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Fancy Color Diamond: Meaning, Reasons To Select, and Rings

Fancy Color Diamonds.

Fancy color diamonds are available in all shapes and variations because they have beautiful cutting edges from the diamond polishing process. In fancy color diamonds, wide varieties such as orange, blue, olive, black, yellow, pink, and more variations are available.

Fancy color diamonds are made or found in the laboratory and mines because there are two types of diamonds in the market: Lab grown diamonds and Natural diamonds. Primarily, fancy color diamonds are used in wedding matching bands with excellent symmetry and polish grade.

Blue lab created diamond will become the love symbolism ocean because its faceting styles look like ocean waves, which is necessary for the relationship. Blue lab created diamond looks precious from all corners and faceting styles. In the blue lab created diamond the color isn't add to the artificial process, but it's a total process of high temperature and heat.

Fancy diamond colors means a colorful structured diamonds such as orange, pink, blue, yellow, red, olive, green, and champagne. The fancy color diamonds are made with their pre-defined process of heat and temperature for getting a particular color in the structure.

Let's start to know what are the fancy color diamonds and how they're made. It will be more prominent to understand their basics.

What are fancy color diamonds?

Fancy color diamonds are made with a pre-approved process that differs from color to color grades. When a diamond has a colorful anatomy except a white color, then it counted as a fancy color diamond, as simple as that. The cut, clarity, carat, and shapes in fancy color diamonds remain the same as the colorless diamonds.

How are fancy color diamonds created?

Fancy lab grown diamonds are made in the artificial environment with considering the following benchmarks. In fancy color lab grown diamonds, the carbon seeds absorb the molecular of a very high temperature, and making the colored diamonds then some chemicals are added.

Moreover, Natural Diamonds are found in natural colors such as orange, pink, blue, yellow, and others. Fancy color Natural diamonds are made from the process where the lava of the land’s crust falls on the rocks. The different Celsius degree temperature and chemicals gives particular color diamonds.

The color rocks are the form of carbon, which turns their framework into fancy color. The polishing process of fancy color diamonds isn’t easy, but it’s the same for lab grown diamonds also.

Why to choose a fancy color diamonds in jewelry?

There are reasons exists to select fancy color diamonds in jewelry that makes it more acceptable. The reasons for preferring the fancy color diamonds are described below for better understanding. From these reasons buyers can understand the why to prefer the fancy diamonds colors for all types jewelry.

1. Fancy color diamonds have a brilliant appearance in the lights reflections due to their colorful structure.

2. Color diamonds describe the attitude and attribute in the relationship that crawled it in the selection for the jewelry. For example, blue color diamonds known for the calmness and support, other side a pink fancy color diamonds signifies as the romantic moment creator.

3. In fancy color diamonds, the varieties are available in shapes, quality, prices, dimensions, and proportions.

4. They could be a more prominent choice, even having the diamond inclusions on the anatomy. Dark colored diamonds give light resonations instead of inclusions.

5. A fancy color diamond jewelry gives the luxurious jewelry wearing experience for their unique attribute and characteristics.

What is the ideal price for paying to fancy colored diamond?

Understand the fundamentals before reaching any conclusion for the fancy color diamond prices. The fancy color diamonds prices depends on the 4cs of diamonds, diamond symmetry, diamond polish, and diamond fluorescence.

The ideal price to spent on the fancy color diamonds should be $1000 to $4999, depends on buyer's choice how much they ready to pay for these glittering fancy diamonds.

For example, 1.36 carat pink cushion cut fancy lab diamond price is $3020, with VS1 clarity grade.

Another side, this 1.10 carat weighted red color radiant diamond has a $2475 price with VS clarity.

While this 1.28 carat olive fancy colored princess diamond is available at $558 with VS clarity.

This is the difference between fancy color diamond prices. Thus, fancy color diamond prices vary from the 4CS of diamonds and other factors such as market trends and customer behavior.

Is their any probability to certifies a fancy color diamonds?

Yes, fancy color diamonds are certified for actually knowing their elements and characteristics like diamond symmetry, fluorescence, and 4cs grades. GIA and IGI institutions have the facilities to certified fancy color diamonds and inspect the attribute of the stones. Thus, a fancy color diamonds certification helps buyers to make the decision to purchase.

Diamonds Certification will allow the buyers to understand diamond anatomies and characteristics as 4Cs, symmetry, polish, and dimensions easily.

We have the option for fancy color diamonds with IGI certification. Visit our certified fancy color diamonds.

The certification of the diamond suggested to on which price buy fancy color diamonds. Diamond certifications work in favor of the buyer because it provides transparency.

Do fancy color diamonds have 4CS?

Cushion fancy color diamond made with specialized craftsmanship on the surfaces

Yes, fancy color diamonds have 4cs. The 4Cs of diamond available in fancy color diamond as cut, clarity, color, and carat. All 4cs of fancy color diamonds have same characteristics as colorless diamonds(except color grade). All grades for 4cs are available in the fancy color diamonds.

Fancy color diamonds clarity grades.

Fancy color diamonds have all clarity grades as FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, and I3. Diamond clarity defines the impurities amounts. Fewer impurities or included diamonds have low clarity grades. While none or less included diamonds are higher clarity graded diamonds.

Fancy color diamonds cut grade.

In fancy color diamonds, the diamond cut is the same as colorless diamonds, but it's not identifiable easily. In fancy color diamonds the 5 cut grades available that known as excellent, very good, good, fair and poor. The diamond cut decides from the girdle thickness and pavilion depth.

Carat weights in fancy color diamonds.

A carat weights is the narrator of the anatomy or facets total weight that is placed on the anatomy. In fancy color diamonds carat weights are available from 0.49 to 10.99 carats. It clearly indicates that buyers can select fancy color diamonds between 0.49 to 10.99 carats weights. More than 10.99 carat weights fancy color diamonds are also available to place it in the jewelry.

Which are the rare fancy color diamonds?

In the list of rare fancy color diamonds, there are 9 types available as red, orange, black, olive, blue, pink, yellow, champagne, and chocolate. Red colored diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory called as lab grown diamonds, and it's the most expensive process. That’s why fancy red color diamonds are rare in the market with authentication reports.

In Natural and Lab grown diamonds, champagne diamonds are available from fewer diamond manufacturers because it demands more special, experienced, and clever craftsmanship. We have that option, for more information contact us.

Fancy color diamond rings

Fancy color diamond ring for women Fancy color diamond ring for women to release love feelings towards her

Shop now Fancy color diamond rings.

A fancy color diamond rings available in the styles like halo, vintage, accent, unique, and solitaire. Selecting a fancy color diamond ring in gold or platinum is a choice. Platinum fancy color diamond rings are excellent choice because it symbolizes fame and goodwill.

For gold options, buyers have to choose between three tones yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The gold purity exists as 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt. Higher gold purity has more pure gold addition.

Talking about the diamond shapes in fancy color rings, then brilliant cut to antique cut diamonds open their stance for selection. Marquise, pear, asscher, oval, heart, cushion, round, emerald, princess, and radiant shapes are available.

All carat weights fancy color diamonds shapes are available for rings between 0.49 to 10.99 carats. So all types of quality have the choice for the fancy color diamonds rings.


Fancy color diamonds are a unique selection for jewelry because they have their own benefits that indicate buyers prefer them. In fancy color diamonds, all types of varieties are available that buyers would to like. Fancy colors are acceptable for desiring the wearing experience for luxurious jewelry.

Consider the mentioned prices to buying the fancy colors diamonds and spend within the range. The reason for selecting the fancy color diamonds is to make love signs precious and honest.

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