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Stylish and Antique Unicorn Diamond: It's Meaning, Benefits and 4cs

[Unicorn cut antique lab diamond]-[ouros jewels]

Every time the antique things are counted as vintage substances or elements because they have that type of appearance. Diamonds are elements used in the jewelry industry to experience luxury and maintain a lifestyles.

Diamonds have many types of shapes, but out of the antique cut diamonds are more prominently cut and polished with the proper dimensions and proportions. In antique cut lab grown diamonds, the “Unicorn Cut Diamond” is the most precious cut with curving anatomy facets.

Every diamond carries characteristics known as the 4cs of diamonds, symmetry, fluorescence, and polish. The Unicorn Cut Diamond’s lights reflective ability is identifiable from these features. Selecting antique cut diamonds, it represents the connection between the diamonds and passion.

Let’s see what Unicorn means and why it’s important.

Unicorn Meaning In Life.

Unicorn is a flying creature that lives beyond clouds in heaven, and it’s a sign of various characteristics that human beings are trying to get. Unicorn is a sign of joy, freedom, purity, health, magic, and happiness in life. In addition, Unicorn has one horn on their heads, making them appear more appreciative.

In a business perspective, many peoples understand Unicorn as the wealth and fame carriers in their fields.

Have you ever see the Unicorn cut diamond? Mostly, says they saw Unicorn cut pendant in gold. But, the Unicorn cut in lab grown diamond are new for them. No, then we bring it for you. We created the Unicorn cut antique diamond, curving edges from corner to corner with exact placements.

Unicorn Cut Diamonds 4cs

[4cs diamonds for Unicorn antique cut]-[ouros jewels]

The Unicorn cut diamonds are made with lab grown diamonds attributes, so they are called antique cut lab diamonds. Understand that a lab grown diamond and Natural diamonds have the same 4cs as color, clarity, carat, and cut.

A 4cs of diamonds used as the key factor or rule for inspecting the diamond's characteristics, lights reflections and the price. It complies on antique cut diamonds and all types of diamonds.

In this Unicorn cut diamond, the 4cs are mentioned below.

Color = EF (Highly Recommended)

Clarity = VS (Recommended)

Carat = 1.00 Carat (Recommended)

Cut = Excellent (Highly Recommended)

Having the better 4cs in this Unicorn Cut Antique Diamond makes the lights' reflections more excellent. In addition, in this Unicorn antique cut diamond, the combination of parallel and straight facets creates a dazzling appearance. Thus, it can be a more acceptable choice for the pendant with gold plating.

This Unicorn diamond tick point is sharp, where all the facets are matched for the precious light's reflections in return. In addition, this antique cut diamond has its own lights resonations abilities, making it more attractive and appreciative.

Symmetry, Fluorescence, and Polish Grades.

[Symmetry, Fluorescence, and Polish in the Unicorn cut diamond]-[ouros jewels]

A diamond symmetry represents how accurately the facets placements have been done on the anatomy. Here the Unicorn antique cut diamond has Very Good symmetry that is the ideal choice as an alternative for Excellent symmetry.

This Unicorn diamond has none fluorescence grade, which is a highly recommended factor for selecting diamonds for jewelry. Diamond fluorescence is the blue color light that reflects only ultraviolet rays.

The polish grade tells how exquisitely the diamond shape is created. Diamond polish has five types excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. This Unicorn diamond polish is in the Very Good polish, making it acceptable in jewelry selection.

Why Preferring This Unicorn Antique Cut Lab Grown Diamond?

To prefer this unicorn antique cut lab grown diamond, there are some reasons to consider. This Unicorn diamond is made with the experts' skills and craftsmanship that gives an excellent appearance in the form of lights resonations.

  • 120° Angled Banding Surfaces.

This Unicorn cut diamond has 120° angle banding surfaces that correctly handles and controls the light's resonations. Other diamonds shapes have 15-90° degree curves in their surfaces, but this Unique Unicorn cut diamond stands out from those common useable diamonds.

  • Combinations Of Brilliant and Antique Cut.

In this Unicorn cut diamond, a combination of brilliant and antique cut placements makes it more gorgeous in any kinds of jewelry. Brilliant cut diamonds have facets at the deserving places for the honest lights reflections. While antique cut diamonds have faceting curves and surfaces that make them unique from others.

This Unicorn diamond carries the best amounts of lights reflections with brilliant and antique cuts, making it more appealing and acceptable for pendants and earrings jewelry.

  • Certification For Antique Cut Diamond

Diamond certification defines all the characteristics effortlessly so buyers can make a purchasing decision and understand the complex measurement.

Ouros Jewels certify antique cut diamonds and antique cut engagement ring to know the 4cs of diamonds, dimensions, symmetry, fluorescence, and polish. You can demand the antique cut diamonds certification, and we’re able to provide you.

Understand that lab grown diamonds are certified by following the same benchmarks as the Natural diamonds. So, don’t keep store doubt coherence to lab grown diamond certification.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t need a Visa to visit the antique cut lab grown diamonds. Just click on the below link for better visualization.

  • True Example Of Skilled Craftsmanship and Experience.

[Skillful and expert craftsmanship in Unicorn cut diamond]-[ouros jewels]

For making this type of antique cut diamonds in Unicorn Horse Shape then, it demands skilled and experienced craftsmanship that we have. Unicorn shaped diamonds are far tough to make in lab grown diamonds because it takes time for perfect degree angle cut.

If a little mistake occurs in assuming the dimensions for cutting and polishing, then it makes them worthless. However, because all sizes depend on their anatomy and measurements, so there isn’t any mistake is affordable.

Ouros Jewels have +10-20 years experienced hands to making this type of Antique cut diamonds. We have certified antique cut diamonds that keep the trust in the purchase. Thus, you can take a tour of our specialized antique cut diamonds, which are available in our inventory.

Antique Cut Diamonds


A Unicorn cut antique diamonds gives the luxurious experience of wearing it in the pendant and earrings as an anniversary present. The antique cut diamonds are suitable those enthusiastic buyers who always kept themselves in the vintage era. This Unicorn diamond successfully satisfies their expectations for giving the finest appearance on the jewelry.

Are you willing to include in those enthusiastic persons list? Then grab this Unicorn Horse Shape Diamond and see how they can be helpful to you.


Q1. What is the Unicorn Cut Diamond?

    Ans. A Unicorn Cut Diamond is an unique antique cut highlighted by its bending facets. This cut enhances the diamond's ability to beautifully reflect light, making it an excellent choice for unique jewelry.

    Q2. Where Can I Buy a Unicorn-Cut Diamond?

      Ans. Unicorn Cut Diamonds can be purchased at Ouros Jewels, which is popular for its beautiful lab-grown antique diamonds. Each diamond comes with a certificate of purity and quality. Ouros Jewels offers expert advice and excellent customer service, ensuring a great buying experience for unique and beautiful antique diamonds.

      Q3. Why Select a Unicorn Cut Diamond?

        Ans.Choosing a Unicorn Cut Diamond is perfect for people seeking jewelry with unique beauty and amazing brightness. This cut combines the attraction of classic designs with new cutting methods.

        Q4. Can Unicorn Cut Diamonds Be Set In Any Jewelry?

          Ans. Yes, these diamonds are suited and may be beautifully set in a number of jewelry pieces, including pendants and earrings. Their unique cut makes them particularly helpful in attention-grabbing pieces.

          Q5. How does the Unicorn Cut compare to Other Antique Cuts?

            Ans. The Unicorn Cut is unique among antique cuts because of its amazing reflection of light. This is achieved by a unique blend of antique and brilliant cut processes, giving in a shinier look than traditional antique cuts.

            Q6. Is the Unicorn Cut Diamond More Expensive?

              Ans.Unicorn Cut Diamonds can price more than other cuts due to the particular cutting process and creativity required. However, they provide unique beauty and quality that may be worth the extra cost.

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