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Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Rings and Jewelry Collection

Beautiful engagement rings collections for elizabeth taylor

The most famous actress named "Elizabeth Taylor" was a versatile female actress and kindful person. She was a British and American actress. She had an extraordinary jewelry collection, such as engagement rings, tiara necklaces, earrings, and wedding bands. This article shows the deep and distinctive appearance and information about the Elizabeth Taylor engagement rings. Her engagement rings collection is counted as the most luxurious and expensive in the world because of its rarity and originality in quality.

Before seeing Elizabeth Taylor's engagement rings collections, let's overview who she was.

Who was Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor was a British and American actress known for her versatile acting skills and kindful personality. Her full name is Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. She was born in London, United Kingdom, on February 27, 1932.

Elizabeth Taylor had a concise but grand film career from the 1950s to the 1960s. She was engaged in many charities to save diseases and people's lives, and from her business, she managed to raise prominent funds for underprivileged people who couldn't afford medical services at time.

In addition, she founded her AIDS foundation in 1991 to save the lives of people who were suffering from AIDS severity and didn't afford any medical help. Elizabeth Taylor received Presidential Award from Bill Clinton for her dedication to humanitarianism.

Early and Marriage life of Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was birth on 27 February 1932 in Heathwood, London. She began her career in the late 1940s as a child actor. In 1939, Elizabeth Taylor moved to the United States with her family.

Then she started her career as Actress. She gave many blockbuster films from 1950 to 1960s. But, after the 1960s, her career train was derailed due to many illusions about her presence.

She was very talented and serious about her work. She always trying to do better performances in the films. In addition, Elizabeth Taylor was honored with the Presidential Award from United States President Bill Clinton in 2001. She also received many awards and achievements in her short-acting career.

When she was 17th, she engaged with William Pawley Jr., the son of US Ambassador William D Pawley in 1949. The she married with Conard Hilton Junior in 1950, and they divorced in 1951. Then she married Michael Wilding, a film producer, in 1952. They filed for divorce in the 5th year of their wedding life. After the 6th marriage ended, Elizabeth Taylor married his 7th husband, Larry Forentsky, in 1991, and they breached their marriage life in 1996.

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring Collection

Elizabeth Taylor's Engagement Ring collection is considered the most expensive and beautiful because of its quality and appearance. Her engagement ring collection has 10 sets of beautiful rings that were presented to Elizabeth Taylor.

She was presented with pretty engagement rings featuring colorful gemstones and natural diamonds that show a brilliant appearance and stylish formations.

Richard Burton purchased a $1 Million valued engagement ring for Elizabeth Taylor in a traditional but modern Krupp cut. This Krupp-cut diamond is now identified as the Taylor-Richard diamond. This diamond has brilliant cut facets in the surfaces that balances the symmetrical structure. That's why it has £ 779050 cost.

Here, Elizabeth Taylor engagement ring collection is mentioned below.

  1. William Pawley Jr.'s Cushion Cut Ring
  2. Conard Hilton's 4-carat Diamond Ring
  3. Micheal Wilding's Sapphire Engagement Ring
  4. Mike Todd's Ice Skating Rink (Emerald Cut Ring)
  5. Eddie Fisher's Diamond Bracelet
  6. Richard Burton's Krupp Cut Diamond Ring
  7. John Warner's Gemstones and Emeralds Diamonds Ring
  8. Victor's Luna Sapphire Ring For Engagement
  9. Dennis Stein's Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring
  10. Larry Fortensky's Pave Band

1. William Pawley Jr.'s Cushion Cut Ring

Elizabeth Taylor was gifted with a cushion-cut engagement ring from William Pawley Jr. in 1949 when she was 17 years old. We estimated that her cushion engagement ring is made between 2 - 5 carat weight with colorless grades. In that ring, a platinum metal was added to the band that looked captivating and exquisite on Elizabeth's fingers.

In this engagement ring, the 4cs of diamonds have ideal quality because of the light reflections appearance. Elizabeth Taylor's cushion diamond engagement ring looks precious due to proper D to J color, VVS clarity, 2 - 5 carat, and Excellent cut selection. WeThat's why it has a $10K to $30K price.

[William Pawley Jr.'s Cushion Cut Engagement Ring]-[ouros jewels]

In this cushion-cut engagement ring, the solitaire ring style has been used because of the glorious appearance on the hands of Elizabeth. We assumed that Elizabeth Taylor's first engagement ring cost should be $10K to $30K because of the brilliant cut cushion diamond and its square cut shape.

2. Conard Hilton Jr.'s Platinum Ring To Elizabeth Taylor

Conard Hilton Jr. proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with a 4-carat weighted natural diamond ring. When Elizabeth Taylor was 18th of age, Conard Hilton Jr. presented a diamond ring with a platinum metal band. This ring used a rectangle-shaped emerald-cut natural diamond with concentric pattern facets.

[2.60 carat weighted emerald cut lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring with VVS clarity and EF clarity]-[ouros jewels]

The cost of Conard Hilton Jr.'s engagement ring cost should be $10K because of a 4-carat weights VVS diamond. Also, platinum metal costs more than other 14KT or 18KT gold. In addition, the beautiful appearance of the ring makes it attractive on the hands of Liz Taylor.

3. Micheal Wilding's Sapphire Engagement Ring To Liz Taylor

In 1952, Liz Taylor was engaged to Micheal Wilding, an English Actor. At that time, they were counted as successful couples in the Hollywood industry. So, the English Actor proposed a Liz Taylor with the sapphire gemstone engagement ring with a platinum band.

[1.40 carat weighted emerald cut vivid blue lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring with VS clarity and 18KT yellow gold]-[ouros jewels]

The purplish-colored sapphire gemstone looks more precious and elegant because of its elongated-shaped formation. The cost of Micheal Wilding's ring for Elizabeth Taylor is counted as $500000. Due to the big appearance of the sapphire gemstone, the ring looked exquisite and royal on Elizabeth Taylor's fingers.

4. Mike Todd's Engagement Ring To Elizabeth Taylor

Mike Todd purchased an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring for Liz Taylor because he knew Liz liked elongated-shaped diamonds. The diamond symmetry of the emerald cut is in the ideal grade and has concentric facets that release the effect of the "Hall Of Mirror."

Mr. Mike offered Liz Taylor a brilliant and elongated-shaped emerald-cut natural diamond with gold that looked exquisite on her hands. Elizabeth Taylor called this ring an "Ice Skating Rink" because of the stone's symmetrical structural balance with the facets.

[2.80 carat weights elongated emerald-cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring in 18KT white gold with VS1 clarity and F color]-[ouros jewels]

The price of Mike Todd's ring for Elizabeth Taylor is described as $200K due to the usage of excellent quality graded diamond and gold metal. After 1 year of marriage, the duo's support was broken because Mike Todd was killed in a plane accident. That incident made a female actress depressed, and she continued to wear an "Ice Skating Rink."

5. Eddie Fisher's Beautiful Diamond Bracelet For Liz Taylor

Eddie Fisher, the close friend of Mike Todd, gifted Elizabeth Taylor a gemstone and diamond engraved bracelet. The couple is sure about the relationship and promises each one to stay together. We estimated that diamonds and gemstones are elongated shapes in the bracelet, which was Elizabeth Taylor's favorite.

In the bracelet, the prong setting held the diamonds and gemstones properly, reducing the risk of stone falling. Due to Natural Gemstones and Diamonds placement, the cost should be between $100k To $200K of Elizabeth Taylor's bracelet.

6. Most Famous Richard Burton's Engagement Ring For Elizabeth Taylor

Richard Burton's engagement ring for Elizabeth Taylor is worldwide famous because of the ideal quality and brilliant light appearance of the stone. Mr. Richard gave a Krupp Cut Diamond Ring to British-American Actress through pure endearment and attachment.

The couple twice married in 1964 and 1975, when Male British Actor Richard Burton proposed the Liz Taylor with Krupp Cut Natural Diamond Ring. At that time, the Krupp cut Diamonds were rare to be found and, of course, to manufacture.

But Mr. Richard Burton bought a Brilliant Krupp Cut Diamond in an auction held in New York. He purchased the 33.19-carat weights Krupp elongated diamond at $30,7000 cost. On May 17, 1968, he bought a Krupp diamond with its natural elegance and excellent appearance. This Krupp Cut Diamond has a History that Krupp's name referred to an estate of Alfried Krupp’s second wife, Vera Krupp.

[1.35 carat weighted pie krupp cut emerald lab diamond engagement ring in bezel setting with 18KT rose gold and VS clarity]-[ouros jewels]

Richard proposed to Taylor with this Krupp Diamond ring on their yacht at the River Thames in London, UK. Elizabeth said in her biography, "A Krupp Cut Diamond Ring is my favorite engagement ring." This diamond was called as Richard-Burton diamond, but after her death, this Krupp diamond was called "Elizabeth Taylor Diamond."

Elizabeth Taylor Diamond(Krupp Cut Diamond) was sold to the South Korean Company "E-Land" for $ 8,818,500 at the auction held on 16 December 2011. Therefore, as we analyzed the Value of This Krupp Cut Diamond has value as $ 10,654,902.

Interesting and Majesty Facts About This Krupp Cut Diamond:

While talking about Gemological Institute Of America Graded, this krupp cut diamond with a “D” color is extremely rare to be found. They reported that VS1 clarity had been placed in this krupp cut diamond. Also, they indicated that this krupp cut Diamond could be Internally Flawless(part of the clarity grade).

7. John Warner's Proposal Ring For Elizabeth Taylor

The USA senator, John Warner, proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with a Ruby Gemstone and Diamond engagement ring worth $300K. This engagement ring of Liz Taylor had a multi-shaped stone that released better sparkle reflections and scintillation. That's why it has a price of $300000.

[0.85 carat weighted red colored round and 0.74 CTW bullet cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring with 14KT white gold and VS clarity]-[ouros jewels]

Another reason for the $300K engagement ring of Liz Taylor is faint to none graded diamond fluorescence. Also, the naturally red-colored Ruby gemstone is rare in brilliant quality to get. Thus, Mr. John Warner gives a natural red colored Ruby gemstone and diamond ring to Liz Taylor.

8. Victor Luna’s Sapphire Engagement Ring To Taylor

Victor Luna presented a 16-carat weighted natural sapphire gemstone ring to Ms. Taylor, and she accepted it. This sapphire ring costs around $50K to $80K due to the usage of white gold and some filigree pattern work. Due to some personal reasons, the couple didn't marry each other but remained friends.

[2.38 carat weights pear shaped lab-grown diamond ring with VS1 clarity and greenish blue color in 925 silver metal]-[ouros jewels]

In addition, this engagement ring was in the trends at that time because of its beautiful appearance and big carat weighted stones. Most couples select engagement rings in gemstones because they want to grab benefits from them. That's why Victor Luna's engagement ring pattern is still also used in recent times.

9. Dennis Stein’s Ring To Elizabeth Taylor

Dennis Stein offered Elizabeth Taylor a Sapphire gemstone engagement ring because he understood Taylor's preference. In this engagement ring, a sapphire gemstone has a pear shape that refers to a teardrop. There is no proper mention of the metal tone of this ring, but we estimated that it was white gold or platinum because of the shine.

The teardrop-shaped diamond ring looks more distinctive because of the elongated and curving edges combination. Also, the teardrop diamond ring refers to removing the tears from the eyes. That's why couples are selecting the teardrop-shaped pear diamond ring for their spouse.

[1.00 carat weighted blue colored pear shaped and 0.25 CTW round cut with VS clarity and halo style]-[ouros jewels]

The cost of Dennis Stein's ring for Elizabeth Taylor could be between $50K to $100K because of the natural sapphire gemstone usage. Also, some articles mentioned that Amethyst Birthstone was used in the Dennis Stein engagement ring. We don't know which gemstone was used in Liz Taylor's engagement ring.

10. Larry Fortensky's Wedding Pave Band

Larry Fortensky gave a wedding pave band to Elizabeth Taylor as a love present. In the wedding pave band, the natural diamonds are engarved in shared surface prong settings that makes overall durability strong. The cost of this wedding band should between $10K to $40K for usage of white gold and natural diamonds.

[1.15 CTW round cut lab-grown diamond wedding pave band in 18KT white gold with VS clarity and EF color grade]-[ouros jewels]

Larry and Taylor was divorced in 1996, but they remained friends until Taylor died in 2011. Larry helped Taylor’s AIDS foundation to earn the charity to help poor people who can’t afford medical expenses.


From the collection of Elizabeth Taylor, we can understand what she was like to wear specialized jewelry. She was known for her versatile acting skills and vintage diamond collections. The collection of her engagement ring contains natural diamonds, sapphire gemstones, and birthstones made with platinum and white gold band.

Elizabeth Taylor used her capital and asset in the AIDS Foundation to help poor people and save their lives from death. She was very humble and helpful to all. She teaches that "Always Good Humanitarian Wins With Time."

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Q1. What made Elizabeth Taylor's engagement rings unique?

Ans.Elizabeth Taylor's engagement rings are known for their outstanding quality and uniqueness. Her choices of multicolored diamonds and large diamonds includes unique cuts and settings that identify them as opulent and culturally significant items.

Q2. How many engagement rings did Elizabeth Taylor have?

Ans. Elizabeth Taylor was famously gifted with eight engagement rings during her lifetime. The styles of these rings varied significantly, from basic diamond solitaires to more fancy designs including multiple diamonds.

Q3. Which ring is the most famous in Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection?

Ans.  Elizabeth Taylor's famous ring is the Krupp Diamond, which has been renamed the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond. This 33.19-carat diamond ring, given to her by Richard Burton, is notable for its size, clarity, and romantic history with Taylor.

Q4. Did Elizabeth Taylor have a favourite engagement ring?

Ans. Yes, Elizabeth Taylor favored the Krupp Diamond ring presented to her by Richard Burton. She enjoyed this ring for its dazzling cut and exquisite look, and she wore it proudly at public events.

Q5.How has Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry line inspired modern engagement ring designs?

Ans. Elizabeth Taylor's bold choice of large, vivid diamonds in unique, clarify settings has influenced current jewelry designs. Today, engagement rings with huge stones and customized, intricate designs show her influence, appealing to people looking for wonderful jewelry pieces that mix classic and modern elements.

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