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Flexible Payment Options For Lab Diamond Jewelry

At Ouros Jewels, we offer flexible payment options to help facilitate a stress-free shopping experience. All Ouros Jewels prices are in US$ unless otherwise specified.

Layaway: Ouros Jewels also offers layaway payments for international customers. After an initial deposit, our layaway plan allows you to make monthly or weekly payments on any purchase. Sales tax on orders will be calculated based on the tax rate in effect on the date your order ships. Please contact us for details. In order to reserve a diamond or piece of fine jewelry, a 30% transferable deposit is required to enter our bespoke design phase. This deposit is considered non-refundable and designed to show seriousness toward moving forward with Ouros Jewels. Deposits may be (if reason will be suitable)  transferred to another diamond or piece of fine jewelry if you change your mind.

Credit Cards: We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If the amount charged exceeds your credit limit or if your card is declined, your order will be automatically canceled and you will be notified.

Bank Wire: Bank wires are available for all orders over $500 USD. After you place your bank wire order, Ouros Jewels will give you the account information you will need to provide to your bank in order to transfer funds from your account directly to a Ouros Jewels account. It may take a few days for your bank to process the bank wire. Once your bank has transferred the funds, Ouros Jewels is immediately notified, you will receive a confirmation, and your order is processed. Order times may vary based on receipt of bank wire payment. If you have any questions about the process involved in a bank wire, contact your bank or contact Ouros Jewels.

Checkout with PayPal: Complete your Ouros Jewels purchase using information from your PayPal account.

Other Payment Options: If you would like to finalize your purchase using multiple credit cards or a combination of payment methods, please contact us.