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What Is Diamond Symmetry - The Detailed Guide

Diamond symmetry from different angle views

Diamond symmetry is present in the facetingย lines that appears on the anatomy. The triangle and curving shaped faceting patterns called as a diamond symmetry and from that the light reflection controlled.

When you see the pavilion faceting styles there are arrows shapes facets exists, then it is called diamond symmetry. It is very important to the diamond's reflection sparkling lights. Customers andย jewelers select excellent and veryย good-grade symmetry in engagement rings and wedding necklaces.

Let's see the meaning of the diamond symmetry, difference between cut and symmetry, importance of symmetry in diamonds, and it's types.

What Is Diamond Symmetry?

A diamond symmetry representing the faceting patterns that is in the triangle, star, or bezel sets depends on the diamond shapes. In the diamonds, the faceting lines appears in long and wide surfaces that called as the symmetry, Thus, the light reflection is decided from the diamond symmetry.

Diamond symmetry has the ability to reflectย light through the facets, but the proportionsย depend on it. When diamond symmetry has an excellent grade, then it clearly symbols that the diamond is ready to buy.

Diamond Cut Grade and Symmetry Difference

The differential fact of diamond cut and symmetry grade is the making and crafting style. Diamond cut grade is decided by girdle faceting placements and pavilion depths. While symmetry grade is based on the overall diamond faceting pattern and lines, how correctly they placed.

In a comparison of diamond cut and symmetry, symmetry is more important than cut because the light reflection depends on the that.

Importance Of The Diamond Symmetry Existence

A sparkle reflection decides and allocates required spaces to the various anatomy as a table, pavilion, or crown. Diamond symmetry is the decider of the sparkle reflections and appearance. In diamonds, the faceting lines are called symmetry, and from that, the lookout and scintillation abilities are identified.

Let's look at why symmetry in a diamond is most important factor for lights reflections.

It's Decides The Sparkle Reflections Ways

A symmetry of diamonds decides the sparkle reactions that exit from the anatomies. For having the lines and faceting on surfaces that drive the lights and brightness in its flow that looks better in the jewelry as rings, necklaces, or bangles.

Thus, a diamond should have a symmetry grade to gain better brightness in the jewelry. Without symmetry, a diamond looks simple and ugly that can't be able to release a glowing light.

From Diamond Symmetry a Required Spaces Allocates To Anatomy

Diamond symmetry allocates the required spaces to different surfaces, such as tables, crowns, girdles, and other pavilions. If a diamond doesn't have symmetry or faceting lines, then it might not be beneficial to buy.

From the symmetry, the diamond anatomy neither gets more spaces nor length, which distracts the beautiful appearance of the luminous.

A diamond symmetry will properly dedicates the space to anatomy that increase the shiny looks of the stones. That's why a diamond symmetry is the most important fact.

After showing the reasons let's see the diamond symmetry grades and types which in the five types.

What Are Diamond Symmetry Grades?

    Diamond symmetry has five types which decides from the accurate placements of facets in the anatomy. If the diamond anatomy has exact facet placement on anatomy, it counts as the Excellent to Good symmetry grade. While the facets aren't in the deserved places, then it's counted as Fair to Poor symmetry grade.

    Moreover, refer to the below for knowing the diamond symmetry grades, which contains Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor grades.

    Symmetry Grades

    Containing Mark

    1. Excellent Symmetry

    All anatomies facets are placed with exact proportions and matches together very precisely.

    2. Very good Symmetry

    Some pavilion facets are not mismatched and doesn't have a proper flaw of the lines with proportions.

    3. Good Symmetry

    Diamond pavilion facets are more curved and mismatched to the table and girdle anatomy.

    4. Fair Symmetry

    In fair symmetry grade diamond pavilion facets are not matched with the each other and having different appearance.

    5. Poor Symmetry

    All pavilion facets are not placed with their ideal proportions. That's why poorย symmetry grade diamonds are ignored by mostย of the customers.

    The types of symmetry in a diamonds examples are described as below for the better understanding.

    Excellent Symmetry Graded Diamonds

    Excellent symmetry grade diamonds

    In the excellent symmetry grade diamonds it reflects 4X brilliant lightsย due to pavilion and all anatomies facetsย matchingย each other. At the same time, triangle andย 90ยฐ degree facets are also placed at the deserving place and with the most elite craftsmanship.

    The example easily find of the excellent symmetry grade in round brilliant cut diamonds for having ideal pavilion length and girdle anatomy. Mostly, all diamond shapes have excellent symmetry grade.

    For engagement rings and all kinds of jewelry, excellent symmetry graded diamonds should be selected to gets brilliance lights resonations, without any doubts. Thus, pick excellent symmetry diamonds in rings.

    Very Good Symmetry Grade Diamonds

    Very good symmetry diamonds

    When a diamond anatomies faceting placements aren't at the required placed in minor numbers then it scales a very good symmetry grade diamonds. In other words, a facets aren't matched with each others which is found in the excellent symmetry. Then it scales on the very good symmetry grade diamond.

    In very good symmetry grade diamonds the facets of the crown and girdles are goes in the little differentย directions than pavilion faceting patterns. Thus, this is the indications to know a very good symmetry diamond.

    The very good symmetry grade diamond is acceptable for the pendants and necklace selection because it balances the lights reflections in the returns.

    Good Symmetry Grade Diamond

    Good symmetry grade diamond

    When a pavilion and girdle faceting not matched with the angles and corners to provide a brilliant looks then it called as the good symmetry grade. In this symmetry the diamond's facets are going to opposite directions and not match each other as excellent symmetry facets.

    Another way to identify a very good symmetry is their appearance and its faceting placements. In this grade of symmetry diamond the facets are more curved and banded. This is the identical mark for knowing it's a good symmetry grade diamonds.

    In good symmetry diamonds on the table surface, star and bezel facets are placed infrequently and goes to opposite direction from each ones.ย As a result, the diamond sparkles with less shining lights (with less scintillation). So, the good symmetry diamond is the best choice for a Halo engagement rings.

    Fair Symmetry Grade Diamonds

    Fair symmetry grade diamond

    Fair symmetry grade diamonds have less straight amount of pavilion facets. As a result, the sparkleย reflection is distributes to different place which makes it not preferable especially for the wedding rings.

    Inย thisย symmetry grade diamonds, the pavilion facets are not matchedย in one place, and there's lack of consistent straight faceting placements.

    Poor Symmetry Grade Diamonds

    Poor symmetry grade diamonds in round cut

    When a diamond girdle has different faceting patterns and the pavilion anatomies facets are in the opposite direction that not matches, its a poor symmetry diamonds.ย A poor diamond symmetry represents that a facets are not matched from one angle and don't able to give a better reflections.

    In the poor symmetry grade diamonds the reflection of lightย does not lookย beautiful, but it's dull and untransparent.

    In poor symmetry of the diamond, light is reflected from its endpoint(Diamond Culet). It's not reflecting upward. Also, in poor grade symmetry sometimes, light is invisible from the culet side.

    In addition, the most important thing is that onย the table surface of the diamond, the facets are placed anywhere. Here, problems occurย with reflecting such a brilliant sparkling light. That's why not do a mistake for selecting a fair symmetry diamond.

    Final call

    The meaning of diamond symmetry and its type defines buyers what to see when selecting a diamond jewelry. Because a diamond symmetry plays a vital role in the appearance of the jewelry. Most buyers prefers to select a Excellent to Very Good symmetry grade diamond for the jewelry.

    If youโ€™re purchasing a loose diamond or diamond jewelry, ask the seller for certification of diamonds with authenticating institutes like GIA, IGI, EGL, andย SGL. From the certification of diamond buyers can exactly knows the what the symmetry grade of diamond is.

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