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What Are Diamond Alternatives Or Substitutes? Detail Guide

Diamond Alternatives includes sapphire, amethyst, peridot, emerald, garnet, moissanite, cubic zirconia, and diamond
  • What are diamond alternatives?

Diamond Alternatives are the things that are used as options for diamonds. If you can’t get a diamond due to its high price, then a diamond alternative can be helpful for you. Diamond Alternatives are available at less price than Diamonds. That’s why people select diamond alternatives for their jewelry, like as unique engagement rings, simple engagement rings, and many more.

Diamond substitutes are known as diamond alternatives and include moissanite, lab-grown diamond, cubic zirconia, garnet, amethyst, peridot, sapphire, and emerald. All diamond substitutes have similarities as diamonds in more or less amount. Diamond substitutes are used in the absence of diamonds.

Best Diamond Alternatives have the same appearance as diamonds, and out of them, they carry the same durability as diamonds. Therefore, diamond alternatives are gaining demand worldwide for their exquisite appearance.

So, Diamond alternative can be the best option for customer in absence of the diamonds. Because a diamond, especially Natural diamond, carries many artificial calamities and problems that humans can’t handle flexibly.

For more clear knowledge, let’s start looking at a list of available diamond alternatives with an excellent appearance worldwide.

  • What's better than a diamond?

Lab grown diamond is better than a diamond because it carries three facts that are superior to diamonds. First is eco-friendliness, price-affordability, and many varieties available with authenticating reports. That's why a lab-grown diamond is better than a diamond.

Diamond alternatives are better than a diamonds on some basis such as price and appearance. But, diamond has better quality than alternatives.

  • List of diamond alternatives

In the list of Diamond Alternatives below substances are included.

  1. Lab grown diamond
  2. Cubic zirconia
  3. Moissanite
  4. Garnet
  5. Emerald
  6. Peridot
  7. Amethyst
  8. Sapphire

Many customers don't know what diamond alternative is and what’s the usage of diamond alternatives. So, the list of diamond alternatives and their use will be covered in this article. A list of diamond alternatives shows which are the things that can be better replacements for diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds, cubic zirconia, moissanites, and gemstones/birthstones are included in the list of the best diamond alternatives.

1. Lab grown diamonds as diamond alternative

In the list of diamond alternatives, lab grown diamonds get the first rank. In lab diamonds, you can differentiate between it and Diamond. A lab grown diamond is another type of diamond, yet it is produced in laboratories. Lab created diamonds are not mined, but they are found/generated in the labs that's why they known as man-made diamonds.Lab Grown Diamonds known as Diamond Alternative which you can select for wedding jewelry

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When you select lab diamonds, you can’t select a better replacement of diamond alternative, but you choose to sustain the durability of our planet. Lab grown diamond includes and take a place in best diamond alternative. In best diamond alternative the lab made diamond is the first rank substance ahead of other diamond alternative.

  • Why lab grown diamonds become first diamond alternatives?

Lab grown diamonds became the first diamond alternative due to their eco-friendly making process, less price, same appealing looks as diamonds, savior of land abrasion, use of less electricity for making. In making of the lab-grown diamonds, recycled water can be used. For these reasons, lab diamonds are becoming first diamond alternatives.

Also, lab created diamond ornaments look the same as Natural diamond ornaments. A lab made diamond engagement ring has popularity worldwide, and most customers select lab diamond jewelry when they are aware of the eco-friendly process of making. 

[Criss Cut Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

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For more information about lab grown diamond, read the article below and clear all your doubts about Lab Diamond.

Read What is lab grown diamond.

2. Cubic zirconia is diamond alternative.

A cubic zirconia is a part of simulant diamonds. In cubic zirconia, you can show the brilliant appearance of a diamond. In other words, cubic zirconia can sparkle 10X better than diamond. Cubic zirconia is known as best diamond alternative due to having 58% same characteristics as diamond.

For this reason, cubic zirconia is the second numbered alternative to a diamond. In zirconia, you can easily find unique varieties like step cuts, different colors, and the best appearance. 

Also, cubic zirconia is available cheaper than Diamond, but it gives a better reflecting light than diamond. So, cubic zirconia is a reason to be a diamond alternative.

Moreover, recently, just after the COVID-19 pandemic, cubic zirconia's demands have reached new heights, and especially cubic zirconia’s unique engagement rings have not required an introduction.

Cubic Zirconia known as diamond alternatives

As lab grown diamond, cubic zirconia is made in laboratory with an eco-friendly environment. Therefore, when you select cubic zirconia, you will help maintain stability between Nature and humans because it is made with nature-friendly processes and reduces water pollution.

In cubic zirconia, you can get a bright appearance, less price, eco-friendliness, and the best reflecting colors. Cubic zirconia is the second number of best diamond alternatives behinds the lab grown diamond and moissanite.

3. Moissanite is a diamond alternative

Moissanite also has a tag of diamond alternative for its benefits and making process. However, in Moissanite, you can see the brilliance of the sparkling light better than in diamond. Moissanite is less expensive and has the same appearance as diamond. After Lab grown diamonds, moissanite became a diamond alternative.

[Moissanite As Diamond Alternative]-[Ouros Jewels]

Moissanite is known for its dazzling appearance and has been made with an eco-friendly process in the laboratory. You can select Moissanite Jewelry ahead of cubic zirconia jewelry because they're the type of Simulant Diamonds.

Moissanite became a best diamond alternative because of technological inventions and sustaining the durability. 

If you can use Moissanite as a diamond alternative, you can help society and the planet sustain the necessary stability for us. So, select Moissanite as a diamond alternative in your jewelry like an engagement ring, wedding ring, necklace, or earrings. Moissanite has less price than Diamond.

  • Price of Moissanite and Natural Diamond






Price $


2.22 Carat


Near Colorless

Step Cut Pear



2.00 Carat



Brilliant Cut


You see the price difference between Moissanite and Diamond, when you select diamond you have to pay $2,0966 for 2.00 carat. While selecting moissanite, you have to pay $170 for 2.22 carat. It is almost 120X more than the price you pay to get a diamond than Moissanite.

4. Birthstones:- Garnet, Emerald, Peridot, Amethyst, Sapphire

In the diamond alternative list, a birthstone is not far away from it. The importance of a birthstone started in ancient times. In that ancient times, people wore these birthstones as a protective shield t3hat prevented problems in the wearer’s life. A Birthstone carries different colors and benefits.

Read More: Birthstones for each month.

In our words, all birthstones can be diamond alternatives, but the famous birthstone of diamond alternatives is Garnet, Emerald, Peridot, Amethyst, and Emerald. Also, these birthstones have different colors and benefits. So, Birthstones are far better selection for Diamond alternatives.

A. Garnet birthstone as a diamond alternative

A Garnet birthstone is the January month birthstone. Garnet is the best diamond alternative for having same faceting pattern on the table anatomy and girdle anatomy. Garnet known for the diamond alternative for having the diamond fluorescence availability. It features a red color. In ancient Rome, a warrior used a garnet birthstone as a talisman. You noticed a brilliant sparkling light When you wore a red garnet engagement ring.[Garnet Birthstone as Diamond Alternative]-[Ouros Jewels]All faceting and cutting styles in garnet birthstone will be the same as Diamond. So, garnet will be the best alternative to a diamond. A Garnet is found in INDIA and Sri Lanka(Known as Tamraparni).

  • Why choose Garnet birthstone as diamond alternative?

Garnet Birthstone will be the best diamond alternative because it protects the wearer’s life and provides a shield around them. When you select a garnet birthstone as a diamond alternative, you will be shown a difference in your nature. A Garnet birthstone gives calmness to the wearer. Many couples select Garnet Birthstone Engagement Ring. Garnet known as best diamond alternatives because it also mined with the diamond process.

Garnet Birthstone ring selected by couples for secure their love life

B. Emerald as diamond alternative

Emerald is a May month birthstone. Emerald has no more transparent appearance than diamonds, but it carries the faceting patterns as diamonds. As a result, it calls as the best diamond alternative.

Emerald is green, so the Emerald birthstone engagement ring will be the perfect choice for those who love colorful diamond alternatives rings. In Emerald, you notice the step-cut facets on the surface, which are necessary for better sparkling light. 

Reason for selecting Emerald as diamond alternative

[Emerlad Birthstone As Diamond Alternative]-[Ouros Jewels]

When you select an Emerald as diamond alternative, you have met the colorful sparkling lights. When you fix Emerald birthstone in an engagement ring, you carry good fortune with you. Emerald protects the shield against Cholera, Malaria, and Typhoid. In addition, Emerald Birthstone provides divine energy to yourself from GOD.

C. Peridot Birthstone as diamond alternatives

If you want a combination of RELIGIOUS POWERS and Bright looking birthstone as a diamond alternative, then you have to select Peridot Birthstone. Peridot is the best diamond alternative and it was found in Egypt.

For describing peridot as best diamond alternative it has same faceting styles and aspects on the surfaces as diamond anatomy. The Egyptians didn’t announce the mines of peridot birthstone. Peridot looks like a round brilliant cut diamond, but it carries different colors.

  • Why selects Peridot Birthstone for diamond alternatives?

Peridot birthstone is very cheap to select is for an engagement ring also, in many regions, peridot used in religious activities. While talking about the price of a 1.00 CARAT Peridot in A A A birthstone, it demands only $70. But, the natural Peridot birthstone is very expensive to get.

Peridot Birthstone increases immunity against lung, kidney, and heart disease. Peridot is called a diamond alternative in all forms for having the same appearance as diamonds.
[Peridot Birthstone As Diamond Alternative]-[Ouros Jewels]Peridot Birthstone is used in the making of antique and vintage necklaces. That’s why many of customers select it for wedding necklaces. That’s a good sign for human beings that they started to select Peridot Birthstone as diamond alternative.

D. Is Amethyst Birthstone used as diamond alternative?

Yes, Amethyst is used as a diamond alternative. Amethyst Birthstone is a February month Birthstone. So, it has two benefits to selecting Amethyst Birthstone such as calmness and healthy life. For becoming best diamond alternative, Amethyst birthstone carries all the characteristics which established in diamonds. As a result, amethyst is the diamond alternative without any doubt.
[Amethyst Birthstone As Diamond Alternatives]-[Ouros Jewels]Amethyst Birthstone is available in purple and violet color, so you can quickly select it for your engagement ring. Amethyst has the same look as diamond. 

  • Which reason responsible for selecting the Amethyst Birthstone as diamond alternative?

When somebody suffers from bad dreams and stomach problems, they could wear Amethyst Birthstone in ring or pendant. Amethyst birthstone makes your love life better. That’s why many customers have engraved amethyst birthstones in engagement rings.

Amethyst Birthstone has a $12/per-carat price, but you get the same brilliant lights from Amethyst Birthstone as a diamond. Natural Amethyst Birthstone have more price because they found under the mines and that cost reaches to $$$$. As a result, the natural Amethyst has more price.

E. Sapphire birthstone as diamond alternative

A Sapphire Birthstone as diamond alternative is the best choice because it features the same looks as a diamond. Sapphire is used in many religious activities like praying to GOD and some other religious activities in ancient times.[Sapphire As Diamond Alternative]-[Ouros Jewels]

In HINDU MYTHOLOGY, Sapphire Birthstone is a symbol of auspiciousness. Sapphire Birthstone carries the best faceting styles as diamond. So, you can select Sapphire as Diamond Alternative.

  • Why select Sapphire Birthstone as diamond alternative?

Sapphire birthstone is the best selection for diamond alternative because it gives the light reflection as a diamond, and Sapphire has a meager price to diamond. Sapphire Birthstone has a $1000-10000 price for 1 carat. So, you can select Sapphire Birthstone in the option of diamond. Sapphire increases your thinking ability and decision power and provides positive energy to the wearer. So, there is no doubt about selecting Sapphire Birthstone as best diamond alternative.[Sapphire Birthstone as Diamond Alternative]-[Ouros Jewels]Sapphire Birthstones also became love symbolism in the form of engagement rings and wedding bands. In engagement rings selecting, customers ask for a sapphire birthstone because they understand the importance of a the September month stone in their life. So, you can select Sapphire birthstone as diamond alternative.

  • Final thoughts about diamond alternatives

Diamond alternative includes lab grown diamonds, cubic zirconia, moissanite, peridot birthstone, emerald, amethyst, Sapphire, and Garnet Birthstone. When you have no maximum budget for purchasing diamond jewelry, then you can turn to these diamond alternatives jewelry because they give you the same reflection lights at affordable price.

In other ways, diamond alternatives are helpful to our society because a diamond digging process might be responsible for calamities that put human beings in difficulties. So, always considered diamond alternatives when going for purchasing any diamond jewelry.

Want to make a diamond alternative jewelry then contact us. We can make it our customization ability within the budge.

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