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Old European Cut Diamond Study From History To Present

Old European Cut Diamond represents the vintage time with best appearance


An old European cut diamond will remember the golden era's elegance. Old European Cut Diamonds were found around the 1830s. At those times, women wore old European cut diamonds on the neck with gold thread in gold pendants. Also, the old European cut diamond is still gaining demand worldwide due to its exquisite appearance. Old European diamonds have a combination of hexagon and square-shaped faceting styles on the table surfaces. Old European cut diamonds are still used in vintage rings and classic wedding jewelry like necklaces and pendants.

  • What are old European cut diamonds?

Old European cut diamond is another fancy shape of the diamond. When a diamond anatomy has a trio of round, triangle, and arrow-shaped faceting patterns, then it is called an old European cut diamond. Old European cut diamonds carry light reflections for have less amount of fluorescence effects. In OEC, diamond fluorescence isn't available for having a clearer appearance.

Round Old European Diamond Representing Optimum Look
  • History of old European cut diamond

History of the Old European cut diamond says that between 1890 and 1935, the it was invented, and after that tenure of high demand, it became world popular. In Kingdom times, people wore Old European cut diamonds in the jewelry. Old European cut diamonds were made with handcrafting artmanship at those times when no machinery and technology were invented as they are now.

So, imagine how the craftsmanship was capable of making natural old European cut diamonds. In other terms, old European shaped diamond is the legacy of ancient diamond workers.

Old european cut diamond ring

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The demand trend for old European cut diamonds started at the end of 1800 and the first thirty years of the 1900s. Some gemologists believe that Europe has invented this type of diamond, and it is called the “Old European Cut Diamond.”

Now, old European cuts of diamonds still maintain their popularity ahead of fancy shapes of diamonds. Customers get a big surface table size ahead of modern brilliant round cut diamonds in old European cut diamonds. That's why people are choosing old European cut diamonds.

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  • Why does an old European cut diamond differ from other shape diamonds?

Old European cut diamond has larger table surface dimension, triangle and rectangular facets, white color appearance, and clear transparent looks. As a result, old European cut diamond carries all other shaped diamond characteristics. So, the old European cut diamond differs from other shapes of diamonds. 

So, the characteristics of Old European Cut Diamonds are as follows:

A. Old European cut diamond has a larger table surface

    An old European cut diamond has a larger table surface than modern brilliant cut diamonds of the same weight, but it depends on the crafting and making method. In modern brilliant cut diamonds, polish workers are trying to reach an excellent appearance of the diamond. At the same time, they forget to maintain a common ratio of table surfaces, resulting in the diamond having fewer table surfaces.

    B. Old European diamond has triangle shape facets on the center table surface

      In round old European cut diamonds, pretty and tiny round shapes and triangle facets are placed to enhance the diamond's beauty. A round table's facets are like a painter filling color on a canvas. Also, an old European cut diamond has rounded, arrow and triangle shape lines on the outer and center parts of the table surface. While in a brilliant cut, diamond facets are placed in an arrow shape.

      C. Old European cut diamond features a brilliant appearance through surfaces

        While we are talking about old European cut diamonds' brilliant appearance, their reflecting ability of sparkling light is excellent and finest as fancy shape diamonds. Also, a girdle was placed with an excellent cut grade in old superior diamonds, making it preferable(incredibly round old European cut diamonds). European cut diamond's anatomy reflects the sparkle with rainbow colors like yellow, purple, orange, blue, sky blue, and grey. So, an old European-shaped diamond makes your purchase more valuable. Shop it now.

        D. Old European cut diamond has more crown facets

        When you choose old European cut diamonds, you get swallowed crown surface, which is most important for the appealing overall appearance of the diamond. On the old European cut diamond's crown surface, 20-30% more faceting line placed than a brilliant cut diamond.

        • Old European cut diamond v/s round brilliant, which is better?

        Old European diamond is better than round brilliant diamond because it features three types faceting patterns as round, arrow, and triangle shaped. Old European diamond has more amount of faceting lines around the anatomies. While brilliant cut diamond's faceting lines are only in one pattern, and the number of lines are less.

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        On the center of the old European diamond, triangle facets available. On the other side of the brilliant cut diamond's table surface have arrow shape facets.

        Old European Diamond V/s Round Brilliant Diamond reprsenting which is better
        • What are certified brilliant cut diamonds?

        Certified brilliant cut diamonds are founded with the arrow cutting facets on the table, crown, and girdle which is the part of diamond cut. Brilliant cut diamonds are certified by GIA and IGI, which are leading certified institutions, and they have trustworthy standards to give accurate information about diamonds.

        Certified Brilliant Cut Diamonds have same appearance as Old European Cut Diamond

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        In short, brilliant-cut diamonds are known for their brilliance, scintillation, and intensive shining appearance. In a certified brilliant shape diamond, the proportions are placed with an exact measurement, which is prepared in the computer's 3d image. As a result, the exact dimensioned diamond is known as a "brilliant cut diamond."

        • What are certified old European cut diamonds?

        Certified old European cut diamond is authentic and real because certification approve the characteristics of diamond. When authenticated diamond institutions such as IGI and GIA give their suggestion and approval on paper for for the elements, then it is called certified Old European diamonds.

        In Old European diamonds, triangle-shaped faceting lines on the center table surfaces available. Old European cut diamonds are made with lab-grown diamonds and certified by institutions like IGI. While talking about the bright appearance of old European diamonds, then it is the clear winner in brightness. That's why customers choose the old European diamond.

        The crown surface in old European cut diamonds has parallel facets, and you can see the faceting work efficiently. While in brilliant cut diamond, you can't find the original faceting line due to many facets. In addition, the old European cut diamond features a bezel and squarish style facets on the crown.

        So, the battle of exquisite appearance between old European cut diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds wins by old European cut diamonds. Because old European cut diamonds came with more glittering ability.

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        • Old European cut diamonds benefits

        Five benefits will help the buyer and the society in old European cut diamonds. The benefits of an old European cut diamond are eco-friendly, big size than a brilliant cut diamond, has better fluorescence and scintillation from the surface, old European diamond available in excellent symmetry grade, and lastly, it has 20% less price than a fancy cut diamond.

        The benefits are as follows of old European cut diamonds.

        1. Old European cut diamonds are environmentally friendly, which means they are not made to harm a natural cycle like other types of diamonds.

        2. Old European cut diamonds have big size tables than brilliant cut diamonds. It means old European diamonds' dimensions carry more width and length than other shapes of diamonds.

        3. In old European cut diamonds, fluorescence and scintillation help them to spark as the glittering planet as excellent cut diamonds. The reason behind more sparkling old European diamonds is the milky white and rainbow-colored reflection that is decided in the crafting method. 

        4. All old European cut diamonds have excellent grade symmetry and polishing grades. So, an old European diamond is the best selection for engagement rings and wedding bands in art deco ring style, especially.

        5. Old European cut diamonds have a 20% lower price than fancy shape diamonds. So, when selecting engagement ring diamonds then, consider old European diamonds. We can make it for your preference with excellent craftsmanship.

        Important Tip

        On an old European cut diamond’s center table surface, a tiny round shape is the reflection of a tick point. While in brilliant cut diamond, you can't see it. Also, old European cut diamond features shallow cut grade(rare case).

        • In which jewelry old European cut diamonds are mostly used? 

        Usually, the old European cut diamond features a round shape diamond, and 80% of engaged couples choose that shape. So, old European cut diamonds are mostly used in vintage engagement rings like art deco ring style, halo rings, solitaire rings, and unique rings. After engagement rings, old European cut diamonds are used in wedding necklaces and pendants. .

        Look at the popular collection of old European cut diamond engagement rings.

        1. Art Deco Old European Diamond Engagement Ring

        This art deco old European diamond engagement ring with 1.50 TCW with round shape diamonds. In this art deco European ring, 18kt white gold matches the colorless diamond's appearance. All diamonds carry VS clarity and E color grade, which means diamond inclusion available in fewer amounts.

        In this art deco Old European diamond ring, the engraving work has been done, and the halo types structure was created for a better amount of light reflections. This art deco truly justify with the definition of vintage engagement rings.
        Round European are deco ring for women

        Shop Old European art deco engagement ring

        2. Certified Old European cut diamond ring

        This certified old European cut diamond ring is the truly known as halo ring because it has bush of round shape diamonds aroung. On this ring, a 2.00-carat old European diamond is fixed. While around the center diamond, a 0.25-carat round shape diamond fixed. All European diamonds have VS clarity and E color grade to give better amount of shining appearance in return.

        Certified Old European Cut Diamond Ring with best appearance from anatomies

        Shop Certified Old European diamond ring

        3. Old European Cut vintage ring

        This old European cut vintage ring has VS clarity and E color grade for introducing a better glorious appearance. In this old European cut diamond vintage ring, 14kt white gold metal has been used to match the look with E color grade. This vintage ring for women carries 4.00 carat weighted old European diamond and round shape diamonds in engraved place.

        The center 4-carat weighted old European cut diamond has the best cut on the girdle anatomy. This 4-carat old European diamond is fixed under the bezel set to make it more secure and durable. Diamond cut decides the appearance of the engagement ring, and the price is also decided.

        Old cut diamond vintage ring

        Shop Old European vintage ring

        • Expert view on old European cut diamonds

        This article covers the old European cut diamonds' history, characteristics, benefits, disbenefits, and rings. An old European diamond can be the first elegant choice for antique engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and rest types of jewelry. Old European shaped diamonds will be the choice when buyer want to glitter jewelry with a combination of gold.

        Contact us now for making old European diamond ring and jewely within  budget provision.

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