Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

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Identical to Mined Diamonds

Optically, Physically & Anatomically Identical to mined Diamonds. The main difference being the way they are created!

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Sustainable, Ethical, Conflict Free

The Responsible Choice when Choosing a Diamond, Free From Mining, 100% Guaranteed Conflict Free & a Lower Impact on the environment.

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Value for Money

A more affordable option than mined diamonds, allows you to choose a larger, higher quality diamond for your budget.

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New Arrivals : Fancy Color Lab Grown Diamonds

Weather it's a classic white diamond or unique colored lab-grown diamonds to help you mark a new kind of milestone, ouros jewels creates your diamonds, to meet your need. we help you while choosing the optimal combination of color and clarity specifically for the cut your prefer while getting the highest quality diamonds in your budget.

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Add sparkle to your everyday with our hoops, huggies, drop earrings & studs.


Bangles & Bracelets

Classic Diamond Jewelry, the much loved tennis bracelet is a true icon of a classic piece of Diamond Jewelry.


Eternity Bands

The wedding bands represent the special bond share in a relationship and are a beautiful reminder of your commitment.


Men's Jewelry

Our selection of men's Diamond wedding band is simple yet sophisticated discover a selection of men's wedding Jewelry.


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