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Marquise And Round Diamond Luxury Bracelet

Original price R$ 71.717,00 - Original price R$ 127.879,00
Original price
R$ 71.717,00
R$ 71.717,00 - R$ 127.879,00
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Metal Tone
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āœ¤šƒš¢ššš¦šØš§š šƒšžš­ššš¢š„š¬
ā†¦ Color: EF
ā†¦ Clarity: VVS/VS
ā†¦ Shape: Round | 6.00 MM | 0.80 CT Each (Ā±0.02 CT)
ā†¦ Shape: Marquise | 5.50*2.75 MM | 0.15 CT Each (Ā±0.02 Ct)
ā†¦ Pieces: Difference as per length
ā†¦ Making Process: Handmade - Crafted by our experienced team
ā†¦ Type: Lab-Grown Diamond
ā†¦ The listed bracelet is made with the particular preference of the Client, so the diamond weight and dimension will be changed a bit (depends on availability). For know more please contact us immediately.

āœ¤šš«šššœšžš„šžš­ šƒšžš­ššš¢š„š¬
ā†¦ Metal Purity: Solid Gold (10KT, 14KT, 18KT)
ā†¦ Metal Tone: Yellow, White, Rose
ā†¦ Stamp/Hallmark: Yes
ā†¦ Jewelry Certificate: Free of Cost with Listed Design
ā†¦ SKU No: 9051


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