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Diamond Necklace In Detailed Buying Guide

Diamond necklace is not today’s fashion or trend, which is liked by everyone who wears it and who sees it. Every women in the lifetime for a once wants to wear a diamond necklace in gold or platinum to experience luxury wearing jewelry, at least for a moment. The diamond necklace's appearance is always like an ocean of shine because all the April Birthstones (known as Diamonds) release their first numbered elements, the light reflections.

In this article, readers can see the best clarity grade for diamonds necklace, in choker and tennis types. Also, the scenario for selecting a fancy color diamond necklace insights, the price of diamond necklaces, from where to buy a diamond necklace.

The ideal length of the diamond necklace also described here. Read it once time to save time when buying a diamond necklace with proper knowledge and information.

Does the diamond necklace vvs looks better?

Yes, a diamond necklace looks better in the vvs in all settings like as tennis or choker without losing its light affections and reflection. VVS diamonds refers to the clarity grade that has fewer inclusions and less costly to compare a IF ot FL clarity diamonds.

In diamond necklace for women, vvs diamonds are preferred for having a transparent looks and clear surfaces where the light reflects always.

VVS Diamond best for the Necklace

For diamond necklace luxury feelings, VVS diamonds have been selected without any single dot doubts. Because they have the potential to make the necklace look optimum and exquisite. That’s why a diamond necklace in vvs looks better.

Is a diamond necklace a good gift?

Yes, a diamond necklace is a good gift for having alluring looks on the personality. It called as the bush of diamonds. Diamond necklace is the best gift ever when you decide to make the occasion memorable and finest to celebrate.

Diamond necklace rose gold is the loving choice and able to complete the motive for giving as a gift. Diamond necklace is a luxury gift that can fulfill the wearer's appearance with its brillianct affections.

Diamond Necklace For Women in Tennis

Shop Diamond tennis necklace for women

A diamond necklace could be purchase for daughter, wife, mother, fiancee, or valentine. There's a size or length of a diamond necklace is different for person to person. Select a 16” to 18” inches necklace for daughter if she is a teenager and want to give a birthday present to her.

For tallest women 18" to 22" inches diamond necklace is perfect selection for the tennis styles. For a choker diamond necklace it should be in 18" to 20" inches.

Can I select a choker necklace instead of a tennis one?

Yes, the choker necklace would be selected instead of a tennis necklace, when you want to give a gift of the anniversary presents. A choker necklace has no more length and circumference to hang equipment around the neck; it’s a comfortable wearing ornament everyone likes to wear. Thus, select choker necklace if want to wear it on the party or functions.

Diamond Choker Necklace For Women In Gold

Shop Diamond choker necklace for women

Chokers and tennis necklaces aren’t competitors, but they’re alternatives used in absences of one. The choker necklace has less coverup, but its appearance is easily noticeable. While the tennis necklace has more length and have less width for having “U” types circumferences. 

Buying a diamond necklace for women, then select a tennis necklace because if need more length and curvy appearance on the neck. Also, tennis necklace features more amounts of diamonds in fancy colors and colorless with a different shape to make it more unique and vintage.

An option is available for making a diamond necklace in 18kt gold metal tone with a variation of rose, yellow, and white gold.

Is fancy color diamonds make the women's diamond necklace more lovely?

Yes, a Fancy color diamonds make the women's diamond necklace more lovely. It has a variation of orange, blue, olive, chocolate, and champagne colors. For experiencing the natural colorful light reflections then it's best to select a diamond necklace in fancy colors. Fancy color diamond necklace jewelry successfully delivers a love message to a loving one.

Fancy Color Diamonds For Women's Necklace

Fancy color diamonds are the best alternatives for birthstones because they both have the same hues, but fancy color diamonds more stronger than gemstones. As a result, select diamond necklaces for women in fancy color diamonds to decorate your love with your choice.

Which diamond necklace is the best gift for a wife?

A diamond tennis necklace is the best gift for the wife because it comes with earrings set, and all women like to wear diamond earrings. The best diamond necklace for wife is a tennis necklace with earrings set to replicate the love feelings through this daily ornament jewelry. A diamond necklace earring set will be the best gift for the wife when it is selected in a higher quality of
4cs of diamonds and with the certification reports.

The Tennis necklace with diamond earring set might be chargeable. First see the price and and quality of that and take a proper decision. 

Diamond necklace in White gold will provide the flaw of lightning reflections with the matching appearance of the framework, and it’s a great alternative to a platinum necklace. A platinum diamond necklace would charge more than a white gold tennis necklace, but its durability is different. 

How much is a diamond necklace?

Diamond necklace price depends on the 4cs quality, the diamond symmetry, polishing grade. Diamond necklace price starts from $3000 to $50000, with the quality of diamonds used. Diamond necklace value totally depends on the diamond type and gold metal usage.

For example, an 18KT diamond necklace has been priced at $18500, while a 10k gold diamond necklace is available at $16800. Here’s the difference between the price of the necklace chain in the diamond.

Diamond necklace cost is also decided by other factors such as branded diamond jewelers, and they may sell a diamond necklace at a +50-60% price than the actual. That's why buyers have to cross-verify the diamond necklace descriptions as diamond type, gold metal, total carat weight, certification. 

Where to buy a diamond necklace for a wedding?

Buy a diamond necklace for a wedding from the jeweler who has the customization option, price affordability, and authenticity. These three major factors will allow buyers to decide to buy a diamond necklace. Ouros Jewels has the option of a custom diamond necklace, price affordability, and authenticity of shopping for a wedding necklace in gold. As a buyer, you have to believe in the trustworthiness and transparency of the jeweler whom offers to these above mentioned factors. 

What is the ideal length of a diamond necklace?

The ideal length of a diamond necklace for women is 18” inches and 20” inches to make the appearance of a diva or Mrs. world. The circumference of the neck decides the diamond necklace length. For tall women, the ideal length of a diamond necklace is 18” inches. Meanwhile, for short heightened women, the perfect length of the necklace is 16” inches for having a less wide circumference of the neck. 

Diamond Necklace Ideal Lengths

Shop Diamond Necklace for Women

Bonus Knowledge

If you're looking for the Men's Diamond Necklace ideal length then select 20” inches length necklace, if they have a height of at least 5 feet. While less than 5 feet heightens men’s should be select 16” inches necklace.

For men's diamond necklaces


A diamond necklace is the best ornament to increase the wearer's appearance. That’s why at the wedding, the bride wears a diamond necklace in yellow to white gold for take more attention from the people and experience the luxurious wearing of diamond jewelry.

Ouros Jewels offer a diamond necklace for sale to worldwide buyers to shop a personalized necklace in platinum or gold with price affordability and full of authenticity. In Ouros Jewels, a diamond necklace for her and him is available with better quality graded diamonds. 

Here at Ouros Jewels, a buyer can find a diamond necklace in silver and sterling silver, depending on availability. We assure you that you can get a diamond necklace to your choice and preference. We make that diamond necklace birthstone(typically called an April birthstone) classy to add our experienced and clever craftsmanship in that.

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