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Moissanite V/s Diamond The Complete Detail

Moissanite Vs Diamond is the indicator which is better for buyer to solve their problems

Moissanite and diamonds have the same appearance, but the making process differs from these both. Diamonds are found in two ways: natural and lab-grown methods. At the same time, moissanite is founded in the laboratory in combination with silicon carbide.

Moissanite has more sparkle reflective index than diamond. At the same time, Diamonds carries more strong durability than Moissanite. But, who is better between diamond and moissanite will be cleared after reading this article.

Moissanite V/s Diamond difference acknowledges the factors which impacts the buyer decisions to choose right option. Thus, this helping article of Moissanite and Diamond difference will delivers the conlcusion to select which is best for buyer, a Moissanite and Diamond.

Moissanite and Diamonds are mostly used in engagement rings, wedding necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rest types of jewelry. Customers select Moissanite and Diamond jewelry, but they don't know which is best for their long-lasting love symbolism. That's why I have created the article for your better understanding.

As a result, here we talk about Moissanite and Diamond's fundamental definition, durability, fluorescence, brilliance, scintillation, and fire. Moissanite and Diamond have price fluctuations due to different making processes. Because Moissanite and Diamond have separate materials on their internal surfaces. Moissanite sparks due to silicon elements.

Moissanite Compared to Diamond

Moissanite is compared to diamonds in three magical factors: first is durability, second is price, and third is appearance. In the first factor, the durability found more in diamonds means 100%. While moissanite has 92.5% durability. The second factor is the price, and Moissanite has 10% of the total diamond price. For example, if 1 carat diamond has, a $2000 price then a 1 carat moissanite is available at a $200 price. The third factor is appearance and from that Moissanite is a clear winner because it carries the sparkle reflection in more quantity than a diamond.

  • What is a diamond?

Diamond is a solid substance of carbon element. A diamond is a crystal from carbon. As a result, when carbon is pressurized with natural heat or artificial heat, then the carbon starts to take a shape that is called a Diamond. Diamonds are found in mines and laboratories.

Diamond has the electrons and neutrons weightage which is taken by it in legacy from pure carbon. We know carbon is a very hard substance. That's why for the proper look of Diamonds, they will be cut with laser rays for 2-5 hours continuously.

Moissanite is made with silicon carbide. The carbon seed is placed under the room where silicon is pressurized; then, the seed takes a particular shape which is called Moissanite. But, due to the combination of silicon and carbon, the Moissanite lost its durability from different neutrons matching up.

Moissanite is made in laboratories but not as a Lab-grown diamond(Real Diamond Type). A Moissanite was founded by Dr. Henri Moissan, who got a Nobel Prize and has the profession of chemist.

During his research, he looked for crystalline components that reflect an elegant sparkling light. The experiment succeeded, and the world was ready to get the benefits of Moissanite(Also Known As Simulant Diamonds).

Moissanite has the ability to reflect the finest reflecting sparkling lights of a Diamond. This is because of silicon carbide, while diamond features only carbon elements. That is why scientific research says that silicon carbide has an excellent ability to release exceptional brilliant light. In Moissanite, more refractive index silicon and carbon play a key role.

Difference between moissanite and cubic zirconia is their founding crystals and chemical involvements. Moissanite is the result of silicon carbide cyrstal which success to get durability than cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia made with the zirconium oxide crystal which is less durable. The price is also make a difference between moissanite and cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia available at 10% price of the Moissanite.

  • Is Moissanite carries fluorescence as in the diamond?

Yes, Moissanite carries fluorescence as in the diamonds. Moissanite has a big amount of rainbow-colored lights, which is found in less of the amount in diamonds. But, Moissanite is known for its brilliant fluorescence ability from its anatomies. Moissanite table anatomies carry 75% of fluorescence capability, that's why it always sparks. 

Diamonds also carries the fluorescence grade because the carbon element always been shining. Diamond Fluorescence means that a blue colored light appear in dark atmosphere. So, Diamonds have more fluorescence ability from the crafting process. As a result, Diamond lights up in the darkness as radiance.

Moissanite and Diamond fluorescence has the ability to increase the lighting capability

In fluorescence, a buyer gets information about the diamond and also see the diamond’s reflecting ability in various lights. While moissanites have any reflecting light ability. Moissanite has brilliant fire, scintillation, and brilliance.

  • Moissanite carries symmetry as diamonds?

Yes, Moissanite carries symmetry as diamonds. Diamond symmetry represents the faceting placement on the anatomy such as the pavilion, crown, and girdle. Moissanite has the same appearance as diamonds, and symmetry is also available in Moissanite. After all, Moissanite is a diamond alternative for having the same faceting patterns.

Moissanite has symmetry in the anatomy which helps it to release better lights in the returns. As a result, the buyer wants to buy Moissanite for having the exact symmetrical faceting placement as diamonds.

  • Is moissanite a real diamond?

No, moissanite is not a real diamond because it doesn't carry the durability and hardness of diamonds. Real diamond has a resale value that's why it sells +150-200% more than moissanite. A Diamond is a prestige teller of the person when it is engraved in an engagement ring. While moissanite is easily available because it's a type of crystal made with silicon carbide. Moissanite has a cheap price than a diamond.

Moissanite is not a diamond but a diamond substitute to carry some similarities to a diamond such as faceting, appearance, and sparkle.

  • Difference between Moissanite and Diamond

The main difference between Moissanite and Diamond is the originated process. Moissanite is made in silicon and carbon combinations for founding a crystal. Diamond is made only from carbon elements and is found naturally in hard carbon form. Moissanite has more shine as always, releasing rainbow color lights. While Diamond does not always sparkle rainbow lights. This is the prime difference between Moissanite and Diamond.

Diamond gains more durability because of the carbons, neutrons and electrons. That's why Diamond's durability is far better than Moissanite.

Moissanite has inclusions as diamonds because they are scaled at the same clarity grades. Diamond inclusions are the error of the polishing worker, and sometimes the rough diamond crystal already has inclusions. Diamond inclusions decide the clarity grade and look of the diamond from the top view.

In the moissanite appearance the same fundamental tip works. During the polishing process of Moissanite then the inclusion generates automatically or artificially for having more pressure.

The below infographics will tell the Difference between Moissanite and Diamonds. From it, buyers can make an easy decision about which is better for them, a Moissanite or a Diamond?
Moissanite v/s Diamond difference telling chart which clears the answers

  • Is moissanite makes engagement rings pretty as diamonds?

In reality, Moissanite makes your engagement rings pretty as Diamonds, sometimes maybe heavier. But, the problem is Moissanite not carries the durability of Diamonds. Then, if coincidentally your moissanite ring falls from you on the land, then scratches generate instantly. While the Diamonds Rings surpasses all the standards which you want in it as a buyer. That's why for long-lasting engagement rings, buyers have to go for Diamonds ahead of Moissanite.

Diamond Ring will make your love present more memorable and mesmerized

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  • Can I select moissanite jewelry ahead of diamond jewelry?

Yes, it depends on you. Moissanite jewelry is quite an affordable option with the budget provision to buy. Jewelry moissanite has a colorful appearance, which sometimes not found in diamond jewelry. In diamond jewelry, you can find the same appearance as moissanite jewelry, but the problem is moissanite jewelry has no resale value and durability as diamond jewelry.

At one time, you could buy Moissanite Jewelry, but it's not beneficial for buyers in my point of view. Diamond Jewelry allows you to get the best ROI and durability when Moissanite Jewelry has no value.

Diamonds will enhance your jewelry appearance because they're graded with authenticated 4cs which are decided by GIA and IGI. Diamond is the most used substance in jewelry, and the reason is customers need durable, affordable, sparkle, and dazzling appearance in the budget wall. Then diamonds are the best option.

The benefits side of wearing a diamond are as follows:-(Subject to specific research on customers).

  1. Diamond features healthy life and attracts wealth.
  2. Diamond wearing boost self confidence and motivation.
  3. Prevents negative energy from entering mind and body.
  4. Diamond improves nature towards people.
  • Moissanite vs Diamond cost

Moissanite vs diamond cost is very different because their manufacturing cost is not the same. Moissanite has 10% price of the total price of the diamond. While diamond has +900% price than a moissanite. Moissanite is easily grown, and there is no more concentration needed. While the diamond is the precious crystal carbon form which isn't easily available.

From here, the rarity of the diamond increase the price since the polishing process reaches the market. Diamond needs specialized craftsmanship and polishing processes to increase the price. As a result, moissanite has less cost than diamonds.

  • Why moissanite cheaper than a diamond?

For having a cheaper price for moissanite, the making process is responsible. The moissanite-making process demands less equipment compared to the diamond-making and founding process. Moissanite is made in thousands of lots, so the per unit cost is decreased, and it is produced in total machine prices. That's why the direct expenses are very low. 

Moissanite has 20-50% less price than Diamond because the crafting and the total machine manufacturing process for Moissanite not require a particular supervisor so the wages cost is removed. As a result, overall prices are low for Moissanite.

Moissanite is constantly dumping in the markets than its actual demands. So, the demands beats the price, and Moissanite Manufacturers are ready to sell it low price due to high competition. All these factors work as beneficial for customers.

Moissanite is Cheaper than diamonds for the clear looks in the surfaces

Important tip

In Moissanite, you’ll benefit from the sensational reflecting lights at less price, but have you ever known Moissanite has less durability than a diamond? Diamond scores 100% on the Mohs scale, while Moissanite scores 92.5%. If you select Moissanite for an engagement ring, nothing wrong with it. But, you are not getting the best rings as diamonds to choosing moissanite rings.

  • Which is better for an engagement ring, moissanite or a diamond?

Diamond is better for an engagement ring than Moissanite due to having durability, trustworthiness, and authentication. Diamond has more durability than Moissanite so it will be stay in engagement ring for many years, but buyer have to take care of the ring frequently. Diamonds are found or produced in trustworthy resources. As a result, they have a resale value.

Diamonds are found from the authenticated sources which has goodwill. So, it has best ROI than Moissanite. Thus, select Diamond for engagement ring.

Diamonds are certified by reputed institutions like GIA and IGI for authenticated approval. So, diamonds are a better selection for engagement rings, especially lab-grown diamonds. Diamond comes with a certification report where buyers can see the 4cs of diamonds easily and are able make purchasing decisions.

Diamonds carries the reputation tag than Moissanite. Because many jewelers believed that Moissanite is just a crystal and not complete the benchmark of diamonds. As a result, Moissanite is not best choice for an engagement ring, if you have low budget option then you can buy Moissanite Rings, otherwise not recommended.

Moissanite Ring vs Diamond Ring, Which is Better for buyer

Moissanite doesn’t have sufficient durability as a Diamond. The most important thing is that Moissanite has no resale value. While Diamond has resale value and it comes with diamond certification report.

For Moissanite certification no one certification institutions are ready because it might be harmful for their reputations. That's why Moissanite Rings are not recommended. That is other thing if you are in the cave of budget to buy engagement rings, then freely get moissanite rings.

  • Final thoughts

Moissanite and Diamond has same appearance but the difference tell it's not reality acutally. Moissanite sparkles at highest level while Diamond has more durability which is long lasting. The price difference of Diamond and Moissanite looks like a valley because Moissanite carries 20-50% less prices. That's why Moissanite is lose from Diamond's benefits. 

So, Buy Diamond Rings at affordable prices from certified diamond jeweler,

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