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Earth Day 2022

[Earth Day]-[Ouros Jewels]


We all know that we all lives on the planet named “Earth.” Also, This beautiful creation of the earth is made by Almighty GOD, and this description is shown in Religious Books Or Ancient Mythology Books. In Hindu Mythology Books, the All-Mighty GOD name “Brahma” crates this wonderful creation. A “BRAHMA” who is borns from GOD “VISHNU” navel as Mahavishnu creates the cosmic styles for creating the universe, according to Vaishnava Puranic Scriptures.

When we look at nature’s beauty, we think that in all creations of GOD, the earth is an amazing and marvelous creation by them. All-natural resources are available on the earth like air, water, green land, plants, trees, clear sky, ocean, ponds, and rivers. All these things must be required for all alive lives like human beings, insects, animals, birds, and the rest of the other alive lives. But, in this recent times, all f the natural resources have not been fulfilled due to the high consumption of those by human beings.

In modern times human beings wish to live a life in a luxurious style, which is very dangerous for the earth. We take you to the severe misbenefits of luxurious style that wish of human beings. In the blindness of ritzy life, humans cut trees for residential and industrial uses. This is not done for the earth’s natural cycle.

[Disturbing Cycle Of Earth]-[Ouros Jewels]

Many developed and semi-developed countries make strict laws against humans that harm the earth’s sustainability. For example, if somebody harms the earth's natural cycle by cutting the trees from the forest, they would be penalized in 4-digit dollars or treated as prisoner. These steps are necessary because we forget to care for and maintain the earth’s natural resources.

  • Industry revolution is a curse or auspicious for the earth?

Yes, the industrial revolution is a curse for our planet. Earth has its own natural cycle, which is maintained by mammal animals like human beings, birds, and all lives on the planet. When pollution is released by industries, factories, and organizations, then it becomes a curse for the planet. Yet, we accept that the industrial revolution is necessary for us, but we can't cross the limit which affects the earth's health. So, always follows the limited usage of industry polluted equipment.

When we see the earth’s greenery environment, like forests and mountains, we think that a painter puts his gorgeous and elite imagination on the canvas.

But this finest creation is disturbed by the invention of industry evolution. Before the industrial revolution, there was no more pollution like air, water, noise, land erosion, or global warming, decreasing the earth’s purity and all types of alive lives.

[Industry Revolution Is Curse Or Auspicious?

Before the industrial revolution, the world’s population was not so much. But, five years ago, of the industrial revolution, the population of human beings was picking up speed. For the increase in population, it’s a hinted that the demand for necessary things was also on height.

So, manpower was not enough for that demand. If high demand is neglected by respected authorities, then a nation or state falls into home war, or people are starting to steal/rob the common person who does not bear a bank or superstores, and most importantly, there is high inflation. That all unsocial events destroy the peace of society.

So, the industrial revolution was required at that time. For reaching high demands for human needs, machines were introduced. There was very easy to operate the machine without any problems. After machines were replaced by manpower, then it’s surge the spike in the unemployment rate was the first limitation or misbenefits of the industrial revolution.

  • Is earth’s life decreased within time?

Yes, the earth's life is decreased with time because the earth is losing its strength or purity due to a vast amount of pollution. So, yes, to consider that our planet is losing the hard causes of global warming. Earth's 74% of glaciers are melted, and it features the huge destruction of the planet. As a result, the earth will lose its life before the expected age or times.

We all know that everything has its lifetime. Our planet has its own life, but very severe obstacles are helping to decrease its lifetime, which is not a good sign for human beings. The most affecting factor and villain is global warming and climate change.

In the report of the United Nations on “climate change.” That report recorded a 2021 year after a covid-19 worldwide pandemic, the highest and warmest year out of the past seven years. Is this sign good? The answer is no. If we don’t take care of our planet, then our planet doesn’t take care of ourselves and our future generations. That’s the truth. Need an example to take a look at the past five years' temperature of march to June of the respective years.

So, we can say that yes, the earth’s life decreased within the time of its real life due to pollution of all types. Therefore, take care of the earth’s sources not only for ourselves but also for our society and world.

  • Terrible effects of climate change:-

The climate changes surge the destruction on the planet, and all the lives of earth can't live easily and happily. The terrible effects of climate change are as follows:


  • Earthquake
  • Heavy Raining
  • Volcano Blast
  • Tsunami
  • No Rain (In some years, especially in the agricultural area)

    Climate changes have no boundary wall to affect only one place, city, state, or nation. But, now climate changes affect all corners of the world, from the UK to New Zealand. Climate changes are releasing adverse and harmful effects on human beings such as asthma, suffocation, breath related severe diseases. That is only human bodies related diseases. But, ever we think that earth’s body has borne destructive effects. Thinks how that’s feelings? We can’t imagine those appalling feelings.

    Climate change is featuring intolerable calamities, and those calamities are the result of our unnecessary, wasteful consumption of natural resources. Those calamities are as follows:-

    [Natural Calamities]-[Ouros Jewels]

    The earth's natural cycle has been grievously affected in recent times due to global warming and pollution. But, we can reduce these types of effects to use earth or earth-friendly equipment or things. 

    • Cycle Of Tree Plantation

    For example, we can use solar energy as an alternative choice of electricity produced by water. Water comes from rain, and rain comes from huge plantations of tree plants. Only human beings can do a tree plantation. For helping ourselves, we do more plantation of trees which gives fresh and pure air to breathe. Also, it reduces the effect of global warming. We need more plants seeds for more trees planted then, and seeds are coming from medium-size tree plants.

    For growing the plant of trees, it continues demands water, and except the rainy season, human being gives the water to grow the plant.

    Note regarding global warming and high temperature:-

    [Increasing In Temperature]-[Ouros Jewels]

    NASA(United States Of America) space agency is top-rated globally. The research on Climate Change And Global Warming reported that every year earth’s temperature increases By 0.85 °C. It means that every year earth is heated to 1°C. Even if one day's temperature increases by 0.50 °C than the last day, we make excuses but think about the report of NASA about the earth’s temperature. It’s not a good sign for us.

    Result of not caring about earth’s natural cycle:-

    Let’s look at how these climate changes are severe for our planet.

    1. On 15 March of this year, A capital of INDIA named “Delhi CITY” sized ice shelf collapsed in Antarctica, measured as 1484km2 (579mil). Imagine that collaption intensity. This is the result of not caring about the earth's natural cycle.
    2. In this quarter of 2022 year, California received terrible fire events in 6079 acres, and it has been repeated 836 times. Again, this is the result of global warming.
    [Data Of High Temperature]-[Ouros Jewels]
    1. On the 15 January of 2022 massive underwater volcanic eruption in the pacific country of tonga. The result is that Japan and New Zealand fear a giant tsunami.
    2. In the eastern part of INDIA, on April 28, 2021, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Assam state. As a result of this effective thumping incident, two people were found dead, and 13 were severely injured.
    3. In May of 2014, a black day in Gujarat, INDIA has received a savage cyclone named “Tauktea” that killed 174 lives and affected 2,00,000 people.
    4. China gets heavy rainfall and a landslide on 20 July 2021, killing 302 people.
    5. In August 2021, a hurricane named “Ida” killed 91 lives and hit a big economic hit on 9 U.S. states.
    6. On 27 February 2022, Brisbane received heavy rainfall, measured at 15 inches (400 millimeters). Also, these effects are shown in Queensland and new south wales.
    7. At mid of 2021 U.S. and Canada registered their highest heatwave. Especially in British Columbia, Canada. Due to heavy heat, 569 people were found dead. For that time, the heat broke the record of 1937.
    8. The island nation named HAITI received a massive earthquake of 7.4 magnitudes. In this severe earthquake, 2240 people were killed across the nation.


    Imagine these above-shown calamities are the result of global warming and climate change. And don’t forget that these calamities are created by human beings, not by nature. Also, the earth’s temperature is increased by 0.85°C than last year. Many tiny calamities occur in a single day, but they are not recorded on the apparent authority’s dashboard.

    All of these calamities are clear indications for we need improvement. But, neither ourselves nor improving then these calamities can take a broad destructive form which is enough to finish human beings' society. So, we need to use earth-friendly things which are not harmful to the earth’s cycle process. For example, Use public vehicles instead of private vehicles (Preferred electric vehicles), Use solar energy for free(Sun rays are free), and Use electric vehicles instead of petrol/diesel vehicles.

    While talking about our daily essentials wearing things like Diamond Jewelry then only use Lab-Grown Diamonds ahead of Natural Diamonds. Because Lab-Grown Diamonds are not made from harmful to Earth. That's why we recommend only Lab-Grown Diamonds, which are available at an Affordable Cost.

    [Water Creatures Lives In Dangerous Condition]-[Ouros Jewels]

    As a human being, I request the respected nation-wise government to make some strict rules and execute them full of power and authority. For example, chemical waste in the industrial sector cannot be released freely into rivers, canals, and oceans. The industrial sector is required some purification machines for chemical waste to recycle it. Chemical waste is dangerous to water living lives like fish, tortoises, and others.

    Moral Lesson:-

    This year on the 22 of April, world earth day will come. On this day, everyone cares about the earth typically only one day, and guess after the earth day goes, they continue to be harmful to earth’s natural cycle. So, we need to stop ourselves from harming the earth’s environment. This work must be done by ourselves for our future generation and to protect themselves from these types of calamities.

    [Increased Temperature Of Earth]-[Ouros Jewels]

    So, on this earth day, we all vow not to hit maximum harm to the earth and its environment. Because global warming has already kept a gap between the ozone layer. An ozone layer protects us to Sun’s direct harmful rays. So, today, we all feel a burn skin when we go out in the summer afternoon.

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