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Buying Study For Emerald Diamond Rings

Fancy Emerald Shape Diamond Ring Guide For Buying
  • What Is Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring?

The Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is described as another fancy shape diamond ring. The Emerald Diamond Ring definition shows that when the elongated diamond shape is fixed on the gold band with parallel faceting, then it is Emerald Ring. Because Emerald Diamond Ring covered more length of the band and hand. This is the meaning of the Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring.

Emerald diamond is a cousin of princess cut diamond because they both look the same. An Emerald Diamond is the best selection for an engagement ring in gold when you wish to propose to your love life. As you know, the Emerald Cut Diamond has length, so it covers 1/4 size of the wearer's finger. 

  • What Is Emerald Shape Diamonds?

The curving corner of the Emerald Shape Diamond have 45°-90° angle degree edges, and it makes the Emerald Diamond unique from other. The parallel and transparent faceting placed on the Emerald Diamond anatomies. Emerald Diamond represents the block of golden biscuits.

Emerald Diamonds have the ability to sparkle and glitter more than traditional cut diamonds. An Emerald Cut Diamond is known as a "Fancy Shape Lab Diamond." In European Region, Emerald Diamond is very famous and has always been in trending demand.

An Emerald Cut Diamond provides a gorgeous appearance on hands when it engraves on the ring or jewelry. Mostly, Emerald Diamond's fluorescences release sparkling reflections. As a result, Emerald Shape Diamond selects wedding bands and rings undoubtedly.

If you want to make your engagement more memorable and grand, then only Emerald Shape Diamond is the choice. Emerald Lab Diamond has a rectangular shape so that you can get the benefit of its length, and your 1.00 Carat Emerald Diamond also looks big than the Same weighted Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

  • Which Problems you face with buying Emerald Diamond Ring, and how did we solve them?

There are many problems you face for buying an emerald diamond ring from an online jewelry store, like as fewer communication options; diamonds not fixed properly in the ring(sometimes diamonds fall), the different metals used in engagement rings without your permission, high price tag, not getting a timely update, sometimes the broken engagement ring you have to take on delivery.

But you're in the Ouros Jewels store, where you get a 24*7*365 customer support option, 10-20+ years of experienced craftsmanship, 20-50% less price tag from the market, and a secure delivery option with 60 days warranty. Contact us now to see why we can transform your problem into happiness. From that concerning stress, your mental health will affect. As a result, we can take responsibility for solving your problem efficiently.

  • Are Emerald Cut Lab Diamonds Popular?

Yes, Emerald Cut Lab Diamonds are popular because it has a long parallel and steps cut on the crown and table surface, which makes them desirable. Emerald cut diamond has a flat table so that the reflection ability would be increased. As a result, Emerald diamond found its choice at 1st rank among customers, especially Bride and Groom.

So, Emerald shaped diamond is preferable for engagement rings, also in prongs or bezel sets. Emerald diamond has the same faceting anatomies from east to south and north to west and because it helps to release an amount of sparkle.

Emerald Cut Diamond has special appearance

In addition, the Emerald Diamond has the gorgeous and finest appearance from the culet and pavilion. Most customers preferred and selected Emerald Shape Diamond due to its length. In Emerald Cut Diamond, sharp or soft edges 45°-90° degree angle corners are placed for hard grasp. Sometimes diamonds fall from the ring surfaces, but the Emerald diamond has no issues due to the sharp four side edges.

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  • Why do People Choose Emerald Cut Lab Diamonds For Engagement Ring?

Emerald Cut Diamond is known as a “Rectangular Modified Diamond.” This modified diamond has a long length, and its backside is swallowed by a cutting-polishing style, which can easily be fixed in an engagement ring. An emerald Diamond has many step facets as brilliant cut diamonds. As a result, People select emerald-cut lab diamonds for rings.

In Emerald Diamond's table surface facets looks like waves of the ocean, which always move forwards. So, people understand that in a challenging moments of life these Emerald shaped diamonds help to tackle them. As a result, customers prefer an Emerald cut diamond for an engagement ring.

Criss Cut Emerald Diamond With Best Appearance From Top

But, emerald diamond has Step Cut facets on the surfaces means when a radioactive light enters into its table surface, then the step cut prevents the light to enters.

But, when you see the surfaces of emeralds, then find that there is some space between facets. So, the blank space between faceting lines helps emerald-shaped diamonds to sparkle more.

Also, Emerald cut diamonds can't lose it popularity causes of their length and beautiful engraved faceting lines on the anatomies. An emerald diamond has step cuts on four side edges on the backside and on crown surfaces. The Step Cut pattern of emerald diamonds creates a “V” Shape, which is called a vintage cut diamond.

  • I want to propose to my love an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. Then what is the best ring style?

Halo And Solitaire Ring Style is preferable for emerald diamond engagement rings for proposed with a question for the wedding. Because halo and solitaire style helps the emerald diamond to look like a glittering substance, like a planet where you and your love stay alone but together.

When selecting emerald shape diamond for an engagement ring then, you may choose the Solitaire Accent Style. In solitaire accent style, the emerald diamond will release its natural beauty with accent stones like baguette cut and tapered cut. The choice is yours which you prefer.

Emerald diamond has a long parallel cutting style which starts from the northwest side and finishes at the north-east side. It means that all facets of an emerald shape diamond complete the relay ground when you see it with concentration. 

Let’s take a look at emerald cut lab diamond ring styles. You can choose for your favorite occasions and moments.

Emerald Diamond Rings
  • Emerald Three-Stone Ring

This 2.00-carat emerald-shaped three-stone ring has baguette-cut diamonds on the left and right sides. This stylish emerald three-stone ring has VS clarity grade that is second superior clarity after VVS diamonds. If your love like to wear Asshcer Diamonds ahead of Baguette Diamonds, then it's possible. Superior clarity grade diamonds are also possible to carve in the ring. 

Emerald Shape Diamond Ring With Popularity

Specifically, Emerald Diamond attracts some invisible powers and abilities for the wearer. If someone selects Emerald Diamond for the ring, it's an excellent selection of all time. The vertical stability of Emerald Shape Diamond will look like the statue of love symbolism.

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  • Emerald Cut Diamond Accent Ring

This 4.00-carat emerald cut diamond accent ring has a round shape diamond as accents. VS clarity grade diamonds are fixed on this emerald diamond ring.  This emerald lab-grown diamond ring has 18kt white gold metal purity. 

Four-sided prongs grasp the 4.00-carat emerald diamond for durability, and it connects with the basket. Round diamonds are fixed as surface-shared prongs to increase the beauty of the engagement ring.

Emerald cut diamond ring with gold metal on the shank

In This emerald-shaped diamond Ring, What Are You Looking For? If you like oval or pear shape diamonds placed as accent diamonds on the ring, then the probability is also available. 

  • Emerald Diamond Solitaire Ring

In this 3.00-carat Emerald Diamond Solitaire Ring, the overall beauty of the VVS1 clarity diamond looks beautiful. In this emerald shape diamond ring, a D color-grade diamond is used, and you can demand colored diamonds for your choice.

Brilliant Looking Emerald Diamond Solitaire Ring

An emerald diamond is known for its step-cutting on all surfaces. While this 3.00-carat diamond ring features only emerald shape diamond itself, it indicates “solitaire style.” 18kt white gold is used to make this emerald diamond engagement ring.

  • Emerald Diamond Halo Ring

A multi-shape Emerald Diamond Halo Ring is a different choice for engagement because it has two different bands. The 1.00-carat emerald diamond ring is an example of better brilliance and scintillation.

In recent trends, the emerald diamond halo style ring is popular and famous for weddings. In this ring, 1.00-carat blue colored diamonds are fixed as center diamonds for a gorgeous appearance. Round Shape Diamonds are fixed with two split gold bands, and the bands are joined with each other at a bridge accent. 

[Emerald Shape Diamond Halo Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

All diamonds are lab grown and have VS clarity grade. You can select different colors of the center and accent diamonds; there is a possibility. So, get this 1-carat emerald diamond ring with uniqueness and luxuriousness.

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  • Emerald Cut and Baguette Diamond Ring

This 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring it has SI clarity grade, which is still in demand. You can select VVS or VS clarity grade diamonds for this 2-carat emerald diamond ring.

In this emerald shape diamond ring, three types of fancy diamonds are used. The first is emerald cut diamonds, the second is a tapered shape, and the last is a baguette cut. To make this emerald diamond ring more beautiful then, you can select platinum or rose gold metal.

[Baguette Cut And Emerald Cut Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

In addition, "U" style prongs are fixed for the baguette and tapered cut diamonds. All lab-grown diamonds are fixed with a pattern of ascending to descending, which makes this diamond engagement ring dazzling.

In this emerald diamond ring, 1.50 carat tapered cut diamond is used, which has VS clarity grade and j color grade. Baguette-cut diamonds are fixed in VS clarity grade and K color, which is a nearly colorless grade.

  • Which clarity is best for an emerald-cut diamond ring?

From the point of view of an expert diamond gemologist, the best clarity for an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring is VVS. VVS Diamonds have a clear and gorgeous appearance on the anatomies. That's why Emerald Diamond Ring VVS clarity is the best. Emerald diamonds have parallel facets on the table.

When buying an Emerald Diamond Ring then, you can select VS2 Clarity Diamond. For budget-conscious VS2 clarity Emerald diamonds are also a good option. VS2 clarity grade emerald diamonds have less price than VVS1 clarity grade diamonds.

So, the Best clarity for an emerald-cut diamond ring is the VVS1 clarity grade. In VVS1 clarity grade, the diamond has no more inclusions for preventing a sparkle.

  • Which is the best color grade for an emerald-cut diamond ring?

For Best Emerald Diamond Ring, F color is the finest color grade. F color grade diamond features a colorless appearance, and emerald diamond has a white appearance on the table. So, you can't neglect that white look of F color-grade emerald diamond. Select only F color-grade diamonds for an Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring. It has three benefits which are as follows.

1. Great sparkling ability
2. Best alternative option for D-color grade diamond
3. F color grade diamond has no more inclusions on the surface

From the above-mentioned points, "F color grade" is best for an emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Also, "F color grade diamonds" are used for making a necklace or bracelet. Because after D and E color grades, F color grade diamonds are easy to grow in the laboratory, but it demands more skill and mind.

When you can't be able to discover an F color grade diamond for an engagement ring, then don't worry; you knock on the right door, which is

Here, you can see the virtual showroom of Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry, especially the customized jewelry that you want. Will make it your dream ring with the choice of diamonds. Meet us then we will move forward for further discussion. We can solve your questions regarding purchasing an emerald diamond ring.

  • Expert words on an emerald diamond ring

So, whenever you choose emerald shape diamond for your engagement ring, then remember its components and ring Styles. A VVS1 Clarity Emerald Shape Diamonds is an exquisite type of clarity to make diamonds more beautiful.

In the Emerald shape of the diamond, EF color is also preferred by customers. They demanded D Color emerald diamond, But that color is very rare To be grown in lab-created diamonds. For fancy-colored emerald diamond rings like as orange, blue, yellow, and purple, you can tell us your expectations. Regarding the Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings purchasing process, then contact us in your free time; we are open 24*7*365.

In emerald Shape diamonds, never neglect a Bow Tie effect or more inclusion on the diamond surface. It reduces your ring's overall beauty. So, only choose superior clarity and color to make your ring for valentine(Love). From Ouros jewels without bow-tie effect emerald diamonds then, you can easily purchase them, and you can ask for uniqueness in the ring.

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