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How To Choose Perfect Diamond Necklace For Your Style

Diamond necklace for women

In a love relationship, every moments matter, and couples want to make that tenure memorable. So they connect with the holy relationship called a "Wedding." Brides wear the precious jewelry that was gifted from her future husband. In that a "Diamond Necklace" standouts from all kinds of the jewelry.

In the diamond necklace ornament, gold and platinum metal is the option. In diamond necklace gold, there are three types of varieties available as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The diamond necklace in gold carries purity like 10kt(41.88% pure gold), 14kt (58.33% pure gold), and 18kt (75% pure gold).

A necklace in diamond made with prongs and basket settings that hold the stones with stability. A beautiful diamond necklace constancy depends on the placements of the stones, the quality grades, gold or platinum metal usage, chain length, and the experience of manufacturing.

Diamond necklaces represent the connection of diamonds that give support to each other and provide the sustainability to whole framework. 

In diamond necklace even if a single diamond is missed, then it makes it worthless. This fundamental is working in real life; we can't imagine a life without our loving one.

Thus, let's see some key points relates to the diamond necklace which could be helpful for buying it with the perfection.

First, we see what the diamond necklace is and its definition in a love relationship, giving you a clear idea about it. Then we move forward to know the considering points for buying a diamond necklace for women.

What Is The Meaning Of Diamond Necklace In Love Relationship?

In a love relationship, a diamond necklace represents the "Emotional Attachment" towards the loving one. When a lover gives the diamond necklace to his loved one as a wedding present, he directly indicates that from now on, all her problems and happiness are connected with him. This is the meaning of the diamond necklace in love.

A necklace diamond shows the motivation, passion, and dedication that exists in every love relation. Thus, these trio attributes defines the diamond necklace in love and endearment relationship.

The definition of the necklace in diamond changes minds to minds. Some thoughts it works as the endearment increasing factor in the relationship. Others think it makes the appearance better every day.

After showing the meaning of the necklace in love relationship, now it's time to understand which types of the 4cs of diamonds should be selected. One thing to consider before buying the necklace then its appearance depends on the 4cs diamonds.

Let's dive in.

4cs To Select In Diamond Necklace

A 4cs of diamonds are used to evaluate the quality of the diamonds between excellent or poor. In 4cs diamonds the clarity, carat, color, and cut is includes. The details are described below for the diamond necklace 4cs to select.

First, we see the best diamond clarity in the necklace which is the most important part of the 4cs.

Best Diamond Clarity In Necklace

Internally Flawless and Flawless is the best diamond clarity for necklace

In diamond clarity, the Flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF) is the best clarity because it has zero amounts of inclusions. Having zero inclusion on anatomy of the diamonds the lights resonations are appealing. But the best diamond clarity is far more expensive to get, nearly 50-80% more costly than VVS diamonds.

Another side, the alternative choice for Flawless or Internally Flawless clarity grade is the VVS. VVS diamonds are cheaper than FL or IF clarity, and it makes sense to select for the bridal wedding necklace. VVS diamond necklace is a good choice if buyers wanting the brilliance resonations from anatomies.

This 40 carats weights VVS diamond necklace price is $44000 with pear shape, marquise and round cut diamonds. In this necklace 18kt white gold used and the length is 15 inches. This the lab-grown diamond wedding necklace for women that has same appearance as Natural diamond necklace.

The second C from the 4cs diamond necklace is carat weights.

Ideal Carat Weights For a Diamond Necklace

10 to 25 diamond carat weights are an ideal selection for necklace

The carat defines how much the weights of the diamonds carry with themselves. An ideal diamond necklace for women looks beautiful between 10 to 25 carats weights depending on how much the buyers ready to spend money. More weighted diamonds have a wider, longer surface that adequately controls the light's reflections.

In all kinds of necklaces, a diamond carat weights between 10 to 25 which looks dazzling for the bride's appearance. However, aside from selecting the diamond carat for the necklace, understanding it affects the price factor.

For example, a 10 carats weights diamond necklace is cheaper than a 20 carat diamond necklace. Thus, consider this point.

Diamond Color Grades In Necklace

Color chart to select in diamond necklace

In 4cs, the color is the 3rd cs that show which hue the diamond has. Diamond color grades decides from colorless, nearly colorless, faint, light yellow, and very light yellow grades. But, for the brilliant reflections in the rainbow color, the F to I color is the best selection in a diamond necklace.

Moreover, the diamond color has a D to Z grade that measures as colorless to fancy respectively. Another choice in the necklace is the fancy color diamonds such as orange, blue, yellow, red, champagne, and chocolate. A fancy color diamond necklace is a unique but optimistic choices in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

A fancy color lab-grown diamond necklace is a good option when desiring to get heavy quality within the tight budget provision. Lab diamond necklace is cheap but they still maintains benchmarks of the characteristics as Natural diamonds.

Diamond Cut In The Necklace

Diamond necklace cut chart to follow for buying

A diamond cut represents the girdle thickness and pavilion depth that decides the lights resonations path. In diamond necklace, the cut should between Excellent to Good grade because these grades have sufficient dimensions to handles the lights reflections.

In diamond cut as the las part of 4cs it has five grades as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor. From Excellent cut diamonds to Poor cut diamonds the girdle thickness and pavilion depth increase, respectively.

Why Diamond Symmetry And Polish Important In Necklace?

Diamond symmetry for the necklace to select

An excellent sparkle reflection is the responsibility of the diamond symmetry and polish. Diamond symmetry gives a particular way for the light's reflections, while the polish in diamond helps the constant brilliance resonations.

Thus, the diamond symmetry and polish is the most important thing to consider for a more glorious appearance of the necklace.

The diamond symmetry represents the facets or lines in fancy shapes like a kite, triangle, arrow, and straight that direct the lights flow and ways. In diamond symmetry, there are five types Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor, depending on the accuracy of the facet placements.

A diamond polish means on which norms and standards the stones are made from angle to angle and corner to corner. The stone is shaped in the diamond polish process as round, princess, oval, and others.

Read the below chart for selecting diamond symmetry and polish scales from the carats in the necklace.




5.00 - 7.99

Excellent to Very Good

Very Good to Good

8.00 - 11.99

Excellent to Very Good

Very Good to Good

12.00 - 13.99

Excellent To Good

Very Good to Good

14.00 - 16.99

Very Good to Good

Very Good

17.00 - 19.99

Very Good to Good


20.00 - 23.99

Very Good


24.00 - 27.99


Very Good



Very Good

Now, let's see the diamond necklace types known as tennis and choker with their differences.

What Is Tennis Diamond Necklace?

Tennis diamond necklace in pear shape and platinum metal

Shop This Tennis Diamond Necklace Now.

When a necklace has diamonds with more length and a wider circumference covering 90% of the neck, then it called as the tennis diamond necklace. In tennis diamond necklaces the chain looks more precious due to compound with the length.

The tennis necklace is specially designs and made for brides to match with their wedding dress. A tennis diamond necklace for women is good selection in the fancy shapes like pear, marquise, princess, heart, and oval cut diamonds.

Benefits For Choosing Lab-grown Diamond Tennis Necklace

A tennis necklace in lab-grown diamonds carries 5 major benefits that indicates to select it for wedding sign or symbol. Refer below to know the benefits of tennis necklace.

  1. Tennis necklace carries more diamonds and prongs settings to make it durable always.
  2. In tennis diamond necklace the width makes the brides appearance like a Mrs. Universe and Diva.
  3. Tennis necklace diamonds suitable for everyday wearing because the length and proper placements of the stones.
  4. Selecting the tennis necklace it can be available in all diamond variations as brilliant cut, antique cut, rose cut, and customized cut.
  5. Tennis necklace wearable for party, function, and all kinds of occasion to prove the presence.

What Is Choker Necklace Diamond?

Choker diamond necklace for women in white gold

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When the necklace has width but not more length that covers the 100% of the neck then it's a choker necklace chain. The choker necklace diamond has U-shaped curving structure makes it different from the tennis necklace. 

Therefore, a choker necklace is suitable for women at parties or functions because of its U-shaped curving chain. Buyers can select the diamond choker necklace in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Why Don't Prefers Choker Diamond Necklace?

The below-mentioned points gives an idea why some peoples are refuse to select choker diamond necklace.

  1. In choker necklace short length makes it less preferable for the selections. For having less length the choker necklace not suitable for the tall persons.
  2. The diamond choker necklace is made to considering the function wearing or party wearing manner. It's not choice for the wedding necklace.

Now, let's see which gold tone and purity should be selected in the diamond necklace.

Diamond Necklace's Best Metal Tone And Purity

In diamond necklaces, three types of metal exist, and buyers can pick at least one coherence to their necklace design and appearance. Gold, silver, and platinum metal are available for the picking in the diamond necklace.

See the metal tones varieties according to the diamond necklace designs.

1. Gold
  • Tone = Yellow, White and Rose
  • Purity = 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT

2. Silver

  • Tone = Sterling and Argentium
  • Purity = 925 and 935

3. Platinum

  • Tone = White
  • Purity = 950

A diamond necklace looks incomplete even in the best 4cs, symmetry, polish, and settings without matching gold tone and purity selections. A 14kt white gold necklace is best gold tone and purity in necklace for having 58.33% of pure gold existence.

Another side, rose gold and yellow gold is the option to select in necklace. The platinum is the finest option for the necklace because it has 95% pure platinum and 5% alloy of others metals for durability.

Lab-grown Diamonds Necklace Benefits

Lab-grown diamond necklace benefits are much better than a natural diamond necklace. Refer to below for seeing the lab diamond necklace benefits.

  1. Great Quality
  2. Variations Availability
  3. Trustable, Certified, Ethical, and Authentication
  4. Cheap Prices

Let's understand the mentioned benefits in little detail.

1. Great Quality

A lab-grown diamond necklace available in great quality like FL or IF clarity, D color, 10 to 30 carats, and Excellent cut. There is no limit to selecting a quality that suits the buyer's appearance. If buyer has tight budget to buying a necklace in diamonds, then a lab-grown diamond could be the best option to select.

Buyers can experience that luxuriousness in a lab diamond wedding necklace with their own decided qualities and standards.

2. Variations Availability

In lab-grown diamonds necklace, all kinds of variations available from diamond carat to gold tone selection which in the buyer's preferring choice. In lab diamonds the antique cut is good selection ahead of the brilliant cut diamonds.

In antique cut lab created diamonds varieties including, lips, hexagon, rose cut, criss, and carre cut. All these antique cut diamonds are available to make lab made diamond necklace one-of-a-kind. 

3. Trustable, Certified, Ethical and Authenticated Diamonds

A lab-grown diamonds are trustable and certified by recognized institutions like GIA and IGI. A lab diamond certification is proof of the authenticated purchase. That's why it's acceptable for a diamond wedding necklace for women.

For making the environment better and human lives happier a lab-grown diamonds are made by following ethical norms. In addition, the lab-created diamonds are produced by not breaching the government rules and policies for ethical manufacturing.

4. Cheaper and Smarter Choice

Lab diamonds are made in an artificial environment, and there's no requirement for land mining and taking mines on leases. It continuously downs the costs for making the best diamonds and the final price is 40-80% less than natural diamonds.

But fortunately, lab-created diamonds carry the same hardness, 4cs, symmetry, fluorescence, polish, shapes, dimensions, and proportions as natural diamonds. Thus, it seem like a smarter choice to saving a hard earning money to be spend.

After, the ideal 4cs of lab-grown diamond necklace benefits, let's see the necklace types known as tennis necklace and choker Necklace.

The Ideal Price For Diamond Necklace

The ideal price for diamond necklace counted $5000 to $30000 with the tennis or choker styles in all gold tones and purity. This price is for the lab-grown diamond necklace. Another side, the natural diamond necklace is 2.5x time costly than a lab-grown diamond necklace.

The price for necklace depends on the 4cs of diamonds, fluorescence, symmetry, polish grades, metal tone usage, quality diamonds placements.

Shop Lab-grown Diamonds Necklaces

Preferable Diamond Necklace Size

Choose ideally a diamond necklace size and length

A 16” to 22” inches diamond necklace length is preferable for everyone, so they can quickly wear it on occasions like marriage, engagement, anniversaries, or party functions. This length diamond could be less costly than more lengthy chain of the necklace. The length and size influences the necklace prices.

A 16” inches lengthen diamond chain is short that used in the choker necklace. While 22” an inches necklace chain is the tennis necklace that has length and width combination. A diamond necklace is available from 14 inches to 22 inches.


A diamond necklace is the daily and function wearing ornament that every women like to wear. Before buying the diamond necklace then it should be purchased with the 4cs of diamonds, symmetry and polish grades, between tennis or choker styles that suitable for the gold tones.

Planning to give a surprise presents as lab diamond necklace then it could be budget friendly and precious selection for them. A diamond necklace available in the white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum metal. 

Need a customized diamond necklace or wanting to know more then contact us.

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