Ring size Chart

bangles chart

Before you begin taking your measurements, pick the finger on which you want to wear your ring. Take a thin piece of paper, string or thread

bangles chart

Measure the circumference of the finger you are going to wear the ring in (The length of the string = circumference of the finger)

bangles chart

Use the table below to match the circumference of the finger with the Ring Size. To determine your ring size in all countries, open our Ring Size Conversion Chart for MM or Inches.

Special Note for Measuring Ring Size:

Measure in the Evening: Preferably, measure your ring size in the evening (as your fingers are slightly smaller in the early morning, and in cold weather).

Measure At least Twice: Measure twice to make sure that you took the correct measurement.

Useful tips

There are a few environmental and physical factors that should be taken into consideration before deciding on the size of the ring you want to buy, but remember that when it comes to guessing your partner’s ring size, guess on the large side as it’s easier to size a ring down.

Thicker bands

Thicker ring bands (larger than 6mm) will fit tighter. It is advised to always go for half a size up when purchasing a thicker band, for the ring to be comfortable.

Please note that the information in the guide is provided for guidance only and Ouros Jewels is not responsible for any errors that occur as a result of using this guide.