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Oval Engagement Rings Buying Guide In 2022

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  • History of Oval Cut Diamond

A buyer who loves bright, sparkling lights must have an oval-shaped diamond ring. When Lazarre Kaplan invented the oval shape of a diamond in the 1960s, while he created an oval shape diamond, he couldn’t think that it could be 1st choice of diamond in people's demands. Oval Diamonds were fixed in many reputed and authorized personalities of the world, like Elizabeth Taylor's Kohinoor Diamond is in the Brilliant Oval Shape. Have you ever known this fact?

This is the history of the Oval Shape Diamond, and many Billionaire people still get it for engagement rings and wedding rings.

Oval shape diamond has the same structure as the brilliant round cut. But, the oval cut diamond is elongated, then a brilliant round cut. That is why customers are demanding Oval Diamond, especially in Engagement Rings.

  • Why select an oval diamond for an engagement ring?

An oval-shaped diamond has step and straight line faceting patterns on anatomies responsible for the best appearance. Oval Diamond carries the swallowed and flat surfaces, which helps to release a sparkling light. These are the reasons to select oval diamonds for an engagement ring. A round diamond with a long look for an engagement ring. The benefit is that oval lab-made diamond has 17% less price than round brilliant cut diamonds.

In Oval Diamond, one facet has a white and dull appearance(which helps for better glittering), while another facet carries a transparent look. It means you can find a combination of sparkling lights in the Oval Shape Diamond. This is another reason to select Oval Diamond For Engagement Ring.

  • Oval V/s Marquise Diamond, Which Is Better?

In Oval V/s Marquise Diamond, the Oval is better because it has a combination of white and transparent appearance, +20% more width crown anatomy, swallowed table anatomies with north to south direction, and pavilion faceting pattern fixed with full of care. This is the indication that Oval Diamond is better than Marquise Diamond.

Also, Oval Diamond carries the nuance factor on its surface, which is essential for sparkling reflections. In the Oval Diamond table surface anatomy, triangle and round shape faceting work has been done. While in Marquise Diamond, all the described factors are absent. That's why Oval Diamond has 

Oval V/s Marquise Diamond, Oval is better because it has width and better clear appearance

  • 5 Ways To Select Oval Diamond For Engagement Ring

1. An oval diamond has a longer appearance than a round shape. Due to this feature, your engagement ring looks big and eye-catcher." The oval diamond is known for its brilliant sparkling ability due to its cutting framework. As a result, for big looking engagement ring Oval Diamond is the best option.

2. Oval diamond carries the combination of two different colored lights one if blue and another is white. In Oval Diamond anatomies, the white color lights reflected from the pavilion and girdle surfaces. Blue color light reflected from the table and crown surface.

Read the if you are not knowing Diamond Anatomy.

3. From having swallowed from its culet side Oval diamond looks better in EF color. EF color-grade diamonds carry the transparent appearance that buyers should have in their engagement rings or jewelry. The best color grade for an oval diamond is E because of the white rays' reflections. Oval Shape Diamond has a different structure than other shapes of diamonds which is best for more sparkles like a SUN

4. Oval diamond has a long length and narrow width, so VVS clarity is the best choice. A VVS Diamonds shows that anatomies have NO MORE inclusions, which affected to overall appearance. When you select VVS Oval Diamond for engagement ring then it becomes soecial gift. While you select VVS Diamonds for jewelry it transfrom in love presenter bird who delivers love message.

5. Oval Diamond has less price than a round shape diamond. Oval diamond takes $1075 for 1 carat weight, while round diamond demands $1120 for 1.00 carat weight, which means +4.18% price. If you have same clarity, carat, and color then why you should more amount in it. That's why Oval Diamond offers less price with its brilliant appearance.

    Check the price of round and oval-shaped diamond rings in solitaire style.





    Price $

    Changes (%)














    • Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

    Oval Diamond Engagement Ring is selected by love birds for their first time proposals, wedding anniversary presents, surprise gift, birthday present. In oval diamond style, solitaire ring, halo ring, antique ring, vintage ring available. Now, we offer your customized designed oval diamond ring within your budget in best clarity, color, carat, and cut.

    Have a look on Oval Shape Diamond Ring.

    1. 2 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

    A 2-carat oval diamond ring is quite a better selection for engagement because, in that you find all things like better sparkling reflections, best apearance, good durability and varieties(color and clarity). This oval-shaped diamond ring features a 2-carat colorless oval diamond in the center place.

    In this engagement ring, round diamond has a 0.85-carat weight, it means the ring shank is covered. In a 2-carat oval diamond ring, round cut diamonds are fixed around the framework. This style comes with a turning band that completes the whole basic structure of the diamond.
    2.00 Carat Oval Diamond Ring - Ouros JewelsThus, look at the above 2.00 Carat colorless Oval Diamond Ring, which looks excellent on the hand. On the other side, E colored round brilliant cut diamonds are fixed around oval diamonds to enhance scintillation.  

    While talking about 2.00 carat blue oval diamond ring metal purity, it's pure 950 platinum. This oval diamond ring has SI clarity which is recommended when you can't spend that decided amount.

    Need a customization in this oval diamond ring, then sent us so we can easily understands it and came back with best price conscious offer.

    2. 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

    This three-stone diamond ring has 3-carat oval shape diamond. The oval cut diamond is fixed in a decorative basket, and half moon cut diamonds became a supporter of a center oval diamond.

    If you're looking for a gold diamond ring, especially in a
    3.00 carat oval shape diamond thus, this 3-carat oval diamond ring is the best selectionIn this ring, you can select G color and VS1 clarity grade oval and half moon cut diamonds because those color and clarity grade is superior.

    Oval Diamond Three Stone Ring-Ouros Jewels

    The Oval diamond has an F color in this three-stone diamond ring, indicating a nearly colorless appearance. Also, if you are looking for an antique half-moon-cut diamond ring, don't go anywhere. We designed and made a diamond ring that features moon-cut diamonds with VS2 clarity. We make it with your mind, and you will see our craftsmanship when purchasing from us.

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    3. Bezel Set Oval Diamond Ring

    An oval shape diamond bezel set ring is an elegant choice for an engagement that stays forever with you and your loving one. This oval diamond bezel set ring features VS clarity grade and E color grade lab diamonds.

    We can make this oval bezel set for you with your customization in clarity, color, carat, and cut. We also make this oval diamond bezel set ring in gold metal variations like rose gold and yellow gold.

    Oval Diamond Bezel Set Ring - Ouros Jewels

    When you want to fix fancy colored diamonds like orange, pink, blue, purple, and yellow. In This Oval Bezel Ring, 18KT white gold metal has been added for the finest look on the fiancee's hands. Also, bezel set rings have the ability to cover up the diamonds from loss or fall. That's why now 70% of customers are choosing bezel set rings ahead of solitaire ring.

    4. Solitaire Oval Diamond Ring

    The oval diamond is a combination of round diamonds and marquise diamonds. A 4-carat oval diamond ring is an excellent selection for your love moments to celebrate with her.

    In a 4-carat oval diamond ring, you can select VVS clarity-graded diamonds because those clarity diamonds are very rare and transparent. In this 4-carat diamond ring, H color graded diamond is fixed. But, if you want any changes in your engagement ring, then feel free to say us.

    4 Carat Oval Diamond Ring - Ouros Jewels

    We can make this 4-carat oval diamond engagement ring in halo style also, but it might demand more money from you because in the halo ring style, an accent diamond is placed, and the structure of the ring is totally different from the solitaire ring style structure.

    5. Oval Diamond gold engagement band

    This oval diamond gold engagement band is made with lab-grown diamonds. In making of this gold diamond band, vs clarity diamond placed with e color grade diamond. Oval shape diamond is fixed with a shared prong style on the gold engagement band. Rose gold metal is still the best option to present your feelings towards her. That's why we make this gold engagement band with it.

    5 Stone Oval Engagement Ring - Ouros Jewels

    A 5 Stone oval engagement ring is made with lab-grown diamonds, which are known as eco-friendly diamonds. So, select this ring for your love and tell her all of your heart feelings. Also, this 5-stone oval diamond gold ring has durable due to the prongs settings on the band.

    6. Art Deco Oval Engagement Ring

    An art deco ring is a trending ring style from other ring styles like solitaire, halo, and bridal sets. In a 2-carat oval art deco style diamond ring, a platinum metal has been added for a classy and luxurious appearance. In this gold engagement ring, an oval cut diamond is fixed in the bezel set for solid durability.

    Art Deco Oval Engagement Rings - Ouros Jewels

    While round cut lab diamonds are fixed in the engraved structures for a brilliant looking. Also, an art deco diamond ring features sensational artistry or craftsmanship. If you want to purchase a 2.00 Carat oval diamond art deco ring, then you must pay around $4700.

    7. Oval Diamond Pave Set Ring

    An oval diamond pave set ring has a brilliant appearance on the hands due to its sparkle and elegance. That's why the oval diamond has fixed on the prongs with four corners. Also, Round Diamonds are fixed or engraved on the shanks for optimum looking.

    All lab grown diamonds of this oval pave set ring are made with an eco-friendly process. In this pave gold set, round and oval diamond has vvs clarity and e-color grade. Pave set made with pure 18KT white gold, but you have the option to select other metal variations like 10kt rose gold or 14kt yellow gold ring.

    Oval Diamond Pave Set Ring -Ouros Jewels

    In this pave gold set ring, 2.35 Carat Oval Cut Diamond is fixed on the center place. While round Shape Diamonds are engraved in a three-row pattern for a special looking. So, if you want to give some sensational-looking ring, then purchase this Oval Diamond Pave Set.

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    If you want to get diamond engagement rings and jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and pendants in just 2-3 days, whichever your resident place is, we securely ship your love symbolism and favorite diamond rings and jewelry in 48 to 72 hours. 1 Month's waiting time to acquire a diamond ring isn't fair to you, meanwhile, you paid for it instantly. You have to right to get your diamond rings quickly and on time.

    So we carry a diamond rings and jewelry collection that is easily sent to your doorstep in just 48-72 hours. Don't worry about your diamond ring's quality and appearance. You have a chance to for getting your diamond rings quickly with greater quality. So, for more clear information, visit Our Ready to Ship Section.

    It is very hard to get your diamond jewelry instantly means 2-3 days from paying the amount. You don't have to stand in the queue instead of paying the amount. That's why you can instantly purchase your favorite diamond rings, pendants, and earrings.

    • Oval V/s Round diamond, who is the right choice for an engagement ring?

    Oval Diamond is the right choice for an engagement ring. Because oval diamond has length, and a round diamond has width, but in an engagement ring width is no more important. Oval diamond carries transparent and best look better than a round shape diamonds due to the girdle and pavilion anatomies.

    An oval diamond has a long length and has more amount of faceting lines. While round shape diamond has wide width than oval shape diamond. 

    Oval V/s Round Diamond - Ouros Jewels

    The oval cut diamond is made with the same process as round diamonds, but it changes when decided to make an oval shape. In an oval-shaped diamond, when cut from the laser process, there is a very high risk of the diamond being crushed and losing its value. When it is cut perfectly, the diamond goes for the polishing process and becomes a stunning oval.

    There’s also a very high risk for diamonds. Some tiny mistakes in the making of oval diamond then it invites more dangerous economic hit for business. So, the oval diamond takes its final shape in the polishing process. An oval cut diamond is a choice for proposal rings and engagement rings to look more beautiful on memorable occasions.

    • Expert's Words On Oval Diamond Ring

    It proves that the oval shape is the best choice for an engagement ring. Yet, it does not look cool or beautiful in a bezel setting, but if you want to emerge your beauty, you can choose between the solitaire style and halo style. Halo is better than Solitaire. It comes with another shapes diamond around the oval-shaped center diamond.

    Take a look at the oval diamond framework now. It's a total game of the diamond's length and width ratio. For a bright sparkle in the eyes, the length and width ratio of the diamond in this oval shape must be 1.50:1. So, why you’re waiting to get it? Take our admirable artistry of diamond jewelry for your engagement.

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