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Fancy Color Diamond

The fancy color diamonds are known for their special appearance through the anatomies and surfaces. The fancy color diamond represents the life cycle that is not available in colorless diamonds. For seeing fancy colored diamonds, it will be provide happy and majestic looks in any condition. 

Fancy color diamonds are available in all shapes and variations because they have beautiful cutting edges from the diamond polishing process. In fancy color diamonds, wide varieties such as orange, blue, olive, black, yellow, pink, and many more are available.

Fancy color diamond available in orange, blue, red, pink, and yellow hue

Fancy color diamonds are made or found in the laboratory and mines because there are two types of diamonds in the market: Lab grown diamonds and Natural diamonds. Primarily, fancy color diamonds are used in wedding matching bands with excellent symmetry and polish grade.

Blue lab created diamond will become the love symbolism ocean because its faceting styles look like ocean waves, which is necessary for the relationship. Blue lab created diamond looks precious from all corners and faceting styles. In the blue lab created diamond doesn't add to the artificial process, but it's a total process of high temperature and heat. 

Fancy diamond colors mean a colorful appearance such as orange, pink, blue, yellow, red, olive, green, and champagne. Fancy diamond color diamonds make the jewelry more precious and excellent. Fancy colors fill the feelings in the relationship. That's why customers want to buy fancy colors diamond. Fancy diamond colors are more costly than colorless diamonds. But sometimes it's available at less prices.

  • What are fancy color diamonds?

Fancy color diamonds have the same characteristics and elements as colorless diamonds, such as diamond cut, clarity, and carat maybe. But fancy color diamonds have a different color than colorless diamonds, such as orange, blue, yellow, or pink. Fancy color diamonds are known for their sparkle reflections through the anatomy of a diamond.

  • How are fancy color diamonds made or found?

Fancy color diamonds are made in the laboratory or found in the mines. In fancy color lab grown diamonds, the carbon seeds absorb the molecular of a very high temperature, and to make it, some chemicals are added, which gives colors to the structure. In mines the colored diamonds found with their natural structures and no chemical added there, it's a totally natural process with mines.

Fancy color diamonds with their look of special surfaces and polishing

While Natural Diamonds are found in natural colors such as orange, pink, blue, yellow, and others. Fancy color Natural diamonds are made from the process where the lava of the land’s crust falls on the rocks, and it will provide a different color to it. The color rocks are the form of carbon, which turns their framework into fancy color. The polishing process of fancy color diamonds isn’t easy, but it’s the same for lab-grown diamonds.

  • What makes fancy color diamonds more special?

Fancy color diamonds have an extraordinary amount of reflections and appearance, which allocate them a different place than a colorless diamond. Selecting fancy color diamonds, the faceting, and polishing work will play the role of the forhead. Because in fancy color diamonds, the inclusions in diamond don’t affect the reflective abilities. As a reason, fancy color diamonds are more special.

Fancy color diamond is a good choice for engagement rings and jewelry because they have a different appearance for having the colorful placement of anatomy. Color diamond is mainly used in wedding bands and anniversary bands. Many options are available in fancy color diamonds, such as orange, blue, yellow, olive, pink, champagne, chocolate, red, and many more. 

  • What is the price of a fancy colored diamond?

One carat oval pink fancy color diamond price is $2400, with VS1 clarity grade. 1.10 carat orange emerald fancy color diamond has a $2475 price with VS clarity. While 1.28 carat olive fancy colored princess diamond is available at $620 with VS clarity. This is the difference between fancy color diamond prices. Thus, fancy color diamond prices vary from the 4CS of diamonds and other factors such as market trends and customer behavior.

The price of fancy colored is decided with its 4cs such as clarity, color, carat, and cut. Most importantly, diamond symmetry determines the price. Fancy colored diamond price differs from color to color, and it depends on other factors also. In fancy colored diamonds, the diamond anatomy also decides the price which the customer has to pay.

  • Is diamond certified when it has fancy color?

Yes, a diamond is certified when it has fancy color. Therefore, it’s not essential to approve the Diamonds 4cs when it has color or not. However, if the buyer wants to identify the diamond characteristics with authenticated and standardized benchmarks, he has to certify the fancy color diamonds(seller give the option).

Certification report of diamonds will allow the buyers to understand diamond anatomies and characteristics as 4Cs, symmetry, polish, and dimensions with better information. The certification of the diamond suggested to on which price buy fancy color diamonds. Diamond certifications work in favor of the buyer because it provides transparency.

  • Do fancy color diamonds have 4CS?

Yes, fancy color diamonds have 4cs. The 4Cs of diamond available in fancy color diamond as cut, clarity, color, and carat. All 4cs of fancy color diamonds have same characteristics as colorless diamonds(except color grade). In 4cs of fancy color diamonds, a unique amount of reflections are available, which is not found in colorless diamonds. In the 4cs of fancy color diamonds, the appealing factor is the color because the diamond price is decided from it. 

Cushion fancy color diamond made with specialized craftsmanship on the surfaces

When you purchase the fancy color diamonds, inspect 4cs of diamonds described in the certification report. In fancy diamonds, the Diamond cut is the same as colorless diamonds, but it's not identifiable easily. Thus, buyer have to cross verify the diamond cut grade when select fancy diamond in colors.

  • Which are the rare fancy color diamonds?

Red, orange, black, olive, blue, pink, yellow, champagne, and chocolate diamonds are rare in fancy colors. Red colored diamonds are not manufactured or found, and the founding process is arduous and most expensive. That’s why red fancy color diamonds are rare in the market with authentication reports.

However, fancy color diamonds are used in engagement and wedding rings because of their precious looks.

In Natural and Lab grown diamonds, champagne diamonds are available from fewer diamond manufacturers because it demands more special, experienced, and clever craftsmanship. We have that option, for more information contact us.

  • Fancy color diamond rings

Fancy color diamond rings available in the 18kt, 22kt yellow gold and rose gold. Also, fancy color diamond rings features the uniqueness in 1 carat, 2 carat, 3 carat with halo rings, solitaire tings, wedding bands, and bridal sets. All fancy color diamond rings price starts from the $1000 and reaches to $100k, depends on the rarity of the fancy diamonds.

A fancy color diamond rings are a good selection to propose the loving one because the colorful diamonds will make the relationship better and trustable. In fancy color diamond rings, a variety is available such as orange, blue, pink, green, olive, and red.

Fancy color diamond rings will be available for all proposals and loving moments, especially for valentine's presents.

Fancy color diamond ring for women Fancy color diamond ring for women to release love feelings towards her

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