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Cubic Zirconia V/s Diamond, Which Is Better?

Cubic Zirconia Vs Diamond comparison to acknowledge which is the best for jewelry

Cubic Zirconia is a solid form of zirconium dioxide, which is known for its great amount of sparkle from crystals and faceting lines. Many of people donโ€™t know the difference between cubic zirconia and diamond.

They understand that cubic zirconia is a type of diamond. But in reality, there is no space to understand cubic zirconia as a diamond, they're the diamond alternatives. Cubic zirconia is not a diamond, but they are made by manpower and technology usage.

So, whatโ€™s the difference between cubic zirconia and diamond, which you must know for increased knowledge. In this article, we cover all the difference points between diamond and cubic zirconia. After reading it, you have to decide which is the best for your love of symbolism jewelry, a cubic zirconia or diamond.

What is diamond?

Diamond is the hardest substance on the earth. When you show the rock stone, which is very hard to break. So, as a hard rock stone, a diamond is the crystal stone that is also hard to break.

But, diamond have different usage and benefits compared to rocks. Diamond has two types: real diamond and lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamond is the most famous diamond type across the world now.

Natural diamonds are found from the earthโ€™s crust called mined diamonds. In mining process, vast amounts of funding are required, so the overall retail price of mined diamonds reached at a high level. While lab grown diamonds are grown in the man controlled laboratory, and the making process of lab grown diamond is nature friendly.

Lab-grown diamonds are the same as real diamonds, but the difference is that they are originated from different places. Otherwise in, clarity grade, color, and cut will be the same as in the Natural and lab-grown diamonds. So, lab-grown diamonds are another type of Natural diamond.

What is cubic zirconia and how are they made?

Cubic zirconia is a non-type of diamond also. Cubic zirconia is made from the thaw of zirconium oxide powder at around 5000ยบF. So, after bearing this huge temperature, the crystal starts forming a rough diamond. After it surpasses all making processes, cubic zirconia goes into cutting and faceting known as polishing process.ย Cubic Zirconia made with the zirconium dioxide powders with less capital and artmanship

In cubic zirconia stone, the great amount of reflecting sparkle is cause of the temperature and zirconium dioxide powder.

Cubic zirconia v/s diamond difference


Difference Point

Cubic Zirconia



Making process

Cubic zirconia is made from zirconium oxide powder in laboratory.

Lab grown diamond is made from diamond crystal seed
with CVD and HPHT Process.

While natural diamonds are not made, but they are found.



Cubic zirconia has more brilliant appearance than diamond due to zirconium oxide.

Lab grown diamond or real diamond has a 2-5% less brilliance appearance than cubic zirconia.


Durability or Hardness

Cubic zirconia has 15%
less durability on mohs scale than diamond.

Diamond has 100% durability on the Mohs scale.



Cubic zirconia is not mined from the earthโ€™s crust, so it is eco-friendly.

Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly because theyโ€™re not mined. While Natural diamond is mined from the earthโ€™s crust, thatโ€™s why Mined diamonds are not eco-friendly.ย 



Sometimes cubic zirconia loses its glitters and sparkling ability. Thatโ€™s why CZ doesn't get the expected demands from customers.

Diamond has the permanence of sparkle through the surfaces. Thatโ€™s why diamond is the first choice of customers for engagement rings.



Cubic zirconia has 94% less price than lab grown diamond. How cheap it is.

For a 1.00 carat lab grown diamond, you have to pay $1340. While 1.00 Carat natural diamond has $2700.

Diamond engagement ringย 

A lab-grown diamond engagement ring is an eco-friendly product and has the same appearance as a natural diamond engagement ring. Lab diamond engagement rings are available in fancy colors and colorless diamonds with 1-carat, 2-carat, and 3 carats.

There's no lack of varieties in diamond rings, such as halo rings, solitaire rings, unique rings, and antique rings. Lab diamond ring available in 14kt, and 18kt gold metal with white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Diamond engagement ring

Shop Diamond engagement ring

VVS diamondsย rings are usedย as better light reflection provider for having clear and transparent appearance.ย All diamonds carries the special looks from the surfaces. Selectย diamond symmetry grade in ideal and excellent, it helps to reflects sparkle reflections.

Final thoughts of cubic zirconia v/s diamond

There is a very big difference between cubic zirconia and diamond. Cubic zirconia is the solid form of zirconium oxide, while diamonds are the form of carbon. Carbon makes diamond to sustain durable at 100%. If you want to better sparkle light than diamonds and you have less budget to purchase diamond rings or other jewelry, then you have to select CZ stones jewelry.

Lab grown diamonds has a 40-50% less price than natural diamonds, so it directly affects your jewelry purchase budget. You can save 50% of your purchasing budget instead of getting the same appeared jewelry as natural diamond jewelry.

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