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Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings: The Beautiful Gift For Love

Marquise diamond engagement ring for women in the white gold material tone

Marquise engagement rings are a captivating and distinctive style of diamond ring characterized by their elongated, boat-shaped cut. Also known as the "navette" cut, meaning "little ship" in French, the marquise diamond features pointed ends and gracefully curved sides, resembling a ship's hull or, as some believe, the shape of a smile.

Marquise cut diamond engagement rings often exhibit a timeless and regal allure, making them a sought-after choice for couples who appreciate vintage-inspired designs. It's available in traditional solitaire ring designs where the prong settings hold the diamond with a better grip. Meanwhile, there is an option for the halo design with a great amount of sparkle reflection with a white gold or platinum finish.

This unique and elegant cut creates an illusion of greater size. It emphasizes the diamond's stunning brilliance, making marquise engagement rings a popular choice for those seeking a balance of tradition and contemporary flair.

"Engagement" is one of the most important traditions performed before the wedding. To make this moment more wonderful and mesmerizing, rings are given and taken as a sign of commitment and promise. A "Marquise Diamond" is a beautiful and modern shape selection for an engagement ring due to its elongated and wider middle space.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, marquise engagement rings symbolize the everlasting journey of love. The elongated shape and pointed ends are reminiscent of Cupid's arrow, adding a romantic touch to the symbolism of commitment and unity.

Whether set in platinum, gold or another precious metal, marquise engagement rings stand as a testament to the couple's enduring love, capturing attention and admiration with their distinctive and memorable design. Timeless yet modern, marquise diamond rings continue to be a cherished choice for couples seeking a ring that beautifully merges tradition with contemporary style.

For the modern woman who likes to be in trend and fashion, a marquise-shaped diamond ring is the perfect choice for her. But today, as a buyer, you have to check all the diamond's grades and the ring's quality whenever you purchase from online or offline stores and it finally arrives in your hands.

A marquise shaped diamond ring is the perfect choice for modern women who like to be in recent fashion trends. Are you still purchasing a ring for her by visiting an offline jewelry store or e-commerce website? Then what do you have to look for? You can personally select the quality and grades according to your budget, convenience, and preference.

Do you have a question about why this shaped diamond has been selected ahead of the round brilliant cut? Are there any additional benefits available, or how much do they affect the appearance?

The answer is marquise cut diamond's formation, where the elongated shape, brilliant cutting style, sharp edges, and proper facet placement drive more sparkles. These diamonds appear beautiful with fancy colors like pink, blue, champagne, and red. Most importantly, all kinds of customization are available in these diamonds.

In this article, we will clarify what to remember when shopping for a beautiful and stylish diamond ring for a woman. Also, which ring style could look gorgeous when you presented it for an engagement proposal? All these things are mentioned here. So, be ready to know how to make your ring a unique and emotions reflector that stands out from others.

Let's start to explore fancy and elegant marquise diamond engagement rings. First, we have to know what is a marquise diamond.

What Is A Marquise Diamond?

2.00 carat marquise shaped diamond with VVS2 clarity and G color grade

Marquise cut diamond is a fancy shaped diamond conveying the brilliant and step-cutting facets on the crystal. The long and elongated shape and two sharp edges on opposite sides are identifiable marks of the marquise diamond with 58 facets. The sparkle reflection of this diamond refers to the round brilliant cut and radiant cut diamonds, which offer a beautiful appearance.

One imagined interpretation of the marquise diamond refers to the "Sacred Eye of Love Partners." The reason behind this is their long and skinny shape from bottom to top surface that consistently moves the sparkle lights from one end to another one. This characteristic increases the brilliance and glorious appearance of the jewelry. That's why engagement rings and promise rings are made with these fancy diamonds.

The elongated silhouette of the marquise diamond not only enhances the stone's perceived size but also creates the illusion of longer, more slender fingers when worn. This elongated shape, coupled with the diamond's brilliant cut, contributes to a striking and eye-catching appearance on the finger.

Marquise diamonds seamlessly complement various styles, allowing couples to personalize their rings to reflect their unique tastes. The pointed ends of the marquise cut can be accentuated with prongs or protected within a bezel setting, offering both a delicate and secure presentation.

History Of Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Marquise cut diamond engagement ring with a five stone desing in white gold

The history of the marquise cut ring dates back to the 18th century. At that time, King Louis XV of France commissioned the antique diamond ring (a marquise ring) for his love partner, Madame de Pompadour. The king wanted a ring to showcase her beautiful lips, so he asked a jeweler to create a different cut that reflected their shape. This is the invention story behind the fancy elongated diamond.

A jeweler successfully aligned the perfect symmetrical balance and faceting patterns on the diamond. The result was the marquise cut introduced to the world, also known as the navette cut (French for "little boat"). Marquise diamond rings are a unique and elegant choice for any occasion. They will turn heads into a positive reply to the proposal and make a statement.

These diamond rings quickly became popular among French royalty and nobility. They were also seen as a symbol of love and devotion, as this cut was believed to represent the kiss of a lover. Also, France is famous as the first choice destination for couples to express their love feelings. So, with the elongated shape marquise ring, the commitment near the Effiel Tower leaves a positive impact on love relationship.

While dating back to 200 years ago from now, in the 19th century, marquise engagement rings became popular outside France and England. It was presented for wedding rings because, at that time, individuals wanted to make their pre-wed proposal appeal more meaningful and romantic. Many famous women wore these diamond shaped rings, including Queen Victoria and Empress Sisi of Austria.

Apart from their traditional and royal selection, people also selected this fancy shaped diamond in the 20th century. However, marquise diamond rings are chosen for robust engagement and wedding commitment during the recent winter and rainfall season.

Marquise diamond engagement rings are known for their elongated shape and pointed ends. They can be made with a variety of different gemstones, including radiant cut diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. These diamond shaped rings are often set in solitaire settings but can also be placed in halo settings, three-stone settings, and other more elaborate designs.

5 Reasons To Select Marquise Cut Diamonds

The reasons that indicates why to select marquise cut diamond for engagement rings

There are five reasons that indicate choosing a marquise cut diamond not only for engagement rings but also for jewelry styles like necklaces, earrings, tennis bracelets, wedding rings, and matching promise bands. 

Here, those 5 reasons are mentioned.

  • It has elongated shape like radiant, emerald, and cushion.
  • Available in all fancy colors.
  • Represents the emotional attachment.
  • Versatile selection for any ring styles.
  • Sharp edged corners existence.

This diamond shape combines brilliant cutting and fancy shape, driving elegance and sparkling reflection. These sparkle reflections offer such a beautiful appearance to the wearer. As a result, modern couples are selecting these shaped diamonds, especially for women's engagement rings.

Due to these reasons, it has been mostly selected in the halo, Art Deco, and filigree style ring in white and yellow gold. Before you decide to purchase a marquise diamond, first understand its reasons.

1. Elongated Shape

The elongated diamond shape reflects more brilliance than a traditional cut because forming facets and cutting styles deliver extra effort for complimentary reflections. As a result, when you want to shop for an engagement ring that appears big, a marquise cut diamond is a good choice.

This diamond is an alternative selection for an emerald and radiant cut. These two cuts have more price than a marquise shape, but the sparkle reflection remains the same. As a result, your three-stone or solitaire ring style looks identical to marquise considering L/W Ratio and 4Cs Grades. You don't have to pay as much as in step-cut emerald and brilliant cut radiant for that.

Learn More: Emerald Vs Radiant Cut: The Differences To Know

2. Fancy Color Options

Usually, a colorless marquise diamond looks prominent in an engagement ring with an additional white gold or platinum finish on the bands. But a modern couple seeks to make their ring more gorgeous, so they choose fancy colored diamonds. In orange, pink or red colored diamond the ring look identical that represents a strong attachment between a man and woman.

In fancy colors, the options are as follows: blue, champagne, yellow, red, orange, black, chocolate, pink, green, and grey. All these diamond's color ranges start from faint and end to deep, where the shade's intensity is higher.

You can pick it for a three-stone or halo engagement ring with your expectations and emotions. Every colored diamond features its own identity and symbolism. For example, a blue diamond refers to a royal look and brings calmness to minds and love life. While with fancy pink diamonds, you can make your romantic appeal more authenticated towards your love partner.

3. Represents Emotional Attachment

Every love relationship depends on emotional attachment rather than a physical touch. Engagment is the first step towards a successful wedding life. In that, couples are connected with a thread that interlocks their souls with each other. So, the marquise cut engagement ring is a sign of that thread for reflecting emotional attachment and makes connection ideal and strong.

An engagement ring with this fancy diamond shape offers elegance at all moments. Exchanging a ring in front of family and friends is not just a task to complete, but it's helpful to elaborate on emotions and values towards spouse. Offer happiness to your fiancée and demand her support to stabilize your life and give warmth to your soul.

4. Suitable For All Ring Styles: A Versatile Selection

You can select a marquise diamond in any ring style because it suits all designs that you expect to offer your future wife. Like if you go with a solitaire style, then an elongated cut looks better. While for a bridal set matching band with a prong setting, it appears the best fit for her.

An Art Deco ring in marquise diamond resembles a vintage and royal appearance that Kings and Queens had worn. This diamond will signify their wonderful sparkle reflections in a unique engagement ring style like a cathedral setting or a pave set band. So, there's no mandatory rule to pick it only for a particular ring style.

5. Sharp Edged Corners On Opposite Sides

The sharp edges on corners help the light to reflect with more speed and intensity that you want for your engagement ring. Marquise and radiant cut diamonds have this attribute with a brilliant cutting style. As a result, they are selected for the rings that defines a commitment and connection between couples.

The most beneficial fact about a sharp edge is the complete formation with the facets. When facets interact with each other properly, the overall value of the diamond significantly increases. Also, it protects a diamond symmetry that plays a vital role in a brilliant appearance. That's why a this fancy cut diamond counts as a unique, valuable for an engagement ring.

Best 4cs Of Diamonds For Marquise Cut

Diamond 4cs grades for marquise cut diamond to select in all kinds of jewelry

Every diamond's value is determined and evaluated from its obtained color, carat weights, cut, and clarity grades. It does not matter about their type, whether natural or lab-grown. The diamond 4cs works as the principal for making the perfect decision about price. It was developed by GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) and is recognized worldwide.

You must select the best 4cs grades for a marquise cut diamond. With the selection of the ideal grades, your engagement ring looks better and ritzy. Consider that all the grades included in the 4cs are connected with each other. So, if you select one lower quality clarity grade, the other color or cut should be in greater condition.

1. Select FL to VS Clarity Graded Diamond

Clarity grades chart for marquise cut diamonds to know before shop it

The diamond clarity defines how much the crystal of the stone is covered with inclusions or blemishes. If the inclusions are available in vast amount, then it counts as a low clarity graded diamond, while with fewer or zero blemished stones, they are referred to as clean diamonds. In clarity, 11 types are available, ranging from FL to I3 as best to worst, respectively.

In a marquise shaped diamond ring, we emphasize picking FL to VS clarity, where the inclusions remain in small amounts. Here, Flawless and Internally Flawless clarity grade is the most expensive and rare than other grades. So, for making your halo or customized ring more beautiful, VVS clarity is the best choice without sacrificing the brilliance and spending more money.

In the range of FL to VS clarity, there are six types available: Flawless, Internally Flawless, Very Very Small Inclusion1, Very Very Small Inclusion2, Very Small Inclusion1, and Very Small Inclusion2. Pick our recommended clarity grade to make your engagement ring beautiful, or consult your jeweler for better clarification. In this clarity grade range, you can parallelly combine your priority of brilliance and less spending money.

2. Pick At Least 1.00 to 5.00 Carat Weights

Carat weights chart for marquise diamond cut

In marquise cut diamonds, you can select 1.00 carat weights that look sufficiently elongated as emerald diamonds. Keep in mind that as the carat changes, the prices are changed. For example, a 1 carat lab diamond is available for around $1000; at the same time, for a 2 carat, the price reaches $2500.

Here, the ring style selection is important to consider. Are you selecting a halo ring, then 1.50 to 2.00 carat weight is a perfect choice. While for a solitaire engagement ring, at least 2.00 carat elongated marquise with an L/W ratio consideration.

For Art Deco, the filigree pattern ring does not go beyond 1.50 carat weight because the small-sized stone looks excellent with it. So, there's no logic to selecting many carat weights except if you want a big appearance on your fiancée's hands. Keep in mind the cost and budget for shopping this fancy shaped diamond.

3. Prefers Excellent to Very Good Cut Grades

Marquise diamond cut chart

In these elongated diamonds, the shape indicates you to prefer excellent to very good cut grades. In these grades, the girdle thickness and pavilion depth are correctly formed. As a result, the light reflection with marquise looks more prominent and excellent.

You want a beautiful appearance in diamonds in every ring style, so follow our recommendation. As other grades, the cut is also important to influence the cost that you have to pay. If you don't select the best cut grades in your engagement ring, you can't experience a beautiful appearance.

4. Go With D to G Color Grade/Fancy Color Diamonds

Marquise diamond color grade chart with range of D to Z scale

In an engagement ring with a marquise diamond, the color grade should be in the ideal grade. We suggest you pick a D to G color that appears as a natural shade without any subsidiary hue. According to the GIA color grading chart, there are five categories: colorless, nearly colorless, faint, very light, and light.

While looking at vibrant color choices, it's also available, especially in lab-grown diamonds. Fancy colored lab-grown diamonds are made with the best ethical practices and have cheap costs. So, you can afford it with the IGI and GIA authenticated certificate, making your engagement ring real.

There are seven choices to pick a particular color from: pink, yellow, olive, green, red, orange, and black diamonds. All these diamonds have color intensity ranging from faint to fancy deep except a black diamonds. You can pick these colored marquise cut diamonds to add an extraordinary appearance to the ring. Make sure it fits your budget when shopping.

Marquise Diamond's Perfect L/W Ratio

Marquise diamond L/W ratio to be consider before purchase

The perfect L/W ratio decides the overall appearance of diamonds and affects the light reflections. In elongated or square shaped diamonds, the L/W ratio should be selected carefully. Once you purchase a particular dimension in a diamond, it's impossible to modify it, even in lab-grown diamonds.

In marquise diamonds, we recommend you to get a 1.70 to 2.10 L/W ratio. If you need a wider space and a slightly squarish shape, then a 1.70 L/W ratio is the perfect choice, and it looks better in the halo ring. While you want to compete with the emerald cut's length by selecting a marquise diamond, go with at least a 2.00 L/W ratio.

Like 4cs grades, the L/W ratio affects the price of the diamond. For example, a lower L/W ratio costs cheap than a high ratio. Consider your budget and preference that will make your engagement ring beautiful.

Marquise V/s. Round Cut Diamond: The Comparison

Marquise vs. round cut diamond the comparison to know

Today's hot burning question for jewelry enthusiasts and couples is: What is the difference between marquise and round cut diamonds? Many customers aren't qualified to know from which points to differentiate these diamonds because there is a lack of information.

But don't worry. We bring the squeeze-out knowledge about these two diamond cut's differentiate points from an expert gemologist's point of view.

Let's understand it with the table chart for better learning.

Marquise Points Round Cut
Small Table Surface Big
Available Length Absent
Important L/W Ratio Not Important
Brilliant/Fancy Cutting Style Brilliant
57 - 58 Facets 58
Excellent Brilliance Ideal
Exist Bow-Tie Effect Absent
+7 Fancy Colors <7
Big Appearance Small
$1000/Carat Costs $1500/Carat
All Ring Styles Suitability Solitaire/Dainty/Halo
Best Modern Choice Result Traditional Alternative Selection

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

In marquise diamond rings, you have plenty of choices. Pick at least one according to your love partner's choice and budget preferences. For example, a three-stone or halo style is a good choice if she likes a modern and fashionable engagement ring.

The solitaire style is a perfect selection for a traditional engagement ring with an elongated marquise cut. You can customize the setting like a cathedral or a basket, increasing the diamond ring's overall value.

Here are some of the best engagement ring styles described. Look and think about her preferences and lifestyle. If you can't decide which one will be perfect, message us. We assure you that we will solve all your concerns.

  • Solitaire
  • Toi et Moi
  • Art Deco Filigree Pattern
  • Halo
  • Bypass Band Setting
  • Unique Double Curving Band
  • Three-stone

1. The Traditional Choice: Solitaire Ring

2.50 carat weighted marquise cut lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring in white gold

Marquise diamond with solitaire ring design counted as the best selection for engagement. To commit the wedding promise in the special ceremony, marquise cut remains ideal picking with the 1.50 carats with the white gold bands and claw prong settings. Meanwhile, there is an option to pick a favorite and available grades for the ring.

The intention behind selecting a solitaire ring design is to signify that to stay connected only with a love partner and doesn't distract from other substances. Also, every lover wants support and warmth in a relationship. It will be prioritized for wearing a beautiful solitaire ring.

The theme of the solitaire ring style is "Always Consider Me As All Of Yours and I Owe To You."

This ring looks adorable and wonderful in a marquise diamond because of its elongated shape. For clarity grade, go with VVS or VS where the blemishes do not so much affect the surfaces. For a fancy color, the it looks better with a blue, fancy dark yellow, and dark orange shade. Pick lab-grown diamonds so you can save up to 70% for spending on raw natural diamonds with the same 4cs of diamonds.

2. Toi Et Moi Ring: Representing Two Way Communication

VS clarity and colorless lab-grown marquise and pear shaped Toi et Moi ring in white gold

The Toi et Moi ring represents the commitment and dedication in a love relationship where couples can experience their real feelings. This ring design is the perfect gift for an engagement proposal in marquise diamonds. The marquise Toi et Moi engagement ring looks better and more meaningful in yellow gold and platinum.

The relation of love is a two-way communication, and it reflects emotions and romance in life. For making the connection strong and trustable, a Toi et Moi ring is the perfect selection. The band remains plain with a touch of gold in this ring style.

This ring style has only two big carat weighted diamonds with an interlocking pattern. This pattern indicates how two individuals come together to live the remaining part of life with love and only love. All diamonds hold the strong grip of prong settings to provide an extra layer of security.

Offering a Toi et Moi ring as an engagement ring, the theme is "Pure Emotional Connection and Support to Each Other."

In lab-grown diamonds, you can pick a colorless marquise diamonds within $1500, where the 1.00 to 1.50-CTW exists. Also, a versatile gold metal option is available: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. White gold or platinum is a good pick for a matching shade in a colorless diamond ring. For a fancy colored diamond ring, rose gold or yellow gold will make an elegant appearance on the entire attire.

Learn More: How Toi et Moi Ring Appeared In Modern Jewelry?

3. Art Deco Filigree Pattern Ring: The Vintage Selection

Colorless marquise cut and round diamond Art deco engagement ring for her with beautiful engraving craft

Are you looking for a vintage engagement ring with a marquise cut diamond, then an Art Deco style is the perfect match. In this ring style, the band is engraved with a beautiful frequency of a handcrafting skill. In ancient kingdom times, many kings and queens wore Art Deco rings.

In a marquise diamond, the Art Deco ring looks more gorgeous when it has been selected in the best clarity, carat weights, color grades, and cuts. The shrunk and wide shape of this fancy cut will deliver beauty in this style. You can offer it to her as a promise of a wedding and sustaining the future relationship.

"My Love Will Always Remains Same In All Situations For You" is the theme of offering an Art Deco engagement ring.

Here, in this ring style, the L/W ratio for the this elongated fancy shaped diamond is an important task. As diamond jewelry connoisseurs and expert, we recommend a 1.80 to 1.95 L/W ratio that looks elongated enough. D to G color grade center marquise diamond will look elegant with at least 1.40 carat weights and in VVS clarity. Spend around $1500 to $3000 for an Art Deco engagement ring.

4. The Modern Couple's Choice: Halo Style

3.00 carat weighted elongated marquise cut lab-grown diamond halo engagement ring with prong settings

A halo engagement ring is perfect for a modern couple seeking to reveal their emotions. A halo style ring is a good selection to make the engagement proposal more realistic and memorable. A big carat weighted center diamond features small-sized accent stones around itself with a grip of prongs in this ring style.

A marquise diamond halo engagement ring is the best alternative for an emerald cut ring because you can get the exact length that covers half of your finger here. So, when your fiancé asks to shop for an engagement ring, you can insist him pick a marquise cut, especially in an elongated shape.

The theme of the halo ring is "I Always Emotionally Connect With You and Dedicated My Rest Of The Life To You."

In this ring style, colorless diamond is a perfect selection just because of their natural color shade appearance. A center diamond should be at least 1.30 to 1.50 carat weight with an elongated shape and Excellent cut grade.

For clarity, VS grade could be a good option if you don't want to spend much on the ring. You can buy the best lab-grown diamond halo ring in marquise cut from our store with a cost range of $ 2,000 to $ 4,000.

5. Honesty and Eternity Love Ring: A Bypass Band

Curving bypass band for women in marquise cut diamond

Every spouse likes the support of their love partner, but when they have to stay far away for professional or personal reasons, it's a very sad moment for both of them. But we found a solution for it. We recommend they select a bypass band engagement ring that appears as honesty and eternity love feelings.

A bypass pattern band is mostly used in the Toi et Moi ring, but you can customize it with a halo or solitaire style. If you need a distinctive gift for your engagement that has always been remembered as the love signature, then a it is a good selection. It is beyond than your expectations from the traditional ring style.

The theme of the bypass band is "We Will Always Found Together Even When We're Far Away From Each Other."

If your budget is $1000 for shopping a bypass band engagement ring in marquise cut, then you're right. Within this price range, you can get 0.85 to 1.00 carat-weight lab-grown diamonds in colorless or fancy colors. Don't forget to get an authenticated certificate from GIA or IGI for a lab-grown diamond selection.

6. Unique Ring: The Customized And Personalized Touch

Marquise cut lab-grown diamond unique ring with 18kt rose gold

As a love partner, you want to deliver an ideal appearance to her in an engagement ring, then a unique style is a good choice. In a unique ring, you can select an elongated marquise cut that appears as the blazing flower on the hands.

You have a choice to pick an infinity or twisted band pattern with cluster or flower ring style, which is better among others. With the unique ring, you want to stand out from the crowd, right? Then consult an expert diamond jeweler and tell him your expectations.

For example, an unique ring for engagement will made with a combination of halo or three-stone style where the center diamond is surrounded by a small-sized stone in different positions. For such a unique appearance select a bypass band pattern with the cluster style in rose gold with at least 2.00 carat diamond.

The theme for selecting the marquise diamond ring is "Our Relationship Is Unique From World, and Our Love Feelings Will Remain Same As Promised."

The price of a unique engagement ring depends on the style, formation, diamond quality, and metal tone selection. We recommend that couples to spend around $1300 to $1800 for this ring style. But for more passionately loves appeal, the ring could be more adorable at $2000 to $2900. It's your call how much you're love to her and don't recognize a money spend on engagement ring.

How Much To Spend On Marquise Rings For Engagement?

As a diamond jewelry expert, we recommend spending $1500 to $3000 on marquise engagement rings. The price depends on the 4cs diamonds, metal selection, ring styles, and additional customization. The spending amount on an ring varies for every couple and individual's preference.

A passionate couple who wants to enjoy their life together and have a five figures monthly salary can purchase an engagement ring of better quality. Conversely, with the lab diamonds everyone can purchase a ring with $1500 to $2500 in desired style, metal tone and quality of the stones.

They can experience the same appearance as natural diamonds with lab-grown diamonds. Most importantly, GIA and IGI offer certification for these diamonds, proving their authenticity and ethical considerations for manufacturing.


The selection of the perfect diamond shape is the most important to perform well in the engagement ring picking. With a marquise diamond, the engagement ring looks beautiful because it has a brilliant cutting style and fancy shape. In every ring style, these elongated diamonds will stand out among others.

When shopping the engagement ring for her with these diamonds, consider the 4cs grades, L/W ratio, and style according to your budget. If you don't select a perfect color, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades, your engagement ring's appearance is not so beautiful.

If you need more consultation on the marquise diamond ring selection, contact us with your questions. We will solve it without any charges or fees.


  • Are Marquise Engagement Rings Expensive?

No. Marquise diamond rings are not as expensive as a round cut but cheap in every style. The price will remain low for these cut diamond rings, but the quality grading remains high. A younger couple prefers it for an engagement ring, especially with a combination of white and fancy colored stones.

  • Is 7.00 US Ring Size Affects My Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring?

Not at all. Ring size is the unit for measuring the comfortable wearing experience of engagement rings. If your ring size is 7.00 US, it doesn't affect your marquise diamond ring's appearance but your ring looks big. To be sure, consult with your professional jeweler about your ring size and structure.

  • How Much Marquise Cut Lab-grown Diamond Costs?

Lab-grown diamond costs 30-50% cheaper than natural diamonds, even with the same 4cs grades. Marquise cut lab-grown diamonds, the cost is mentioned below.

Carat Weights Clarity Color Cut Price
1.00 VVS E Excellent $400
2.00 VVS E Excellent $1350
3.00 VVS E Excellent $2660
4.00 VVS E Excellent $4000
5.00  VVS E Excellent $8000
  • What Is Best Metal For Marquise Engagement Rings?

Yellow and Rose Gold is the best metal for rings that will be offered as an engagement sign. These two metals offer brightness and romance in the engagement ring. As a result, couples prefer rose gold and yellow gold in 14KT/18KT material in the gold tone for better looks.

  • How Much To Spend On Engagement Rings?

The average price to spend on an engagement ring is $1500 to $3000, which varies from buyer. Some buyers need an affordable price for engagement rings. As a result, they buy at least a $1500 valued ring. While others seek a beautiful and luxurious appearance on their hands, that's why they're ready to spend $3000.

  • Does Diamond Fluorescence Affects Engagement Ring Appearance?

Yes. Diamond fluorescence is a subsidiary or a chief color shade that appears in blue when ultraviolet rays are passed on the surface. If someone is looking for a natural appearance of the diamond rings, we suggest neglecting the fluorescence effects. So, pick none, faint or medium grade fluorescence where its effects remain low.

  • Is Halo Ring Style Suits My Fiancée's Hands and Personality?

The halo ring style is the most beautiful engagement ring with a cluster or flower pattern where the stones are placed in ideal sequence. So, it suits your fiancée's hands and personality and reflects your emotions and love feelings. In this ring style, fancy colored diamonds could be the best choice that represents their meanings and significance.

  • My Fiancée Insist Pendant Instead Of Engagement Ring, Should I Choose It?

You and your fiancée have the right to commit to a relationship and accomplish the goals together. Your love partner insists on a diamond pendant instead of an engagment ring, then select it to her preference and lifestyle. There's no mandatory principle to propose to her with only an engagement ring. It's your relationship and life; live it with your rules and please.

  • Are Lab-grown Diamonds Jewelry Ethically Made?

Lab-grown diamonds are made in artificial laboratories with a minimal carbon footprint that is not so affective for the environment. Most importantly, these diamonds are similar to natural diamonds in every aspect, chemically, optically, and physically. As a result, an eco-conscious couple prefers lab-grown diamond jewelry as ethical jewelry.

  • Where To Shop a Lab-grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

As a diamond jewelry connoisseur and manufacturer, we recommend focusing on four main factors when determining the store for purchase: 1. beautiful products that match your style, 2. useful testimonials from previous customers, 3. pre or after-sales services, and 4. price effectiveness.

  • Which Grades Diamond Symmetry Is Perfect Choce For Rings?

The diamond symmetry has five grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. Excellent to Good grade symmetry is a perfect choice for rings because all facets are correctly placed on the diamond surfaces. While for wedding bands in diamonds, then prefers at least Very Good to Good symmetry for a better appearance.

  • Why Can I Prefers Diamond Rings Ahead Of Gold Rings?

Preferring diamond rings ahead of gold rings for three reasons: 1. brilliance appearance, 2. unique choice, and 3. best option from an investment point of view. Also, diamonds refer to birthstones that offer valuable benefits to the wearer. As a result, a wearer can get a beautiful look at their personality and advantages for their love relationship.

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