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Buying Princess Cut Engagement Rings

[Princess Shape Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

There is a strategy for buying a princess-cut diamond ring with accuracy and flexibility. In buying princess diamond engagement ring, many aspects are works like cut, clarity, appearance, price, the ring style, and metal.

But as a buyer, you felt nervous about buying a princess diamond ring online. So, what you have to consider? Have a look ahead.

Believe me, most of the buyer are very concerning about sharing their personal information to unknown person. It is a human nature nothing wrong with it. But, when you want to buy engagement ring online then you can trust on Ouros Jewels which has 6000+ satisfied customers who gives us 5 star ratings.

With Ouros Jewels you can easily communicate, and you can quickly get updates for your engagement ring with clearity. A buyer would easily see its engagement ring design and final process, which is not available in the physical showroom. Let me complete.

There you have to purchase an available designed engagement ring. Your choice has no space there. But, here, you can tell us your requirements, and we make it from our craftsmanship.

  • What is a princess-cut diamond ring?

A princess cut diamond ring having step and parallel faceting patterns mix up for better lightning reflections. In princess cut diamond ring, the all four sided prongs are curved with sharpened edged. Princess diamond ring comes with 90° angle faceting patterns. Princess diamond ring is the thing which connect the lovers to each other with flexibility.

[Princess Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]
  • Buying strategy for princess cut diamond ring

In buying strategy for princess cut diamond ring, buyer have to see 4cs diamonds, symmetry and polishing grade of the diamonds, ring's metal and prongs settings, the certification reports. From checking the mentioned things in princess cut diamond ring in better quality then it is best to select that ring.

The princess cut diamonds rings buying strategy

  • The princess cut diamonds have structures like a pyramid. On the backside, princess-cut diamonds also have exquisite faceting and cutting styles. Thus, this is the first point when buying princess cut diamond ring.

  • Princess diamond looks better in the Toi et Moi ring with combination of pear shape diamond. Toi et Moi ring demands better width and length which princess shape diamond has.
  • A princess cut diamond has backside "X" signs, making it appealing and optimum-looking. A princess cut diamond could be an excellent choice for your anniversary ring. Because princess cut anniversary ring features a brilliance, scintillation, and fiery appearance to the wearer.
  • Select best 4cs diamonds in princess ring because all the light reflection is decided with that. 4cs of diamonds influenced the price and appearance that's why always select better diamonds 4cs in princess diamond such as excellent cut, VVS diamonds, 2 carat, and D color. 
  • This Princess Brilliant Cut Diamond has 50 facets. The facets are described in the following orders:- 21 elements are placed on the crown, four aspects have on the girdle, and 25 factors take place on the backside of the princess cut.
  • The Princess cut lab grown diamond has a large table than a round shape diamond because the princess shape consumes less polishing process. You noted that the princess has a flat table while a round diamond has swallowed the table. As a result round diamond has a small side table, than a princess cut diamond.
  • A princess cut diamond releases a 70% reflection of sparkle. In comparison, a round cut diamond leaves 90% reflection of the lights. Because the round-brilliant cut diamond has star and triangle cutting on the crown, making it more prime than princess cut diamonds.
  • Princess diamond has width and less length then a fluorescence will be affect in the appearance. Princess ring looks better in none fluorescence grade diamond. Diamond fluorescence will not affecting the light reflections in natural lights, but in ultraviolet rays.

  • Princess diamond ring would be selected in excellent grade because it represents the faceting patterns which directly affects the light reflections. In princess ring, a diamond symmetry have been in the best grade to justify with the faceting patterns.

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  • Which problems come when buying princess diamond ring?

There are many problems you face for buying a princess diamond ring from an online jewelry store, like as fewer communication options; diamonds not fixed properly in the ring(sometimes diamonds fall), the different metals used in engagement rings without your permission, high price tag, not getting a timely update, sometimes the broken engagement ring you have to take on delivery.

But you're in the Ouros Jewels store, where you get a 24*7*365 customer support option, 10-20+ years experienced craftsmanship, 20-50% less price tag from market, secure deliver option with 60 days warranty. Contact now to see why we can transform your problem in happiness. From that's concerned stress your mental health will affect. As a result, we can take a responsibility to solve your problem efficiently.

  • Princess Cut Diamond Rings

The princess diamond rings includes halo diamond rings, cluster rings, shank accent rings, solitaire rings, and three stone rings. Also, princess eternity ring is earning demand worldwide. Princess cut diamond rings have special appearance with the combination of white gold metal and fancy colors like as blue, orange, yellow.

1. Princess Cut Diamond Halo Ring

In the princess halo diamond ring, round diamonds are engraved on the shanks and around the center princess diamond. This halo ring is made with 18KT white gold metal. In this halo ring, VS clarity and VVS diamonds are used with an E color. 1.50 carat weighted princess diamond is fixed at this halo ring's center.

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring will deliever special feelings to relationship

Shop Princess diamond halo ring.

2. Princess cut diamond ring

In a princess-cut diamond wedding ring, VS clarity and E color are used to give the best light reflections in return. All princess diamonds are fixed in the bezel set and prong settings.

This princess diamond wedding ring is made in 14kt white gold metal. Princess diamond ring for wedding looks better when they don't carry inclusion in a diamond. In this ring, less amount of inclusions are available that do not affect the light reflections.

Princess diamond wedding ring

Shop Princess diamond ring.

3. Princess shape diamond ring

This princess shape diamond ring is the matching ring style as a halo, but in the shank accent ring, the gold band is engraved with diamonds. This princess diamond accent ring is made of 950 platinum metal. In this gold ring, all diamonds have VS clarity and E and G color grades. The center princess shape diamonds carry basket and prong settings.

Princess Diamond Wedding Band will help to get more support from each other in love relationship

4. Princess toi et moi ring

In this princess toi et moi ring, pear shape diamond carries 0.60 carat weight with VS clarity and F color grade. A princess shape diamond has 0.75 carat weight in VS clarity with blue color. All diamonds are engraved in the basket and prongs in 18kt white gold metal.

Thus, a toi et moi ring still counts in special proposal rings, and that's why people craft their customized their love symbolism from their mind. For toi et moi ring, fancy colored diamonds are best selection for having light reflection ability.

Princess Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring will help you to stay together in any condition

Shop Princess toi et moi ring.

  • Conclusion

Princess shape diamond proves that it is the only diamond shape available with the required width and length. In princess shape diamond's faceting style is on another level.

Princess shape diamond also features a bow-tie effect that reduces the look of the Diamond. But don’t worry. 30% of diamonds have a bow-tie effect naturally or during when polishing process. So, if you have less money to purchase a princess-cut diamond, then you can choose that diamond with an H-J color. It's available in our store for around $1000 with VVS1 Clarity.

Princess cut engagement rings are the most famous engagement rings still now because it has a more special appearance for the bride and fiancée. That's why princess diamond rings gained more demand from worldwide. For a special day diamond engagement ring, then contacts us and get them on special day at doorstep.

We don't promise to give a special engagement ring, but we give love symbolism in the form of engagement rings and wedding rings for your love. We can give you the best princess-cut diamond rings at affordable prices and excellent quality services. 

If you want to make your customized princess diamond ring, then we can also do that. Just contact us and tell us your needs, then we will assure you of the best quality diamond engagement rings and wedding rings.


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