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Women's Engagement Rings The Love Commitment Sign

Women's engagement rings in gold

Every couples likes to make their love life more appealing and trustable which keeps the relationship faithful. In every relationship, couples wants to make their relationship optimistic and precious, so they exchanges a sign called "Engagement rings."

Engagement rings are not a thing, but it's a emblem that tells from now on couples equally distribute their grief and happiness with each other and give sympathy. That's kinds of behavior coherence to the love life and relationship. That's why they exchanges the engagement rings.

But, before deciding between 1 carat diamond ring to 10 carat diamond ring, understand the essential points that every agile buyer kept in mind.

Moreover, the engagement rings are part of the promise rings because in that commitment and loyalty reflects. As a result, couples prefers to get a engagement ring in form of the promise ring for avoiding extra capital to be spend.

Let's start to know what is the Engagement rings and which reasons influences to select them for women.

Engagement Rings Meaning In Love Relation

Every love relationship has its own definition, but the common purpose for engagement rings exists. In love relations, engagement rings are the sign of fidelity, sympathy, emotional attachment, gratitude, support, romance, and motivation, removing the solicitude and changing the behavior towards the foresight view.

Thus, engagement rings come with benefits that make the love relationship more trustable and sustainable. It makes the love bonding more compelling and optimistic. A diamond engagement rings carries goodwill and fame with itself.

Let's move forward the considering factors to know before buying an diamond engagement ring for women.

4cs of diamonds

The 4cs of diamonds includes clarity, carat, color, and cut. When there is wanting to evaluate the price and appearance of the diamond then the 4cs factors are helping in that. In diamond rings for engagements the 4cs decides how the rings looks and reflects the lights.

First we see the diamond clarity from the 4cs of diamonds.

Diamond Clarity

In diamond engagement rings, clarity grade should be selected with higher grades because it gives assurance of the light's reflection ability. The diamond clarity decides when it has inclusions or not. From the diamond clarity, the stone's light resonation ability is identified. It's the most important part of the 4cs.

The IF to VVS clarity should be selected in diamond rings because they have zero to less inclusions, respectively.

For selecting the IF (Internally Flawless) to VVS (Very Very Small Inclusion) diamond clarity for engagement rings then it makes the light's resonations ability prominent for having fewer diamond inclusions.

Diamond Carat Weights

In the women's engagement rings, select 1 to 5 carat weights diamonds for all kinds of rings settings. Between 1 to 5 carat weight diamonds, buyers can select their favorite shape for engagement rings. Whenever buyers select big carat weights diamonds in rings, then it provides an extra luxurious wearing experience.

Understand that when selecting the diamond carats are increased, they carry broader or longer surfaces, depending on the shape. Therefore, the price will also increase when more carat weights diamonds are selected.

Diamond Color Grade

Diamond color grade describes in which hue the reflection lights come from, and it's one of the pillars that decide the price and appearance. GIA (gives the color measure of the diamonds from D to Z+ grades. For diamond rings for engagement, D to J color grade is an appreciative choice.

In the best diamond engagement rings, the color lights reflections depends on the color grade. Therefore, pay more attention to selecting the diamond color for engagement rings. In diamond rings, the color grade is the option to introduce heavy reflections with proper appearance.

Diamond Cut

An Excellent to Good cut diamonds have optimistic appearance in engagement rings for women because it has exact and proper placement of faceting patterns on the girdle anatomy and pavilion depth.

Diamond cut decided from the girdle anatomy faceting styles and pavilion depth. Concentrates to select better diamond cut that mentioned above according to preferring ring styles as halo rings, solitaire rings, vintage rings or unique rings.

Buyers can see all details for 4cs in diamonds from the diamond certification. A lab grown diamonds and Natural diamonds 4cs are the same; there are no differences. So, it clearly indicates that lab grown diamond engagement rings equally stand in choice with Natural diamond rings for engagement.

Except 4cs of Diamonds, Consider This Factors Also.

The 4cs of diamonds decides the appearance of the engagement rings but with that some others factors to be considers. Let's see those factors that affects the diamond engagement rings for women.

Diamond Symmetry

Diamond symmetry represents the faceting placements on the anatomy that provide the flow for the light's reflections. It has 5 types excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. Selecting a higher graded diamond symmetry it gives the ideal path of the lights resonations from the stones.

Diamond Fluorescence

Diamond fluorescence reflects the blue colored lights in the ultraviolet rays for knowing it's reflections. Fluorescence diamonds have five types depends on the lights reflections. The types of fluorescence in diamonds known as none, faint, light, strong, and very strong.

Diamond Dimensions

Diamond dimensions are known as the proportions, including table (%), depth(%), girdle thickness, pavilion angle (%), crown angle (%), and tick point. All these dimensions should be in the ideal grades that complies with the engagement rings settings.

Diamond's Anatomy

A diamond anatomy carries five elements as table, crown, girdle, pavilion and tick point. In diamond engagement rings for women, the diamond anatomy should have a better quality that is readily finds the ways for the reflections.

How Much Money Spent On The Engagement Rings For Women?

The ideal price range for spent money on the engagement rings for women between $1000 to $5000. This price includes the ring settings like as solitaire, unique, halo, vintage and antique rings. From $1000 to $5000 buyers can get best lab diamond rings for women in higher quality that likes as precious presents.

Furthermore, refer to the below points that decide the engagement rings for women's appearance and cost.

  • Diamond 4cs
  • Gold metal tone and purity
  • Ring settings and accent stones
  • Diamond polish
  • Band's thickness

Now it’s time to see the appearance of engagement rings for women.

Engagement Rings For Women

In the engagement rings for women all types of rings settings available with favorite diamonds shapes and quality. These diamonds engagement rings for women could make the proposing moment mesmerizing for it's attractive lights affections.

Engagement rings available in the following criteria and you have to decide which criteria is perfect for you.

  • Carats weights = Between 1 to 10 carats diamonds weights
  • Color Grade = D To Z color grade
  • Clarity = FL to SI diamond clarity
  • Cut = Excellent to Very Good cut
  • Gold Tone = Yellow, Rose, and White
  • Gold Purity = 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT
  • Other Metal = 950 Platinum

Moreover refer below mentioned rings styles for women and able to choose the favorite one according to your love feelings and desires.

  • Halo Rings
  • Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • Unique Rings For Engagement
  • Vintage Rings
  • Fancy Color Diamond Rings

Halo Engagement Rings

Pink radiant cut diamond halo engagement ring

Shop now Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings signifies the relationship stability and increasing the trustworthiness. In these engagement rings, the center diamond highlights for having more carat weights than other accent stones. In the halo rings, the diamonds are placed in the basket settings to sustain it's durability.

For best appearance for the engagement rings then a halo styles are exquisite because it has more diamonds on the bands. A lab-grown diamond halo ring known as stylish rings for engagement due to excellent lights reflections. In halo engagement rings the band's width should be selected in the ideal ranges for comfort wearing.

The 1-carat halo lab-grown diamond engagement ring prices start from $1000. If the buyer's budget exceeds $2500, they can get more exquisite lab diamond engagement rings for women. In halo rings, the fancy color diamonds are an excellent selection, and it's available from 1 to 10-carat weights with the certification.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Round cut solitaire engagement ring for women

Buy now Solitaire Rings

A solitaire rings prominently provides durability with prong settings that firmly hold the diamonds. A solitaire engagement rings represent the affection and commitment in the love relationship, making the bonding more trustable. In a love relationship, no stranger has trespassed the limits, the identical mark of the solitaire ring.

There is a choice to pick a favorite diamond shape in solitaire rings from the mutual consent to loving one. A pear, radiant, princess, oval, round, emerald, heart, marquise, asscher, and cushion. Otherwise, the antique cut lab grown diamonds are a different choice for solitaire engagement rings.

Selecting the solitaire rings for engagement ensures it's in the better 4cs of diamonds and the dimensions are optimistic enough to give better light reflections. While talking about the preferable diamond carat weight for the solitaire style ring then, from 2 to 7-carat weight is the ideal choice, depending on the buyer's preference.

Unique Engagement Rings

Unique lips cut diamond engagement ring for women

Buy Unique Rings For Engagement

Unique rings define something out of a box choice that isn't copied from others; it's a customized ring never created before. When a buyer wants to give a special gift for their loving one that is different, then unique engagement rings are an appealing choice. It's a pretty gorgeous selection ever to pick.

In unique engagement rings for women, antique cut diamonds are mostly used because there no brilliant cut diamonds are placed until the buyer prefers them. If the buyer wishes to combine the two ring styles in one, like halo or dainty, then unique rings are created. It's totally made from the buyer's preferences.

The benefits of buying unique rings for engagement include an optimistic appearance, a symbol of affection, a noticeable style, and being made only for love to tell they're one and only. In lab-grown diamonds, unique engagement rings are available in an easy way, at a low price but with greater quality.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Pink diamond vintage halo engagement ring for women

Shop Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings represents the historical era where couples prefers to wear different style rings as their evolving love relationship sign. When selecting the vintage rings then ensure to coordinate with reputable jeweler for making the purchase experience better and secure.

An old Mine and old European cut diamonds are used in the vintage engagement rings. A vintage diamond rings looks more special and classic for having the attractive faceting design, internally and externally. With antique cut diamonds the vintage rings are still optimum choice ever.

The most famous style of the vintage rings with there timeframe where they invented. Have a look on that.

  • Victorian Rings (1837-1901) = Made with filigree engraving, gemstones (garnet, pearls, diamonds), and floral designs on the center structure of the ring.

  • Edwardian Rings (1901-1915) = These vintage rings are designed to consider the bridal looks with feminine patterns. The metal is tangled around the diamonds in these rings, and engraving work has been done.

  • Art Deco Rings (1920-1935) = Art Deco ring made with a combination of filigree and engraving patterns on the bands. Special carving styles are created that make it acceptable and beautiful on the hands. Still, these art deco rings are used as engagement rings.

  • Retro Rings (1935-1950) = These rings are known as cocktail rings, where big carat weighted gemstones and diamonds are used to delicate the wearer's appearance. A cocktail rings combines two different ring designs, which is preferable for engagement rings.

Fancy Colored Diamond Engagement rings

Fancy diamond engagement ring with triple shank style

Shop Fancy Color Diamond Rings

The fancy color diamond rings are good enough choice if you desire to gift a special sign of the love to valentine. In the color diamonds rings all kinds of shapes exists and buyers have choice to pick their favorite ones. The fancy color diamonds signifies their meaning and benefits. 

For example, a chocolate diamonds are deep and long commitment symbol. While a blue color diamonds have the calmness and motivation attributes. A red fancy color diamonds known as the emblem of deep affection of the love relationship.

In fancy color diamond rings, all types of ring styles available for the selection with the preferences of the buyers. From 1 to 5 carat weights fancy color diamonds are good choice for engagement rings. The average price of the fancy color diamond ring is $1500 to $2000. Contact us for more information.

Fancy color diamonds make the engagement rings more unique and noticeable. Select diamond engagement ring for women in fancy colors to express the joy of love in front of her and celebrate the most romantic moments.


From this article, buyers have to focus on three major factors when buying engagement rings for women 4cs of diamonds (quality of diamonds), metal selection (according to ring style), and favorite ring style from options (consider mutual consent to loving one). Buying engagement rings don't a tough task, but with the proper knowledge, it could be more interesting and exciting.

If you want to buy engagement rings in lab-grown diamonds to save your capital and want identical looks of natural diamond rings with varieties, then you're at the right door, which means Ouros Jewels. We offer all kinds of ring designs and styles that fit buyers' pockets and expectations.

Did you want to be a part of our family, then contact us. You're requested to give requirements, and we make your expectation true in reality. We're happy to offer service as great humankind.

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