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What Is Promise Ring And What Theirs Types Indicates To You

Promise rings are the sign of commitment in the love relationship

The "Trust and Loyalty" factor maintains commitment and gratitude between couples in every love relationship. Without these factors, a love nexus can't stay stable, and many pitfalls are generated. Not a single couple like to have those pitfalls in their love life.

That's why ancestors who solved this issue in the 2nd Century BC in Roman Era. They started gave "Promise Rings and Jewelry" to their spouses with gemstones and diamonds in a simple, sweet short message on the gold band. Offering a promise ring to a love partner removes unnecessary doubts and concerns from the minds and suggests keeping faith in each other.

This tradition still exists where two individuals meet and want to spend time together before engagement. In addition, those two lovers want to be sure about their future love life. So they exchanging promise rings for ensurity and assurance. The exchange of rings delivers a good message for the present and future love life. Also, from that, lovers can understand how another partner is emotionally attached to the relationship.

In this article, we will understand what a promise ring is and its history. Simultaneously, we will identify in different regions which hands the promise ring has been worn following their traditions. Also, we mentioned the ideal moment to pop up the question with this ring. Don't forget to see the promise ring designs and styles.

What Is Promise Ring?

The promise ring defines genuine commitment and fidelity towards the spouse. It signifies the romantic, passionate and supportive relationship between two individuals who needs sometime to spend be spend together before deciding to engage. That's why it has been identified as the pre-engagement ring. Also, these rings known as a commitment or couple rings because of their beautiful appearance.

Promise rings help to make an integral, united, and single relationship with a loved one, suggesting emotional attachment. Also, a promise ring refers to a pre-engagement era where couples can better understand each other and make decisions about future relationships.

Also, the commitment rings carry the trust and hand it over to the love partner and relationship, which is essential for couples for future life. In the love world, many examples exist where the couple broke up the relationship due to a lack of faith. But, with the promise ring, couples can solve the lack of confidence and successfully maintain trust in the relationship.

As a result, promise rings are known as the couple's favorite because they contain many advantages for a healthy love relationship. The simple gold matching band is exchanged with the special romantic engraved message as a couple rings from both ends. It proves the mutual understanding and passionate connection.

Every couple defines the promise ring meaning in their own thoughts coherent with their bonding with their spouse. For example, some couples describe commitment ring as a serious and dedicated sign of a love relationship. While others refer to the promise rings as it indicates a love partner's loyalty, emotional attachment, and commitment.

Exchanging the couples promise rings to each other's, lovers climb the first step toward a successful and happy love relationship. Every couple wants to be double sure about their spouse and wants to know them better. This act will save a love partner from hurting each other coincidentally. So, this positive result comes out from wearing a promise ring. That's why it has been the most selected couples promise rings in gold and platinum metal.

History Behind Promise Rings: The Romantic Message❤️

In the Ancient Roman Era (2nd century BC), Roman brides were blessed with promise rings that symbolized trust and provided assurance in their love relationships and partners. Roman grooms often engraved short romantic poems and messages on the rings' bands, adding exceptional sentimental value for their brides.

This tradition in the 21st century still exists where a couple engraved their special message on the promise band, such as "First Meeting Date," "Love Partner's Name," and "Short Romantic Message." It is known as a couples rings because of the personal touch and emotional attachment.

Roman men offered rings to their spouses for establish the permanence of love, strength, and loyalty in the relationship. Promise rings were presented in front of the Roman Brides to remove their insecurities regarding the love relationship.

While during the 14th to 19th Century, couples engraved a word "Posey," "Poesy," "Regard," and "Dearest" on the promising band with a short romantic message. In these commitment rings mostly, natural gemstones placed that offered additional spiritual benefits to recipients.

At that time, Acrostic rings represented birthday wishes with short secret messages that were only understood by the recipient person. Ruby, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Sapphire (Orange/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Purple), Emerald, Garnet, and Peridot gemstones were used between 2 to 5.00 carat weights in Acrostic rings. In these ring styles, mostly white and yellow gold had been used to coherence with natural appearance.

But as time passed, wearing gemstone in promise ring trends slightly decreased because couples started preferring fancy colored diamonds from the end part of the 20th century. As a result, colored diamonds emerged as the best choice for gemstones.

Now, couples select elongated or square diamond shapes in fancy colors like orange, blue, yellow, red, and purple. A diamond promise ring looks captivating with the best clarity, proper carat weight sizes, and ideal symmetry grades. Still now, gemstones are used in a small size as accent stones that increase the overall appearance from backing the light reflections.

Why Promise Rings Offers To Spouse?

The intention behind offering the promise rings is to showcase how much a love partner feels loyalty in a love relationship and emotional attachment with a spouse. Also, the commitment rings help to reveal commitment, dedication, affection, and gratitude towards a love partner.

In addition, to solve any "Trust Related Issues" in the love life, promise rings are offered to the love partner that erases the insecurities and concerns from minds. The most important factor in love is "Trust," which brings with the commitment ring. As a result, a new couples are boost their love relationship from wearing a promise matching band.

While some couples still wear the promise ring after their engagement because they think it will be good for their relationship and help them to sustain the trust. On these rings, the romantic message and endearment words are engraved, which signifies how the love partner is important to another in the relationship.

How Much Should a Promise Ring Cost To You?

From $50 to $10000, you can purchase a promise ring in your spouse's favorite ring style and gold. It depends on you how much you're willing to pay. For $50, you can get a simple gold band that is the modern choice, while with $1000 to $3000, you can choose a diamond promise rings with a yellow or rose gold band.

Here, spending the 2 or 3-month salary does not apply to spending on promise rings. You can get a beautiful, simple, and shining promise band within $300, which is 3% of your salary if you earn $10000/month. But, when allocating a budget for the purchase, keep in mind the ring style preference of your spouse.

"Spending money on the promise ring isn't counted because a currency fails to understand the emotional feelings. As a result, when selecting a commotment ring, keep in mind your love partner's lifestyle and choose the style coherence to it.

Shopping for a $2000 valued promise ring is not always mandatory. Your endearment and loyalty are successfully delivered to your spouse with a $50 to $500 valued promise ring.

After all, your relationship with your spouse is distinctive, so there's no need to choose a $2500 to $3000 valued ring that your colleague selects for his girlfriend. Consider your spouse beyond all of this."

Every love relationship is distinctive, so it's not compulsory to pick which promise ring style and diamonds or gemstones others choose. Prioritize your commitment and your love partner's choice. It's best to purchase a ring with your spouse, where she can select beautiful ring styles, diamonds, gemstones, and yellow or white gold metal.

You can select a cost-friendly promise ring from online jewelry stores' websites. They offer customized rings with free-engraving options where you can add a personal love message. You have the opportunity to select yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum bands for the commitment ring with an additional customization option.

Promise and Commitment Rings For Her

In selection of promise rings for your spouse, consider their likes and dislikes. The ring style could be coherent with their lifestyle and preferences. For example, an Art Deco Pink diamond ring is a perfect choice if she likes a modern and vintage ring style combination. While for simplicity with elegance, propose to her with a white gold or platinum band, and don't forget to engrave your special love messages.

Keep in mind many choices exist to select a ring style and gold metal according to your intention and goal to achieve from offering a promise ring. For revealing an overwhelming commitment and endearment choose a pink and yellow colored gemstone ring, or maybe a diamond is a good choice.

While one needs to pass the loyalty test of the relationship and wish to propose to her, a simple yellow gold band works better as a commitment ring. With a selection of small-sized gemstones like pink spinel or a red garnet that looks beautiful and finest on the hands of recipients.

So, traditional fashion lovers and modern enthusiasts openly choose women's promise rings with colored natural gems that appear stylish and beautiful.

The selection of metal for the promise ring band is also important to choose it with the total consideration of appearance. In metal, there are three main choices exist: Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

A gold promise ring available in yellow, rose, and white gold metal tones. While silver and platinum ring bands have slightly the same appearance. But a platinum ring is an excellent choice ahead of gold and silver.

Here, we described the metal chart, including the tone and purity, benefits, and suitability. Make sure you opted an ideal metal for your promise ring.









The best alternative for platinum

Matching bands/Diamond/Gemstones rings




Cheaper than a gold and platinum

Infinity/vintage/cute rings designs




Luxurious wearing experience

All kinds of promise rings

After choosing a metal tone for the promise ring, it's time to see which ring style suits your spouse. Remember that a relationship promise ring represents the emotional connection between two individuals, and younger adult couples have mostly selected it, especially between 20 - 24 age. They insist on engraving a special message on the band, both of them wearing as a sign of purity of love.

1. Gold Promise Rings: The Traditional Choice

The gold promise rings are available in three metal tones: Yellow, Rose, and White. Every metal tone shade has different meaning and significance. For example, a yellow gold commitment ring looks more captivating, represents traditional taste and features a natural shining appearance on the band.

While a white gold promise ring refers to the best alternative for a platinum band due to its identical luster effects. A rose gold simple ring delivers a romantic and endearment message to a spouse when she wears it.

When opting for the gold rings for the promise, consider purity instead of the cost factor. For example, a 14KT yellow gold simple ring is available between $100 to $250. At the same time, an 18KT yellow gold promise ring costs $280 to $500. It depends on the quality, the band's width, depth and the jeweler you opted for.

18KT yellow gold simple promise band with baguette cut lab-grown diamond

In addition, the gold promise rings have three purity: 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT. An 18KT gold ring has more natural gold content in the band compared to 10KT and 14KT. That's why it has been 10-30% more cost.

"The gold promise rings represent a love relationship's bright and graceful attributes. Couples prefer matching gold bands for representing the love and endearment. In gold rings, you can define an emotional message in your way from engraving option."

The intention behind offering a gold ring as commitment ring varies among couples. Some couples are blessed with a yellow gold ring that signifies the bright future love life that removes darkness. While other love partners select a rose gold in the ring for bring affection and warmth. Lovers are selecting a white gold promise ring for representing clarity and dedication.

2. Cheap Promise Rings In Lab-grown Diamonds: An Endearment Indicator

A cheap promise ring available in lab-grown diamonds where it features colored stones ranging from the faint to fancy dark hue option. If your spouse is neither interested in the simple gold band nor a gemstone ring, then happily move with the colored lab diamond rings. The cost of the lab-grown diamond ring starts from $299 to $600, where you can select 0.15 to 0.70-carat weight.

The overall cost of the lab diamond promise rings depends on the color, clarity, cut, and carat weights. Simultaneously, the ring style and metal selection influence the price. For example, a 1.00 carat oval lab diamond solitaire ring price is $800 to $1200 with the VS clarity and 10KT yellow gold. While a natural oval diamond ring costs significantly reach $ 10,000 to $22000 with the same quality.

1.00 carat weighted fancy vivid blue pear and 0.25 CTW round cut lab-grown diamond halo accent ring in VS clarity and Excellent symmetry

The quality of the lab-grown diamond ring is ideal, where you can opt for identical color, clarity, carat, and cut grade. Lab diamonds are the perfect choice for commitment rings ahead of natural diamonds and gemstones.

Natural diamonds and gems are sometimes found with unethical practices and don't follow the regulations. While lab diamonds promise rings are made in a controlled environment without affecting the atmosphere as much. It can be represented as ethical jewelry for eco-conscious people and lovers.

In addition, there's no difference in the quality between lab and natural diamonds. Meanwhile, internationally recognized institutions like GIA and IGI offered certification for lab-grown diamonds.

"A cheap promise ring means cost effective choice, and these rings don't represent the price tag but show an emotional attachment that is never counted in money. In these rings, lab-grown diamonds are available that identically brings the attributes of Natural diamonds."

3. Diamond Promise Rings: The Luxurious Choice

A diamond promise ring features a luxurious wearing experience that offers additional value. Many couples are still selecting diamonds for their commitment and loyalty signs. In diamonds, there are choices available from elongated to square shapes, where it has been offering a beautiful appearance.

Women's promise rings appeared beautiful and stylish with the perfect quality diamond selections. There is an option to select a square shaped diamond for promise with fancy colors like blue or yellow. While elongated diamonds are radiant, and emeralds appear ideal with the red or orange color shade.

The rings look proper and ideal when selected according to the best 4cs of diamonds. Thus, when you opt a diamonds for rings, consider selecting the best clarity, carat, color, and cut grades. In diamond promise rings, there is a choice to go with a simple solitaire design or pick the beautiful halo accent style with colored diamonds with yellow or rose gold.

Fancy red dark color round diamond promise ring in 14KT white gold

Diamond is the April Month's Birthstone representing wealth, good health, fortune, and long life that offers additional value in the offerer and recipient's lives. That's why selecting a diamond will successfully complete your intention behind giving promise rings.

Nowadays, consider choosing ethical and conflict-free diamonds with a minimal environmental footprint from the mining process. Make sure your selected diamond has traceability and sustains its originality. The ethical diamonds and jewelry has been found from following all the established regulations and without harming the society.

We estimated that the diamond promise rings costs depends on the carat, clarity, cut, color, ring style, and metal selection.

Ring Styles






Price ($)






18KT White Gold





Very Good


925 Sterling Silver







950 Platinum


* The mentioned price could be differ from actual.

4. Cute Promise Rings: The Charm Bringer

A cute promise ring made with a total buyer's references or maybe in the heart shaped semi-mount style where it showers a fidelity. Due to the distinctive formation of stones in cluster or flower styles and bypass pattern bands, the cute rings brings charm for couples. That's why a love partner offers a pretty appearance by proposing cute promise rings.

In cute rings, you can select a colored gemstone with a teardrop shaped diamond that helps for better light reflections. The flower halo style is mostly chosen in cute ring where fancy colored and colorless diamonds are placed with the proper prong settings in rings.

1.50 CTW fancy light blue and colorless pear and round-cut lab-grown diamond cluster setting ring in VS clarity

Cute couple rings are offered to bring charm, supportive nature, and sympathy to the relationship. This step helps the couples understand each other better and make the necessary decision with a mutual discussion.

In cute ring styles, you have the option to choose a wider or thin band and customize the pattern from simple rounded to bypass or cuff design. Consider picking a suitable metal tone with matching colored diamonds.

For example, a blue diamond cute ring should look perfect with white gold or platinum. While a least 1.00 carat yellow color diamond ring with an east-west band offers a versatile appearance with rose gold. So, couples ring in white or yellow gold could be a good choice for a commit the promise in front of her.

"Offering cute promise rings brings charm and increases loyalty between couples. This ring style is made with white, yellow, and rose gold metal where small-sized gemstones and diamonds are placed. The best part of the cute ring is the combination of flower and cluster design with a vintage bypass band."

The cost of the cute style ring depends on the stone and metal type you opt for. In addition, the ring design and complexity influence the price of the this promise ring. For example, a halo design-inspired commitment ring costs $500 in lab-grown diamonds with 14KT white gold. While with a garnet or peridot gemstone ring, the price could be $400 to $800 with 14KT yellow gold.

5. Heart Promise Rings: The Gorgeous Choice

Heart promise rings are made with semi-mount patterns where small-sized gemstones and diamonds are placed on the side edges. Compared to diamond promise rings, this ring style has a significantly cheap cost. In these couple rings, couples prefer two round lobes and cleft surfaces structure like the heart shaped diamond.

Selecting a heart shaped ring indicates the outer world will never affect your love relationship and provides a shield that protects your bonding. You can happily express your commitment with a heart ring in a paving engraved band, semi-mount pattern, solitaire accent, and halo style.

In the heart promise rings mostly, colorless round shaped diamonds are used, but you can select a fancy vivid pink to champagne colored ring with yellow or white gold. The heart commitment ring made with skillful craftsmanship increases the recipient's overall beautiful appearance. In the USA, heart rings are purchased because couples like freedom or their own private space, as indicated by the couple's ring.

2 CTW fancy vivid pink heart and pear shaped lab-grown diamond commitment ring with 18KT white gold

There is a belief for wearing a heart shape promise ring. When a you worn the ring where the diamond point is towards yourself, then it represents you offering heart to your spouse, which is nature of every love partner. When wearing a heart ring pointing out the outside edge then that indicates a dedication sign towards a love partner.

While you opt for a semi-mount ring pattern for a heart shaped band, select the 1/5 or 1/4 TCW diamonds because they look exquisite when set in a better color, clarity, and carat weight. In this ring design select white gold or platinum metal because it shines beautifully that increases the overall appearance.

"Heart diamond promise rings are made for Valentine's Day proposals or pre-engagement commitments. These rings offer a unique and distinctive appearance to couples. That's why they select heart shape rings to show fidelity and connection between them."

While you can opt for a 2.00 to 5.00 carat weight fancy colored heart shaped diamond, select round or pear shaped as accent stones. The ring style should be a vintage-inspired solitaire accent or halo that looks captivating with a center diamond. You can choose pink, yellow, champagne, blue, olive, and orange colored heart diamond with the least VVS clarity.

6. Unique Promise Rings: The Exclusive Choice

A unique promise ring ranges from simple gemstones and diamonds engraved infinity band with a cluster setting in black or orange colored stones. In these ring styles, mostly colored stones are used because it looks beautiful on the hands. That's why it has been selected as an exclusive choice for committing the endearment.

In the unique rings for the promise, there is a choice to pick metal from platinum and gold. Opting for gold has three options: Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. While platinum promise rings offer a luxurious and wonderful wearing experience. There is a choice to make a commitment ring with your love partner's name that represents the exclusive sign of romance.

1.80 CTW elongated emerald and baguette cut lab-grown diamond cluster ring with VS clarity and 18KT yellow gold

From selecting unique ring styles, you can insist on a customized change in a diamond shape to the ring's structure and bandwidth. For example, five stone cluster ring style with a split shank or bypass band is a form of a unique ring with pink or black diamonds or gemstones. Most unique promise rings are made in colored stones with a combination of 20% colorless diamonds.

The cost of a unique promise ring totally depends on clarity, carat, size, color of the stone, and ring style formation. For example, you can find an infinity band unique ring cheaper than a spilt shank accent band. Thus, pay around $1500 for a unique ring with a special engraved message.

"Unique promise rings provide your spouse with an exclusive wearing experience because it's never been made before. You can insist on customization to make the promise ring exquisite and reflect your emotions. Select elongated-shaped gemstones or diamonds for this ring style's brilliant appearance."

With this couple ring style, you can ask your spouse, "Shall she like to support you and offer endearment for a certain period before engagement and wedding?" This kind of your act will positively impact your spouse and indicates how much you're attached to her with passionate affection.

When selecting a unique ring for commitments, most couples consider their personal style and its importance. A yellow and white gold Claddagh promise ring is perfect for revealing emotions and love towards a recipient. As a result, Irish people select this kind of couple's rings that appear unique.

The price for unique commitment rings starts from $1000 with emerald cut lab-grown diamonds halo accent style in 14KT yellow gold. Meanwhile, you can allocate more cost to shop for a beautiful promise ring from discussion with your partner.

7. Dainty Promise Rings: The Romantic Waves Carrier

A dainty ring carries romantic love waves in the couple's lives because it usually has a curving edge where the gemstones and diamonds are engraved. Offering dainty promise rings delivers a commitment and connection between two individuals.

In a love relationship, many ups and downs are coming, so the spouse's support is required at that moment. As a result, to get more support from a love partner, couples selects a commitment rings as the dainty rings. Also, this ring style turns doubts of waves into emotionally attached waves that maintain the relationship's trust.

Round cut lab-grown diamonds dainty ring with VS clarity and 18KT rose gold

In dainty rings, you can select yellow gold or white gold metal with colored diamonds. The elongated shaped radiant or emerald cut looks elegant in a dainty style for the ring, which is a perfect choice for a promise when you need support from your spouse. While gemstone options are Topaz, Sapphire, Garnet, Aquamarine, Ruby, and Amethyst that appears beautiful.

When selecting the dainty ring for the promise, consider the formation of the band and stone placements. The metal tone selection is the most important thing to concentrate on for this ring design. A rose gold metal ring band shines and reflects the feelings and emotions of a love partner.

"Usually, the dainty promise rings combine a solitaire accent and a halo style where diamonds or gemstones are placed in a proper dimension, increasing overall durability. Thus, offer a beautiful wearing experience from selecting 18KT yellow and rose gold that looks more captivating your spouse's hands."

The dainty ring price is $300 to $3000, depending on how does high-quality stones are used. Also, the ring's design complexity makes it costlier, but if your spouse likes the ring style, choose that with EMI or monthly payment.

8. Princess Cut Promise Rings: The Brilliant Choice

A princess cut promise ring features a square shape and cropped corners reflecting brilliant light. So, when you're searching for a stylish and fancy commitment ring for your spouse, a princess cut diamond is a good option ahead of a round or elongated emerald cut.

Your love feelings are presented to your spouse when you pop up the question with a white gold princess cut ring. The symmetrical structure and formation of the princess diamond is in the brilliant cutting style with an adorable sparkle reflection. So, you can opt for this square shaped stone to make your promise ring not so beautiful but ravishing, too.

Olive black colored princess cut lab-grown diamond infinity ring with 18KT white gold and VS clarity stonesIn a princess cut diamond, the square shape represents a love dome where couples can store their feelings and emotions that releases in the form of sparkle reflections. With a princess cut couple ring, you can opt for a halo accent design with colorless stones and white gold that looks similar to the engagement ring.

While looking for a black or olive colored princess diamond promise ring, it's best to opt for an infinity or split shank band ahead of a traditional curving edged band. To select a modern customized band for a princess diamond ring, you can add small-sized accent gemstones that look attractive.

"Princess cut promise rings deliver beautiful and gorgeous looks in the relationship due to their square shape and sharp edges. With a selection of princess cut diamond rings, you add the trust factor to the love relationship. Prefers a white gold or platinum metal for commitment rings."

When selecting a princess diamond as the center stone for your promise ring, make sure you opted a perfect L/W ratio because if the L/W ratio is beyond 1.10, your stone should look slightly elongated, then its natural square cut. While at least 0.99 to 1.03 L/W ratio is the ideal selection for princess cut couple ring.

Furthermore, the princess cut diamond rings always counted as the fancy designs due to their sharp edges and internal facets. You can choose a split shank or bypass pattern band for your princess diamond promise ring for offering a gorgeous wearing experience.

The cost of a princess promise ring depends on the color, clarity, carat, cut, ring style, and gold metal selection. For example, a 1.00 carat weight princess lab diamond ring is available within $1000 in VS clarity, EF color grade, and 14KT gold. While for a 2.00 carat princess diamond promise rings in an infinity band, you have to pay atleast $3000 for VVS clarity and 18KT gold.

9. Vintage Promise Rings: The Prime Time Choice

In vintage style promise rings, the glorious appearance showers light reflections in every moment because it counts as the "Prime Time Choice." Mostly, a vintage ring for women made with an Art Deco style where the filigree pattern is engraved, and the stones are filled there for a unique appearance.

Also, vintage promise rings knowns as the antique promise rings because of their ideal and wonderful looks on the recipient's hands. The brilliant cut and Old European Cut diamonds have been selected for a vintage-inspired ring.

Making your commitment ring modern with a vintage touch, an Old European cut diamond is an elegant choice because it contains a round shape and flower-patterned table surface. In a vintage gold promise rings, an 14kt and 18kt yellow gold is the best selection that carries a wonderful appearance.

Old European cut lab-grown diamond vintage promise ring with white gold

You can prefer colored gemstones or diamonds as accent stones within the 1 CTW range for vintage ring style. In this ring, mostly gemstones used for a traditional touch that increases the overall appearance. As a result, this couple ring determined as a traditional promise ring.

Aside from European cut diamonds selection, there is a choice to pick a green emerald cut gemstone or blue oval or round shaped sapphire stone that looks more captivating. The reason behind the selection of green emerald and blue sapphire gemstones is the endearment and serenity attributes.

"Old European and Mine cut diamonds make a vintage ring design captivating that reflects a better light. Spend around $1000 to $1800 for a women's vintage promise ring, whatsoever diamond or gemstone you opt for. Pick a white gold or yellow gold metal for this ring style. It matches the stone's appearance better than a rose gold or platinum."

A vintage couples ring could cost $1840 with 1.50 carat weighted round European cut lab diamond in VS clarity and 18KT solid gold. You can opt .50 to .90 carat weighted old European diamond if you want a better clarity and diamond symmetry grade within the $1800 price.

10. Oval Promise Rings: The Complete Pre-Engagement Ring

When you pick an oval shaped diamond or gemstone for a promise ring, then you can get a length and two end sided curving edges. Oval promise rings are available in natural colorless to fancy dark colored options where you can opt favorite one with a combination of the ring styles.

Want to offer a complete pre-engagement ring wearing experience, then undoubtedly oval ring is the perfect choice for your search. The border of the oval shaped stone has a thin that perfectly reflects the lights and makes it beautiful for the ring. Make sure you consider an oval shaped diamond's ideal L/W ratio (1.33:1 to 1.50:1).

3.85 CTW oval and round colorless lab-grown diamond yellow gold pave band with VS clarity

Regarding the ring setting in oval diamond, you have options from Halo, Pave band, Three-stone, Bridal set, Semi-mount in heart shape, or maybe the cluster style. Consider selecting a minimal Bow-tie affected oval to experience a natural brilliance.

The metal selection for oval commitent rings for women depends on the stone's color grade. For example, if you choose a blue colored center stone in the ring, then 18KT white gold is a good choice than yellow gold. While you opt for a colorless 2.00 carat oval yellow diamond in VVS clarity and Excellent cut, then you can select an 18KT yellow or rose gold.

"You can indicate an eternal love feeling towards your partner with a selection of oval promise rings. The ring style options are split shank, infinity band, bypass pattern band, cluster, pave engraved, traditional solitaire, or halo. The oval rings represent an overwhelming connection with a love partner. Offers great value to your promise rings by selecting an ideal clarity, carat, color, and cut-graded stone."

In oval lab diamond rings, you can spend around $1500 to get a beautiful piece of commitment in the best clarity, carat, and size. Also, an 18KT gold option is available for you at this cost. Consider the lab-grown diamond certification to understand the stone's 4cs grades, symmetry, and dimensions.

Select an oval diamond ring according to your budget provision and preference. The price for 1 carat oval lab-grown diamond solitaire promise ring starts from $1000 in 18KT gold. If you want an attractive ring style such as vintage, three-stone or halo, you have to pay more than a solitaire ring style.

11. White Gold Promise Rings: A Shining Reflection

The white gold promise rings are a great alternative to platinum and silver. Your ring looks more captivating with a white gold metal because it matches the outer lights. In white gold, 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT purity exist that add more special value to your solitaire or cluster ring style.

In natural colorless diamonds, the white gold metal delivers an elegant and shining reflection, which is better than silver. Also, the gold has better quality material than the silver one. So, you can opt a white gold for any promise ring style.

Round lab-grown diamond white gold ring for women

When selecting white gold promise ring with an emerald or radiant cut diamond, ensure they're free from the yellow tint, typically a fancy color diamond. The light reflection intensity of the radiant diamond is exquisite that combines with the white gold. While for a fancy color square shaped diamond ring, you have to choose another metal besides white gold to avoid a mismatched appearance.

Plain white gold matching bands are mostly selected by couples with a heart shaped or key and lock style ring. These rings cost $90, and you can choose a $700 valued white gold promise band for your spouse with a special romantic engraved message.

"Promise ring in white gold made for adherence and true commitment in a relationship that never broke. Thus, couples select the white gold metal to be double sure about the emotionally attached relationship. The CLARITY of relationship signifies from the white gold metal."

Spend around $1500 to $2000 selecting a white gold promise ring in lab-grown diamonds and offering it to your girlfriend. As mentioned before, the prices of white gold rings depend on the purity grades and how much your ring's band consumes the metal. For example, 10KT white gold halo ring is available at $1500, while an 18KT white gold three-stone ring cost could be reach $1800.

12. Rose Gold Promise Rings: The Romantic Choice

The rose gold rings are made with copper and pure gold alloy. When you want to offer great value for your commitment, rose gold promise rings are a distinctive choice. Because shining pink color of the rose gold refers to love, romance and affection towards a love partner.

In rose gold promise rings, there are some factors or points that you should be considered: gemstones or diamonds selection, ring style, stone shape, quality in stone and the purity from the gold (10KT, 14KT and 18KT). The combination of fancy color and colorless diamonds sprinkle their reflections rays which are ideal to see. Thus with a rose gold metal you can add more value to ring and present it to love partner with a full endearment and confidence.

Round cut lab-grown diamond 18KT rose gold promise band for girlfriend

The ring design options are available, from solitaire to down-to-earth filigree style for revealing a statement with the help of rose gold. The gemstone options are Garnet, Peridot, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, or Amethyst. Consider the quality and shape of the gemstone that offers a beautiful appearance.

"Selecting a rose gold is a sign of romance and love in the relationship, which every couple wants. If you're going to win the love relationship's trust, select rose gold due to their invisible power to fill romance in a love relationship."

For example, 18KT simple promise band price starts from $160. While a 14KT rose gold ring price is $100. But, in a love relationship, you can easily afford a rose gold promise ring between $100 to $1000. If you have a budget of around $1500, you can prefer diamonds ahead of gemstones to offer precious appearance for your girlfriend.

13. Fancy Color Diamond Promise Rings: The Versatile Choice

Fancy color diamond promise rings give a tangible and optimistic appearance on the loving one's hands just because of their light reflections. If your girlfriend prefers fancy color diamonds, prioritize her choice and select it for promise ring. A solitaire ring design is a good choice with colored diamonds because it offers a exquisite appearance. While a vintage or three-stone ring design allows to add personal touch.

Fancy vivid pink colored heart shape lab-grown diamond halo ring in 18KT white gold

In fancy color diamond promise rings you have to choose a 1.00 to 5.00 carat weights that influences the prices. But a 2.00 carat fancy color lab diamond promise ring prices at $2000 to $3000, depending on your selected ring design and metal tone selection.

"In a fancy color diamond promise ring, there is a choice to pick blue, yellow, red, orange, champagne, brown, chocolate, pink, and vivid blue color. To offer a gorgeous wearing experience to a loving one, then pick a color diamond couple ring."

For example, if you select a blue diamond promise ring, white and platinum metal is a perfect choice. While a pink diamond ring signifies romance and love, so pick yellow gold or silver metal. Another option is to choose rose gold for commitment rings. It's your call to choose suitable metal for rings.

On Which Finger Promise Rings Usually Worn?

Promise rings are worn on left hand side fingers in American and European countries. While in Asian countries, couples wear it on the right hand. Couples are following their traditions and beliefs by wearing these rings on hands. 

In America and Europe, couples wear the promise ring on the left hand's side or middle finger because ancient belief represents that wearing a ring on the left hand shows a vein of love. Wearing a couple ring on the left hand's fourth finger, it connects directly to the heart that helping in the blood circulation. As a result, to gain more support from a love partner with healthy life, couples insist on wearing promise rings on the left hand.

While in the Asian region, especially in India, couples wear the commitment rings on the right hands to ensure their loyalty and faith in the relationship. In India's ancient culture, the right hand refers to auspiciousness and purity (sacred). Also, Indian couples followed their traditions to wear a gemstone and diamond promise rings on their right hand's finger that sign of the good fortune and blessing.

When Give Promise Rings?

When you surpasses a certain duration of times in a relationship then you can reveal your emotions towards your spouse with a promise ring. Between 3 to 6 months is the best moment to offer a commitment ring at candlelight dinner where all the vibes are romantic, and nobody is there to disturb you. At candlelight dinner, you can deliver a special love message and emotions to girlfriend, which showcases your attachment with her.

Therefore, a promise ring, known as a pre-engagement or couple ring, shows couples need time to spend a certain period before they get engaged. Also, in a love relationship, a perfect love partner is essential that can change life, so a promise ring will help in that task. That's why couples exchange a gemstone and diamond ring in gold matching bands. Giving promise matching bands provides assurity to couples to love relationships that can be helpful to keep faith in each other.

You can express how passionately you love your spouse and want to reveal a promise for a wedding and soulful connection. There's no mandatory rule to propose a promise ring at candlelight dinner; you can give it on the long drive or sand beach near the ocean where the vibes in your favor then tell endearment feelings.

How To Give Promise Rings To Your Spouse?

The best way to ask directly to your spouse with offering a promise ring at seating on the knee, "Is she ready to give support, warmth, love, and honesty in your relationship?" Also, you can pop up this question with a beautiful gemstone or colored diamond ring to her as a surprise proposal on her birthday, too.

The "Beach Proposal" is a ideal choice to offer a promise ring to your spouse where all the cold vibes cool the mind, so you can tell your emotions and affection towards her with more passionately.

What Should Promise Ring Look Like?

A promise ring could be considered a pre-engagement ring because it signifies commitment, love, dedication, and loyalty. Giving a promise ring to your spouse with real feelings will help your relationship maintain its faith and stability. Also, when one love partner from a couple, especially a woman is not ready to decide to get engaged or married, a couples ring assures her.

A diamond promise ring shows a reflection of emotions and caring nature that drives more endearment and romance for couples. Another side, a matching gold bands defines equality and freedom between two individuals. There's no principle to give a commitment ring as a task, but it counts as an emotional attachment towards the love partner.


Selecting a promise ring for a love partner has always been an ideal moment to reveal feelings and emotions confidently. The best time to offer a it is a candlelight dinner or on the beach proposal to ask her support. Also, you can do this for him for offering his birthstone's promise ring in gold.

Every couple has their own definition for a promise ring. But it is commonly defined as the commitment and fidelity reactor that maintains a love relationship's trust. As a result, couples start their love journey by exchanging a commitment ring.

This ring is mostly worn on the left hand side finger that represents a vein of love connected with the heart. Wearing a promise ring on the left hand's side of the finger allows blood circulation in an ideal way and reduces the risk of diseases.

When selecting a promise ring, consider its quality, whatever design you choose, in diamonds or gemstones. But, with the ideal quality selection in rings, reveal the attachment with your love partner.

Allocating a prominent amount for purchasing a promise ring gives a stress free buying experience. It usually available from $90 to $1000 depends on you how much you're ready to getting a beautiful promise ring for your love.

If your love partner likes a particular ring design but it's out of your budget provision, then you can choose an option of the monthly payment at your convenience. You don't want to let her know you're refusing to purchase her favorite ring designs due to lack of money, right?

Thus, you can opt a EMI option for purchasing a promise ring for your girlfriend without telling her because it might be hurts her sentiments and feelings at any cost.

Want to buy a promise rings in customization in natural gemstones or lab-grown diamonds within your budget, then contact us.

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