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Beautiful Fancy Colored Diamonds: Beginner To Advanced Guide

[Beautiful Fancy colored lab-grown diamonds]-[ouros jewels]Welcome to our comprehensive guide to beautiful fancy color diamonds! Dive into the captivating world of these attractive colored diamonds, which are known for their beautiful colors and eternal charm. Whether you're looking for a perfect engagement ring or a meaningful anniversary present, join us as we look at the history, importance, and beauty of fancy color diamonds. Discover why these diamonds are so valuable in the world of luxury jewelry, from their natural formation to their lab-created cousins.

Are you searching for a suitable way to convey your love and affection? Look no farther than fancy-colored diamonds. Whether you're looking to propose to your girlfriend or looking for the perfect birthday present for your mother, jewelry embellished with these beautiful diamond will leave a lasting impact. With a brilliant selection of colors to choose from, including orange, blue, yellow, pink, and more, you can discover a perfect gift for every taste or occasion. From beautiful earrings to sparkling necklaces, fancy colored diamonds offer improvement and beauty to any look.

Fancy colored diamonds are available in a range of shapes and designs, both natural and lab-created, and each has its own attraction. However, when looking for these valuable jewels, it is critical to look for the 4Cs grade to ensure the highest quality. In this essay, we will look at the beauty of fancy-colored diamonds and why they are so popular in jewelry. Furthermore, we'll discover some rare colored diamonds that reflect richness and perfection, making them absolutely special jewels to keep for a lifetime.

Read completely this article for a better consultation related to colored diamonds and jewelry.

What Are Fancy Color Diamonds?

When a diamond surface and pavilion are neither white nor colorless in appearance, then it's a fancy color diamond. They are usually founded in chocolate, purple, red, blue, pink, yellow, and olive shade in mines and laboratory.

Olive and blue colored diamonds are mostly selected for engagement rings and wedding bands because they have less value than other rare colors.

In fancy-colored diamonds, the quality remains the same as in colorless diamonds. But, the color's rarity and intensity influence the cost of the diamond. As a result, the price has been changed from different colors.

How Are Fancy Color Diamonds Created?

The real colored diamonds aren't grown or treated, but they are naturally found in the mines. While colored lab diamonds are artificially treated to transform the colorless surface into beautiful colors like red, blue, and pink. Keep in mind these diamonds remain the same in quality and durability as the natural ones.

In the fancy color lab-grown diamonds, the molecular of the carbon seed absorb more pressure and heat to transform its anatomies from simple white colors to elegant ones like champagne, blue, yellow, pink, red, and many more.

While referring to the fancy colored mined diamond creation process, most of those stones are made without artificial hand involvement; it's natural. In that process, the trace elements interact with the carbon atoms during the formation and play a key role in filling the color characteristics in the stone.

Other elements, like nitrogen, sulfur, and boron, turn the surfaces of the diamond into yellow, blue, and green. Due to the element's characteristics in the anatomies, the colored diamonds look more gorgeous and precious. It offers a luxurious jewelry-wearing experience.

Which Are The Rare Fancy Color Diamonds?

Red diamonds are rare fancy color diamonds because of their tough and challenging formation process. Also, these diamonds are a pure form of carbon, and during the formation, the presence of nitrogen and boron impurities are removed. That's why it is estimated that one-carat red colored diamond is found in 10,000 mined diamonds, which is only 0.01%.

Worldwide, only 20 natural red-colored diamonds exist, which is still sufficient to know how rare it is. That's why red diamonds cost more than other fancy colors, even with the same carat, clarity, and cut grades.

The sparkle reflection of the red diamond is marvelous and ideal through the symmetrical structure and edges. It looks more captivating ever than other colored diamonds. As a result, the price of the red colored diamond is estimated at +300-400% more than other colored diamonds.

In red diamonds, the molecular group of the oxidants and carbonates exists in the form of oxygen and carbon. These two elements provide identical durability to the overall symmetrical balance of the red-colored stone as a 10 score on the Mohs scale.

  • Other Rare Colored Diamonds

Except for red-colored diamonds, chocolate, champagne, blue, pink, and yellow diamonds are counted as rare stones. These diamonds have different properties from the elements like nitrogen, boron, and hydrogen. From these elements' properties, the lattice of the diamond absorbs reflections and transforms into colored stones.

These diamonds are cheaper than red diamonds, so that you can choose them in rings or anniversary pendants. These colored diamonds still offer intense light reflections that look attractive and wonderful.

Consider the quality and traceability of the colored stones when you opted it for jewelry. Make sure they count as ethical jewelry that benefits society, the environment, and the planet.

The 4cs of Fancy Color Diamonds

The fancy color diamonds have 4cs grades as color, clarity, carat, and cut. As with every human being's characteristics, diamonds have attributes that help to evaluate the light reflections, durability, and ultimate costs. The 4cs of diamonds worldwide accept principal and norm that assess the stone's internal and external anatomical structures.

As colorless diamonds, fancy color diamonds are not excluded from the grading scales. They actually graded Z+ color grades (representing yellow color) and featured all shapes, clarity, carat, and cut grades. When you're selecting the colored diamond for your wedding jewelry or surprise gifts for your spouse, then make sure the 4cs grades you opted for are correct with assurance.

Here, I mentioned the best carat, clarity, and cut grades for colored diamonds. Note it down in your mind when going for a purchase of the unmatched colored diamond.

  • Clarity Grades: The Vital Factor To Be Consider

In the fancy colored diamonds, 11 kinds of clarity grades exist in all shapes, like a radiant or square-cut cushion. But what to consider when selecting clarity for colored diamonds? The answer is to choose less included clarity because it offers constant and undivided light reflections.

Also, you have to choose the clarity according to the colored diamonds that are suitable and cost-effective to purchase. For example, In champagne and chocolate brown colored diamonds, VVS diamond is better than opting for an FL or IF clarity. While for red-colored diamonds, you must go with either IF or FL clarity grades due to their inclusions, free surfaces, and anatomies.

While you desire that your colored stone doesn't have more inclusions that affect the overall light reflection appearance, then wisely select VVS to SI clarity grades. These clarity grade ranges are ideal and affordable for the fancy colored diamonds in rectangle, elongated and square shapes.

In addition, the diamond clarity grades are mentioned below for better understanding.

  1. FL (Flawless)
  2. IF (Internally Flawless)
  3. VVS1 (Very Very Small Included1)
  4. VVS2 (Very Very Small Included2)
  5. VS1 (Very Small Included1)
  6. VS2 (Very Small Included2)
  7. SI1 (Small Included1)
  8. SI2 (Small Included2)
  9. I1 (Included1)
  10. I2 (Included2)
  11. I3 (Included3) 
  • Diamond Cut Grade: The Depth and Girdle Thickness Decider

The diamond cut grade represents how much the depth surface exists in the stone and in how accurately the facets are placed on the girdle. In fancy-colored diamonds, hues intensity exists in the form of vivid, faint, dark, light, very light, fancy vivid, and deep. The cut grade of the colored diamond is most important as a perspective to get the most brilliance from the stone.

Because a red-dark colored diamond could be selected in a slightly lower cut grade than a light color diamond. For example, a dark red colored diamond still looks prominent in the Very Good to Good cut ahead of selecting an Excellent grade. While a fancy very light pink colored diamond offers a contemporary light reflection in Excellent cut grade.

In any colored diamond, you can choose Excellent to Very Good Cut grade. Meanwhile, in the diamond cuts, five grades exist: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. The cost of Excellent cut-graded colored diamonds is higher than a Very Good or Good cut. Make sure your stone is suitably coherent to the symmetrical balance.

  • Diamond Carat Weights: The Personal Choice

In fancy colored diamonds, you can opt for a carat weight from .50 to 8.00 maximum. Meanwhile, if you need more than 8.00 carat weighted colored diamonds, then it's your personal choice, and you might have to spend millions of dollars, undoubtedly.

Aside from the cost perception of the carat weights in colored diamonds, know your personal goal and intention behind offering it in the engagement ring or necklace maybe. From defining your goal then, you can select a carat weight with a wise decision that gives a felt right purchase.

For example, if you want to offer a brilliant light reflection to your love partner in an engagement ring, choose 2.00 to 4.00-carat weighted diamonds, whether square or elongated. While you are excited to reveal your emotions and strong attachment towards your spouse, then make sure you opted .50 to 2.00 carat weighted diamonds.

Selecting the correct carat weight in the colored diamonds then it increases the overall jewelry appearance. Simultaneously, when you opted more carat weights, the stone has more width and length, depending on the shape.

The cost of the fancy colored diamonds is directly affected by the carat weights selection. For example, a 1.00-carat weighted fancy vivid blue diamond is available from $5000. While for the 2.00 carat weighted vivid blue, you have to spend around $100000. Make sure you're picking the carat weight according to your budget purchase.


Carat Weights

Diamond Shapes

Metal Tone Selection


Engagement Rings

1 - 5


18KT White Gold

$1000 - $5000


4 - 15


18KT Rose/White Gold

$1500 - $8000


1 - 10


14KT Yellow/Rose Gold

$500 - $9000

Wedding Bands

1 - 8


18KT White Gold

$900 - $10000


10 - 30


950 Platinum

$4000 - $30000

The mentioned price is for lab grown diamonds, which can vary in real time. These aren't the final price; they represent only for educational purposes. Decide at your sole discretion. Contact us for more details.

The Varieties of Fancy Color Diamonds

In the varieties of fancy colored diamonds, you can find the most precious and attractive stones that make your jewelry beautiful. Every colored diamonds have its definitions and benefits that deliver an elegant appearance to the wearer. As a result, most engagement and wedding jewelry is made with fancy-colored diamonds.

In colored diamonds, there are 10 choices you have: Pink, Blue, Orange, Red, Black, Olive, Chocolate, Yellow, Honey, and Purple. All these colored diamonds have variations in hue intensity as Fancy, Vivid, Dark, Deep, Light, and Very Light. Select the colored diamonds with an intensity that you want in light reflection.

For example, a dark chocolate-colored diamond looks faint in the light reflection compared to fancy vivid yellow-colored diamonds. Pick the colored diamond according to your needs and budget. Because the color intensity affects and influences the cost.

Let's see the fancy color diamond varieties and their beneficial facts that makes help you to take a particular decisions regarding purchase.

1. Yellow Fancy Color Diamonds

A fancy yellow colored diamond represents the Z+ color on the grade scale which means it differs from the colorless stones. These colored diamonds, such as Sun Rays, are known as "Canary Diamonds" due to their faint to very light yellow-colored reflections.

In addition, the yellow-colored diamonds are slightly orange and brown because of the internally symmetrical balance between facets and corners. The yellow-colored diamonds are also known as the "Cape of Good Hope Diamonds," where the "Cape Diamonds" refers to the "Faint or Very Light" yellow diamonds.

Fancy yellow colored pear shaped lab grown diamond with excellent cut and teardrop shape

The fancy yellow diamonds symbolize joy, optimism, and prosperity. When you present yellow diamond jewelry to a spouse, then it indicates a long and happy future life. Thus, you can select these diamonds for engagement rings or wedding bands. Also, you can add your personal touch to the jewelry from the customization option.

The yellow-colored lab-grown diamonds are made with the nitrogen and methane gas combination in the chamber where carbon seed absorbs the temperature and pressure. The mixture of nitrogen and methane gas transfers the colorless surface of the stone to canary colored. This combination makes the yellow colored diamonds more attractive and influences to pick for wedding bands and jewelry.

  • Benefits Of Yellow Colored Diamonds

When you select a yellow colored diamonds then you can get the below mentioned benefits, undoubtedly.

  1. Yellow diamonds are not so rare, so they can be found easily at affordable cost with lab-grown and natural diamonds.
  2. The fancy yellow diamond represents the love, happiness, optimism, and connection between two individuals (couples).
  3. In yellow-colored diamonds, unique, different, and beautiful light reflections are available, making jewelry appear better.
  4. These diamonds have the same durability score that represents their hardness and remains proper as other colored diamonds.
  5. The yellow diamonds are easily available in all rectangular or square cut diamonds like radiant, emerald, cushion, princess, oval, heart, Asscher, and pear teardrop shapes.
  • What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Yellow Diamond Jewelry?

When you're purchasing yellow diamond jewelry for a birthday present or wedding gift, then some facts to consider. In the below-mentioned chart, we described the best diamond shape, clarity, carat, style, metal tone, and price regarding the yellow-colored diamonds.


Preferable Diamond Shape





Engagement Rings

Round/Emerald Cut

1 - 5


14 White/Yellow Gold

$1000 - $8000

Wedding Bands

Cushion/Princess Cut

0.50 - 4.50


18KT Rose/White Gold

$800 - $ 7000


Radiant/Oval Cut

0.50 - 3.50


18KT White Gold/950 Platinum

$700 - $9000


Pear/Marquise Cut

1 - 7


14KT Yellow Gold

$1500 - $10000

The mentioned price is approximate and can be changed depending on the 4cs grades, metal tone selection, and jewelry style you opted for.

2. Blue Colored Diamonds

The blue colored diamonds are beautiful and valuable because of it's intense light reflections. Also, the blue diamonds represents the "Open Sky" and "Depth of the Ocean" that offers a two different elements in a single surfaces. In the blue fancy diamonds the boron is presences makes the carbon seed noticeable and ideal to see.

The range of the blue diamonds could be light blue to intense blue where a secondary hues exists as violet, grey and light green. The rarity of natural blue colored diamond is approximate, 0.01% that represents the value of this glittering stone.

Blue colored pear shaped lab grown diamond

Worldwide, many few mines are identified as blue-colored diamond providers because these colored diamonds are rare to be mined, and their costs are higher. The natural blue diamonds' costs start from $15000 with 0.30 carat weights and reach $400000 with 4.00 carats. The reason for the high cost of the mined blue diamond is its naturality and rarity.

Blue diamonds are formed and made with the boron element found in the earth's crust. When a diamond absorbs the boron atoms, the anatomy transforms into an intense, darker structure. If more boron is available in the seed of a diamond, then it's a darker stone.

  • Why Blue Colored Lab-grown Diamonds Are Alternative Choice?

It's impossible to treat the naturally blue-colored diamonds; if you do, it could damage the naturality and crystal. But, with the lab-grown diamonds, the blue diamonds are treated in the laboratory without compromising the intensity of color and quality. The blue lab diamonds will offer an overall 30-60% cheap price than natural ones in the same size, carat, clarity, and color grades.

Also, the price you're ready to pay for the blue-colored natural diamonds at the same price; you can get ideal quality graded lab diamonds. The treated blue diamonds are made with the HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) process, where the carbon seed absorbs the boron rays and turns into a light to deep blue color.

11.95 CTW light blue and colorless lab grown diamond tennis bracelet with 18KT white gold

In blue-colored lab-grown diamonds, you can still get a fancy blue, fancy vivid blue, light blue, very light blue, dark, and very darker stone. Selecting a square and rectangular shaped diamond with blue color for anniversary pendants or engagement bridal sets is a great choice. Select the blue diamond according to the ideal quality in carat, cut, and clarity.

Blue lab-created diamond will become the love symbolism ocean because its faceting styles resemble ocean waves. The color isn't added artificially in the blue-colored lab-grown diamonds, but the boron presence makes the carbon seed into a blue hue from the high temperature and heat.

  • What Are The Benefits of Blue Color Diamonds?

Picking a beautiful blue colored diamond for your engagement or wedding jewelry presents then it offers the benefits that are mentioned below.

  1. Blue-colored diamonds help to remove misunderstanding and worthless quarrels from life. That's why couples mostly prefer it.
  2. Blue diamond represents how much you love to spouse and are dedicated to them for everything.
  3. A blue diamond engagement or wedding represents the value and importance of the relationship for you.
  4. The blue diamond's tint drives and strengthens willpower that, helps to make a necessary decision instantly.
  5. The blue diamond indicates exclusivity, luxury, aesthetic appeal to relationship of love, and calmess.

Moreover, the fancy blue diamond carries a stunning light reflection from light to intense hue grades. That's why a blue diamond is an appreciative choice for halo style engagement ring. While for charming or tennis bracelets for women, the fancy light to intense dark blue colored diamonds are an identical choice.

Thus, if you're seeking beautiful colored diamond jewelry for a wedding or anniversary present, then choose a blue colored pear teardrop shaped diamond. The blue diamond in elongated shape looks better than a square cut diamonds. In elongated shape diamonds the choices are pear, emerald, marquise, radiant, rectangular cushion, marquise and oval.

The cost of blue-colored lab-grown diamonds starts from $1125 in 1.00-carat weights and VS clarity grade. In this price range, you can find a fancy deep/dark blue color diamond because of the formation of boron and crystallization that releases light reflections.

  • How To Buy A Blue Colored Diamond Jewelry With Perfection?

When you purchase beautiful blue-colored diamond jewelry for an engagement ring or bracelet, you have to know the best clarity, carat, metal tones, and actual price to pay. You can purchase blue diamond jewelry perfectly by understanding the best clarity, metal tones appearance, ideal carat weights, diamond shapes and price.

The diamond shapes, clarity grades, carat weights, jewelry designs/styles, metal tones, and prices should be coherent with the appearance of the jewelry selection. So, what do you consider when buying engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, and bracelets mentioned in the chart.

In addition, do not opt for darker and deep colors in the blue diamonds because it looks black, which can not be able for light reflections. So, it could be fancy vivid blue to light blue color range in all clarity, carat, and diamond shapes, whether it's a square or rectangle.


Preferable Diamond Shape





Engagement Rings

Pear/Round Cut

1 - 5


14KT Rose/White Gold

$800 - $30000

Wedding Bands

Oval/Pear Shape

0.50 - 4.50


14/18KT White Gold

$700 - $ 7000


Cushion/Asscher Cut

0.50 - 3.50


18KT White Gold/950 Platinum

$700 - $7500


Heart/Marquise/Radiant Cut

1 - 7


14KT Rose/Yellow Gold

$1500 - $9000

The mentioned price is approximate and for lab-grown diamonds, and it's can be changed depends on the 4cs grades, jewelry designs, metal tone selection, and other factors.

3. Pink Colored Diamonds

The pink colored diamonds refer to romance and endearment between couples and spouses, influences to select it in engagement rings or heart shape wedding anniversary pendants. The pink diamonds have choices according to the intensity of hues: Purplish, Purple, Brown, Brownish, Grayish, Orange, Brownish Orange.

In other words, the pink diamond color grades range from faint to deep/darker stones. The natural pink-colored diamonds don't involve in any chemical interaction. How the pink diamonds are made in the earth's crust still remains undetermined.

A mined pink colored diamonds were found in the Argyle Mines, Western Australia, but it remains shuts since 1986. India, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, and Russia now provide pink diamonds to the market. The rarity surges the spark in the cost of the pink-colored diamonds.

3.00 carat weights fancy vivid pink radiant cut lab-grown diamond with cropper corners and VS clarity grade

The value of ideally graded pink-colored diamonds reaches $700000 per carat, which means it is +23182% costlier than a 1.36-carat weight fancy vivid pink cushion lab-grown diamond. If you want an ideal light reflection from pink diamonds, then selecting a lab-grown diamond's the best choice.

With a pink-colored lab-grown diamond, you can select an ideal clarity grade such as Internally Flawless or Flawless, where the blemishes or inclusions haven't appeared in a single tiny scratch.

Also, you have the option to select 3 or 5-carat weighted pink diamonds in square and rectangle shapes. In addition, there is a choice to choose fancy vivid to dark colors in pink diamonds with a GIA and IGI certification.

  • How Pink Diamonds Are Made?

The making process of pink diamonds still remains suspenseful because any study doesn't reveal how the carbon seed turns into pink ones in the mines. But it is estimated that a big seismic shock can turn the carbon to pink colors from the intensity and power. The seismic shock changes the hue properties of the stone and provides the appearance of pink color.

The frequency of seismic shock is very few, so pink natural diamonds are not easily found in the mines. That's why a 1.00-carat beautiful pink diamond priced at $500000-$700000 with better quality grades in terms of clarity and cut.

While talking about the pink colored lab-grown diamonds, they have two components as boron and nitrogen. These components are combined in the "Grain Boundary" process, where they are formed in a single seed or structure. After the complete procedure, the stone is ready for cutting and polishing.

The cost of 1 carat fancy vivid pink colored lab-grown diamond could be $1000-$2000, depending on the shape (rectangle/square/hexagonal/fancy), clarity, and cut grades. In addition, you can select your favorite grades in the pink-colored lab-grown diamonds without compromising the quality, and it's available within your budget.

  • Why To Choose Pink Diamonds For Jewelry?

29 CTW pink and colorless lab-grown diamond wedding necklace in 14KT white gold with VS clarity and 16.00 inch length

Preferring the pink diamond for jewelry contains some extraordinary benefits for love relationships and appearance. Here it is mentioned below.

  1. It represents the color of love, romance, and endearment. When you want to reveal your love emotions towards a spouse, an engagement or wedding ring is an exquisite choice. It has orange, purple, brown, and slightly yellow options.
  2. Pink diamonds showcase the rarity, exclusivity, and distinctive nature. So, you can make your engagement ring or bracelet more precious by choosing a pink-colored lab diamond.
  3. The pink color diamonds contain prestige and esteem themselves, a beautiful gemstone that represents diversification. It helping to reveals the semantic value of romance, love, and femininity.
  4. Pink-colored diamonds will provide compassion and kindness, releasing exquisite light reflections from the symmetry.
  5. The pink diamonds are versatile as they look ideal in rings and bands. While tennis bracelets or necklaces give a wonderful appearance. Thus, you can opt a pink colored lab diamonds for your jewelry.
  • How to Select a Beautiful Pink Diamond Jewelry For Wedding?

When you purchase beautiful pink-colored diamond jewelry for a wedding, consider choosing the best clarity, carat, metal tones, and price. You can buy pink diamond jewelry perfectly by understanding the best clarity, metal tones, ideal carats, diamond shapes, and price.

So, what do you consider when buying wedding rings, earrings, and bracelets mentioned in the chart.


Preferable Diamond Shape





Engagement Rings

Round/Emerald/Pear/Princess Cut

1.00 - 4.00


14/18KT Rose Gold

$900 - $7000

Wedding Bands

Asscher/Marquise/Antique Baguette Cut

1.00 - 5.00


14KT/18KT White Gold

$1000 - $ 8000


Bullet/Oval/Cushion/Heart Cut

1.00 - 3.50


18KT White Gold, 950 Platinum

$1100 - $8500


Round/Pear/Princess/Radiant Cut

1.00 - 9.00


14KT Rose Gold

$1500 - $9500

The mentioned price is approximate and for lab-grown diamonds, and it's can be changed depends on the 4cs grades, jewelry designs, metal tone selection, and other factors.

What Is The Ideal Price For Paying To Fancy Colored Diamond?

The ideal price to pay for a fancy color diamond is between $1000 to $10000. This price range is for lab-grown diamonds, where you can opt for the best clarity, carat, cut, and color grades according to your preference. Meanwhile, between the $1000 to $10000 price range, you can select Faint to Fancy Darker colored lab-grown diamonds in square and rectangle shapes.

How much you should spend on fancy colored diamonds depends on the clarity, carat, cut, and color grade. The colored diamonds' prices vary from color grade. Consider the 4cs of diamond grades for paying an ideal price for the fancy colored diamonds.

For example, a 1.36 carat pink colored lab-grown diamond available in $3020 with VS1 clarity. While a VS clarity graded, 1.10 carat red color lab-grown diamond cost is $2475. Another side, a CVD grown 2.09 carat weighted fancy yellow colored diamond price is $4810 in VS clarity.

Understand the fundamentals before reaching any conclusion for the fancy color diamond prices. The fancy color diamonds prices depends on the 4cs of diamonds, symmetry, polish, and fluorescence.

This is the difference between fancy color diamond prices. Thus, fancy color diamond prices vary from the 4CS of diamonds and other factors such as market trends and customer behavior.

Is Fancy Color Diamond Jewelry Certified?

Yes, fancy-colored diamond jewelry is certified by the GIA and IGI standards to inspect the color, clarity, carat, dimensions, cut, and how properly jewelry is made that described. Also, the colored diamond symmetry, fluorescence, and prototype image are mentioned to know the inclusion, if any.

Fancy-colored lab-grown diamonds are also certified with the proper inspection and evaluation. Thus, you can select lab diamonds in faint to fancy darker colored stones in IF or VVS clarity and 1.00 to 10.00 carat weighted round or cushion cut.

Fancy Colored Diamond Rings

A fancy color diamond ring is available in the styles like halo, vintage, accent, unique, Toi et Moi, and solitaire. You can opt for a cushion, radiant, round, princess, emerald, Asscher, and heart-shaped diamonds with fancy colors. All these options are available in lab diamonds with cheap prices and the best quality.

The cost of a colored lab-grown diamond ring starts from $1000 in 14KT white gold with solitaire style. You can choose a beautiful ring style for your spouse according to your intention. For example, to make extreme love select a fancy vivid pink diamond and need a blessing in the love relationship, then yellow canary diamonds are the ideal choice.

[0.55 carat weighted fancy intense pink princess cut and 0.55 carat weight pear shaped lab-grown diamond ring with VVS clarity and 18KT white gold]-[ouros jewels]

The metal choice for the fancy color diamond ring has two options: Gold and Platinum. You can select Yellow/Rose/White tones from 10KT/14KT/18KT purity in gold. Keep in mind the least gold purity has a cheap price than the higher one.

While platinum metal is the exquisite, luxurious, and hypoallergenic choice for color diamond rings. Platinum fancy color diamond rings symbolize fame and goodwill. You deliver a famous and better wearing experience to your spouse by selecting a platinum ring.


Fancy color diamond features many benefits and a brilliant appearance with it. So, if you're looking to give a marriage anniversary gift in the form of a colored diamond pendant, then it's an excellent choice. While searching for a precious and romantic engagement ring for a spouse, then choose the color diamonds.

When selecting the fancy colored lab-grown diamonds, then re-verify the color, clarity, carat, and cut grades from the certification. Always purchase colored lab diamonds with the IGI and IGI certification that is authenticated and trustworthy.

Make sure you fully understand your love partner's preference for wearing colored diamond jewelry and select jewelry according to their choice. Consider there are many choices available, from color ranges to diamond shapes and quality. Choose perfect colored diamond jewelry with proper consultation with an expert jeweler.

Want to meet one on one with us, then book a Virtual Appointment. We assure you that you can get a better and more prominent suggestion regarding your requirements.


Q1. Which is the most expensive fancy color diamond?

Ans. Pink diamonds are often the most valuable. The Pink Star diamond, which sold for a record-breaking $71.2 million, was the most expensive fancy colored diamond ever auctioned.

Q2. How rare are fancy-colored diamonds?

Ans. Fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare, accounting for less than 0.1% of diamonds mined worldwide. Red, blue, and pink diamonds are very uncommon, but yellow and brown diamonds are more frequent but still rare.

Q3. What is the best color for fancy diamonds?

Ans. Pink, blue, and green are considered the best colors for fancy diamonds because of their rarity and brilliant look. These colors are highly sought after and attract higher market pricing.

Q4. Do fancy colored diamonds make a smart investment?

Ans. Fancy colored diamonds may be an excellent investment as they are extremely rare and in high demand. However, their prices vary greatly based on the color, quality, market trends, and other things. If you're considering of investing in diamonds, you should first read about the market or consult with an expert.

Q5.What are the rarest fancy diamond colors?

Ans. Red diamonds are the most rare and expensive fancy colored diamonds, with just a few known to exist in the world. These are in high demand because to their rare color and rarity.

Q6. What Are Fancy Colored Diamonds?

Ans. Fancy color diamonds have colors that range from the typical white. These colors, which may be found in both nature and lab grown, include chocolate, purple, red, blue, pink, yellow, and olive.

Q7.How Do I Choose the Right Fancy Colored Diamond?

Ans. When choosing one of these diamonds, consider the color, clarity, size (carat), and form (cut). It's also a good idea to get diamonds with a certificate from well-known labs like GIA or IGI, which tells you they're good quality.

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