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Wedding Rings for Women the Guide

Wedding ring in eternity band, toi et moi ring, pave set, channel set, antique vintage ring

Wedding Rings are the true sign of pure romance and constant love and affection. In wedding rings, eternity bands, pave bands, Toi et Moi rings, channel sets, bridal ring sets, and unique rings are counted. Of course, in a love relationship, nobody can look at the comparison with each other. The diamond wedding ring always make the love relationship more stronger and trustable.

Wedding rings for women have more varieties, from diamond shapes to ring's styles. Wedding rings for women are available in 1-carat to 5-carat with rose gold and yellow gold in certified diamonds. In wedding rings for women, unique diamond rings are a better choice because it features unmatchable structures, which makes the relationship better.

Let’s look at wedding ring styles and understand how to buy a wedding ring with a better deal and knowledge of it. Doesn’t take it more time. Let’s start with the topic.

1. What is wedding ring called?

The wedding ring signifies a true and trustable relationship where the couple transforms from two souls to one. A wedding ring means that couples never break the trust of the relationship, and they support each other in any conditions which come in life. The Wedding ring boosts their confidence to solve the problems that occur in the relationship all the time. Thus, the Wedding ring is the sign that protects the relationship.

The wedding ring has a glorious appearance, which helps to remove the gap in the relationship and success to give enjoyable love life. That's why Wedding Ring is called the "romance creator."
Unique wedding rings for women in yellow gold and diamonds

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2. Which type of wedding ring is available?

Eternity bands, pave sets, bridal ring sets, Toi et Moi rings, and unique rings are available. Eternity bands are vastly famous as wedding rings because they encourage lovers to make sure about their relationship. In other words, eternity bands come with more amount of diamonds and will give better light reflections(in the form of memorable loving moments), which every couple wants in the wedding relationship. Thus, eternity band type wedding rings should be chosen from couples in fancy color diamonds and colorless diamonds. 

Eternity Wedding Ring in gold band

Shop Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

Eternity bands cover the whole circumference’s structure which every couple wants to be as the sign of their trustable and authentic relationship. Colorless diamond eternity bands are bought mostly because they’re free from the diamond inclusions when they scale on higher clarity, such as VVS or FL.

Bridal Set Wedding Ring in oval shape diamond and white gold

Shop Diamond Wedding Bridal Set

Diamond bridal set is the 2nd number wedding ring for having two type of bands: first is halo or solitaire style band, and the second is the eternity band. Bridal set gifted as wedding and engagement ring because it carries the combination of the halo and eternity ring. Bridal wedding set is available in white gold, rose and yellow gold metal with the best 4cs of diamonds.

3. Which clarity is the best for wedding rings?

Wedding rings are a sign of a better flexible love relationship. Thus, They will look best in FL clarity(flawless), where the diamond inclusions aren’t available in a single tiny dot. A flawless diamond clarity grade is scarce to find, but it’s not impossible. Flawless diamond clarity is free from inclusions. As a result, all the shining appearance outcomes from the diamond anatomy look precious and prestigious. So, select the Flawless clarity grade in the wedding rings without keeping any doubts.

Bezel sets and Toi Et Moi Rings as Wedding Rings

In the absence of FL diamonds, vvs diamonds work better for the rest of the diamond clarity grades. This is because vvs diamonds have less amount of inclusions on the surfaces, which is necessary to make wedding rings more distinctive and remarkable. That’s why vvs diamonds are the best selection for wedding rings when the FL diamonds are hard to find.

4. What is the best color grade for  wedding rings?

The best color to select for wedding rings are white colored, means D, E, F, G, H, and I grade. These diamond color grades don't have any of the different hue reflections except white and rainbow colors. Different color diamond grades in the wedding ring confuse the person. That's why D to I graded diamonds are best for Wedding rings. Thus, these colorless grade diamonds are best for wedding rings.

Fancy diamond colors in wedding ringsFancy color diamonds are out of box choice for wedding rings because it is the trending fashion style. In fancy color diamond wedding ring, all the 4cs of diamonds remain the same as the colorless diamonds, not actually 4cs but 3cs as cut, clarity, and carat; the color is different. In fancy colors diamonds, orange, blue, sky blue, yellow, red, and pink hue available, which can make the wedding ring more precious and appealing.

5. Can Buyer select a very good cut diamond for wedding ring?

Yes, buyer can select very good diamond cut for the wedding ring because the appearance of the girdle of the diamond matches each facets. Very good cut diamonds are a better selection for a wedding ring to carry the placement of faceting in perfect ways, making the love symbolism ring precious. Diamond cut and its types are the most important fact in the selection of wedding rings; the wrong choice of diamond cut destroys the ring's appearance.

Other option to select excellent cut diamond, and good cut diamonds for the wedding rings due to girdle faceting styles on the anatomy.

Unique wedding ring in antique shape diamods and gold variations

Shop Unique Wedding Rings

This unique wedding rings are our specialized products which can be introduce by Ouros Jewels. Experience the uniqueness in the wedding rings.

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6. Which diamond carat is preferable to consider price tag for wedding ring?

Between 2-5 diamond carats is preferable, following the price tag for the wedding ring. A wedding ring is available in the eternity band, pave sets, bridal sets, and channel sets where more amount of diamonds are available, then there is no need to exceed a diamond carat more than 5. Diamond carat also affects the wedding ring price, so buyers must consider selecting them.

Antique Vintage ring with best authenticated diamonds

Shop antique vintage wedding ring

7. Which price is the best for wedding ring? 

The Wedding Ring price starts from $300 to $100000 depending on the ring style, 4cs of diamonds, the gold metal variations, and the authenticity of the rings. 1 carat eternity bands are available within $500-1000, and when it exceeds 1 carat, it might be charged more.

In the wedding ring price, 4cs of diamonds play a vital role to determines the final price. Low-quality graded diamonds used in wedding rings will be available at a lower price. In contrast, better and high-quality graded diamonds such as vvs diamonds and D color diamonds demand more prices.

8. Can buyer select fluorescence diamond for wedding ring?

Yes, buyer can buy fluorescence diamond for wedding ring when it has none or faint grade. Diamond fluorescence doesn't affect the appearance of shine, but it sparks under the ultravioLet rays.

Fluorescence diamondis one type of exception that appeared on the diamond’s table anatomy, which is neither good nor bad. Mostly, all the couples wear a wedding ring in the sunlight or the natural light where diamond fluorescence effects can’t be found. 

But, when a diamond's fluorescence grades suggest as strong or very strong, then pay less amount money instead of having higher clarity(flawless) or color (D). This is the fundamental fact to consider when buying the diamond wedding rings.


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