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Top 10 Trending Lab Diamond Jewelry-2022

[Top 10 Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry-2022]-[Ouros Jewels]


Thanks for reading this article, and your unstoppable support encourages us to write clear-cut articles related to the diamond industry. 

Today, we discuss and look at the top 10 lab-grown diamond jewelry-2022. We know that when you read this article, you think that why natural diamonds are not preferable, Right?? So, don't worry, we fall light on the natural diamond and lab diamond jewelry difference. Thus, connecting yourself to this article still has its ends.

When you love someone, you are eager to reveal love feelings towards them. That's very obvious. When two hearts connect with each other(Man and Woman), they promise never to release their hands in severe obstacles. So, you're trying to reach their heart feelings to give something which expresses your love symbolism. You can choose your love sign jewelry from the below lists. 

  • Why Choose Lab Diamond Jewelry Ahead Of Natural Diamond Jewelry?

Lab Grown Diamonds have the exact proportions and characteristics of Natural Diamonds. In Lab Diamonds, you could save extra money to be spend on natural diamond. Also, Lab-created Diamonds are made in controlled artificial environments. They can't harm nature from its making and crafting process.

In addition, Lab-made Diamond has a component of price friendliness. Usually, Natural Diamonds are very costly to purchase but it has the heritage tag and price maintenance. So, when you are going to purchase Natural Diamond Jewelry, you must spend 60-80% more than Lab Diamonds Jewelry.

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry is a very affordable option than Diamonds jewelry. Most importantly, Lab Diamonds have the same brilliant appearance as Natural Diamonds appearance, so your lab-created diamond jewelry looks glamorous and gorgeous.

The Top 10 Lab Diamond Jewelry For 2022

1. Pear And Radiant Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring

If your valentine likes to wear an antique-style diamond ring, you must choose this yellow radiant and pear diamond Toi et Moi ring. Round-cut diamonds are engraved on this ring's shanks for precious appearances.

In Toi Et Moi Ring, there is no center diamond in a place, but two shapes of diamonds are connected from contrasting directions. The clarity of this toi et moi ring is vvs grade which is the superior grade of clarity. Here, you have to option customized this lab diamond ring from your requirements. This pear and radiant diamond ring made with 18kt white gold so select it now for your marriage wearing.

[Pear And Radiant Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

This Toi et Moi ring is usually worn in the United States Of America(USA). Some historians and jewelers have believed that a Toi et Moi ring pattern was founded by Jackie Kennedy(former first lady of the USA) and  Krupp cut diamond called Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring.  You can quickly reveal your heart's affection towards your love with this toi Moi diamond ring.

2. Emerald Green Gemstone Ring

If you love to wear a gemstone ring, you can purchase this green emerald gemstone ring covered by pear diamonds. When you look at this ring, it shows the elegant beauty on the hand of the wearer. In addition, Baguette cut diamonds are engraved around the center green emerald.

Select this emerald gemstone ring for your love because elder person's says that gemstone will protect wearer's life and it's a reality. Here, you can engrave your birthmonth's birthstone like Garnet, Opal, Tanzanite, Topaz, Citrine, and many more. You have to tell us here which birthstone you want.

[Natural Emerald Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

While talking about this green emerald diamond ring's purity, it's 18KT White Gold. We found that more than 64% of customers prefer white gold metal for an engagement ring due to a classy appearance. So, if you want to make this multi-shape diamond ring in rose gold, you can freely contact us.

3. Radiant Three Stone Ring

This red radiant ring made with lab-grown diamonds. While around the radiant cut diamond, baguette cut diamond placed with VVS clarity and EF color grade. The weight of red radiant diamond is 0.71 CT and baguette cut diamond has 0.18 CT weight. This radiant cut diamond ring made with 18KT white gold metal. Here, you want a customization then it's also possible. You can send your requirements to us when placing an order so we make it from your mind and our hands.

When you choose your engagement ring or wedding band, you usually look for such a brilliant sparkle and stylish appearance, right?? So, if my question indicates that you love to get more coloring sparkle light, then choose this three-stone ring made in lab-grown diamonds.  

[Red Radiant Diamond Ring]

In this ring, red colored radiant diamond is fixed in the center place for a stylish appearance. At the same time, the triangle cut diamonds are fixed as accent diamonds. If you like to customize this ring at your purchase, then you can meet our gemologists, they guide you in the overall making process.

4. Round Diamond HOOP Earrings

This round diamond hoop earrings are truely best lab diamond jewelry becuase it has gorgeous appearance from its making. Round cut diamonds are placed on the 18kt white gold surfaces which are known for shiney effects. The clarity of round cut diamond is vs and color grade is EF so buy it now for your love.

When you look for a birthday present for your love, you can present the diamond earrings jewelry. Usually, lab diamond earrings are the daily ornaments of the woman. She likes to wear earrings which are made in gold. Also, in recent times many styles of earrings jewelry have been available in the market. But, engraved hoop earrings are the out of a box choice for your loving one.

[Diamond Hoop Earrings]-[Ouros Jewels]

In this Round Diamond Hoop Earrings, the diamonds are engraved on the gold band. While for the easy wearing of the earrings, a lock has been placed, which is a sign of excellent craftsmanship. This style of diamond earrings is called "Micro Pave Diamond Earrings." If you want something stylish and precious gift for your love, you must have this hoop diamond earring. See more stylish lab diamond stylish earrings.

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So we carries a diamond rings collection which is easily sent to your doorstep in just 48-72 hours. Don't worry about your diamond ring's quality and appearance. You have a chance to for getting your diamond rings quickly with greater quality. So, for more clear information, visit Our Ready to Ship Section.

5. Floral Style Diamond Gold Pendant

A Diamond Pendant is still in demand for its fashionable looks. Normally, a lab diamond pendant jewelry is a good choice for your promise moment. When you do promise to your finacee, you need something which symbolizes your feelings. So, this floral-style diamond pendant is a good choice. Lab-grown diamond pendant jewelry is the indicator of love nexus and feelings.

[Floral Cut Diamond Pendant]-[Ouros Jewels]

In this diamond pendant, pear, marquise, and round cut diamonds are fixed with a frequent pattern. A white gold pendant is an ornament that increases the wearer's looks, and that's the truth. Also, this pendant is made with 18KT White Gold with appealing craftsmanship. You can quickly reveal feelings to your fiancee with this diamond gold pendant. All diamonds are grisped by prongs which provides sustainability.

6. Emerald Diamond Gold Bangle

When you have your engagement anniversary, you're confused about the gift for that anniversary in diamond jewelry. Don't worry. A Lab Diamond gold bangle is the best choice for the present. Yet, you can give her some other gifts like clothes and watches. But, an diamond bangle is a selection and symbolism of your love towards her. She can likes it when you surprisingly presented this white gold bangle in front of her. 

[Emerald Diamond Bangle]-[Ouros Jewels]

In this diamond bangle, the emerald diamond is fixed with the bezel setting. Also, this bangle is made with the 18 KT White Gold for a stylish appearance. In addition, for easy wearing, the lock has been added for security. A Diamond gold bangle is a daily ornament so you can give her with full of confidence. You can also fixed your love's birthstones in this lab-grown diamond gold bangle from tell us in advance. You can fill your requirement in this customized form.

7. Multi Colored Radiant Diamond Bracelet

If you are trying for a surprise gift for your wife and valentine in diamond jewelry, you can choose this multi-colored radiant diamond bracelet. A Diamond Bracelet is the good choice for its exquisite appearance. Also, the Radiant diamond bracelet has the ability which increases the look of the wearer. Select this diamond bracelet for her when you want to give such a precious and stylish gift. You can customize within your budget and requirements to tell us. So, we can meet our doorstep means at

[Natural Blue Radiant Diamond Bracelet]-[Ouros Jewels]

In this Bracelet, Two types of Radiant are used, the first is colorless, and the rest is blue-colored. If your valentine likes to wear a multi-colored gold bracelet, you can select this radiant diamond bracelet made in 18KT White Gold metal. In addition, round cut diamonds are fixed with the radiant diamond in the frequent form.

8. Multi Shape Diamond Wedding Necklace

When you purchase your wedding diamond jewelry, you look for the thing that is remembered as your marriage symbol. Also, this multi-shape diamond necklace is made with four types of diamonds. In this necklace, pear, marquise, round, and emerald cut diamonds are fixed. You can decorates your bride with this diamond necklace and give her a precious gifts in form of diamond jewelry.

[Multi Diamond Wedding Necklace]-[Ouros Jewels]

When a man and woman meet with each other to spend the rest of their life together, as a husband, you can choose this multi-shape diamond necklace. Added that, if you want to know what is the elegant craftsmanship of a diamond necklace then show the image, and you can understand it. Need a budget conscious wedding diamond necklace then contact us. We can understand your requirements and provides the best affordable priced diamond necklace.

9. Round Diamond Cuban Chain For Men

If you search for a surprise gift for your husband's birthday that expresses and shows your love symbolism, you can choose this round diamond cuban chain. At this cuban chain, two types of metals are used, the form rose gold and white gold, with frequent numbers. In this gold chain, 7.05 to 10.05 CT weighted round shape diamond used. You can customize for your choice when placing an order. We gave an option to make your own jewelry from our expert craftsmanship.

[Round Diamond Cuban Chain For Men]-[Ouros Jewels]In short, as a wife or fiancee, you can gift this cuban diamond chain to your husband with heart feelings. This makes your love bonding more strong, and your mutual understanding increases, which is necessary for happy marriage life. In love you want to get support from your better half and searching for such a precious thing which connects your hearts. A lab-grown diamond gold chain is good selections for your husband.

10. Antique Diamond Gold Brooch For Present

This antique diamond gold brooch is made with clever and intelligent craftsmanship. In this sunflower patterned brooch, 6.81 weighted CT round cut diamonds and 10.15 weighted CT pearl birthstone. Flower patterned brooch made in 18kt white gold and engraving art of round diamond. The framework of gold brooch is curved as braches of flower and diamonds are fixed in it with prongs.[Antique Diamond Gold Brooch For Present]For antique diamond jewelry this white gold brooch is a quiet better selection. You can customized this diamond brooch with selected shape of diamonds and color. You have an option to select your birthstone for placed at the center of brooch like as garnet, opal, tanzanite, amethyst, alexandrite birthstone. The choice is yours. You can tell us your requirements in the customize form with needed information so we can return back as soon as possible.


We hope that you like the collection of top 10 lab diamond jewelry for 2022. If you've any queries regarding lab-grown diamond jewelry, then freely contact us. We walk on the motto "Provides Pure Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry To Worldwide At Affordable Option." 

We gained mastery in the following matters

1. Affordable Lab Diamond Jewelry= Price Friendliness

2. Customized Making Craftsmanship= We MAKE Your Imagination In Reality

3. Finest Diamond Jewelry Collection For All Types

4. You Have To Chance To Connects Yourself Ouros Jewels Family

5. We Cares Environment, So Environment Cares Us.

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