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Lab-Grown Diamonds and Mined Diamond Difference In Price, Look, Varieties

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  • Strength Of Lab Grown Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond has 100% strength on the Moh's Scale, which is used to measure things' durability. Lab Grown Diamond has strong sustainability as Natural Diamonds. Lab-created diamonds still hold the hardness or strength that makes them the arch-rival of Natural Diamonds. In addition, Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds have the same strong durability on the Moh's Scale, which means that they are tough enough to maintain their beauty in every situation.

  • History of natural diamond and lab-grown diamond

In the history of natural diamonds, we found that it founds in mines naturally. In natural diamonds, humans can't add some components to their surfaces. At the same time, the lab-grown diamond was found by a general electric company making the crystal for scientific experiments. Lab-grown diamond has the same quality as natural diamonds; that's why it called a "historical, scientific invention."

When you purchase engagement or wedding clothes and accessories, then your 58% concentration stays on the jewelry. This fact is based on the survey of the bride and groom. That type of behavior is very obvious and acceptable. But do you know which diamond jewelry has benefits in the form of affordable price, long-lasting durability, and gorgeous appearance? No.

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So, let's start our discussion on the topic of natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds having the same tough durability for jewelry. The answer is that two major types of diamonds are available in the market. The first diamond is known as a "Natural Or Real Diamond," while the rest type of the diamonds is known as "Lab-grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds."

Our discussion is based on Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds' sustainability. So, everyone who purchases Lab Diamonds Jewelry then they have major concerns and worries about its toughness.

So, feel relaxed and take a deep breath. We show all your concerns and solutions regarding synthetic diamond jewelry purchases to wearing.

  • Which Problems do you face with buying Diamonds, and how did we solve them?

There are many problems you face for buying a diamond from an online jewelry store like as fewer communication options; diamonds do not have excellent symmetry grades. No diamond certification report is provided, which helps you to get better ideas. The price of Diamonds is very high, not antique diamonds available and varieties available.

But you're in the Ouros Jewels store, where you get a 24*7*365 customer support option, 10-20+ years of experienced craftsmanship, 20-50% less price tag from the market, a secure delivery option with 60 days warranty.

Contact us now to see why we can transform your problem into happiness. From that concerning stress, your mental health will affect. As a result, we can take responsibility for solving your problem efficiently.

  • Lab Grown Diamond V/s Natural Diamonds, Which Is Better?

In Lab Grown Diamond vs Natural Diamonds, which is better,  lab-grown diamonds are the best because they feature varieties, eco-friendliness, pollution reducers, and an excellent appearance. Lab Grown Diamond is better than Natural Diamond for the following reasons:- 

1. Lab Grown Diamond has 40-50% less price than Natural Diamond.

2. In Lab Grown Diamond, you can see the same brilliant appearance as Natural Diamond.

3. Lab Grown Diamond is eco-friendly, while Natural Diamond is not.

The same structure is placed in Lab Grown Diamond and Natural Diamond for an excellent appearance. While talking about lab-grown diamond's framework it's made with care from craftsmanship.

You know that Natural Diamonds are found in particular mines like INDIA, South Africa, and Australia. So, they were not produced but were found during the digging process.

At the same time, the Lab-grown diamonds are produced from the diamond seed in the laboratory. Lab-created diamonds are not founded, but they are made in a safe and secure environment.

[Lab Diamond Hardness]-[Ouros Jewels]

When we analyzed the making structure of mined and lab-grown diamonds, we found that they are both on the same stage or level. There is no difference between lab-created and mined diamonds' faceting and cutting styles.

We compared all the factors of natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. In addition, we look at the symmetry and polish process of these diamond types, so we conclude that natural and lab diamonds have the same structures.

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  • The hardness of natural diamond and lab-grown diamond

When we tested Mined Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds on the Moh's scale, they scored 10/10, indicating that Natural Diamond and lab-grown diamonds are tough. So, you can purchase lab-grown diamonds as an alternative option to Natural Diamonds.

We know that the diamond is the hardest stone on the planet. In addition, Natural Diamond is found in the earth's crust, and in the earth's crust, many types of gases are available, naturally giving the hardness to real diamonds. So, Natural Diamond gets the benefits of toughness from its original place.

While you think that A Lab-Grown Diamond is made in the laboratory, it has as much toughness as Natural Diamonds? Yes, lab-grown diamond has the same hardness as natural diamonds because lab diamonds gain hardness from the carbon in laboratories.

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Carbon gas has more hardness, scientific research and experiments prove. First, you know about the diamond's elements or substances. Diamonds are the solid form of carbon and hydrogen gases.

Because carbon can provide hardness to any of the objects. In scientific terms, carbon gas is known for its chemical proportions and electron arrangements.

In the making of lab-created diamonds, carbon and hydrogen gases are pressurized into the diamond seed to gain toughness. With the high pressure of the gases, diamonds get the hardness of steel.

We take the proud in the invention of the lab-grown diamond-making process. At the end of the discussion, which has the harder ability, a natural diamond or a Lab-Created Diamond? The answer is hidden in the machine or equipment which are responsible for the measured diamond's toughness. The device is called "Moh's SCALE." 

  • Why do lab-grown diamonds have a cheap price?

The answer is straightforward and accurate. Natural Diamonds are mined from the earth's crust. So, many heavy types of equipment are used for the digging process. Also, the diamond mine is very tough to dig. It is very costly, while lab-grown diamonds are not demanding that process. As a result, it has a low price.

While the lab-grown diamond is generated in laboratories without help from heavy machines and energy. As a result, lab diamonds have low prices than natural diamonds. In the natural diamonds foundation process, the devices demand a huge amount of human resources and electricity.

In addition, natural diamonds are found in the millions of miles of the mines. So, it was a risky process to be found Natural Diamonds.

After the founding process, Natural Diamonds go into the cutting and polishing process. Because 98% time during the mining process, mined diamonds are found in different sizes and strange-looking shapes.

So, diamonds need to be cut in specific shapes and measurements for the finest appearance. Furthermore, Mined Diamonds has goodwill from its foundation. So obviously, the price of natural diamonds is higher than lab-grown diamonds.

[Russia's Alrosa Mine Banned By America]-[Ouros Jewels]

On the other side, the mined diamonds faced more difficulties coming to the market to bring by the diamond vendors. Due to nation-wise cold war or prohibited actions surged the spark to decrease the rough diamond supplies like America banned rough diamonds from Russia's Alsora Mines.

Also, many invisible market factors affect the rough natural diamond's demands, like inflation, unemployment, government foreign trade policy, etc. 

In Macro Economic Terms, we learned that if all factors remain fixed, then any substance has less supply from its demands, and the price starts to reach the top. It means the price is increasing with the bullet speed of that particular substance. So, it called as "Law Of Demand."

In Natural Diamonds, the law of demands is applied. So, now you know why Mined Diamonds has more price than Lab-grown diamonds.

[Law Of Demand]-[Ouros Jewels]

On the other hand, Lab-grown diamonds do not demand any extravagant equipment like natural diamonds. Also, lab-created diamond has an equal level of supply to their demands. So, there is no chance for price hiking.

Let us count the factors for less price of Lab-Grown Diamonds.

1. Don't require land for the mining process.

2. Use less water and electricity.

3. Lab-grown diamonds use fewer Natural Resources.

4. Lab diamond's supply matches its demands.

5. Laboratory-grown diamonds are made rough to polish within 2-4 weeks, decreasing the variable production costs.

Have a look at the price comparison of Natural Diamonds V/s Lab-Grown Diamonds. After looking at the below chart, you don't need to clarify.

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  • Price of natural diamonds & lab-grown diamonds

For 1.00-carat round natural diamonds price is $4940. While a 1.00-carat round shape lab-grown diamond price is $1250. It means Natural Diamonds have a +40% price than Lab-grown diamonds with the same quality. So, in natural diamonds, you give more money for the same characteristics which available in lab-grown diamonds.

[Natural Diamond And Lab-Grown Diamond Price]-[Ouros Jewels]

Here we look at the price difference between natural diamonds & lab-grown diamonds. If you go to purchase Natural Diamonds, then you pay 4X more price than lab-grown diamonds. But remember that natural diamond has the same appearance as lab diamonds. So, you can freely choose a lab diamond from us and proudly say that you wear "eco-friendly diamond jewelry."

You may be noted that the lab-grown diamond price is cheaper than the natural diamond. If you want to take an idea about lab-grown diamond rings and jewelry, you can contact our designers by visiting the link- Contact Us.

Until now if you have concerns about Lab-Grown Diamond's appearance, then please take a look at the collections I've included below. After showing that you don't have a concern or worries.

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  • Expert Review Of Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamond gemologists and experts are told that lab-grown diamond has the same durability as Natural Diamonds; it's an invention of science and sharp-edged minds. Becuase after bearing thousands of celsius of temperature by lab-grown diamonds, they still release sparkles and the finest appearance.

You can tell that lab-grown diamonds have the same appearance and durability as natural diamonds; they have no major differences. Also, lab diamonds are available at less price than mined diamonds.

If you need more stylish and gorgeous collections of "Eco-Friendly Diamonds," then you must visit our store. We assure you that we welcome you not as a customer but as a friend.

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