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Top 10 Best Unique and Non-Traditional Diamond Engagement Rings For Women

Unique diamond engagement rings for women in gold

"Unique engagement rings are not just symbols of commitment; they are passionate declarations of love for couples who dare to be different. These rings are like love stories written in precious stones, each telling a tale of individuality and a connection that goes beyond the usual aspects. They break free from tradition, embracing the extraordinary, just like the love that binds passionate couples together."

These rings are more than adornments; they're expressions of personal style and a promise to embark on an extraordinary journey side by side. In the world of unique engagement rings, every curve, every gem, and every detail becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of a love story that's beautifully and unmistakably yours.

Are you seeking something unique that reminds you of your untold love story and the unbreakable bond with your love partner? So, we bring the best 10 unique ring designs for women that can be presented as engagement rings. Do you want to get it and make it your love signature that defines your connection with her?

Let's see it here.

You know the traditional ring designs like solitaire, halo, infinity patterned band, three-stone or semi-mount ring. But do you know if personalized ring designs exist that count the sells of love between men and women? In this design, couples prefer to shape the precious moments they remember as their commitment.

For example, if they both met at a colleague's wedding ceremony, so for it they can opt for an eternity band ring style that defines the eternal promise of pure love. Here, pink diamonds are mostly selected to describe a romantic and feminine attachment to her. Another side, if the couple is in a live-in relationship but does not commit to a wedding, to make feelings evoking and unchanged a rose gold Toi et Moi ring will be the perfect selection.

This article shows the best and most distinctive engagement rings for women made with lab-grown diamonds, ranging from elongated to square shapes. Unique rings for women counted as an exceptional choice that resembles dedication and promise to a love relationship. These ring styles journeyed from classic to modern times due to their elegant and beautiful appearance.

Chapter - I: Introduction

The wearing tradition of unique and non-traditional rings started in the 10th century when couples preferred a romantic and endearment engraved message on a simple gold band. At that time, only gemstones were chosen as center stones. For example, sapphire, aquamarine, spinel, ruby, and natural december birthstones. It represents the ancient and medieval eras, offering additional benefits to the wearer.

As time evolved and centuries passed, people's taste also changed for the ring's gemstone selection. They all demand colored diamonds over gemstones because diamonds have better sparkle reflection than natural gems.

Another interpretation of the fancy color diamonds is their shade intensity, which looks more captivating and meaningful. As a result, in a unique ring design, these diamonds are mostly selected as a pre-wedding gift.

Let's start our journey to see a traditional to contemporary style for modern engagement rings. These rings are made for women, and they contain better quality diamonds, metal tones, ideal formations, and settings that stay long-lasting as your love relationship mutual bonding.

Before it, you should know the significance of the unique ring designs that you want to present as an engagement ring.

Chapter - II: The Significance For Unique Engagement Rings

The selection of unique rings for engagement contains a distinctive promise and moment that describe the commitment of love partners. These ring designs are mostly made for the person you love, which reflects her personality and individuality. Also, selecting a unique ring showing respect for the recipient's morals and values helps stabilize a relationship in every situation.

Meanwhile, these rings are helpful in conveying a romantic message to the recipient ears and whisper there to energizes the relationship. The engagement ring exchange ceremony is a life-changing moment for couples and they want to make it as precious and enchanted as they opt for a customized ring. The ring designs can understand the connection between a love partner as it defines the scenario of their bonding.

In addition, the significance of the non-traditional engagement rings is mentioned below. Keep in mind that whenever you want to propose to her for the wedding, whether it's a surprise proposal or on the vacation tour asking, know these rings' specialty that makes your love questionary moment excellent.

  • It symbolizes individuality.

Unique ring design screens your choice for your love relationship. It gives the idea that you put extra effort into making the engagement ring not only beautiful but meaningful, too. Prioritizing the recipient's lifestyle and preference shows your affection and emotional attachment towards them. Engagement rings are given as the commitment and love sign that breathes a love relationship, and you never want to stop it even the situation is not in your favor.

  • Emblem of enduring love and commitment.

When a couple exchanges a ring at the ceremony in the engagement hall or on the beach at sunset, where the little shine evokes their love emotions, it becomes the best moment for them. Giving and receiving the rings between couples defines emotional attachment from now on, and try to complete those made promises together. To make it real, unique personalized rings are becoming the emblem of enduring love and commitment.

  • It can be the family heirloom that passed down to the generations.

In some cultures and traditions, couples select a special ring that stays long-lasting with proper maintenance and care. So, they can pass this sign of love to future generations as a statement of pure love and ancestor's blessings. It positively impacts the future generations to complete the oaths and take the relationship forward responsibly.

  • Offers a space to know each other better.

For couples, a wedding is the most important moment to engage in a relationship. But before making sure about they are ready to make a decision, it's best to know each other at the ideal level. So, if there are any issues or problems that can be solved without affect the future of their love bonding. A personalized, unique engagement ring shows respect and whispers those feelings silently, which helps a relationship to be strong, resilient, and transparent.

  • Helping to complete the milestones.

The one intention behind proposing an engagement ring is to ask for support for a lifetime and achieve everything together. For example, a man pops up the question to a woman to stay with him for the remaining 60 to 70 years. While others refer to rings as a promise of a wedding where they can share experiences, happiness, and grief that represent morals and emotions.

  • It has most beautiful and colored diamonds in different settings.

With a unique ring design, you can opt for beautiful and colored diamonds in different settings. The reason behind selecting a fancy color is their meaningful interpretation and benefits. For example, a black diamonds defines the mystery and unmatched love feelings. A yellow diamond is recognized as a warmth and deep connection with a love partner. As a result, it is frequently used in the halo or Art Deco vintage ring in gold.

  • Contemporary look given to the receiver.

In this ring design, every metal tone offers a contemporary look, whether it has shining yellow gold, silvery white gold, or a pink shade of rose gold metal. To make the appeal of the wedding proposal impactful, women's rings are made with rose gold because it helps to evoke romantic feelings and offer a fashionable look.

Understand, when you gifted an engagement ring to her, it defines your emotions and her expectations for the love relationship. A diamond engagement ring is not only an object or a stamp pad that approves your application for a wedding. Still, with that, it resembles an emotional connection and density of love.

Every love relationship wants to reach new heights with trust and loyalty. In that, a unique and different ring works as the booster dose for the couple to get to new heights in a world of lovers.

A customized ring made with a combination of diamonds and colored gemstones that brings a luxurious appearance and metaphysical properties to the life of the recipient. It's the best gift from the giver to his love partner that represents romance, connection, and honesty.

Now, you have a question about why gemstones are not selected in the unique and non-traditional engagement rings as diamonds. Are there any reasons or other qualities that influence couples to pick only diamonds over precious gems?

Let's find out which one will be good for your unique ring design, whether it's a colorless round brilliant cut diamond or natural blue sapphire.

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Chapter - III: Gemstones V/s. Diamonds: The Comparison

You can choose a traditional gemstone from Sapphires, Topaz, Aquamarine, Rubies, Peridots, Amethysts, Tourmalines, and Garnets for these engagement rings. The selection of gemstones in women's rings carries the other vibrant touch of color domes and gives additional symbolic benefits. For example, Sapphires represent loyalty and wisdom, while Rubies offer love and passion.

Another side, with the fancy colored diamonds, you can select the colors you want in the gemstones. There are many options available, like as black, yellow, red, pink, green, orange, blue, and others. But if you need a vibrant touch, chocolate diamonds are 1st ranked option for your engagement ring for their deep and unique shade in every counterpart. Pick it according to the best carat weights, clarity grade, and cut.

Compared to gemstones, diamonds have more additional benefits and variations with the best ethical practices. In lab-grown diamonds, the ethical practices are strictly followed, and they can be traceable, while with mined raw diamonds, these properties don't exist. Unique lab-grown diamond engagement rings help to define a commitment in a love relationship and offer environmentally friendly jewelry to wear proudly.

See the below differentiative table that compares natural gemstones and diamond properties and gives you an idea about which is good for you or which is not.

In addition, the ultimate resolution to select either gemstones or diamonds in engagement rings depends on your personal preference and choice. See the different aspects of gemstones and diamonds to make a correct decision.




Color Ranges



Symbolic Meanings

Yes, it has.

Probably not.


Naturally Costly

Natural Diamond Costly, Lab Diamonds Cheaper 

Ethically Sourced



 Sparkle Reflection

Not so much.

Sparkles more.


Not pre-defined

IF to VS grade



Traditional and Modern customized


Good For Selection

Ideal Picking

Chapter - IV: Why To Choose Unique Engagement Rings?

Choosing unique engagement rings is a celebration of individuality and a testament to the distinctive love shared by a couple. These rings go beyond conventional designs, offering a personalized expression of style and story. By opting for uniqueness, couples showcase the extraordinary nature of their relationship, symbolizing a commitment that stands out in the crowd.

These engagement rings become cherished reminders of the special connection between partners, making every glance at the ring a reflection of their one-of-a-kind love story. It's a choice that turns an engagement ring into a captivating piece of art, mirroring the couple's exceptional journey and passionate bond.

Meanwhile, there are many reasons to pick a uniquely crafted ring design for engagement. Those reasons are mentioned below. Before you go for the purchase, note them in your mind and select the one-of-a-kind style.

  • They are personal and meaningful.
  • It remembered for a lifetime.
  • It reflects the more empthatic appeal to recipient.
  • It likely selected for starting the conversation.
  • To showing a distinctive commitment.
  • For making the pre-wedding proposal ceremony memorable.
  • Different appearance than solitaire or halo designed rings.
  • Looks as the contemporary designed rings.
  • Defines true love feelings and emotional attachment.
  • Versatile with every colored diamonds and metal tones.
  • Available withing budget.

In a unique ring design, there is an option to select a different band style, like a special infinity or a bypass pattern. Also, there is a choice to pick a simple tapered or reverse tapered gold band that is usually selected for solitaire rings. Here, you can opt for a combination of cathedral or tension setting ring with a reverse tapered band, as truly unique engagement ring.

In addition with a non-traditional ring style, you have the option to choose a classic to a contemporary design. For example, you can offer traditional solitaire to a modern multi-stone halo ring style wearing experience. The elongated diamond or gemstones provide a significant value to the overall ring's structures that is sufficient to pop up the engagement question to her.

Chapter - V: Top 10 Unique Engagement Rings For 2023

In the list of top 10 unique engagement rings, there are trending styles and diamond shapes are counted from a modern criss-cut diamond to filigree engraved gold band. All of these rings are containing gold and platinum metal. To make the wedding proposal appeal at engagement ceremony more authenticated and gorgeous, pop up the three words, "I Love You," from opening a jewelry box in front of her.

These rings are made with ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds from sustaining the environment and people who engage in the supply chain. Selecting ethical diamond jewelry will deliver an identical appearance to natural diamonds with paying 30-40% less costs.

Here's the list of most beautiful unique and non-traditional engagement rings for women in 2023.

  • The Modern Choice Ring
  • Joy Of Tears Ring
  • Romantic Sign Ring
  • Passionate Couple's Ring
  • Vintage Collection Ring
  • Generosity and Wisdom Ring
  • Versatile Looking Ring
  • Positive Vibe Reflector Ring
  • Five Attribute Offering Ring
  • Love Wings Representative Ring

Consider the best metal before purchasing a Toi et Moi ring byapss band or a colored diamond three-stone ring. In metal, the choices are Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Platinum is luxurious and hypoallergenic selection than white gold and silver. While silver metal is the cheapest selection than gold or platinum. Gold is an adorable choice over other metals for uniquely crafted ring designs for engagement.

Metal Variation Tone Purity
Gold Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold 10KT, 14KT, 18KT
Silver Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver 925, 935
Platinum White 950

Now, let's see the unique and non-traditional engagement rings for women in different styles, metal tones and diamond shapes.

1. Criss Cut Three-stone Ring: The Modern Choice Ever

Unique criss cut lab-grown diamond unique engagement ring with 14KT yellow gold band

This unique criss-cut engagement ring is made in 14KT yellow gold metal. In this ring, 0.45 CTW Baguette and 0.15 CTW round cut lab diamonds are used. While the center rectangular diamond has a 2.53 carat weight with VVS2 clarity F color. This unique lab-grown diamond ring is made in the three-stone style where the shared surface prongs settings exist.

Do you want an addition of radiant and emerald cut in a single diamond shape, then a criss cut diamond is the perfect choice. Its sparkle reflections are well known for their diverse appearance and ideal quality selection. Also, the step-cut faceting and least cornered surface offer the best impression for the women's engagement rings.

Due to VVS2 clarity (Part of VVS Diamonds) graded diamond, this engagement ring is truly far better than a traditional ring design. So, you can opt for this unique ring with a short, simple, and love message engraving option. Also, you can choose to pick platinum or 18KT white gold in chocolate diamonds within $2500.

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2. Pear Shaped Diamond Ring: The Joy Of Tears

1.00 carat pear shaped lab-grown unique pave set halo band for women in 18KT white gold metal

In this pave set bridal style unique engagement ring, the 1.00 carat weighted pear shaped diamond looks captivating with round accent stones fixed in the shared surface prongs settings. This unique personalized lab-grown diamond ring is made of 18KT white gold, and it can be a perfect pre-wedding gift to your bride. You can take her for a long drive and surprisingly ask her to marry you while giving this ring.

The band of this pave set ring is curved from the top, which makes it unique from a traditional round tapered band. This ring is the best choice to offer as a non-traditional ring to a spouse to say, "I Love You 💖." The most identical thing about this unique ring is its three-row pattern format that holds round cut diamonds. These ring designs respects every morals and values of the love partners with offering goregeous looks on the personality.

The pear shaped diamond refers to the "Joy of Tears" that every couples experience in their relationship. That's why it has been known as a teardrop shaped diamond. To pop up the question of engagement, a pear diamond ring is a distinctive choice that complies with its beautiful appearance.

The symmetrical balance of this teardrop diamond is in the ideal condition that drives most brilliance effects. With that, you can add sentimental value to the ring by choosing a special message engraving and infinity designs, making it different from typical halo rings. Consider to measure the rings size perfectly and accurately for ensurity because if you opted it wrong, you maybe have to pay the extra costs for re-sizing.

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3. Pink Heart Shape Ring: The Romantic Choice

Pink heart shape unique diamond engagement ring

Have you heard of a multi-colored diamond engagement ring that stands for different aspects of life? No, then see this ring that contains a white, pink, and yellow colored stone. In this lab-grown diamond non-traditional ring, a 0.55 carat weighted fancy pink heart shaped diamond glimpses the overall appearance. While marquise and yellow round cut stones add more sparkle reflection in the ring. A platinum metal has been used to make this romantic sign more beautiful.

The pink diamond is known for its versatile appearance and exquisite light reflections because it has variations in shades from faint to fancy dark color intensity. With this colored diamond engagement ring, you can offer a more romantic message and value. The pink shade refers to a "Romance, Love, and Feminine Choice," so you can opt for this fancy color in your pre-wedding ring. A rose gold will be the most beautiful choice for the ring.

A pink heart diamond offers love and creativity in an engagement ring. The rarity of these rose colored diamonds make their identity unique and eccentric from other stones, even in the lab-grown diamonds. Consider opting for an ideal L/W ratio and dimensions that appear beautifully on the fingers. Because every aspect of the diamond shape defines the love moments and characteristice.

You can pick a halo and vintage ring style combination with these diamonds. There, you can select radiant, oval, cushion, round, or marquise cut apart from the heart shape. All of these diamonds have a brilliant reflection, so you can select them according to your preference. With their selection, pick matching and ideal metal tones that complements your love relationship and attire.

4. Toi Et Moi Engagement Ring: The Passionate Couple's Choice

Women's unique Toi et Moi engagement ring with 4.00 carat emerald and pear shaped lab diamond

This engagement ring has a 2.00 carat weighted emerald cut and the same weighted pear shaped diamonds. A rose gold metal tone has been used to make this ring more attractive and meaningful for the pre-wedding proposal at the poolside candlelight dinner. A claw prong setting holding a diamond with a better grip describes the emotions of love partners.

The Toi et Moi is a French word that means "You and Me 🤝." Due to its romantic meaning, it is selected from a passionate couple who eagerly wants to engage. The straight bypass pattern formation is used in this ring style where only two large carat weight and size stones are placed.

The reason behind choosing only two gemstones or diamonds for the Toi Moi is that it represents the strong bonding and connection with a spouse. A combination of square and elongated shaped diamonds is mostly selected in this engagement ring design. Many younger brides prefer wearing a Toi et Moi ring before a wedding.

When selecting a Toi et Moi engagement ring for a women, consider her preference and lifestyle. Then, pay attention to the dimensions of the diamonds, like width, length, depth, color, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades. Pick at least 1.00 to 1.50 carat lab-grown diamonds. Also, this ring style is known as a unique diamond ring due to its ideal formation and structure, which defines a distinctive appearance.

The Toi et Moi ring style is determined as the prettiest engagement ring for women because of the traditional and modern design combination. It defines the romantic vibes between couples, and it is selected as the "Romantic Revival Rings." The durable formation of the ring and skilled craftsmanship usage deliver extraordinary value to the rings. As a result, couples are picking this ring style for engagement and taking one step forward for a happy wedding life.

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5. Old European Cut Diamond Ring: The Vintage Collection

Old European cut lab diamond Art deco style for engagement proposal

If you are looking for a vintage inspired engagement ring for a woman with a unique appearance, then old European cut diamonds are the best choice for engagement rings. Delivers and reveal your commitment and endearment towards a spouse and accept their importance in your life. This generates genuine emotions and provides stability in your love relationship.

In old European cut diamond unique engagement rings, consider the clarity grade because if you pick a lower quality, it might affect the overall appearance. That's why the diamond clarity grade in this ring style should be FL to VS, where the inclusions do not appear as much. Also, make sure you select at least a 1.50 carat weighted diamond that still looks larger than a typical 1.00 carat.

In these women's ring designs, the bands are engraved in vintage style with the filigree pattern that defines a classical time. That's why it is perfect for your search if your love partner prefers the traditional ring with a modern personalized touch. You can opt for a particular design from Art Deco, Acrostic, Victorian, and Milgrain patterns in engagement rings.

There is the option to select a colored accent gemstone like amethyst, ruby, garnet, yellow topaz, tourmaline, sapphire, and August birthstones instead of moving with the fancy colored diamonds. If you want to offer spirituality to the recipient, pick a natural mined gemstone with the certifications. While for a cheap price option, colored lab-grown diamonds and gemstones are available with authenticated certifications.

When talking about the cost of these engagement rings it can range from $1000 to $2000, depending on your chosen quality. Mostly, old European cut colorless diamonds are used in these Art Deco Vintage rings. Thus, a white gold and rose gold metal tone is the perfect choice for these ring designs.

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6. Greenish Blue Diamond Ring: The Combo Of Generosity and Wisdom

Luxurious multi fancy colored lab-grown diamonds vintage engagement ring for women in 18KT white gold

This engagement ring contains a 2.38 carat weighted blue colored pear shaped lab-grown diamond. Apart from this diamond, a round brilliant cut and other pear shaped accent stones are used to make this unique ring special and meaningful for a wedding proposal. A 925 silver metal is added to this personalized engagement ring with a vintage cathedral setting, available within $3500 cost.

Do you know why this engagement ring should be selected?

A green and blue diamonds refer to generosity and wisdom that generates a distinctive print of yourself in her mind. Your partner thinks you care for her feelings and emotions, which removes unnecessary doubt sessions from both sides. Whenever you opt for a fancy color diamond ring, consider picking a perfect metal tone that matches the stone's color and formation.

Consider choosing at least 2.50 carat weight center in a blue or green color diamond that looks elegant and stunning with VVS clarity and Excellent symmetry. While for accent stones, don't exceed 1.50 CTW because it might be 15-30% more costly for your budget. Emphasize on the selection for 4Cs of diamonds for experiencing the brilliance and gorgeous appearance to your engagement dress or daily attire.

To mesmerize your engagement ring, the greenish-blue diamond is a true masterpiece that transcends traditional beauty. With its ethereal hues reminiscent of a tranquil lagoon, this rare and captivating gem possesses a uniqueness that sets it apart. The specialty lies in its exquisite color and the emotions it evokes, capturing the essence of nature's wonders.

Like a secret oasis on your finger, this ring is a symbol of tranquility and serenity, making it an extraordinary choice for those who seek an engagement ring as exceptional and breathtaking as their love story. Let the greenish-blue diamond be the vibrant chapter in your journey, an everlasting reminder of the extraordinary love that makes your story uniquely yours.

7. Radiant Cut Diamond Accent Ring: The Versatile Selection Ever

Women's light pink 1.00 carat lab-grown diamond halo engagement ring

This engagement ring for women is made with the pink radiant cut lab-grown diamond. Here, a 1.05 carat radiant cut gives a better appearance to the hands because of VVS clarity graded diamonds using. A 14KT white gold metal has been used for the ring's band, and for the recipient who has a 5.00 US ring size, this band is the perfect choice for them. Meanwhile, there is an option to go upto 9.00 US size as per the finger circumference.

The radiant cut diamond ring is the best choice when searching for a rectangular shaped stone. Its flat table surfaces and slightly curved crown anatomy drive the beautiful sparkle reflections similar to the emerald cut. Due to lengthened surfaces stones between emerald and radiant cut diamonds, you can still choose VS2 clarity grade in lab diamonds with $2000 budget. While if you're moving to get better clarity, then an FL is the best, but it costs $3000 or maybe more.

The versatile appearance makes radiant diamonds suit any ring style, from solitaire to stylish bridal set bands with prominent formations. When opting for this elongated shape, ensure it has an ideal L/W ratio from 1.00 - 1.35. Here, consider the diamond fluorescene grades that ranges from None to Very Strong grades. For your engagement ring the radiant diamond should have at least None to Medium fluorescence grade.

Radiant cut diamonds are more than just gems; they're love's silent poets, capturing the essence of passion and brilliance in every facet. The specialty of them lies in their ability to mirror the dynamic and radiant nature of a deep and abiding love. Choosing a radiant cut diamonds for an engagement ring is like selecting a sparkling echo of your love, an everlasting symbol that mirrors the unique brilliance of your relationship. It's a radiant affirmation that your love story is truly one of a kind.

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8. Dark Red Colored Diamond Ring: The Positive Vibes Reflector

Red colored lab-grown diamond three-stone  engagement ring in 14KT white gold

This red colored diamond ring is made with the 0.85 carat weighted round brilliant cut center diamond and 0.74-CTW bullet antique cut diamonds. To make the ring's appearance more gorgeous, a 14kt white gold metal is added. Talking about the ring size it measured at 5.00 US. There is an option to select more than 9.50 US size according to the wearer's finger circumferences.

You can gift this ring as the sole interpretation of your unbreakable bonding and connection. The best place to gift this passionate ring to her hand is the evening beach proposal, where you can share all of your emotions about her and tell why she is most important to your life. You can also determine you're seeing her as your wife. You can opt a platinum or white gold for this engagement ring.

With the selection of a dark red colored diamond engagement ring, you carry positive vibes in your love relationship. Usually, the red diamond is the rarest gemstone in the natural type. But with the lab-grown diamonds, it's not easily available. The major benefit of the red lab diamond is the low cost and ideal quality content. With the these diamonds, a variety for you is always available, like square princess cut diamonds or modified emerald cut stones.

The round shaped diamond refers to eternal love and connection with the love partner. Pay attention to choosing a perfect prong setting for your engagement ring because sometimes a wrong selection invites a injury. So, to reduce this effect, consider her preference and daily activities, then select prong settings from the options like a claw, round, button, or V-shaped.

A dark red diamond ring hides impurities or inclusions, so prefer a VS clarity. There not go for an FL to IF clarity, which is very costly to you get it. But be aware of picking SI2 clarity where the diamond inclusions are affect the sparkle reflections. If your budget is around $1500 to $2500, you can select red diamond engagement ring with your favorite ring design in the lab-grown diamonds.

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9. Blue Emerald Cut Five Stone Ring: The 5 Attributes Offerer

Five stone ring style ring for women with 14KT white gold

This unique engagement ring is made with a combination of fancy blue color and colorless lab-grown diamonds. A 1.40 carat blue emerald diamond takes a center place, while other .95 carat colorless emeralds are used as accent stones. With that, 0.25 carat weight round cut diamonds are fixed in the claw prong setting. A 14KT white gold metal is added to increase the natural look. The ring size remains at 6.00 US, which is the average size for women.

This ring is made with the five stone design that reflect a different attributes: 1. Gratitude, 2. Peace, 3. Support, 4. Dedication, 5. Romance. These attributes works as the locomotive that flexibly pushes your love relationship forward with happiness and enjoyment.

Are you looking for the best moment for unboxing the ring? Then, the affordable way is to arrange a candlelight dinner at your home and surprisingly invite her to join you. When she comes first, give seat to her and then tell her those three magical words, "I Love You."

In today's working era, love partners are involved in their working takes, and they forget to complete those promises. From giving the ring, those promises are revived again.

When selecting a ring, consider the fancy colors and colorless diamond combination. Here, prioritize your expectations from gifting the engagement ring. If you're sure about the wedding, then a blue emerald cut will be the ideal choice for a center stone. For that, pick 1.50-CTW accent stones from round brilliant or cushion cut diamonds.

Meanwhile, if your wife is sad about you in such an aspect then you can pick a red or pink color diamond ring for her and say sorry about your mistake and misconduct.

The cost of the ring depends on the color, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades. With that, a metal tone, ring designs, and diamond dimensions influence the overall cost that you have to pay. So, if your budget is around $1500 to $2700, then you can select this ring design as a unique commitment ring.

There is an option to pick a white gold bypass band or a milgrain engraved yellow gold band that whispered your feelings in her ears. It is essential for your love relationship. You have that option to pick a customization where you can add a personal touch for making the ring meaningful and appeared as dazzling substance.

10. Butterfly Cut Diamond Ring: The Wings Representative Of Love

2.00 carat unique lab-grown diamond butterfly cut  halo ring for women

Your unique engagement ring search starts with a traditional solitaire style and ends with a vintage ring. But if you need to offer a truly unique ring to her that has never been made, then look at this butterfly cut lab-grown diamond ring. It has a 1.40 carat butterfly cut diamond, which is the form of antique cut diamonds.

In this pre-wedding ring, round brilliant and marquise cut lab diamonds are used that increase the overall look. 14KT white gold metal has been added to the band of the ring. In true meaning, this diamond ring can be your unique engagement ring that stands for your love relationship's dreams and goals. Don't be a barrier to her life, but try to become a barring that leads her to achieve the things.

Whenever the lady is engaged to her partner, then she shifts to a new home and relationship. To show respect for her dreams and expectations, you can gift her the beautiful diamond ring that indicates you do not disturb her freedom. This shows your nice gesture about how to appreciate her to accomplish her goals.

If you are flexible enough to spend around $4000 for the ring, then pick this ring design that can be given to the future generation as a family heirloom. In this uniquely designed ring, you have to know your expectations from the relationship. Do you want to offer support to your partner or want dedication from her? After the proper interpretation, go with the ring style and connect it with your life.

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Chapter - VI: Conclusion

These unique engagement rings could be purchased in 2023 and after that, because the love celebration moment can't be awaited but created. All types of variations in the list of rings are available in fancy colors, brilliant cuts, fancy shapes, rose gold, white gold, and silver.

In the realm of love, unique engagement rings stand as the crowning jewels of individuality and devotion. As we conclude this journey into the extraordinary, it's evident that these rings are not just adornments; they are storytellers, whispering tales of exceptional love and unparalleled connection.

Choosing a unique ring isn't merely a selection; it's a declaration that your love is one-of-a-kind, deserving of a symbol as extraordinary as the journey you embark upon together. Each distinctive curve and every carefully chosen gem is a brushstroke on the canvas of your shared narrative.

Buyers can select the best engagement rings from us, and we can ship them to most of the world. So if you are looking for distinctive engagement rings whenever your residence province, then Ouros Jewels can offer them in price consciousness and higher quality grades.

So, let your love story be written in the language of uniqueness, where the ring becomes an eternal chapter, a testament to a love that defies the ordinary. In the domain of unique engagement rings, your love shines brilliantly, forever bound to the extraordinary.

Want to shop a jewelry quickly and wear on the special occasions, then visit out Ready to Ship collection of our lab grown diamond jewelry, which securely and quickly reach to you. Here, you can find every jewelry style as per your convenience and for that customization option is open.

Note:- Feel free to contact us; we're glad to hear you. If you want to make your engagement ring within your budget and quality content then let's talk.

Chapter - VII: FAQ's

  • Is unique engagement ring suitable for my fiancée?

Yes, the unique engagement ring is suitable for your fiancée because it has personalization and something different that stands for your love relationship. So, to make your pre-wedding proposal more memorable, go with the unexpected ring design that truly values your emotions.

  • Can I select unique engagement ring in 18KT yellow gold?

You can select an 18KT yellow gold metal tone for your engagement ring design. It is a good choice for its shinier view from all angles. With the touch of the bright yellow color, the ring always reflects a sign of a genuine commitment that appears beautiful on the hands.

  • What are non traditional engagement rings?

A non-traditional engagement ring made with two or more ring designs signifies a distinctive look to the wearer. These rings are mainly preferred by couples whose wedding will come within 4 to 7 months. In non-traditional engagement rings, the compound designs are used from bridal halo sets, bridal bands, halo, solitaire, vintage, three-stone, art deco, or pave settings.

  • Which are unique ring designs for women?

There are 10 unique ring designs for women that contain an infinity band, bypass, cluster, ribbon knot, cocktail, double halo, art deco, the custom name written design, and a three-stone shank accent. In these ring designs, buyers can offer a unique appearance to their love partner. Otherwise, the full customization option is available for unique ring designs. Contact us for more information.

  • Are fancy color lab grown diamonds ideal choice in unique engagement rings?

You can select fancy color lab grown diamonds in unique engagement rings for experiencing the optimistic lights resonation in different hues. Blue, yellow, orange, pink, champagne, chocolate, brown, and black colored lab diamonds are available for rings. Make sure to pick suitable metal for the color diamond unique rings of your choice and preference to define pure connection with a partner.

  • How much to spend on unique engagement rings?

To purchase unique engagement rings, spend $1500 to $4000, where you can opt for white gold or red colored radiant cut diamonds in intricate designs. Remember that the non-traditional engagement ring price is not fixed but changes from design and preference. Also, the customization option in settings, metal tones, or other quality wishes influences the costs of the ring.

  • Is emerald cut diamond enough choice for better sparkle in unique rings?

Yes, emerald cut diamond is the ideal choice for unique engagement rings to experience sparkle resonations and having a elongated shape that covers half of the ring. To select an emerald diamond for the ring, this shape has length and parallel facets, which match at 90° degree angles. It also exemplifies the reflections of rings; emerald diamond is selected within 3.00 carat weights and step-cutting facets.

  • Is thick band looks good for my unique engagement ring?

The thick band is usually created in traditional rings like solitaire or halo design. For a unique engagement ring, you can prefer a thin band that looks more captivating on the fingers and is suitable for all designs. If you selected fancy shape diamonds, a thin band gives a gorgeous look for engagement.

  • From where to buy unique engagement rings?

If you are looking to shop for unique engagement rings online, then Ouros Jewels could be the best choice. In Ouros Jewels, there are +300 ring designs available that are suitable for every woman and offer higher quality to worldwide customers. Also, they offer a customization option with the buyer's preferences.

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