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World's largest certified lab grown diamond

[World Largest Lab-Grown Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

  • Introduction to the world's largest lab grown diamond

MUMBAI-based company Ethereal Diamond made such an extraordinary lab grown diamond with 30.18 carats weight. This is the world's largest lab grown diamond certified by IGI. So now, INDIA is making records in producing big carats of lab-grown diamonds. Some diamond experts say that INDIA will be the hub of Lab-Grown Diamonds in the next five years.

Just a few days ago, Green Lab Diamond produced three elegant lab-grown diamonds known as “OM NAMAH SHIVAY DIAMOND.” In “OM NAMAH SHIVAY DIAMOND,” Only OM Diamond (Marquise Step Cut) has the highest weight measured at 27.27 Carats. OM Diamond carries the highest weight of Lab-Grown Diamond Worldwide.

Recently, INDIA has gaines an outstanding production ability of lab grown diamonds. INDIA’S lab grown diamonds are worldwide famous. In our survey, we found that 85% of customers selected INDIA for purchasing a lab grown diamond. (Tenure of survey 2020-’22). But, now INDIA started to produce large weighted diamonds, which start from 15 carats.

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  • In which method is Pride of INDIA diamond made?

Ethereal Green Diamond’s MD Hirav Virani says in his official statement that “A Pride Of India” is made from CVD(Chemical Vapour Deposition) method. In addition, he said that the CVD process is the best method ahead of the HPHT process.

The CVD process makes this Pride of INDIA diamond the world's largest certified lab grown diamond. So when they launch this 30.18 Carats diamond for certification, it’s a dignified moment for them and INDIA. 

[Pride Of INDIA Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

Also, Hirav Virani says that this “Pride Of INDIA Lab-Grown Diamond” will be present at the JCK Show 2022, Las Vegas, United States. 

The CVD process carries less pressure than the HPHT process. That’s why many Lab diamond manufacturers have preferred the CVD method. Also, in CVD process is not easy to handle, and Ethereal Green Diamond makes 30.18 carats of Emerald Diamond, known as the world's largest certified lab grown diamond. Nevertheless, their craftsmanship is noteworthy and commendable.

  • Which shape of diamond is known as the “Pride Of INDIA”?

Pride Of INDIA diamond has parallel and step cutting faceting styles emerald diamond. So, Pride Of INDIA diamond is known as 30.18-carat emerald-shaped diamond which has vvs clarity and e-color grade. This 30.18-carat emerald diamond is the world's largest certified lab grown diamond in the world.

Usually, Emerald Cut lab grown diamond is known for parallel cutting and brilliant scintillation. Also, the emerald lab diamond is known for its long length and curved corners. You can choose emerald diamonds for your engagement ring or wedding band.

  • Pride Of INDIA Diamond’s Special Characteristics

Pride of INDIA is the world's largest certified lab grown diamond, and it has the following characteristics: Pride Of INDIA diamond has a vs2 clarity grade and h color grade. VS2 clarity grade represents less amount of inclusions on the table surfaces. The weight of Pride of INDIA is 30.18 carats and cut style is parallel.

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