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Diamond Clarity Chart The Ideal Guide To Follow

Clarity chart in diamond

Diamond clarity is the most important part of the 4cs because it tells how much the lights resonations surpasses from the inclusions or impurities. If impurities in more amounts that decrease the sparkling appearance of the diamond. In the higher clarity grade, there’s a no impurities found.

The diamond clarity chart describes the grades of the clarity, and it will be helpful for the buyers to get better quality jewelry. The diamond clarity chart is the fact that plays a crucial role in differentiating the clarity types. The clarity on diamond chart appeared above. From that you can get better idea.

When selecting a clarity, understand that it's part of the 4cs of diamonds. When choosing a higher grading clarity in any diamond shape, other factors should be coherent. For example, you choose an emerald cut diamond in VVS clarity, but if you choose 0.50 carat and fair cut grade, then it looks not so pretty.

Let's see why a diamond clarity is the most important for a better appearance.

Why Diamond Clarity Is Important?

For three main reasons, diamond clarity is important contains cleaner with transparent anatomies, increasing the light's resonation and making the jewelry more blemishes free. These reasons show the significance of diamond clarity.

Let's take an example for better understanding.

For example, suppose you choose SI2 clarity, where the crown and table anatomy are covered with the inclusions then it means the light reflection is affected. In SI2 diamond clarity the brilliance reflections are not superior to IF or FL clarity.

While choosing VVS1 clarity, means the tiny-shaped inclusions appear on the anatomy. But this clarity grade diamond still gives a reflection of brilliant lights and that’s the reason it was selected for engagement rings and wedding bands, undoubtedly.

More importantly, in absence of IF and FL clarity diamonds, the VVS diamonds are used in all kinds of jewelry like engagement rings or diamond necklaces.

There’s a clarity grade that exists and was created by GIA. Have a look at the 11 different diamond clarity grades.

Diamond Clarity And It's Types

Diamond clarity grade or type decides from the weightage of the inclusions or blemishes. There are a total of 11 types of diamond clarity available. If the diamonds carry more blemishes, it counts SI2, I1, I2, and I3 diamond clarity. At the same time, other's clarity in diamonds is acceptable and preferable.

For better understanding refer to below mentioned clarity types or grades.

After a brief overview, let's looks the diamond clarity and its types in more detail to get a clear idea for which jewelry a particular the clarity suits.

IF or Internally Flawless Clarity Diamonds

Internally Flawless Diamond Clarity

In the Internally Flawless clarity diamonds, the inclusions are founded in the zero amount because of the expert craftsmanship and the clear rough stones usage.

When a diamond has not a single inclusion on its surfaces, and the internal facets are free from impurities, it's an Internally Flawless Clarity Diamond.

Internally Flawless clarity graded diamonds are counted as the best diamond clarity for having zero amounts of inclusions on the anatomy. For having the none inclusions placements on the anatomy it's an appreciative for the reflections in their respective flow and manner.

As a result, the Internally Flawless clarity diamonds are the best diamond clarity.

Flawless or FL diamond Clarity

Flawless or FL Diamond Clarity

Flawless diamond clarity means the inclusions do not appear on the anatomy, and the facets are placed in the deserving place. This diamond clarity having not a tiny inclusions or blemishes on the anatomy to affects the lights reflections. After the IF clarity grades the Flawless diamonds are counted as the best clarity grades.

The Flawless diamond prices start from $8000 for lab-grown diamonds. The Natural diamonds prices are more than the mentioned prices. The Flawless diamond clarity prices depend on carat weights, cut grade, or color grade according to diamond shape.

VVS1 Diamonds Clarity

VVS1 or Very Very Small Included1 Diamond Clarity

A VVS1 diamond clarity has a full form of Very Very Small Included1 grade. In this clarity diamond, a tiny numbers of inclusions appear on the table and crown or maybe on the pavilion anatomies. But, still VVS1 diamonds are acceptable as an alternative for FL or IF clarity diamonds. 

In the Very Very Small Inclusion 1 diamonds the blemishes are available in the single dot or in the little scratches that doesn't appears from the naked eyes. Moreover, VVS1 or VVS2 diamonds have abbreviation of VVS diamonds.

A 1 carat VVS1 clarity diamonds prices starts from the $1500 to $1700 depending on the shape, color grade, cut, and carat weights. While 2 carat VVS1 diamonds cost approximately surrounding $2500 to $3500. 

VVS2 Diamonds Clarity

VVS2 or Very Very Small Included2 Diamond Clarity

VVS2 diamonds are Very Very Small Included2 grade diamonds. In the VVS2 diamonds, the blemishes and impurities are +10% more than VVS1 clarity. As a result, this diamond clarity carries inclusions on the anatomies, but it's acceptable in all norms due to reflection ability. Thus, it could be selected with more confidence.

A VVS2 diamond's price starts from $1200 to $1400 but with the consideration of other factors like color grade, diamond shape, cut type, and carat weights. A lab-grown diamonds in VVS2 clarity is a good choice for the cheaper price but great quality assurance.

Very Small Included1 Clarity Grade Diamonds

Very Small Included or VS1 Diamond Clarity

The diamond inclusions in the Very Small Included1 grade is more noticeable than VVS1 diamonds blemishes. But, having not so more blemishes on the anatomies, VS1 diamonds are acceptable in all terms when a buyer has a tight budget issue for buying jewelry.

VS1 diamonds have a knot, pinpoint, and cloud types inclusion that mostly not affects the light's resonations. Thus, this diamond clarity can select in all kinds of jewelry especially cheap jewelry in lab-grown diamonds.

VS2 or Very Small Included2 Grade Diamond Clarity

VS2 or Very Small Included2 Diamond Clarity

A VS2 clarity grade diamonds stands for Very Small Included2 grade where the crown and table anatomies are reflected from the inclusions. Due to the more pressure of the manufacturing process VS2 diamonds gets inclusions. In VS2 diamonds clarity, mostly three types of blemishes or inclusions appears as needle, bruise, and crystal type.

Other side having three types of impurities, the VS2 diamonds are still preferable in jewelry because they don't affects the resonations significantly. But, it's confessable that VS2 diamonds have more inclusions than VVS diamonds.

SI1 Clarity Graded Diamonds

SI1 or Small Included1 Diamond Clarity

An SI1 clarity stands for Small Included1 grade clarity diamonds that have more inclusion or blemishes on the table and crown anatomy. Because of the pressurized diamond polish process. In SI1 clarity diamonds, the impurities are mostly in the five major types twinning wisps, cloud, bearded girdle, internal graining, and drill.

Still, having five types of blemishes, the SI1 diamonds can give a sufficient sparkle reflection from the inclusions-free anatomies. Thus, where the diamonds scale at SI1 clarity, they could be chosen for the cheap jewelry prices.

SI2 or Small Included2 Diamond Clarity

SI2 or Small Included2 Diamond Clarity

A SI2 clarity diamonds carries eight types of the inclusions on the anatomy that makes it not so more preferable for all kinds of jewelry. In SI2 clarity diamonds, the crown, table, and girdle anatomy are covered from the impurities that distributing the resonations in different directions.

The eight inclusions types prevents the lights reflections ability from the SI2 diamonds. The bearding, chip, cloud, graining, feather, knot, intended natural and cavity inclusion types appears.

Included1 or I1 Clarity Grade Diamonds

I1 or Included1 Diamond Clarity

In I1 clarity diamond, the surfaces are covered from the impurities and blemishes that prevent the lights reflections from the anatomy. As a result, the diamond fails to spark and gives a faint milky appearance which isn't acceptable in the jewelry.

The I1 clarity grade diamond is called a salt & pepper diamond due to its more inclusions storage on the anatomies. The rose-cut diamonds contain three clarity as I1, I2, and I3. When you want to experience a vintage appearance on the hands with engagement rings, then rose-cut diamonds are the choice.

I2 or Included2 Grade Clarity Diamonds

I2 or Included2 Diamond Clarity

An I2 clarity graded diamonds have bunches of inclusions on the anatomy, making them less acceptable due to different looks. The Included2 clarity diamonds result from inaccurate diamond symmetry placements. From the inexperienced symmetry placements, the facets lose their grips. Thus, the I2 clarity diamonds carry more blemishes or impurities on their anatomies.

Included3 or I3 Clarity Diamonds

I3 or Included3 Diamond Clarity

In the I3 or Included3 grade clarity has inclusions on their overall anatomies and fewer spaces are available for the reflections of the lights. In the I3 clarity, diamonds are losing their capability to give a scintillation in return.

Rose-cut diamonds jewelry is counted as I3 clarity jewelry. In this clarity-grade diamond, the impurities prevent the sparkle reflection from internal and external structures. For looking for the cheapest jewelry, then it means the buyer can select Inclusion3 diamonds clarity grade.

Don't forget to see the below-mentioned FAQs for the diamond clarity and its related questions and answers. It could be helpful to you.

FAQ's On Diamond Clarity Selection In Jewelry

  • Where To Fix Internal Flawless Clarity Diamonds?

A diamond clarity grade IF refers to the best light reflection so that it can be fixed in all kinds of jewelry like engagement rings, eternity rings, solitaire pendant, and diamond bangles. But in the solitaire rings, Internally Flawless clarity-graded diamonds look optimum and marvelous. Thus, it can be selected as a promise diamonds rings.

Internally flawless clarity diamonds are rare to find in Natural and Lab-grown diamonds. The price of this clarity grade is higher than other clarity diamonds. But, in Lab-grown diamonds the Internally Flawless diamonds are available at less price with the authenticate certification.

  • In Which Jewelry Flawless Diamonds Are Used?

A Flawless diamonds are used in the jewelry like engagement rings or wedding bands. Moreover, desire to give a beautiful gift in jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and bangles, or hoop earrings then Flawless diamond clarity should be selected. The blemishes free surfaces makes the Flawless diamonds to choose in jewelry for gets an excellent appearance.

  • Can I Select VVS1 Diamonds In Pendants Or Engagement Rings?

Of course, you can select VVS1 diamonds not only in pendants or engagement rings but all kinds of jewelry because it has fewer blemishes that doesn't matter. But, for a stylish and stunning diamonds pendants or rings for engagement then VVS1 diamonds are acceptable choice.

Prefers VVS1 lab-grown diamonds for less prices and the same quality as a Natural diamonds. It could be save your 30-60% prices to spend on Natural diamond. In Lab-grown diamonds, a diamond certification available to make it more authentic and trustworthy offers from GIA and IGI.

  • Can My Earrings Looks Enough Stunning In VVS2 Diamonds?

Yes, without any doubt your earrings looks enough stunning with VVS2 diamonds, especially hoop earrings. The reason is to select VVS2 diamonds in earrings for their sparkles resonations movements from internal to external anatomies. In all diamonds shapes VVS2 clarity grade is acceptable for the earrings to be selected.

Moreover, aside from the earrings, buyers can pick VVS2 diamonds in bangles or bracelets to give their women as a birthday or anniversary present. In the VVS2 diamonds, fewer inclusions give enough light reflections to be selectable for wedding rings or matching bands.

  • In Wedding Bands VS1 Princess Cut Diamonds Worthy?

Yes, VS1 princess cut wedding bands are worthy selections because no more inclusions appear to distract the reflections of the lights in all conditions. Furthermore, wedding bands are made with the eternity styles, so the 20+ princess cut VS1 clarity diamonds still give the best on hand appearance.

In addition, not only princess cut VS1 clarity diamonds are an excellent choice for wedding bands. But cushion, pear, heart, oval, asscher, round, emerald, and marquise cut diamonds are totally stylish choices for all kinds of wedding styles.

  • In Bangles VS2 Diamonds Clarity Preferable Any More?

You can undoubtedly select VS2 diamonds clarity in diamond bangles. Because VS2 diamonds are having a needle, bruise, and crystal-type blemishes that play a cameo role in affecting the light's reflections ability. That means less lights reflectivity effects. Thus, diamond bangles in VS2 clarity is always preferable due to their accurate internal placements of the facets.

  • Should A Necklace Looks More Beautiful With SI1 Diamonds?

Not actually. With total usage of the SI1 diamonds in the necklace could give less sparkle reflections in return. But, a balanced amount selection of VVS diamonds, VS1 or VS2 clarity with SI1 diamonds, looks more beautiful. Thus, if the diamond necklace carries the +50 diamonds, then SI1 clarity should not be more than 15 pieces of diamonds.

  • I Select SI2 Diamonds In Bracelet, Is It Wrong?

No. You can select a diamond bracelet with SI2 clarity because it is still acceptable to have a good appearance on the hands. Choose not all diamonds in SI2 clarity in diamond bracelets, but the balanced proportions must be selected. For example, if your bracelet contains +30 diamonds, then do not exceed picking ten pieces of the SI2 clarity.


Thus, diamond clarity is the most essential part of the 4cs and from that, the appearance is decided. Now, it is the buyer's call to which clarity they want to get in the jewelry. Here, all the details are disclosed with the proper FAQs. Thus, make a proper decision to buying the diamond jewelry according to suitable clarity.

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