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About Us

We design this page to let our users and customers know all about our journey and working process. Feel free to your queries with us.

Who We Are ?

Ouros Jewels Founded in 2019 by a family of jewellers, we’ve been making it simpler to purchase high quality, handcrafted jewellery and Lab Grown Diamonds ever since. Our pieces are one-of-a-kind and made to order in India by expert and skillful artisans.

We know diamonds. You know you. We want to share our extensive knowledge of Lab Grown Diamond jewellery with you. So you can find the right engagement ring, wedding band, or whatever piece that you’re looking for. It's dignified moment for ourselves to serve you better Love symbolism Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery.

Every time

Best Quality, Classy Appearance & Less Value

Ouros jewels know what an important decision buying a Loose diamond, And lab-grown diamond jewelry is. We know you are looking for the best quality, classy appearance & spent that amount which fits your budget. We proudly say that our craftsmanship is specialized in custom rings and jewelry of all shapes and sizes. We provide Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry that beats the current market price.

100% Conflict Free

100% Conflict Free

Ouros Jewels is on a mission to change the way to experience the diamonds appearance and benefits. For years, the dark secrets of the diamond industry have been hidden behind the sparkle and glamour of these gorgeous gemstones. With an environmentally conscious approach, we can say that 100% of our diamonds are 100% conflict free to giving our customers peace of mind.

100% Real

100% Real

There are a lot of misconceptions about lab grown diamonds. The #1 question we’re faced is, "Are lab grown diamonds real?" The answer is 100% yes! The singular difference between lab created diamonds and mined diamonds is their origin. Lab Grown Diamond has same characteristics as Natural Diamonds so it can prove its reality to the world. Lab Grown Diamonds not demands to land mining so it can not indicates that Lab Diamonds are not real, it's real. GIA also certified that Lab Diamonds are part of real diamonds.

100% Best Quality

100% Best Quality

We provide 100% Best Quality Of lab grown diamonds and jewelry. Our experienced team of craftsmen gives their best knowledge to your lab diamond jewelry. As a result, you would get precious and tremendous pieces of love symbolism. We assure you that our crafted Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry will deliver smiles to your and your love faces. So, never keep doubt on Ouros Jewels craftsmanship.