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Fancy Colored Butterfly Diamonds

What is butterfly shape diamond called?

A Butterfly diamond is an example of elite and skillful craftsmanship. Because diamond grading is very tough and complex, not described in words or phrases, it’s a total game of sharp-edged mind and hands. But we make it simple and easy through our craftsmanship. A Butterly cut diamond has all-degree corned angles in facetings like 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, and 180°.

Butterfly shape fancy color diamonds

We don’t say it is easy to make butterfly diamonds in lab-grown, but it demands a high level of craftsmanship; we have it. So once a time, you can tell us your requirements for those antique cut diamonds and then see why we feel proud to provide that high-level crafted diamonds.

Introducing colored butterfly diamonds

In the colored butterfly diamonds, Ouros Jewels introduced the it in the blue, yellow, pink, and green color. All fancy colored butterfly diamonds are made with better symmetry grade and polishing scale, which is essential thing for light reflections. In colored butterfly diamonds, the 4cs are of excellent quality, which makes them preferable in fancy and antique shape diamonds.

Pink butterfly diamond 

A pink butterfly fancy color diamond is the true symbol of skillful and sharp-minded craftsmanship. We make this pink butterfly diamond in 0.51 carat with VS1 clarity and Excellent cut grade. This pink butterfly shape diamond has Excellent symmetry and polishing grade.

In this fancy color butterfly shape diamond, the total game of the light reflection is based on the symmetry of a diamond. The symmetry of the diamond depends on the faceting patterns in the anatomy known as parallel and step cut. This butterfly shape diamond symmetry carries 180° angle-degree faceting styles, which is one type of wonder.

Pink fancy color butterfly diamond

Shop Pink butterfly fancy color diamond.

The Characteristics Of Pink Butterfly Diamond

1. Shape: Butterfly Shape Diamond

2. Color: Pink

3. Clarity: VS1

4. Cut: Excellent

5. Symmetry & Polish: Excellent

6. Carat: 0.51CT

Benefits of buying pink butterfly diamond jewelry

Pink butterfly diamonds will help humans to decrease the anger sense and improve kindness in the soul and body. Sometimes anger dominates the person's mind. As a result, the person creates an unexpected situation that is very dangerous to his family and himself.

The pink color symbolizes many positive energies which guide a wearer’s mind to choose the right path in life. A pink butterfly diamond gives warmth, compassion, calm, pure romance, and heart-keeper, and increases self-confidence in love nexus.

Take A Note

Need a customized pink butterfly diamond ring or earring? Otherwise, whatever you want, then contact us. We caught your request for customized pink butterfly diamond jewelry at an affordable price with the best quality and precious metal ingredients.

So do not keep doubt in your mind regarding our tremendous craftsmanship. Need an example, place your order, then rest the facts put on our shoulders and see your first diamond jewelry elegance from us.

Blue butterfly diamond in fancy color diamond

This butterfly diamond in a fancy color diamond made in blue color with VS1 clarity and an Excellent cut diamond. This blue color fancy diamond is made with Excellent symmetry and polish grades. The weight of this blue fancy butterfly shape diamond is 0.55 carat, and the appearance looks like a gorgeous flying insect.

In this fancy-colored butterfly diamond, the faceting curves match each facet of the anatomy, making the diamond more glorious. The fancy blue butterfly diamond can introduce a better amount of diamond fluorescence. Becuase diamond fluorescence is the blue color light that generates ultraviolet rays in the dark atmosphere.

Blue Buuterfly Diamond is the example of excellent craftsmanship due to glorious appeared faceting

Shop Fancy blue color butterfly diamond.

The Characteristics Of Blue Butterfly Shape Diamond

1. Shape: Butterfly Shape Diamond

2. Color: Blue

3. Clarity: VS1

4. Cut: Excellent

5. Symmetry & Polish: Excellent

6. Carat: 0.55CT

Benefits of blue butterfly cut fancy diamond

In the benefits of blue butterfly cut fancy diamond 5 facts includes brilliance, scintialltion, fire, the curving facetings, and triangle shaped patterns on the anatomy. These are the benefits for buyng the blue fancy butterfly shape diamond because it's a far impossible to found the 5 benefits in only one diamond. Blue butterfly fancy diamond carries the constant light reflections which makes it optimum and honest.

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Yellow butterfly diamond in fancy shape.

A yellow butterfly shape diamond is the updated version of fancy shape diamond. In this yellow fancy color butterfly diamond, the clarity grade is VS1, and the cut grade is excellent. The yellow fancy color diamond has excellent symmetry and polishing grades, making the light reflections more appealing and precious. This fancy yellow butterfly diamond has a 0.40-carat weight, making it more glorious.

Yellow fancy butterfly shape diamond

Shop Yellow butterfly fancy shape diamond.

The Characteristics of the Yellow-Colored Butterfly Diamond

1. Shape: Butterfly Shape Diamond

2. Color: Yellow

3. Clarity: VS1

4. Cut: Excellent Grade

5. Symmetry & Polish: Excellent

6. Carat: 0.40CT

Benefits of yellow butterfly cut diamond

The benefits of yellow butterfly diamonds are warmth, stress-free life, happiness, easy communication, mental stability with high-power memory storage, excitement, and curiosity to learn about new works assignments in life.

The yellow-colored butterfly diamond has the benefit of less price than other colored or colorless diamonds. Furthermore, in this butterfly lab-grown diamond, only an eco-conscious process is used, which is essential for our planet to maintain the biodiversity cycle.

Yellow butterfly shape diamond is certified by an authenticated our branded certificate which is transparent, and we approved stamp it.

Green Butterfly Diamond

This green fancy color butterfly diamond made in VS1 clarity and Excellent cut. The fancy green butterfly diamond features Excellent symmetry and polish grade which approved that a craftsmanship has been done without any error on the diamond anatomy. This butterfly diamond has 0.52 carat weight which is the complete choice for diamond rings and necklaces.

Green butterfly shape diamond with better quality

Shop Green fancy color butterfly diamond.

Fancy color butterfly diamond 4cs are the in good quality which helps it to release more shining reflections in the returns. The fancy color diamond in the butterfly shape the table anatomy is made as the LED tv screen which is clear and preferable. The green butterfly shape diamond is known for its appealing reflections from the 180° curved facetings.

1. Shape: Butterfly Shape Diamond

2. Color: Green

3. Clarity: VS1

4. Cut: Excellent

5. Symmetry & Polish: Excellent

6. Carat: 0.52CT
Benefits of butterfly shape green color diamond

Butterfly shape green color diamond includes warmth, calmness, motivation, kindness, and supportive nature. Green color fancy diamonds carry a better and clear appearance in their anatomy, which makes them more commendable and precious. Thus, a fancy green color diamond in a butterfly shape successfully gives better light reflection called "scintillation."

The curving faceting patterns in the green butterfly fancy diamond make the atmosphere cool and gorgeous from the scintillation. Thus, select a fancy green color butterfly shape diamond ring for the engagement. Buy fancy butterfly green colored diamond jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and bangles.

* Need customized colored butterfly diamonds then we can also do that. But, if you want to purchase those colored diamonds in more quantities, like 20+ or 50+, then you can fill out this form of Bulk Inquiry which delivers a better idea of your requirements. You have definitely heard back from us with the quotation of price. 

Our Elegance in antique shape diamonds in jewelry

This antique shape diamond jewelry is the uniqueness of Ouros Jewels. In this butterfly diamond ring, the VS clarity and E color grade fancy butterfly is used with better symmetry and polishing grade. Other diamonds are used in marquise shape and round with the VS clarity and E color scale.

A 1.40 carat weighted butterfly shape diamond is used in this vintage style ring and 18kt white gold metal is added for the optimum appearance. All diamonds are fixed in the prongs and basket settings for getting more durability to the framework. A butterfly diamond ring having the looks as the live beautfiul butterfly is sit on the hand. Buy now.

Butterfly shape diamond ring in the best 4cs quality

Shop Butterfly shape diamond ring in gold.


We don’t hide any single but essential or non-important information regarding these blue, yellow, pink, and green butterfly diamonds. First, you have to tell us you want these colored butterfly diamonds at the best price, then we will give a specialized price to you, especially in bulk orders or wholesale. Ouros Jewels will introduce the best-crafted colored butterfly lab diamonds made with an eco-friendly process.

If you’re a lover of collecting antique diamonds but can’t find them in other diamond shops. Then ouros jewels provide antique shape lab diamonds at your demanded quality grades. From our doorstep, you can take away the crafted butterfly shape diamonds in various colors to fill color in the love life.

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