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Chief 10 Solitaire Engagement Rings Counted For Lover's Choice

Solitaire engagement rings in diamond

Solitaire rings come with solo or single-shaped diamonds in the basket, prongs, or bezel settings, which buyers prefer to wear. In the solitaire rings, the diamond shapes and its 4cs grades are the most important things because, from that, the appearance decides.

All primary diamond shapes in the solitaire setting rings are available as princess, oval, pear, round, radiant, emerald, heart, asscher, cushion, and marquise.

Antique diamonds are now available in solitaire rings to experience wearing a vintage ring. In addition, solitaire diamond rings will allow the buyers to select their favorite gold tone and purity as yellow gold and 18kt.

Buyers bite to know about buy a solitaire rings

The ideal price of solitaire rings starts from $500 and reaches $15000 with the grades of 4cs diamonds and gold-tone usage. In solitaire rings for love, buyers must choose 1 to 5-carat weights because it looks better on the hands. VVS to VS clarity grade diamonds select in solitaire rings for engagement or wedding.

The diamond clarity should be in the higher quality grades in the solitaire engagement ring selection. Choose between IF or Internally Flawless and FL or Flawless grades for the best diamond clarity grade. These diamond clarity grades have no amount of blemishes that affect the light's reflections.

The D to F color grade looks most precious on the solitaire rings with the styles and settings. The diamond cut, symmetry of diamond, and polish grade should be excellent because they increase the light reflections on the solitaire rings.

Chief 10 solitaire rings exist for lover's choice in 2023

  1. Radiant cut diamond ring 
  2. Oval solitaire ring
  3. Cushion solitaire ring 
  4. Pear solitaire ring 
  5. Round diamond ring 
  6. Heart diamond solitaire ring 
  7. Emerald diamond ring in solitaire 
  8. Marquise diamond solitaire ring 
  9. Princess cut solitaire ring
  10. Hexagon antique diamond ring

1. Radiant cut solitaire ring

Radiant cut solitaire diamond ring

Shop this Solitaire ring for engagement now.

A radiant cut solitaire ring is quite an excellent selection for the engagement or wedding, maybe because it carries the natural light reflections that attract the eye. However, when selecting a radiant cut ring for a solitaire setting, buyers must focus on the prong's grip ability. To check this fact reason, it would be helpful to identify the stability of the solitaire.

Radiant cut diamond solitaire rings with identical looks come out between 1-carat to 3-carat weights with excellent cut grades. Also, buyers must choose VVS to VS clarity in the radiant solitaire ring. The proper price of a radiant diamond ring in the solitaire setting is $ 800 to $ 12300, depending on the quality.

2. Oval diamond solitaire ring

Oval solitaire engagement ring

Buy this 2 carat oval diamond solitaire ring now.

The oval diamond solitaire ring makes the love moment memorable and appealing due to its differently sharped edge shaped faceting placements. The oval diamond is curved from the north to south sides, and this type of structure collects the brilliance from all directions. Thus, an oval solitaire ring is the best selection for an engagement or wedding or maybe as a promise ring.

When buying the diamond solitaire ring in oval then, three facts have to consider from the expert buyer's perspective: the 4cs, price, and dimensions. The 4cs of the oval diamond should be in the excellent cut grade, 1 to 4-carat weight, VVS1 to VS1 clarity grade, and color grade from E to G.

The price of a solitaire oval diamond ring starts from $ 800 to $ 10000 with variations of quality. The oval diamonds' perfect dimensions are 10.45*7.60(length to width) MM in 2-carat weights.

3. Cushion cut solitaire engagement ring

Cushion cut diamond solitaire ring

Get this Cushion solitaire ring now.

In cushion cut solitaire engagement rings buyers can experience combo appearance of princess and round diamonds. For engagement, a cushion rings in solitaire setting should be great choice due to the curving edges on the four sides. In cushion diamond cut the slopy structure make the reflection ability more flexible and transparent.

4. Pear diamond ring in solitaire

Pear diamond solitaire ring

Shop this 1 carat solitaire engagement ring now.

A pear diamond solitaire ring is consistently ranked first for an exclusive love sign of engagement because it strongly connects to the lover's life. Pear diamond refers to a teardrop shape known as the remover of the tears from a love relationship. As a result, people want to select a pear solitaire ring for engagement to tie the knot with their fiancée.

When buyers want to choose a pear diamond for a solitaire ring, the symmetry, and polish grade would be more important than a 4cs. Because if the facets or lines aren't appropriately placed on the pear shape anatomy, then it is worthless to buy. Thus, consider this point when buying a pear solitaire ring.

5. Round diamond solitaire ring

Round solitaire engagement diamond ring

Purchase this Solitaire diamond ring.

A round diamond solitaire ring is an excellent selection as a sign of a trustable and transparent love relationship. In a round solitaire ring, the appearance of the hands is just marvelous due to arrow, heart, and triangle-shaped faceting lines. Also, the round diamond has a sharpened tick point that releases a continuous flashes reflection.

Round solitaire ring available in all 4cs grades, gold tone and purity as 18kt white gold or rose gold.

6. Heart diamond solitaire ring

Heart cut diamond solitaire ring

Buy now Heart solitaire diamond ring now.

A heart diamond solitaire ring symbolizes the pure romance and dedication in the love relationship. In the heart solitaire ring the curving edges represents the feelings of lovers that connects their souls. After all the engagement is the holy relationship between two different souls.

Thus, when selects heart diamond solitaire ring then focus it's quality and assurance that described in the diamond certification. As a diamond jeweler I suggests buyers to select a certified heart diamond for ring.

This below mentioned solitaire ring is made with the certified heart shape diamond.*

7. Emerald cut solitaire ring

Emerald solitaire diamond ring for engagement

Shop now this Emerald cut ring in solitaire setting.

If you are looking for a simple but elegant engagement or wedding ring that stands out from the competition, then an emerald-cut solitaire ring can be a better choice. The parallel facets and exact cut grading scale in emerald-cut diamonds make them preferable and acceptable for an engagement ring.

After a round-cut diamond, an emerald cut is primarily chosen in the solitaire ring for engagement. In all gold tone and purity variations, emerald solitaire rings are available as 14kt, 18kt white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold metal.

A 2 carat emerald solitaire ring is the tempting selection all times because it has long or big shape that looks heavy on the hands.

8. Marquise solitaire ring

Marquise cut diamond solitaire ring

Buy now this 2.50 Carat Marquise solitaire ring.

A marquise solitaire ring represents the lover's eyes and feelings with its structure; it will be the most precious gift ever in a committed relationship. When selecting a marquise engagement or wedding ring then, the whole appearance is decided on the dimensions and faceting patterns.

Thus, I recommended selecting a dimension with a 10.95*7.40*4.80(length*width*depth) ratio for the marquise diamond ring. So it can look more optimum and precious.

9. Princess cut solitaire ring

Princess cut diamond solitaire ring

Shop now this Princess cut solitaire ring for her.

A princess-cut solitaire ring features the sparkle that comes out frequently from the anatomies. The faceting patterns and prong settings make it preferable in the princess cut ring. That's why when selecting princess cut then; it should be in excellent cut and none fluorescence grade. Because it makes the princess diamond cut more reflective.

A princess ring in solitaire setting available 1 to 4 carats it means 2 or 3 carat weight also the choice with the buyer's preference. Also, princess solitaire rings can be made in different gold tones and purity as yellow, rose, and white gold with 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt.

10. Antique diamond cut solitaire ring

Antique diamond cut solitaire engagement ring

Purchase this Antique solitaire engagement ring.

Antique diamond cut solitaire rings are known as vintage engagement rings due to their similar structures and placements of settings. When buyers want to offer some most memorable moments to their beloved ones in the form of a gift, then a solitaire antique diamond ring is a good choice. In antique diamond cut, many varieties are available: portrait, butterfly, lotus, bullet, shield, and Krupp.

There is a chance to make antique diamond solitaire rings in 1-carat to 5-carat with third-party certifications such as IGI and GIA. Antique solitaire rings are available in three different gold tones and purity yellow, rose, and white gold, with 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt.


These ten solitaire rings exist in 2023 as a lover's choice. In reality, the choice might be different from person to person. Want to buy solitaire rings in diamonds with proper and precise customization, then contact us. We stand to support the buyers in getting their matching rings or love sign.

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