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  • Who Was Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor took the birth on February 27, 1932, in London, UK. She always liked to increase her versatile acting skills. Elizabeth Taylor has done many charities to save the diseased people. She has run her business in the United States to raise funds for underprivileged people.

Elizabeth Taylor founded her AIDS Foundation in 1991 to save the lives of people who were suffering from AIDS severity and didn't afford any medical help. For her dedication to humanitarianism, Elizabeth Taylor gets Presidential Award From Bill Clinton.

Liz Taylor was very kind and helpful to those who couldn't afford medicines for common cold, fever, and pain. She has a short but grand film career from 1950-the 1960s. Elizabeth Taylor had many optimum-looking Diamond Rings from her husband. Liz Taylor liked to wear a gorgeous-looking ring which reflects the love symbolism.


  • Introduction Of Elizabeth Taylor Ring:-

This article looks at the collections of Elizabeth Taylor, an American and British Actress. Elizabeth Taylor was the highest-paid actress in the mid-1950s. She married seven times and gave birth to 4 children. Elizabeth Taylor is known for her sensational acting skills and her beauty. Also, she is known for her exquisite jewelry collections.

While talking about her collection of all time, it has Engagement Rings, Tiara, and Earrings. But, out of this, her Engagement Ring collection looks stunning and appealing.

So, don’t take more time. We first show Elizabeth Taylor's early life and career, then arrive at her ring collection.

  • Early And Marriage Life Of Elizabeth Taylor:-

Elizabeth Taylor was birth on 27 February 1932 at Heathwood, London. She began her career in the late 1940s as a child actor. In 1939, Elizabeth Taylor moved to the United States with her family. Then she started her career as Actress. She gave many blockbuster films from the 1950 to-1960s. But, after the 1960s, her career train was derailed due to many illusions of affairs.

She was very talented and serious about her work. She was always trying to do better performances in the films. In addition, Elizabeth Taylor was honored with the Presidential Award from the United States President Bill Clinton in 2001. She also received many awards and achievements in her short actress career.

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When she was 18th, she married Conard Hilton Junior in 1950, and they divorced in 1951. Then She married Michael Wilding, a film producer, in 1952. They filed for divorce in the 5th year of their wedding life. After the 6th marriage ended, Elizabeth Taylor married his 7th husband, Larry Forentsky, in 1991, and they breached their marriage life in 1996.

Here we put Elizabeth Taylor's Engagement Ring Collection, which her husband gifted. So, let’s start to show her vintage and precious collection of engagement rings of all time.

1. Conard Hilton Jr.'s Platinum Ring To Elizabeth Taylor:-

At the 18th age, Elizabeth Taylor was engaged to Conard Hilton Jr. in 1951. He proposed to her with a 4-carat diamond platinum ring. This platinum ring has a very exquisite appearance. We know that Elizabeth Taylor has the finest taste in the Engagement ring. That’s why her first Engagement met ring cost was $10,000.

[1st Ring Of Elizabeth Taylor Form Conard Hilton]-[Ouros Jewels]

2. Micheal Wilding's Engagement Ring To Liz Taylor:-

In 1952 a year after her first marriage, Elizabeth Taylor was engaged to Michael Wilding(English Actor). Michael Wilding gave her Sapphire Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring, which has a Marvelous brilliant appearance. This Sapphire has a considerable size from its making. Michael was very connected to Elizabeth Taylor. That's why he gave this extravagant ring to show his Love Symbolism.

3. Elizabeth Taylor Get Engagement Ring From Mike Todd:-

When Elizabeth married Michael Wilding, she had an extramarital affair with film producer Mike Todd. Mike Todd gifted Taylor to Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. Then she divorced her 2nd husband, Michael Wilding, in 1957. After her divorce, she married Mike Todd in 1957. She was blessed with the Brilliant Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. She called this Emerald Cut Diamond Ring “Ice Skating Rink.”

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In 1958, Mike Todd was killed in a plane accident, and she continued to wear this Emerald Cut Diamond ring after the death of her husband.

4. Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton's Engagement Ring:-

Elizabeth Taylor was twice married to Richard Burton, a British actor, in 1964 and 1975, respectively, after their divorce. British Actor Richard gave Krupp Cut Diamond Engagement Ring to Elizabeth Taylor.

This Krupp Cut Diamond has a History that Krupp's name referred to an estate of Alfried Krupp’s second wife, Vera Krupp. On May 17, 1968, Richard Burton bought this Brilliant Krupp Cut Diamond at the auction in New York, and the cost of this Modified Brilliant Emerald was $ 3,07,000, which weighs 33.19 Carats.

[Richard Burton Ring To Elizabeth Taylor]-[Ouros Jewels]

Richard proposed to Taylor with this Krupp Diamond ring on their yacht at the River Thames in London. Elizabeth said in her biography, “A Krupp Cut Diamond Ring is my favorite Engagement Ring.” After her death, This Krupp Diamond was called “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.” 

Elizabeth Taylor Diamond(Krupp Cut Diamond) was sold to the South Korean Company “E-Land” for $ 8,818,500 at the auction held on 16 December 2011. Therefore, as we analyze the Value of This Krupp Cut Diamond in 2021-2022, it has shown the value as $ 10,654,902.

Interesting and Majesty Facts About This Krupp Cut Diamond:-

While talking about Gemological Institute Of America Graded, This Krupp Cut Diamond With a “D” color is extremely rare to be found. They reported that VS1 clarity had been placed in this Krupp Cut Diamond. Also, they indicated that this Krupp Cut Diamond could be Internally Flawless(part of the clarity grade).

5. John Warner's Propose Elizabeth Taylor With Love Symbolism Ring:-

When Taylor decides to get divorced from Richard Burton, a long-time husband of her. She was married to the senator of the United States. His name was John Warner, and he gave a multi-shape diamond and gemstone ring to Liz Taylor.

[John Warner Ring To Elizabeth Taylor]-[Ouros Jewels]

Red Rubies, Diamonds, And Emerald Cut Diamonds are placed in Gold metal in the ring. After John was elected to the senate of the U.S., they both took divorced. This ring is an example of the combination of different colors of stones and diamonds.

6. Victor Luna’s Sapphire Engagement Ring To Liz Taylor:-

In 1983, Victor Luna gave 16 Carat Sapphire Engagement Ring to Elizabeth Taylor, and she accepted without any hesitation. In that ring, Sapphire looks very appealing in the hands of Liz Taylor. But for personal reasons, they were not married to each other. 


[Victor Luna's Ring To Elizabeth Taylor]-[Ouros Jewels]

7.  Dennis Stein’s Ring To Elizabeth Taylor:-

At the starting part of 1985, Dennis Stein proposed Elizabeth Taylor with Amethyst Engagement Ring(Known As Sapphire). But they were never married to each other and will be remained strong and intimate friends. So she was honored and happy with his decision. This is called a genuine friendship between men and women.

[Dennis Stein Ring To Liz Taylor]-[Ouros Jewels]

8. Larry Fortensky's Wedding Ring To Elizabeth Taylor:-

In 1988, Elizabeth Taylor met Larry Fortensky, a construction worker. Larry gave the Diamond Pave Set Band to Elizabeth Taylor as the symbolism of “Love.” They divorced in 1996, but they remained friends until Taylor died in 2011. Larry helped Taylor’s AIDS foundation to earn the charity to help poor people who can’t afford the medical expenses.

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Elizabeth Taylor is known for her versatile acting skills and vintage diamond collections. We can say that she was loved to wear a diamond collection. She teaches us to how to choose stylish diamond rings and jewelry. 

Elizabeth Taylor used her capital in the AIDS Foundation to help poor people and save their lives from death. She was very humble and helpful to all people. She teaches that "Always Good Humanitarian Wins With Time and Good People."

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