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JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2022 All Details

JMA Hongkong is the best show to visit for buying diamond jewelry at affordable price
  • Briefing Of JMA Hong Kong Jewelry Show

Jewelry Manufactures’ Association of Hong Kong organized Jewelry Show for the 30th time in consecutive years. This is the only show organized for buying antique diamond and gemstone jewelry before the new year and Christmas.

As a result, JMA Hong Kong Jewelry show has more customer retention ratio at their pitch because customers will find what they found in front of their eyes. At JMA Hong Kong Show, 99.96% of buyers were satisfied with the booths' organizing work and the exhibitors' flexibility.

The central perspective to organizing a jewelry show in Hong Kong in November 2022 is the buyer will enjoy unique and precious moments of buying jewelry from direct manufacturers.

The past exhibitors of the JMA Hong Kong Jewelry Show said that this platform provides the foundation and intermediate stage to increase the B2B wings in the jewelry world. 

  • Who are we?

We are the wholesaler and retailer of antique lab-grown diamonds, Colored loose diamonds, and Lab diamond jewelry, which includes rings, wedding bands, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bangles, and bracelets.

Ouros Jewels is also expert in diamond jewelry customization, which is a different milestone for us because we convert great ideas into reality. We operate in 55+ Countries worldwide.

  • Introducer of Colored Butterfly Diamonds in the Lab-grown Diamond industry. Also, antique cut lab diamond manufacturers like Lord BUDDHA Cut, Bull Cut, Modified Shield Cut, and many more, We are also capable of designing as per your desired shape. 
  • We have 15000+ customers worldwide, and they’re given a certification for our crafted diamond jewelry. 
  • Since Our foundation in mid-2019, we have produced 15000CT+ Lab-grown Diamonds & Jewelry till 09-’2022. 
    • We welcome both B2C and B2B customers and provide them with unique offers according to their requirements. 
    • Why Select Ouros Jewels Booth for visiting JMA Hong Kong in November 2022?

    There are reasons to select Ouros Jewels Booth for visiting JMA Hong Kong in November 2022. Ouros Jewels will show the elegance and finest crafting lab diamond jewelry under one roof with specific details, and more importantly, all our jewelry is certified by authenticated institutions*.

    The first reason is to see Ouros Jewels Booth in JMA 2022, the amazing crafting art on the jewelry.

    Second is the combination of variousness and integrity in one designed jewelry with excellent quality. 

    The third is the reason to visit Ouros Jewels, considering the price or budget wall you don’t want to break. The final reason to meet us at JMA Hong Kong 2022 is you have a chance to make your show journey more joyful and memorable by looking at all of our special antique creations.

    • Which Jewelry do I have to see at JMA Hong Kong 2022 on Ouros Jewels Booth?

    In Ouros Jewels Booth at JMA 2022, you can see antique lab diamonds jewelry and loose diamonds. Because the true meaning of what craftsmanship is in antique diamond jewelry will acknowledge when you visit our Booth.

    Of Course, the JMA Hong Kong Jewelry Show Organizer creates specific sections for jewelry and diamonds or other types of jewelry. But, at our booth, you can get the below-mentioned jewelry and diamonds.

    • Diamonds

    A. Antique Cut Diamonds = Lips Cut And Lot More Antique Diamonds Available.

    B. Brilliant Cut Diamonds = Round Shape Diamond and many other brilliant cut diamonds.

    C. Colored Diamonds = Marquise Shape Diamonds ans other shape diamonds also in yellow, blue colors.

    D. Colored Fancy Shape Diamonds = All Shape Of Diamonds you can see.

    • Rings and Jewelry

    A. Antique Diamond Engagement Rings = Criss Cut Diamond Ring and many others antique diamond rings you can see.

    B. Wedding Eternity Bands = All Types Of Wedding Eternity Diamond Bands

    C. Dainty Rings = Emerald Diamond Dainty Rings and others shape rings available

    D. Tennis Bracelets = Round Diamond Bracelet and many diamond shape bracelet available.

    E. Diamond Earrings = Optimum Looking Diamond Earrings with all types.

    • Wish To Buy Wholesale Diamond Jewelry? Read Below.

    If you want diamond jewelry at wholesale price and quantity, then visit our Jewelry Wholesale Page, where you will find quick FAQs related to purchasing. Otherwise, you can contact us 24*7*365.

    • For B2B or B2C, who will bear fruit in JMA Hong Kong 2022 Show?

    For B2B or B2C purposes, the JMA Hong Kong 2022 Jewelry show will bear fruit because there’s no boundary limit to allow only B2B buyers in this exhibition. Also, B2C means a retailer allows in the show, which will help the exhibitors to get the demands of their jewelry brands from dreaming customers.

    For B2B purposes, if you want to buy jewelry products in bulk from a respected seller with standard quality, then in JMA Hong Kong 2022 show option is available with a few exhibitors like Ouros Jewels.

    In B2B collaboration, you have the advantage of not standing in a queue to get your orders. Still, your requirements are taken as a priority and fulfilled quickly before the mentioned deadline. This is the benefit of B2B collaborations with Bulk Diamond Jewelry Supplier.

    From a B2C foresight view, you want to take an immediate product to your bag, and there’s no hassle for custom clearance, destroying transportation, and loss during transit; these matters do not occur regularly, but they may have a chance to fall the category mentioned above. 

    But, here at JMA B2C Hong Kong Show, you have to pay for your ideal jewelry, and within 15-30 minutes, the product is in your hands with the invoice. It’s a true example of flexibility and transparency in transactions.

    A Knowledge Corner Of Hong Kong JMA November 2022

    • Who Organizing a JMA Hong Kong Jewelry Show for the 30th Consecutive Time?

    Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association has been organizing the most flexible and transparent jewelry show for the past 29 years, and the success ratio of the exhibitors is 99%. The 99% success ratio of Exhibitors indicates JMA show provides a platform where the expected buyers gather under one house or hall.

    JMA Hong Kong is one of the most reputed and famous associations of international jewelers who have pioneered the jewelry industry, especially in Southeast Asia. Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association has worked on the four principles since its base foundation, and they are as follows:

    1. Member-Oriented = Providing the best service regarding any issues to members
    2. Sustainable Development = Create a better and more durable planet for all lives
    3. Excellence In Operations = Make a flexible operation chain to decrease the chance of error
    4. Social Responsibilities = Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility as a part of society.

    • Why is Hong Kong the best place to exhibit any jewelry?

    Hong Kong is the best place to exhibit antique jewelry because this place has more flexible buying options for any trader, whether business buyers or retailers. In addition, Hong Kong has no GST or VAT provisions, which also attracts buyers. 

    Hong Kong is the hub of diamonds and jewelry, so the buyer can easily find the perfect match for the jewelry piece. 

    Hong Kong is known for its technological revolution, which became an essential part of jewelry manufacturing. Most foreign buyers land in Hong Kong to buy any jewelry they want in their bags.

    So, Hong Kong is an excellent place to exhibit a piece of jewelry. After all, worldwide buyers constantly follow the updates from Hong Kong Jewelry Market, which plays a role as a key and main player in the international jewelry business.

    • From a Business perspective, Is JMA Hong Kong Show 2022 Appropriate?

    There are 4 beneficial factors to participating in JMA Hong Kong Show 2022 as a business enterprise. Those factors include highly qualified customers and visitors allowed in the show, which is necessary for security reasons.

    1600+ booths and 29+ countries exhibitors put jewelry in the booth, JMA is the legacy representing jewelry show which improves business goodwill, and last in the list is varieties in exhibiting booths for any jewelry.

    From a business perspective, this Hong Kong November Jewelry 2022 show has beneficial factors which provide a booster dose to any jewelry company or local jewelry store. From the Business eye, let’s check out the reasons and benefits of JMA Show 2022. 

    In Covid-19 time this is the only jewelry show allowed to all visitors during the pandemic time with all security precautions like as vaccinations and decided members allowed in that pandemic time.

    1. Only Respected and Highly Qualified Customers and Visitors Allowed

      At Jewelry Manufacturers Association Hong Kong Jewelry Show, only respected, highly qualified customers and visitors are allowed. As a business owner, you want the security of your luxurious jewelry from an unexpected incident.

      So, don’t worry; JMA is ISO 9001:2015 certified, indicating that JMA is a trustable and reputed organization that gives the platform to local or international jewelry brands to expand the seed of the business. Thus, JMA Hong Kong provides more security to its exhibitors. 

      As a jewelry business owner, You can exhibit in this Hong Kong Jewelry Show 2022.

      2. 1600+ Numbers Of Booths and 29+ Countries Buyers Entering Into JMA 2022

        At JMA Hong Kong Show, 1600+ booths are allowed because buyer demand something unique but integrity in jewelry. So, JMA organizers have the vision to provide various designed jewelry to every customer in equal quantity. 

        At the Hong Kong Jewelry Show, most of the exhibitors have come from INDIA, Taiwan, USA, UK, China, Korea, Europe, Japan, and of course, Hong Kong. 

        The Carpet area of the Hong Kong Jewelry Show 2022 is 28,800 Sq. Meter, which is very large and wide for the buyers to explore the variousness under one roof. Suppose a jewelry business wants to reach a booster sale benchmark internationally.

        In that case, this JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry 2022 show is the choice where a business can introduce its expertise and elegant craftsmanship in manufacturing ornaments.

        3. Only A Legacy Representing Jewelry Show From HKJMA

          Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association has been running a legacy-representing show since 1925 when only a dozen exhibitors started to present their craftsmanship jewelry ornaments at HKJMA offices. But, after JMA Show became popular worldwide, organizers began to exhibit the presentation at HKCEC for 20 years.

          A Hong Kong JMA Show considered by UFI’s standards from the past eight years to maintain the co-ordinations and transparency between buyers and exhibitors.

          That’s why 90% of exhibitors don’t lose the hand of the JMA show. Many Buyers have 27-28th years-long corporate relationships with Hong Kong International Jewelry Show.

          4. Manifold Exhibiting Options For Each Jewelry Type

          At JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2022, exhibitors have the benefit of presenting their uniqueness in each jewelry type at one booth. Thanks to JMA's Organizing policy allows the different jewelry types of products in one place. 

          At Hong Kong Jewelry Show 2022, exhibitors could introduce his/her jewelry brand’s goodwill in a particular jewelry section. The exhibitor profile has to fall under the below-suggested division to register a seat in Hong Kong Jewelry Show in November 2022 as a jewelry exhibitor.

          • Diamond Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry.
          • Birthstone Jewelry, Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry(Part Of June Birthstone).
          • Diamonds, Colored Gemstones, Carving Ornaments, Lab Grown Diamonds.
          • Machine for Jewelry Packaging, Antique Jewelry, and South Sea Pear Jewelry.
          • Refurbished Jewelry, High-Quality Gold Plated Watches, Refurbished Jewelry.
          • If I Go to JMA 2022 as a Visitor, Which Benefits Do I Have?

          If you go to JMA 2022 as a visitor, then you have the benefit of meeting new and most delicate jewelry ornaments in one place, which is fixed. As a visitor, you want to see precious craftsmanship in jewelry that only came in a dream.

          Also, you want to understand how intelligent craftsmanship worked continuously with integrity to manufacture a specialized diamond or birthstone jewelry.

          If you're going to see the reality of antique watches which has diamonds and pure gold metal, then you have to visit the Hong Kong Jewelry International Show 2022 between 24 November to 27 November.

          You can see all the types of demanded jewelry on one platform, which is flexible to buy and inquire about whatever you want.

          1. Instant Buying Options for any type of jewelry

          As a visitor, you have taken an admission pass to enter the Hong Kong Jewelry Show 2022, which is free for JMA club members, traders, and pre-registered visitors.

          Otherwise, if your favorite jewelry catches your eye and you want to buy it instantly, then the option is available in JMA Hong Kong 2022. 

          This is a very acceptable step taken by JMA organizers to give space for collaboration between buyers and exhibitors.

          Your journey will start with looking out for the best of the best jewelry types in Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Birthstone Jewelry, or Watches with gold or silver plating options.

          As a visitor, you obviously want to see high-level crafted jewelry in your cart. Then this show will suit your demands because it’s not a 5-10 countries exhibitors show; 29+ countries exhibitors took part in this JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show.

          2. Diversified Zones For Looking at Each Jewelry and Loose Diamonds

          In Hong Kong JMA International Jewelry Show, there are diversified zones for exhibiting each piece of jewelry and loose diamond. Visitors who become buyers after visiting a JMA want to see a variety at one stop stage. Thus, The Zones are named as follows.

          • Fine Jewelry Zone
          • Diamond Zone
          • Gem Zone
          • Pearl Zone
          • Vintage Jewelry Zone
          • Refurbished Jewelry Zone
          • Fashion & Silver Jewelry Zone
          • Synthetic & Lab Grown Diamond Zone
          • Watch & Clock Zone
          • Packaging Equipment and Services
          • Arena Of International Designers

          For More Information, Visit:

          Some Most Important Information Regarding JMA Hong Kong 2022

          Show Date: 24 November 2022 to 27 November (Thursday to Sunday)

          Show Edition: 30Th Edition (Since 1995)

          Venue: Hall 1
                      Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, 1 Expo Dive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

          Opening Hours for Visitors, Traders, and Exhibitors


          Opening Hours

          Visitor Registration Counter Hours

          24th November 2022

          10.00 am to 6.30 pm

          9.00 am to 6.30 pm

          25th November 2022

          10.00 am to 7.00 pm

          9.30 am to 7.00 pm

          26th November 2022

          10.00 am to 7.00 pm

          9.30 am to 7.00 pm

          27th November 2022

          10.00 am to 6.30 pm

          9.30 am to 5.30 pm

          All the visitor has to follow regulations and policy established by JMA Organizers. And one important thing is that Hong Kong Jewelry show organizers will arrange staying options in their partnered hotel organizations. Knows on

          • Final Call

          Don't forget to visit JMA Hong Kong Jewelry Show 2022 because you have a chance to see the most extraordinary craftsmanship in diamond jewelry. One time you have to visit JMA 2022 Show, where you can find your favorite jewelry in diamonds, gemstones, birthstones, and many more. 

          At JMA, you have the option to buy jewelry at the place and don't wait to get it at your doorstep. It is a benefit for a buyer who wants access to instant purchases.

          See you there.

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