.

Square Cut Diamond Ring

Square cut diamond solitaire ring for women

Get this Square Diamond Ring

A square cut diamond ring refers to the princess diamond due to its shape and sharp corner facets. In square cut diamond ring there is a two choices as princess and cushion cut diamond. But for excellent lights resonation select princess square cut diamond for your engagement rings designs.

For experiencing the true vividness of the princess cut diamond, the solitaire rings are the proper ring style with an 18kt white gold.

The square cut solitaire diamond ring is the perfect choice with the four-sided prongs and bridge accent surfaces. There's a option to buy a square diamond shape ring in 1 to 5 carat weights within $5000.

Buying a square diamond ring for an engagement or wedding is far better selections to reveal the love thoughts.


A princess-cut diamond engagement rings are far better choice to express the dedication and desperation. In princess diamond rings, buyers can choose different ring styles according to their preferences and budget.

Buyers have to focus on three significant facts for the princess engagement rings, and they are 4cs, symmetry-polish, and proportions. Most importantly, PBFW rule will be known from the buyer for experience great purchase.

Contact us for any questions about buying a princess or square-shaped diamond ring. We will happy to help you for giving solving your problems. Also, want to purchase the best diamond engagement rings and wedding jewelry then welcome to Ouros Jewels.

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