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What Is Halo Engagement Ring?

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The halo engagement rings are where classic charm meets contemporary beauty. A halo engagement ring features a central lab-grown diamond protected by a sparkling circle of lower diamonds or valuable jewels. Taking guidance from the stylish 1920s and 1930s, this exciting design looks to highlight the brilliance of the main stone, creating a visually appealing illusion of larger size and sparkling shine. Join us on a journey to find out the amazing details and significant stories related to halo engagement rings buying guide, each of which tells a unique story of style and enduring love.

History Of Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings have been popular for centuries, and their design dates back to the Georgian era. These rings became quite popular in the 1920s and 1930s because of their eye-catching look. They have a big diamond in the center and smaller stones around it, which gives off a lot of sparkle. Halo rings are a popular choice for engagements because they combine classic style with modern flair. They are known for making the main lab grown diamond appear larger and adding a touch of luxury without spending a lot of money.

Why Choose A Halo Engagement Ring?

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1. More Sparkle: The small diamonds circling the main stone make the ring look brighter.
2. Looks Bigger: The halo makes the central diamond look larger than it is.
3. Saves Money: You get a luxurious look for less money with a larger central diamond.
4. Versatile Style: Halo rings suit any look, from classic to modern.
5. Extra Protection: The halo protects the main stone from bumps and scratches.
6. Personal Touch: You may customize the ring to make it unique to you.

Types of Halo Ring Settings

Setting Description
Hidden Halo For a subtle effect, the halo is tucked behind the central stone and only visible from the side.
Double Halo Two concentric circles of jewels surround the central diamond for added dazzle.
Triple Halo This setting features three layers of gemstones for a dramatic and luxurious look.
Gemstone Halo Instead of diamonds, colored gemstones form the halo, providing a bright contrast to the main stone.
Floral Halo The jewels are set in a floral-inspired structure, offering a charming and beautiful touch.
Pear Halo This halo is designed to complement a pear-shaped center stone by following its pear shape.
Octagon Halo An eight-sided halo with a geometric flair, perfect for those wanting an art deco look.
Hexagonal Halo A six-sided halo adds a vintage feel as well as unique angles to the ring's overall design.

What Is The Best Metal For A Halo Ring?

Choosing the perfect metal for a halo engagement ring is crucial as it affects how the diamonds look and how the band looks overall. There are other options besides white gold and platinum, which are highly sought after due to their ability to highlight the shine of diamonds while providing a modern and stylish look. These metals help the center stone and its halo stand out beautifully by providing a stunning backdrop for the diamonds.

However, rose gold and yellow gold each add a special charm to a halo ring setting. Halo rings look great with any metal, including popular options like white gold and platinum, which make the diamonds shine. However, choosing yellow or rose gold can bring a unique warmth to the ring's look. It all depends on what you like and the style you want.

How Much Do Halo Engagement Ring Cost?

Halo engagement rings range widely in price, from $500 to over $5000. The type of metal you select, the ring's style, and the quantity of diamonds used all affect how much it costs. There is a halo ring that suits any budget because of the large selection. There is a ring that suits both your style and budget, whether you're looking for something basic or more luxurious. Because halo engagement rings combine affordability with the beauty and luxury that represent love and commitment, they become a favorite choice for many.

Best Diamond Shape For Halo Engagement Ring?

1. Oval Cut Halo Engagement Ring: 

Oval cut halo engagement rings combine timeless elegance with modern class. These rings enhance the sense of size and brilliance with their focal oval diamond around by a sparkling halo. An oval halo ring is ideal for memorable proposals since it represents deep love and commitment, making each moment truly special.

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2. Pear Cut Halo Engagement Ring: 

Pear cut halo engagement rings blend timeless beauty with modern elegance. Surrounded by a circle of small diamonds, the main pear-shaped stone looks bigger and more stunning. This design shines brightly, adding elegance and sparkle perfect for celebrating enduring love. Pear cut halo rings are an excellent choice for those looking to make a lasting impression with a beautiful and timeless piece.

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3. Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring: 

A princess cut halo engagement ring is a symbol of love and special moments shared. Its unique sparkle reflects deep feelings and trust. Choosing this ring style celebrates your journey together, making it more than just jewelry but a symbol of your shared love story.

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4. Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring:

Round cut halo engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of endless love. Its circle shape stands for a love that lasts forever. The halo of diamonds around the main stone makes it shine brighter, just like your love. This timeless style is perfect for anyone who loves classic beauty and wants their ring to show how deep their love goes.

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5. Marquise Cut Halo Engagement Ring:

Marquise diamond halo engagement rings are perfect for a memorable proposal, showing a unique marquise diamond encircled by a circle of sparkling stones. These rings stand out, adding a touch of luxury and making any engagement moment special. Adding a personal message or choosing a band with special meaning turns the ring into a symbol of your love and dedication.

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6. Heart Cut Lab Engagement Ring:

Heart cut halo engagement rings are the perfect choice for a romantic and unique symbol of love. These rings have a heart-shaped diamond surrounded by small, sparkling stones that make the whole ring shine more. They're great for anyone who wants a mix of classic beauty and a personal touch. You can make them your own by choosing from different metals like white gold or platinum, or even adding colorful gems for a splash of color.

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2024 Best Diamond Setting For Halo Engagement Ring

An engagement ring with two rings of small diamonds circling the main stone is called a double halo, and it offers double the brilliance. The main diamond looks larger and shines brighter because of its design.

  • Double Halo Engagement Ring

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  1. More Sparkle: Double halo engagement rings have two rings of diamonds around the main stone, making them extra shiny and noticeable.
  2. Looks Bigger: The two halos make the central diamond look bigger than it really is, giving you a stunning ring without the high cost of a large diamond.
  3. Standout Design: A double halo ring is unique and stands out, offering something different from the usual single halo or plain rings.
  4. Custom Choices: With double halo rings, you can mix and match metals, diamond shapes, and colors to create a ring that’s truly yours.
  5. Great Value: These rings look luxurious and are priced well, giving you a fancy look for less.

When selecting a halo engagement ring, the choice of diamond shape is key. Because of their unique, timeless design, antique shapes diamond are often preferred. Cushion cut, emerald, pear, or oval double halo settings are beautiful choices for halo settings in 2024. In the end, your choice of shape should be according to your style.


Halo engagement rings are a beautiful blend of modern and vintage design. They became popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and have been around since the Georgian era. Making a strong impact with a ring that looks more expensive than it is is the main goal of these rings. You can pick from white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold to match your style.

You can choose a ring that is just as unique as your own love story with multiple settings like hidden or double halos. Halo rings are a classic option that will last as long as you love them because they suit any form of diamond. Choosing a halo engagement ring is more than just buying a ring—it's about owning a slice of history and an antique that will be part of your family's story for a long time. Not only will the perfect halo ring win you over, but it will also be a brilliant memory of your journey together.

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