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Old Mine Cut Diamonds Understand In Gemological View

Old Mine Cut Diamond representing the golden era from the kingdom times

What is an old mine-cut diamond?

Old mine cut diamond

When a diamond has a 45-90° curving faceting pattern with an 8-sided table faceting style, then it scales on the old mine-cut diamond. In old mine cut diamond, the culet anatomy has been swallowed from the middle side and features curving facets. Therefore, the old mine cut is identified for the curving faceting pattern on the diamond anatomy.

Old mine cut diamonds have different faceting patterns than brilliant cut diamonds. Old mine diamonds are found in the INDIAN subcontinent mines where not machines found for crafting and polishing.

Then, the diamond-cutting worker single-handedly polishes the diamonds, and it is called an old mine cut diamond.

In old mine cut diamond, the center table surface and culet have transparent appearance than other shaped diamonds. It is the sign for indicating the old mine cut diamond.

History of old mine cut diamonds

    First of all, Africa started to find the old mine cut diamonds from the mines where the diamond rough is different. After Africa, India started to find old mine cut diamonds from the mines located nearby the Krishna river located in Andhra Pradesh. In Old mine cut diamonds, the prestige and fame found for having the vintage type appearance.

    Historically, old mine cut diamonds were used to make the king's vintage jewelry. Queens liked to wear mine cut diamond necklaces and earrings for took the appearance of a diva. In kingdom times, people didn't have cutting and polishing machines, so they single-handled cut the diamond.

    From that time, Old mine cut diamonds are also engraved in necklaces, rings, and bangles for having antique-looking factors. Old mine diamonds were used in the prosperity and wealthiness carrier due to their parallel and step-faceting patterns combination.

    Certified old mine diamond characteristics

    Certified old mine cut diamonds' characteristics include small table surfaces, the big and swallowed surface crown anatomy, a brilliant appearance from the anatomies, having scintillation and fiery factor in the structure. Moreover, old mine diamond scales with the fluorescence, symmetry, parallel, and step faceting combination. Old mine diamond scales on the 4cs of diamonds known as clarity, color, carat, and cut.

    Old mine diamond has a small center table surface.

    A center table surface in old mine-cut diamonds is small because the faceting patterns are curved at the angle of 45-90° degrees. As a result, the table surfaces demand less placement around the crown anatomy on the old mine diamonds.

    Another reason for the old mine diamond's small table is the polishing process pattern from south to west and north to east. But, an old mine diamond's symmetry doesn't affect the light reflections from all the corners.

    Old mine cut diamond has big and curving swallowed crown.

    Yes, the old mine-cut diamond features a large, more swallowed crown surface with a compound of parallel and step-faceting patterns. Old mine diamonds have the 30° angled curving anatomy to connect with the table surface's faceting styles. That's why to match the table and girdle anatomy faceting styles, the old mine diamond has a curving swallowed crown.

    Old mine cut diamond's swallowed crown surfaces collect the lights from all directions and gather in the pavilion facets and where the light wants to exit. Then crown surfaces to boost their ability to release brilliant sparkling glitters, and more sparkle from old mine diamonds reflects.

    On the mine cut diamond's crown surfaces, 90% of triangle-shaped facets help lights to turns out as more amount of sparkles. So, select an old mine-cut diamond for an engagement ring because of its reflection ability.

    Old mine cut diamond has sparkling reflections.

    Yes, old mine cut diamond has sparkling reflections. The reason sparkling reflections of the old mine cut diamond carry a brilliant appearance from anatomies named table surface, crown, girdle, pavilion, and culet. For having the diamond symmetry in the structure that helps old mine diamonds to release the lights.

    Old mine cut diamond features scintillation and fire.

    Old mine diamond has the shape of cushion and emerald shape diamonds, which helps them to carry the scintillation and fire. Old mine cut diamonds take the scintillation and fire from originating(making) process and the diamond polishing process. Thus, the old mine diamonds are always ready to give a better amount of fire and scintillation.

    If all facets of old mine diamonds match with each side of facets at a 45-90˚ degree, then scintillation starts to release constantly.

    Old mine diamond available almost in all color grades.

    It is far impossible to find old mine diamonds in all color grades. Old mine diamond is available in the colorless grades known as D to M scales. But fancy old mine diamonds are rare to find.

    Old mine diamond is made in the laboratory(lab-grown), and the polishing process is the same. But sometimes, it could be risky to transform colorless old mine diamonds into fancy color diamonds.

    But, fancy color diamonds are available in all shapes as oval, cushion, emerald, round, princess, and radiant. Fancy color diamonds carry the same characteristics as colorless diamonds, except the hue of all the elements is found exactly in color fancy diamonds.

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    Old mine diamond benefits

    Old mine cut diamonds' benefits include long length, swallowed crown anatomy, price-conscious, eco-friendly, best sparkly appearance, and transparent looks provider from the top view. Old mine cut diamond carries the prestige and fame with it's lights reflections abilities. These are the benefits of old mine cut diamonds.

    Old mine cut diamonds are eco friendly.

    Yes, old mine-cut diamonds are eco-friendly from their making process. In the making process of old mine cut diamonds, recycled water, and less electricity units consumption. There is no need for mining the old mine diamonds, but they are grown in the laboratory with environmentally friendly processes.

    Old mine cut diamond is cheaper.

    Yes, old mine cut diamond is cheaper than old European cut diamonds. The price of old mine cut diamonds has 15-20% less than that of Old European cut diamonds. Old mine diamond is prepared in a quick time than Old European Diamond. That's why all the direct expenses are decreased to sell the old mine diamond. As a result, old mine cut diamond is cheaper.

    For a 1 carat old mine cushion cut diamond, the price is $900 with VVS diamonds and G color grade used. So, you can select it for engagement rings.

    Important tip to identify old mine cut diamonds easily

    An old mine cut diamonds have “X” sign facets with a double line. Also, old mine cut diamonds have cross-size table surfaces, and in the center, a tiny round size circle is placed to authenticate that it is old mine diamond.

    Old mine cut diamond is a combination of parallel and steps faceting styles which introduces the transparent appearance of the diamond. When purchasing old mine cut diamonds, always keep remembering about the certification of that particular cut diamond.

    Usually, old mine cut diamonds are founded in a cushion cut, but there is a change now. Recently, we introduced the old mine oval cut diamonds with brilliance and scintillation.

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    Why loose old mines diamonds valuable today?

      From the sparkle to appearance on the jewelry loos old mined diamonds valuable today. Old cut mine diamond features the kingdom times feelings which give the experience for wearing vintage jewelry. Also, old mine diamonds have combination of the parallel and step cutting on the anatomies which can be helpful to reduce the inclusion in diamond.

      Difference between old European cut and old mine cut diamonds

        The difference between old European cut diamonds and old mine-cut diamonds are as follows for better understanding.

        Differentiate points

        Old mine cut diamond

        Old European cut diamond


        Old mine cut diamond has a better sparkling appearance than old European cut diamond. 

        Old European cut diamond features a more white milky and less sparky reflection appearance.


        Old mine cut diamonds found in mines and laboratories.

        Old European cut diamonds are found in laboratories. 

        Faceting styles

        Old mine cut diamond’s faceting style combines parallel and step cuts. Old mine diamonds made with a hand-crafted and technology usage with skillful craftsmanship.

        Old European cut diamond faceting style is a step cut and in a half-round shape. (Flower type table)

        Shape of facets

        Old mine cut diamond facets shapes are triangle and square.

        Old European cut diamond faceting shapes are as a sunflower pattern.


        For 1-carat cushion old mine cut diamond with VVS clarity and EF color grade; then the cost is $1200.

        1 carat old European cut diamond with VVS clarity and EF color grade price is $1400.

        Which is better, an old mine cut diamond or an old European cut diamond?

          In Old Mine Cut Diamond and Old European Cut Diamond, An old mine cut diamond is better because it has a better transparent appearance, triangle-square shaped facets and long length crown surfaces. 

          Old mine diamonds have 45-90˚ degree faceting corners on the table and pavilion surface. As a result, the old mine cut diamond is a better choice ahead of the old European-cut diamond. While old European cut diamond has a milky appearance, wide table surfaces, and triangle-half rounded shaped facets.

          Old mine diamond rings

            Old mine diamond rings are available in 1-carat, 2-carat, and 3 carats with halo rings, solitaire rings, unique rings, and antique and vintage rings. Old mine diamond rings look better in the 18kt yellow gold metal because the color matches the gold. 1-carat old mine diamond ring price starts from $1300 for solitaire rings. But, the price of old mine rings depends on the 4cs, symmetry, and polish grades.

              Old Mine Diamond Ring Makes Your Love Life More Trustable Because You're Engaged With It

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              If you are searching for a classic diamond ring for engagement, old mine-cut diamonds are still an excellent choice. There's no doubt to select old mine cut diamonds for an engagement ring, especially oval and cushion cut diamonds.

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