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Lab Grown Diamond Wholesaler

Table Of Contents

  • Who We Are?

Ouros jewels is known for its manufacturing ability of unique and special lab-grown diamonds and jewelry with skillful and intelligent craftsmanship. From mid-2019, ouros jewels continuously surged demands from the worldwide west side to the east side of the world map. You can know more about us, why we're stable till now.

Three years later, Ouros Jewels be a young man from a child due to the support of 5000+ happy and satisfied customers. Ouros jewels produce 15000+ CTs of lab-grown diamonds & jewelry in just three years, which shows the ability and potential. During 2019-2022, Ouros Jewels provide loose diamonds & jewelry in 55+ countries like Europe, America, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

  • What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds or another side of natural diamonds as coins another side. They are made with seed or crystal, a form of carbon. Thus, the carbon seed is pressurized with such amount of temperature and pressure, which helps the seed to take shape. After the seed is successfully grown as originated rough natural diamond then, it is called "lab-grown diamond," and it is ready for the cutting and polishing process to make the precious and sparkly diamond. In the lab diamond-making process, recycled water and energy are used. That's why lab-grown diamonds are "Eco-friendly Diamonds."

  • Will I be able to purchase lab-grown diamonds in Bulk?

Yes, you can able to purchase lab-grown diamonds in wholesale. In ouros jewels, you can find some exceptional crafted lab-created diamonds, which are available in antique cut or brilliant cut. Lab-grown diamonds are produced with an eco-friendly method which is necessary for our planet.

All components of lab-made diamonds have carbon elements, and they provide strong durability. So, you can select lab diamonds to save our planet's health. With lab-grown diamonds, you can easily save your extra money to be spent on natural diamonds.

This is the best time to purchase a lab-grown diamond wholesale because the price is very low of lab diamonds. Especially in wholesale buying of Lab-grown diamonds, buyers would get more special discounted prices. So, read this page still its end, and you'll get all of the answers to your questions regarding wholesale lab-grown diamonds.

Otherwise, we're open 24*7*365 for discussing Wholesale Lab Diamond purchasing on all contacting platforms like Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. So, feel relaxed and tell us your requirements in Lab Diamond Wholesale inquiry; we've tried to give the best possible answers to your wholesale diamond purchasing query.

In lab-generated diamonds, you can save mine for digging. As a result, you're contributing your share to making our planet better for living. Thus, lab-grown diamonds are the best choice to buy and engraved into favorite jewelry and ornaments.

Mostly Asked Questions: For Buying Wholesale Lab Diamonds

1. What Is B2B Collaboration in Diamond Industry?

A. B2B Collaboration in Diamond Industry is a new concept where one organization has specialization in crafting and manufacturing antique cut diamonds. While another organization is searching for an opportunity to buy lab diamonds from a direct manufacturer. This is called a B2B Collaboration between two different business entities. 

2. Why do I have to purchase lab diamonds from Ouros Jewels?

There are three reasons tell you why to buy lab diamonds from a wholesaler, and that is ouros jewels. First is price-conscious. Yes, if you buy lab diamonds from a wholesaler, then you can save 40-50% of the capital that is spent on retail prices(sometimes it may be available at less price)

The second reason is to buy wholesale lab-grown diamonds the quality. Buyers sometimes see doubtedly wholesale diamond purchasing; they understand the quality is found irregular or ugly. But, We assure you to keep no doubt about Ouros Jewels best quality Wholesale Lab-grown Diamonds. 

The last reason to buy lab diamonds from wholesalers is to establish corporate relations. As a buyer in wholesale lab-grown diamonds, you want to get instant delievery of demanded quantity ahead of standing in a queue. That's why in Lab-grown Diamonds wholesale, buyers have a safe side to get their orders quickly.

For this reason, business organizations will benefit from completing their order quickly. Like drop shipping. You can complete your orders in dropshipping by not keeping stock in your hands. This is the benefit of buying Lab Diamonds In Wholesale from Ouros Jewels.

3. Is There Special Price For Buying Lab Diamonds In Wholesale For Me?

Yes, there's a special price for you to buy lab diamonds in wholesale. We assure you that we have the best and unbeatable market price for wholesale buying. When you want a specific quantity of wholesale lab-grown diamonds, then we can give you a price letter which not cross your budget line. You can get the lab-created diamonds without jumping a price wall. So, buy it now in your quantity. We have no limitation on purchasing wholesale diamonds in specific quantities. It's your decision, and we don't interfere and influence in it.

4. Can Ouros Jewels follow the quality grade in manufacturing lab diamonds for wholesale?

A. Look, Ouros Jewels is not differentiated to manufacture lab diamonds for wholesale or retail. In our manufacturing unit for making a lab diamond, all norms or standards are followed to gain a superior quality scale in the certification report. Our lab-grown diamonds have raised the question of How's possible! to make or craft with the best quality. We consider your concern regarding buying the best quality grade wholesale lab-made diamonds.

5. Which Diamond Shapes Are Available In Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds?

A. In ouros jewels, you can see versatile quality graded lab-grown diamonds, floral & kite cut diamonds, Horse, Bull, Round Crushed Cut, Old European and Mine Cut, Duck, Butterfly Cut, star, Modified shield cut, and Bullet Cut Diamonds. We have many more antique and matching pair diamonds, so you have to visit once and see our art to make a diamond more precious collection of all time.

You can give your notes about the requirements then we will make it real from our craftsmanship and intelligence. From our doorstep, you can not tell a complaint regarding our craftsmanship and service. But, you return with more requirements from us that we surely tell that.

Ouros Jewels primarily deals with antique and brilliant diamonds, which are lab-created. If you want a brilliant-cut or good-cut lab-made diamond in a specific quantity with quality, then we also do that for you. Our Antique cut diamonds are rare to be found in the diamond industry. So, shake hands with us and get an antique or brilliant-cut diamond from a reputed wholesaler lab diamond supplier.

6. What is the supply chain for buying wholesale lab-grown diamonds?

[Flexible & Easy Supply Chain]

In Ouros Jewels B2B supply chain of products, we give a chance to direct a lab diamond business that wants to collaborate with a wholesaler of diamonds who has an easy and flexible supply chain. We use the drop shipping option so you can supply the best-crafted diamond to the customers without keeping stock in hand. So, you can not need to keep maintain books of accounts of diamonds in the method FIFO or LIFO. You indirectly escape from spending thousands of dollars amount on office and sales distribution expenses.

7. My B2B Consignment will be fulfilled with the legal and law-binding process?

Yes, when you buy lab created diamonds wholesale from Ouros Jewels, then your consignment is our priority to reach your doorstep securely within a time. We ensure to send your consignment from our allocated shipping partner by following all governmental procedures in collaboration with the customs department.

Ouros jewels considered and followed all regulations and terms set by the government for providing diamond jewelry to you. We make all lab diamond jewelry with ethical sources and consider the planet's condition. Here we're talking about lab-grown diamonds, which are eco-friendly. Meanwhile, lab-created diamonds are not harmful to the earth.

8. If I Purchase Lab Diamonds In Wholesale, Then What are The Ways To Acquire It?

When you purchase wholesale lab diamonds from Ouros Jewels, we send you the procedure and required information through email. Your purchase of wholesale lab diamonds securely comes. We don't share any of your personal information, except it is mandatory to protect our rights which knot with govermental established laws. We shipped your bought diamonds with safe packaging to our authorized shipping partner, who delivers it to your business house. 

9. What are the ways to pay the price of wholesale lab-grown diamonds? 

We believe in transparency and flexibility in the transaction between you and us. As a result, we accept the price from Paypal, all major debit and credit cards like VISA and Mastercard, Transferwire, Payoneer, and Layaway Payment Plans. Don't worry. We use secure platforms which are authenticated to store your bank details, credit card details, and other information. We use this information for your convenience and smooth transaction between you and us. For more options, then refer to the page of our payment plans.

10.  What's the ability of Ouros Jewels?

From the foundation to the present, Ouros Jewels started to provide lab diamonds in retail patterns. But, now, During 2019-2022*, ouros jewels is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide, and most importantly, more than 60% of customers get customized orders. Ouros Jewels produced 15000CT+ lab diamonds in just 3 years, so the average production is 5000CT+ lab-created diamonds per year. That's the potential of Ouros Jewels crafting artmanship and workflow.

When you want to buy wholesale lab-grown diamond jewelry from Ouros Jewels, then we can do that for you. For that option, you have to read our lab diamond jewelry wholesale guide, which includes all information. It will clear your doubts about how to buy lab diamond jewelry wholesale.

Special Note

Ouros Jewels specialize in making antique and customized cut lab-grown diamonds and jewelry, which the buyer shows in the dream; we make dreams real. This specialty allocates to ouros jewels a special seat in the lab diamond market.

Ouros jewels carry less price tag from the market's recent prices. This is because now we're dealing in B2B coordination with whom want antique cut lab diamonds. But, we take charge of providing the best lab-grown diamonds with uniqueness at an affordable price.

In ouros jewels inventory, you can see LORD BUDDHA CUT Diamond, Holy Criss Cut Diamonds, Bull cut, Butterfly cut, Lotus cut, Horse cut, and many more. When a buyer wants to buy our antique lab-grown diamonds in bulk from us, then we open our door to anyone who wishes to get it at wholesale price and quantity. We undoubtedly give our best efforts to provide expertise-crafted lab diamonds to every part of the world. 
  • Are Ouros Jewels authenticated to buy wholesale lab-grown diamonds?

Yes, we're a human, not a machine. So, when you buy lab-grown diamonds from ouros jewels, we care about your feelings. We give you certifications about lab diamonds that are trustworthy. Ouros jewels have 5000+ customers worldwide and produced 10,000+ carat lab diamonds in just three years. In these numbers, antique-cut diamonds are not counted. We're constantly growing lab-grown diamonds to make our planet eco-friendly.

[Buy Lab Grown Diamonds In Wholesale]

When you buy lab-grown diamonds in the wholesale category from ouros jewels, the certification report we offer might be more chargeable for you.
  • For loose brilliant cut diamond bulk order certification

If you want 3rd party certification for your bulk order of lab-grown diamonds, then we give IGI, SGL, or Ouros Authenticated Certification. We don't hide any single fact from you regarding any purchase. We believe in transparency and trustworthiness. It may be chargeable for you. Contact me for more info.

[Brilliant Cut Lab-grown Diamond Wholesaler]
  • For antique cut diamonds bulk order certification

When you want to buy bulk-ordered antique cut diamonds, you want certifications; then we give you SGL-certified lab antique diamonds. You can cross verifies the certificate online and keep secure the physical copy for future transactions. It will be chargeable for you. In addition, we can share antique-cut diamond videos with you. Contact for the more clear answer.

[Antique Diamond Wholesaler With Certification]
  • Winding Up

Ouros Jewels give the best price for wholesale lab-grown diamonds. However, we can’t compromise with diamond qualities in bulk order. We offer you our best-crafted lab diamonds to make your jewelry more precious and antique. Our crafted diamonds are famous worldwide and deliver the sparkle as brilliant cut diamonds. So, want to know more about the bulk supply chain for lab-grown diamonds, then meet us by chat, email, or call on the website. We will surely get back to you immediately with your requirements.

 Bulk Enquiry