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How to measures right ring size at home

How to check ring size at home

Hello readers,

The ring is the best selection for a proposal or revealing love thoughts, but it must be in the right size. If it is not, then it looks very strange and embrassing. Thus, today we will look at strategies or steps for measuring ring sizes at home without having expensive equipment. In addition, you should be aware of the information about ring sizes on this page. Don't assume you're ineligible to change your finger size; it's far too simple and convenient. 

  • How to measure your ring size?

When you want to measure your ring size at home, then you should carry thread or a ring size chart converter. But, it might be don't give the right size of the ring. As a result, we give features virtual ring sizer option. In this virtual ring sizer, we provide a ring sizer page that you can wear on your favorite finger and find the best possible size for your finger. How easy is that.

When we talk about buying a ring, the first question is the size of the ring that can easily wear and look like glorious on hand. Even all of us have concerns about the perfect ring size because the ring expresses love, affection, and connection to each other. In this thing, if we don't get the right size for the ring, it's much hurtful for us.

The diamond ring is described in its scale of millimeters and inches. When we're going the buy the ring if you don't know what's your ring size? Two steps can be helpful for you to measure size. 

The first is that a Jeweler has some advanced technology to get your ring size. But you don't want to go to jewelry shops, so don't be afraid. There are tricks available with housekeeping tools, and it does not require modern techno to find that.

  • What are the important things to find the right size ring?

If you want to find the right ring size, then you can take a thread and wear it on the finger comfortably. Note down the size of the thread and scale it on the ring size converter. As a result, you can see the best available size which you find. But you can see our virtual ring sizer page, which is easy and accurate to use.

After you've decided on the diamond ring type and metal, you'll need to decide on the size. It's very significant since if you acquire the wrong or incorrect ring size, you won't be able to focus on essential work.

You think about your ring all the time, and if it's loose on your finger, you're worried that it will be fall somewhere, and none of us can afford that because our loved one gave it to us. Concerns and misgivings, on the other hand, have no place in our imaginations if you measure the ring sizes precisely. And we put a lot of effort into our work.

  • What are the best times to measure your perfect ring?

The answer is that our finger's size fluctuates all day when we are doing the work. In the evening, you have the wide and largest width of your fingers. Then Evening is the best time to measure your perfect ring size, maybe Night also. The reason behind that all of the day, you are working with your fingers, and blood cells are moving through all of your body. After you've been rested yourself and the temperature downs, then it's the best time to measure the size of the ring.

If you're living in a cold region like the UK, Ireland has different sizes than the warm region like China, Sri Lanka. Also, if you live in the US and Canada there, the same size ring is available. The reason behind this is the region's temperature. In the UK, you should have big size ring than in the United States. 

  • Which fingers are to be used for measuring?

The left side's second last finger is the best option to measure the ring size because most couples wear the engagement ring on that finger. Also, the left side's second last finger became the special place to store the love feelings in that. As a result, for mapping, the engagement ring's size then selects the second last finger of the left side.

  • Is there any possibility of measuring a ring size at home?

Yes, there is a possibility to measure ring size at home. From thread and pen you can measure the ring size at home easily. There you can measure the ring size for fingers anywhere, including in the house, without using the latest extravagant elements. You can easily use household things to help to get the actual perfect ring size.

The first step to measuring the ring size at home is to wear a thread on your desired finger that you use to wear an engagement ring.

Second is measuring the size which your fingers covered and noting it to your mind.

The third is to see the ring size chart and compare your measured actual ring size. In the ring size chart, you can easily find the exact size.

  [Finding Ring Size]-[Ouros Jewels]

 After that, you should mark your finger size and the circumference of the ring size, which describes in millimeters and inches.

[Marking The Ring Size]-[Ouros Jewels]

When you mark your ring circumference, measure it on a scale, and after that, you should look at the ring size chart, which has variables from nations.

Get Right Ring Size

Here I provide the ring conversation chart to gain crystal clear knowledge about the ring sizes, which you have to measure on the steps clarified above. 

  • Can ring style play a necessary role in the ring size?

Yes, a ring style plays an imperative role in deciding the ring size. In a halo style ring, the platform is wide, and it requires a wide ring band, so you increase the ring size by 1/2 size to wear it congenial. i.e. If you choose a 6-number size in this style, you need to increase your size 1/2 because it covers the fingers and provide better look in the retur.

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