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Old Mine Cut Diamonds Understand In Gemological View

Old Mine Cut Diamond representing the golden era from the kingdom times

  • What is an old mine-cut diamond?

Old mine-cut diamonds are found in the INDIAN subcontinent mines where not machines were found for crafting and polishing; Then, the diamond-cutting worker single-handedly polishes the diamonds, and it is called an Old Mine Cut Diamond. In Old Mine Cut Diamond, the center table surface and culet have transparent appearance than other shaped diamonds. It is the sign for indicating the Old Mine Cut Diamond.

The specialty of old mine cut diamonds is an internal and external parallel-step transparent appearance. The parallel faceting patterns are the true indication of Old Mine Cut Diamond.

Old Mine Cut Diamond carries the triangle and 90° angel faceting styles on the anatomies. From having a triangle shape faceting, the sparkle wanders surrounds of table surface, and when it fills then, the sparkle releases with full of strength. This is the reason why old mine diamonds are always bright.

In Antique vintage cut diamonds, there are two types used for gorgeous jewelry, and the names are as follows:- the first is Loose Old Mine Cut Diamonds, And the second is Old European Cut Diamonds.

Old Mine Cut Diamond made from total hand crafting process where no machine used

Today in this article, we fall light on Old Mine Cut Diamonds History, Characteristics, and Benefits. Also, we clarified the subject of Can Old Mine Cut Diamonds is tough competitors Round Modern Brilliant Cut Diamond?

For an answer, read this article for the exact knowledge of Old Mine Cut Diamonds. Old mine cut diamonds represent the legacy from ancient traditional times, and this is the reason it still finds demand from worldwide customers.

So, let's start with a ride of how Old Mine Cut Diamonds are still in demand for four centuries after their origin.

  • History of old mine cut diamonds

In Old mine cut diamonds history, researchers are told that when Africa started to  produce or originate diamonds from the "Old Mine."; Then which diamonds found from that mine it was called "Old Mine Cut Diamonds." INDIA and Brazil also have the diamonds mine where the old mine cut diamonds were found.

Another history of Old Mind Diamond said that it represents the old ancient times when human beings lived only simple life. At those times, extravagant machines were not available to cut the mined diamonds, so the people cut the mined diamond from their hands, and they were 97% successful.

This is the dignified history of Old Mine Cut Diamonds because without any expensive machine, people craft the diamond beautifully, and it shows the culture of ancient times.

Old Mine Cut Diamond History Says That It Was The Main Attraction Of Most King's Crown

Old Mine Cut Diamond history tells us the ancient time traditions that kings and their fellows wore in the crown and pendants. Also, in that kingdom times, citizens also believed that Old Mine Diamonds filled the alternative options of Birthstones, and old mine cut diamond saved their life from unexpected situations. That's why they selected Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring for their engagement and wedding.

  • Certified Old Mine Cut Diamonds Characteristics

Certified Characteristics Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds are the same as Old European Cut Diamonds. Old mine Cut Diamonds have characteristics like a small table, the big surface of the crown, brilliant appearance, scintillation, fluorescence, transparent looks, parallel and step faceting combination. These are the prime characteristics of Certified Old Mine Cut Diamonds.

So, let's take a look brief and accurate description of Old Mine Cut Diamonds Characteristics

A. Old mine diamond has a small center table surface

    A center table surface in old mine-cut diamonds is small, while an old European-cut diamonds table surface is 10-20% larger. Old Mine Cut Diamonds have a table dimension of 30% less than Old European Diamonds. That's why Old Mine Diamond has a small space. Old Mine Diamonds are usually made in a cushion shape and oval shape diamond.

    For having a small table surface, Old Mine Cut Diamond sparkle with its natural beauty because from there, all stored lights do exit with more strength. Meanwhile, big table surface diamond's lights are distributed in opposite directions, and customers get less sparkle. Fortunately, Old Mine Diamonds have small table surfaces.

    Old Mine Cut Diamonds feature an "X" sign facet on the center table surface, and it is necessary for a better looking. In old mine cut diamond surface, 45-90˚corner faceting includes which is the sign of tremendous craftsmanship of a diamond.

    As a result, when light enters old mine cut diamond surfaces, then 45-90˚ cornered facets help in the anatomies for releasing the sparkle from all around the corners.

    B. Old mine cut diamond has big and curving swallowed crown

      Old mine cut diamond features a large and more swallowed crown surface. In loose old mine cut diamonds, a crown facet is swallowed from all four side corners, making it the finest choice for an engagement ring or matching wedding diamond bands.

      Old Mine Cut Diamond's swallowed crown surfaces collect the lights from all directions and gather in the pavilion facets and where the light wants to exit. Then crown surfaces boost their ability to release brilliant sparkling glitters, and customers get more sparkle from Old Mine Diamond.

      On the crown surfaces, transparent appearance placed with skillful craftsmanship, and don't forget old mine cut diamonds made from hands. On the old mine cut diamond's crown surfaces, 90% triangle-shaped facets help the buyer to get more amount of sparkles. So, select an old mine-cut diamond for an engagement ring because of its reflection ability.

      C. Old mine cut diamond has a brilliant appearance from anatomies

      Old Mine Cut Diamond carries a brilliant appearance from anatomies named table surface, crown, girdle, pavilion, and culet. In Old Mine Diamond, the anatomies have different portions or are not placed as exact dimensions which are mentioned. But, still, Old Mine Cut Diamond carries the clear and shining looks from anatomies. 

      That's why people select Old Mine Diamonds for their transparent and less white-colored appearance. In Old Mine Cut Diamond always, an excellent symmetry grade is available, which is more important for looking better in an engagement ring.

      A sparkling light is reflected with an elite appearance through the facets of old mine diamonds for having a special appearance.

      D. Old mine cut diamond features scintillation and fire

        Old mine cut diamonds have bright looks when it is going for scale the color reflection process. In Old Mine Diamonds already, scintillation is placed during the crafting process moreover, the faceting patterns help it to glow at the top. From having the clear transparent appearance and exact portions of facet patterns, Old Mine Cut Diamonds look more beautiful.

        If all facets of old mine diamonds match with each side of facets at a 45-90˚ degree, then scintillation starts to release constantly. As a result, customers now demand to engrave old mine-cut diamonds in engagement rings or wedding bands. Customers are aware of loose old mine-cut diamonds ability which is the finest ever.

        A scintillation features when an excellent spark of light. In the primitive human age, when people rubbed two rocks, then the light was generated, called "Scintillation."

        While fire represents the reflecting lights of Old Mine Cut Diamonds. Fire has a yellow color look, and the crown surface of old mine diamonds has a yellowish-colored appearance. Old Mine Diamonds carry a yellow color appearance without any lights, that's why it is continuously releasing it from anatomies.

        Old Mine Diamond's crown yellow colored lights absorb the white color, and the buyer notifies that the color of the firing appeared there. For fire meaning in diamond, we can say that when the yellow light is reflecting from the crown surface of the diamond, then it is called the diamond's fire ability. 

        E. Old mine diamond is available in all color grades

          In Ouros Jewels, Old Mine Cut Diamond is available in all grades of color. It indicates the versatility of Ouros Jewels craftsmanship. Usually, Old Mine Cut Diamonds have a G to J color grade, which represents the nearly colorless appearance. But, if the buyer wants fancy-colored old mine diamonds, then it is also available at ouros jewels within the price budget.

          The buyer wants to colorless grade old mine cut diamond, which can also be an appealing option for exquisite antique diamond jewelry. In unique jewelry for engagement and weddings, colored old mine diamond is a good option to celebrate those moments. Colored old mine diamond rings are precious gifts from you to your love. Contact now for more information.

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          • Old mine cut diamonds Buying benefits

          Old mine cut diamonds' Buying benefits include long length, swallowed crown anatomy, price-conscious, eco-friendly, best sparkly appearance, and transparent looks from the top view. As all diamonds have their benefits, then old mine cut diamonds(type of antique cut diamonds) are not so far from those benefits. Also, old mine cut diamonds have benefits as follows:-

          A. Old mine cut diamonds are eco-friendly diamonds

            Old mine-cut diamonds feature a badge of "eco-friendly diamonds." This type of diamond is made in process of lab-grown diamonds. Old mine diamonds are found in mines as natural diamonds, but they're not eco-friendly. But thanks to the lab-grown diamond-making process to produce old mine-cut diamonds with the eco-consciousness procedure.

            Old Mine Cut Diamonds are made with specific usage of natural resources like water and electricity. Sometimes, in the making process of Old Mine Diamonds, recycled water is used, and it is an indicating eco-friendly process. From Old Mine Diamond manufacturing, environments are not affected.

            People said that Mined diamonds are called "Blooded Diamonds" and "Inviter Of Natural Calamities."

            B. Old mine cut diamond price has 15-20% Less Price Than Old European Cut Diamond

              The price of old mine cut diamonds has 15-20% less than that of old European-cut diamonds. For the price affordability of old mine cut diamonds, the clear logic is that they're made without extravagant machines and technology. Instead, an old mine cut diamonds made with entirely handcrafted artistry by the diamond worker.

              For a 1-carat old mine cushion cut diamond, the price is $900 with VVS Diamonds and G color grade used. So, you can select it for engagement rings.

              Need a different color and clarity-graded old mine cut diamond, then contact us. We have the potential to craft a special old mine cut diamond for your requirements. Prepare a note of the requirements of mine cut diamond shape, cut, clarity, and color, then send it to us via email, WhatsApp, or chat. We will inspect your requirements forward and get back to you with great deals and options.

              C. The elegant appearance of old mine cut diamonds

                When old mine cut diamonds are crafted with the combination of modern technology and the hand of a diamond worker, it increases the overall appearance. The appearance of old mine cut diamonds is fantastic because of the firing and scintillation faceting patterns.

                As a result, the old mine cut diamond's excellent symmetry and polishing grade increase the better look. Loose mine diamond has the best lightning looks through the anatomies. An old mine cut diamonds are not used as the solo in jewelry but also in Holy rings and pendants, which protects negative symptoms from entering the body.

                Important Tip to identify old mine cut diamonds easily

                An old mine cut diamonds have “X” sign facets with a double line. Also, old mine cut diamonds have cross-size table surfaces, and in the center, a tiny round size circle is placed to authenticate that it is old mine diamonds.

                Old mine cut diamond is a combination of parallel and steps faceting styles which introduces the transparent appearance of the diamond. When purchasing old mine cut diamonds, always keep remembering about the certification of that particular cut diamond.

                Usually, old mine cut diamonds are founded in a cushion cut, but there is a change now. Recently, we introduced the old mine oval cut diamonds with brilliance and scintillation.

                • Why Loose Old Mines Cut Diamonds Valuable Today?

                Old mine-cut diamonds are valuable today. An old mine diamond is founded in a mine, so it's a natural diamond, and a natural diamond still holds its value after depreciation. The depreciated value of the old mine cut diamond gains 60-70% of the original value. It means that old mine diamonds are successful in maintaining their value from their origin.

                Usually, old mine cut diamonds feature a sensational sparkling atmosphere during their different and unique cutting styles. Thus, Old Mine Diamond is succeeded in maintaining its price from the foundation.

                • Does Old Mine Diamonds have Demand worldwide?

                Loose Old mine cut diamonds have parallel and step facets on the table, girdle, pavilion, and culet surface. That's why in 2021, old mine cut diamonds get +150% more demand than last year's demands across the globe. For having +150% more demands, the varieties of Old Mine Cut Diamond, such as better crown faceting patterns with rectangular shape, is responsible. 

                Also, Old Mine Cut Diamond carries white and colored looks, which is the responsible reason for having more demand worldwide. Mostly, Old Mine Cut Diamond is used in engagement rings and wedding bands.

                Old mine cut diamonds are found in lab-grown and Natural Diamonds. But, Lab-grown, old mine diamond is the best choice due to its affordable price tag, eco-friendly and gorgeous looks.

                Old mine diamonds are found in mines and manufactured in INDIA. INDIA is known for lab diamond export worldwide, and INDIA's old mine cut diamonds are famous in all major buyer countries like the US, UK, and Europe. INDIA's lab-made old mine diamonds are more famous than Natural old mine cut diamonds.

                So, buy old mine cut diamonds from us and make your love symbolize ring precious and glamorous.

                Here are the Old Mine Cut Diamonds collection. Have a look. This Old Mine Cut Diamond is manufactured in our factory, which is authenticated and trustworthy.

                • Difference between old European cut and Old Mine Cut diamonds

                The difference between old European cut diamonds and old mine-cut diamonds are as follows for better understanding.

                Differentiate Points

                Old mine cut diamond

                Old European cut diamond


                Old mine cut diamond has a
                better sparkling appearance than
                old European cut diamond. 

                Old European cut diamond
                features a more white milky
                and less sparky reflection


                Old mine cut diamonds
                found in mines and laboratories.

                Old European cut
                diamonds are found in laboratories. 

                Faceting styles

                Old mine cut diamond’s
                faceting style combines
                parallel and step cuts.
                Old mine diamonds made
                with a hand-crafted process
                with skillful craftsmanship.

                Old European cut diamond
                faceting style is a step
                cut and in a half-round shape.

                Shape of facets

                Old mine cut diamond
                facets shapes are
                triangle and square.

                Old European cut
                diamond faceting shapes are
                as a sunflower pattern.


                For 1-carat cushion
                old mine cut diamond with VVS clarity
                and EF color grade; then the
                cost is $1200.

                1 carat old European cut
                diamond with VVS clarity
                and EF color grade price
                is $1400.

                When you look at the old mine cut diamond and old European cut diamonds structure, you notice the difference in faceting style. In old mine-cut diamonds, parallel and step-cut facets are available for transparent looks.

                When we asked some customers about the difference between Old European Cut Diamonds and Old Mine Cut Diamonds, then 54% of Customers understood that they both are the same. But, in reality, there is a difference. So, let's find it out and fall lights on the Old Mine Cut and Old European Cut Diamond.

                • Which is better, an old mine cut diamond or an old European cut diamond?

                In Old Mine Cut Diamond and Old European Cut Diamond, An old mine cut diamond is better because it has a better transparent appearance, triangle-square shaped facets, parallel and step cutting combination, and long length crow surfaces. 

                Old mine diamonds have 45-90˚ degree faceting corners on the table and pavilion surface. As a result, the old mine cut diamond is a better choice ahead of the old European-cut diamond. While old European cut diamond has a milky appearance, wide table surfaces, and triangle-half rounded shaped facets.

                Old European cut diamonds have a milky and sparkly appearance on all their surfaces, and they are mostly featuring round shape diamonds. In old European cut diamonds, there is less amount of parallel facets and step cutting. On the table surface of an old European cut diamond, some tiny round-shaped facets are placed.

                While talking about loose old mine cut diamonds then, they are totally different from old European-cut diamonds. If you go for old mine cut diamonds, then you'll be getting more dazzling sparkle beauty than old European cut diamonds. Also, in the old mine cut diamonds parallel and step faceting are placed as brilliant cut diamonds.

                All loose old mine cut diamonds and old European cut diamonds have their own benefits and usability. But, when you confuse about choosing between old European cut and old mine cut diamonds, then your choice matters. If you need more white color sparkle, then you can select an old European cut diamond without any doubt.

                While you need color sparkles like yellow and white and, most importantly, an elongated shape, then no diamond is better than old mine cut diamonds. Old mine cut diamonds have benefited from their elongated and long-width surfaces. So, you can choose old mine-cut diamond earrings.

                Need further assistance with old European cut diamonds, then refer to the below article.

                Read Also:- Old European Cut Diamond:- 2nd Number Of Vintage Diamond.

                • Old Mine Diamond Rings

                Old Mine Diamond Rings are the best selection for a buyer who wants to celebrate love moments. In Old Mine Diamond Rings, the potential is placed for making the love relationship stronger and more flexible with trustworthiness.

                Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy Old Mine Cut Diamond Rings.

                • When selecting Old Mine Ring then, consider selecting the best 4Cs such as cut, clarity, color, and carat.
                • Demand authorized certification of Old Mine Diamond from your seller.
                • See the Old Mine Diamond Ring style which you want, such as Halo Rings, Solitaire Rings, and Unique Rings. We make all of them with your consent.
                • Select the best metal tone and purity for Old Mine Diamond Rings such as 18kt white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Like to wear Platinum Old Mine Rings, then we also have that option.
                • Don't forget to get an Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring certification for true evidence of purchase.

                Here is the appearance of Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring. Buy Now Old Mine Diamond Rings With Your Budget In Super Quality. 

                Old Mine Diamond Ring Makes Your Love Life More Trustable Because You're Engaged With It

                • Conclusion

                If you are searching for a classic diamond ring for engagement, old mine-cut diamonds are still an excellent choice. An old mine cushion-cut diamond ring is known as a "precious diamond ring" due to its framework.

                There's no doubt to select old mine cut diamonds for an engagement ring, especially oval and cushion-cut diamonds. If the buyer wants different-shaped old mine cut diamonds, then they have to contact or knock on our doorstep in the form of email, WhatsApp, call, or chat. We can further discuss the requirements of buyers there.

                It can be enough for inspection after reading about old mine cut diamonds' history, necessary characteristics, and benefits. Old mine cut diamonds still maintain their demands in people's minds after four centuries. But, now there's no exaggeration to say that "old mine cut diamonds" has emerged as a tough competitor of modern brilliant cut diamonds.

                In old mine cut diamonds, there are all benefits and standards available, which diamonds must have to give enough satisfaction to buyers. Also, old mine cut diamonds have the badge of "antique cut diamonds," so these cut diamonds can be appealing to vintage lovers.

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