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Why Choose Us

  • Uniquely Crafted Diamond & Jewelry

    1. Uniquely Crafted Diamond & Jewelry

    We proudly say that we do not believe in making the same traditional shape of lab grown diamonds. Thatโ€™s why we provides rare and unique lab grown diamonds. We believe in giving a better smile to our friends/customers. In our inventory, you can find some exceptional or dream-liked diamond shapes such as butterfly cut, LORD BUDDHA CUT, and Pineapple Cut Diamonds.

    Ouros Jewels crafted the finest jewelry to celebrate moments of love because we understand that diamond jewelry is not a thing, but itโ€™s a symbol of heart feelings so we never compromise to give you gorgeous crafted jewelry. Thatโ€™s
    why you can find some exquisite diamond jewelry in our inventory.

  • Independent Lab Certification

    2. Independent Lab Certification

    Ouros Jewels believe in trustworthiness, so all lab grown diamonds and lab grown diamond jewelry will be certified by an authoritative certification institution. Certification will give you such a best and most accurate information about diamonds and jewelry. Ouros Jewels has collaborate with International certification institutions like IGI, GIA, SGL, and EGL.

    Certification is used in many ways like understanding the diamond anatomies, jewelry metal information, 4cโ€™s of diamonds, and its making process. In addition, the most important factor is that when you want to exchange your diamond or jewelry then certification will help to sell your diamond or jewelry.

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Craftsmanship

    3. Highly Qualified and Experienced Craftsmanship

    Ouros Jewelโ€™s diamond jewelry now provide smile and happiness to 15000+ customers worldwide due to highly qualified and experienced craftsmanship. Our Craftsmanship is elegant and tremendous because we provide a love signature moment to customers, so we canโ€™t afford any tiny mistakes and errors from our side. Unfortunately, nothing has been decided before but you can't took weight on your shoulders regarding the jewelry that you buy from Ouros Jewels.

    If we find something wrong from our side, donโ€™t put weight to your shoulder, we can turn a mistake into an opportunity. Contact for more info. Your dream jewelry is crafted from secure and experienced craftsmanship.

  • Exciting Price Tag

    4. Exciting Price Tag

    Ouros Jewels give assurance that you canโ€™t find our matched price anywhere in the world because we do not believe to demand more capital from you. Yes, we proudly said that we give the best and most affordable price than market rates for our jewelry and loose diamonds.

    But we never compromise on our quality and service. You can
    do freely analyze our price and otherโ€™s jewelry price you can find the difference with clarity. So, why youโ€™re waiting to place an order? Hurry up, something special gifts are waiting for you. Our price is budget friendly and affordable, and everyone can purchase with their 10-20% of earning.



Our Mission is to make stunning diamond jewelry the symbol of true love forever. We like simple and clean lines in jewelry and insist that my products are of the highest quality possible. Our main goal is to provide the client satisfaction and creativity at lowest and nominal rates. Our Designer team designs the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects your personality. Our Commitment to our customers is their satisfaction!



We Support clients by providing them with a dedicated service
infrastructure. We build long term, collaborative relationship with our clients, suppliers and business teams. We respect their values; forming open, trusting and rewarding relationships based on truth and fairness. Contribute to a more Sustainable planet with us.